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452341452341B001ELL68YA5OG0JVHIQP11S. McQueeney "practicalshopper"1131277251200Coffee great! k-cup cheap causing groundsI love Tully's Kona Blend. It's my favorite over all other k-cup coffee. Unfortunately, the k-cup packaging is so cheap in the Keurig machines that I get grounds in almost every cup. Wish they would improve the cups so I can return to the best ever coffee. I would rate them a 5+ as the flavor is perfectly bold with little acidity.
452342452342B001ELL68YA18XRZMT0MAC8SCori1151275696000A little.. TOO good.So, normally I don't like "Kona Blends" because there's VERY little Kona taste. Here, that's not the case. You can REALLY taste the Kona in the Tully's Blend. I sent it to my parents when they first bought a keurig, and when I went to visit them, I couldn't stop drinking it. I was addicted to this coffee--I had to send them another box when I left because I depleated their supply. The BAD news is, I couldn't find this in non-keurig form (I don't have a Kuerig), which for me, is bad news indeed. :) I'll keep looking, though!
452343452343B001ELL68YA1YHGU1TSCQJHJKevin1131275004800FineThe product is the same as you can get anywhere. Be sure you count the cups in the box, as I was shorted. As always, though, Amazon made it right.
452344452344B001ELL68YAUKFRYJ1WF9MVDino C. Kimbrel "world traveller"1151272499200Great TasteI use to grab my coffees at local stores, now do all my coffee shopping here, because of price and quanity, my wife loves the flavor of this coffee and swears by it. I bought the Kurig and have to say for time saving, and convience it's the best out there. It's also the only one that allows you to brew your on blends.
Also try Paul Newmans organic blend, that's my brew.
452345452345B001ELL68YA39RK2Y8GWPCAOPatricia A. Hahn1151271894400couldn't ask for moreproduct came in a timely manner, and was just what we were looking for. Pricing at Amazon is better than anywhere else
452346452346B001ELL68YA30HTE062DH3KCWill1151270425600The best kona blend in a k-cupIf you love kona coffee as much as I do this is the stuff to buy. Sure it's only 10% kona, but you can't buy 100% kona in a k-cup. Besides, it would cost at least 4 times this much.

This is a very smooth cup of coffee, a light to medium brew with low acidity and no after taste. Much better than coffee peoples kona blend which tastes burnt and too strong IMO.

Edit 4/8:
If you can get this here for 48 cents a cup or cheaper it's a decent deal. If not go to green mountains site.
452347452347B001ELL68YAO13YSIM7IARSGary1151251676800ExcellentOrder this item for the office every month or so. They always have timely shipping, and the coffee is always great.
452348452348B001ELL68YA21LFCB4FOUCMILatonya S. Walker1141244160000DeliciousFirst I recieved the product promptly and I enjoyed every cup I drank so far.
452349452349B001ELL68YA1YFR28566PQRHeds1151239580800perfect flavor and strengthI was given a variety pack that contained the Tully's Kona Blend K-cups. I found them to be the best by far so when it came time to buy some more K-cups it was an easy decision.
452350452350B001ELL68YA3AJEN2RT2OQAALaura "Laura"1151237939200Great Coffee!This is a great coffee! It is very flavorful and does not taste burnt like many of the other K-Cups I have tried. It makes a perfect cup each and every time. I first tried this in one of the K-Cup variety packs. I am very happy that Amazon is now offering them and hope they continue to offer them.
452351452351B001ELL68YA3VPY0DRMJ5XL9C. Weis "CMWG"1151233273600LOVE KONAEXCELLENT COFFEE & It was a great deal no longer offered - mthis is by FAR the best coffe for the Kuerig!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!
452352452352B001ELL68YA3I8QD5E7HG2XXOffice Manager2341219363200Favorite Tully's CoffeeWe love the ease of the K-cup and the Kona is definitely the favorite of the medium roast coffee drinkers in our office. One of my co-workers was leaving on vacation and was sad that she didn't get to have any until she returned from vacation.
452353452353B001ELL68YA1NXBDJJ1PMOU1C A Harmon "murder mystery addict"0051325030400Best price for K-cupsAmazon is definitely the way to purchase K-Cups. The pricing is the best and all varieties I enjoy seem to be available. It beats going from store to store to try to find your favorite.
452354452354B001ELL68YA14NIK5Z9PBQDKJohn N. Woodward "Woodie"0051323734400A little taste of HawaiiThe Keurig coffee brewer makes outstanding coffee one cup at a time. The Kono-blend is a full body taste and aroma of our first Hawaiian trip.
452355452355B001ELL68YA2GWJEOTZVE3KPBill Fox0051322265600My favoriteThis is my favorite Keurig coffee. I don't know why it is more expensive than other Tully or k-cup coffees.
452356452356B001ELL68YAGQG9WKT3JH1Nokcybrarian "Scottie"0051319932800Kona Blend K cup coffeeAbsolutely delicious. Robust , yet smooth. As usual Amazon delivers on time, no hassles. Good coffee, good supplier what more can a person ask. except for free!
452357452357B001ELL68YA33BLFNCG01KWLCroy0051319328000Best cup of coffeeOf all the coffees offered for the Keurig brewer, this is by far my favorite. I like a strong bold cup and this is just right in the morning. Too bad there is limited supply. Don't know if there is Kona coffee in it or not and it does not matter to me.
452358452358B001ELL68YA1IZJVLNMFACS6Tanzanite Gal "Denise"0051318809600One of our favorites!We really enjoy the Kona K-cups. My husband prefers a bold coffee and drinks it black. I prefer a milder coffee and use raw brown sugar and 1/2 and 1/2. The Kona is great either way! Over the years we have tried many flavors of K-cups and the Kona does not leave a bitter aftertaste and is on our list of the ones to always have on automatic delivery!
452359452359B001ELL68YA1W0RVPAG6UI2TLonda Chandler "DIYer"0051309046400hubby's coffeeThis is the blend my husband likes - he likes strong, dark coffee and this seems to fit the bill.
452360452360B001ELL68YA3KKZYRX1CJDIKBoolySpark0041302048000Blue Light SpecialKeep searching Amazon for Kona Blend and you will find the same Tully's in 18 packs for .88 per cup. Excellent coffee.
452361452361B001ELL68YA3OUW1TJCBHNMGMarla L. Dexter Triplett0051301961600Kona Extra-Bold, CupsThis is my favorite because it is a extra bold coffee. I have been drinking coffee most of my life. A great coffee.
452362452362B001ELL68YA3S87ZOPB3UM9Natmj0051301875200I have 6 favorites, this is one of themThis review is going to get posted in 6 places, as I'm indicating my preferences for 6 different coffees. If you like one, maybe you will like the other.

Regarding coffee, I like strong and smooth. I don't like French roast as I find it too harsh, but I do like Italian roast. Kona is great and I like Hazelnut, Vanilla and Chocolate flavors.
I drink my coffee with probably too much (at least 2-3 creamer containers worth to a 12 oz cup coffee) of evaporated milk in it or plain non-dairy creamer. No sugar.

That being favorite coffees are:

Green Mountain Hazelnut Dark Roast Extra Bold
Emeril's Big Easy Bold Coffee
Newman's Own Extra Bold
Tully's Coffee Kona Blend Extra Bold
Folger's Gourmet Vanilla Biscotti

and a special mention for
Timothy's World Coffee German Chocolate Cake - It has an almost coco-nutty taste to it. Not the deep chocolate taste I was looking for, but the best I have found so far. Please if you can suggest a Dark Chocolate Flavor coffee to me; do so.

Also since I have posted a review about a Senseo coffee and now clearly have switched to Keurig a bit about why... if you're interested..which why I put it last. Feel free to ignore it.

We decided to get a Keurig coffee maker after enjoying the Senseo system for over 3 years.
Please note, since we got the Senseo system essentially free, not much thought was put into it's purchase. However it did introduce us to single serving coffee systems.

We switched to the Keurig system from the Senseo for several reasons.

1. Local availability of coffee. For some reason the Senseo system was waning here at the Rochester NY grocery stores and what good is a coffee maker without coffee? Yes, you can buy online, but sometimes when your planning isn't the best, you might run out. What coffee they did carry was limited and not our preferences.

2. Online purchases of Senseo coffees were either for 4 bags of 16-18 of one variety or 4 bags of a mix of coffees. Invariably there was a few you didn't like. I never saw small quantities of 5 or so.

3. The Senseo "duck" for filling with your own coffee never worked for us. I'm an engineer and my boyfriend is an inspector. We literally did controlled experiments to get this to work and never could. Maybe we had a faulty unit, but based on reviews here, we were in good company. I knew many that had luck with the Keurig system however and we did as well.

4. Once you open a bag of Senseo pods, they are starting to go stale, by virtue of being open to air. The Keurig system's coffees remain sealed and you can have many flavors "open" at once. Yes for those of you that are "green" there is more plastic waste. However I'm being selfish here and am being more concerned with the green in my pocket and fresh coffee.
452363452363B001ELL68YA1YB0W42ZOE464javajoe0031301875200UHGood flavor when brewed in a smaller cup. Flavored water when brewed in the largest size. Seems to be a problem with many K-cups. Price is in line with Green Mt.
452364452364B001ELL68YANRARP4XRV8MMJ. Simmons0051299801600Tully's CoffeeTully's Kona Blend, Extra-Bold is one of the better K-Cups I've tried. It has a rich taste but none of the bitterness so many strong coffees have. I'd recommend it to anyone.
452365452365B001ELL68YAIYCMSFS80Y8BRobert C. Johnson Jr. "EatEmUpTigers"0051298937600Best K-Cup I've HadI've tried many different K-Cup blends and this is by far my favorite. It is the perfect coffee - not too bold, and not too weak. Give it a try!
452366452366B001ELL68YA1DH4TTWTG9ZJLS. Awajuk0021296259200Tully's KonaMy husband and I love the other blends of Tully's coffee and wanted to try Kona. Big mistake. Not good. The only thing about it that is good is that it is smooth like all the other Tully's blends.
452367452367B001ELL68YA31W55J90T8NFFD. T. Socci-Brown0051296172800A Smooth Cuppa CoffeeThis is my go to coffee in the morning. It is wonderfully flavorful and fantastically smooth. It is nice and bold without being bitter. I brew it on my large setting and am as happy as a clam. My hubby and sister like stronger coffee,so for them they can brew it on the smaller settings and still get a good cup of coffee. An all around nice brew.
452368452368B001ELL68YA32ZWCL3UPKWEWM/M0051294963200One of my faves!I received sample k kups of Tulleys Kona Blend with purchase of my new keurig platinum brewer. I generally only like flavored coffees and do not like very strong coffee, however, this coffee is absolutely delicious. It is bold and flavorful, but not overwhelmingly strong. It is very smooth, very yummy. I guess per the other reviews, I will need to try 100% kona, but so far, exceptionally pleased with this blend.
452369452369B001ELL68YA2LJD3BXTVMB80E. Rolfe0051294790400Favorite K-CupWhen I first got the Keurig, it came with a variety of k-cups. With the exception of Tully's Kona flavor, most were way too strong or too watery. The Kona blend was by far the best of the bunch. Great flavor, no bitterness and not too strong. So far this has been my favorite.
452370452370B001ELL68YA10I6CVBTPABO8Case0051293408000Tully's Kona K-cup coffeeThis is my favorite morning coffee! Very smooth, not acidic, and it has a great bold taste. Got to have my Kona in the morning!!

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