Amazon Fine Food Reviews

452401452401B001E5DYUIA1FEZF0ENKHWZBAmy S. Coddington "amy danger"1251203638400Best I've had...I'm a big coffee fan. This is VERY good coffee and so great to have it appear at your doorstep!
452402452402B00028LG4OA1J92I2HPUPAXTJ. Moore7751195430400Most Excellent HamThere are several types of hams varying in quality.
Ham and water product is the lowest, followed by ham with water added, ham in natural juices and then the top of the line HAM.
North Country makes awesome hams. We've purchased them many times and the flavor is great. Nicely trimmed and no added juices or water. So you are only paying for a ham. If you want a great ham at a fair price, try them.
452403452403B00028LG4OA28FG53AH3K4UNBrett0051341964800Applewood smoked bone in hamOK: First, a confession: I love a great ham. I said a great ham, not an ok ham. Here is a great ham with delectable, applewood smoke flavor mingling with the wonderful taste of a high quality ham. It is a big ham and about the size of maybe half a basketball or so and it was shipped well although they could have used two cold packs instead of only one in my opinion. Nonetheless, it came well packaged and cryo wrapped. This is a serve the crowd if you want to impress type of ham, not a dried out preservative laden styled ham product from the local grocer. Sure, it costs a bit more but you get what you --y for.... (Missing letters P and A.) Anyway, enjoy with confidence and the seller is a good communicator as well, advising if any delays are happening and when it ships. Not bad. Not bad at all....
452404452404B000S9VIO0A2XWE594ZS1CRCMother of 2 "Mother of 2"5531230076800Great product, poor seller...Recommended by the pediatrician for our 2-month-old as a supplement to breast milk. He was very colicky, getting up every 2 hours and crying nonstop. Within 24 hours of switching to this formula, he calmed down and stopped the crying. This product is pricy compared to other regular formulas. We're constantly looking for sale or coupons and the cheapest price online. At the time, the seller - yl11219, had the best price and we needed the supply for a trip. Fortunately, we did not rely on the arrival of this supply because we never received a response from the seller regarding the order status, and finally took them more than 2 weeks to ship us the order.
452405452405B000S9VIO0A3GNBBFCMK5931Toby's Mom1151285372800just as promisedI order this formula for my son because he has eczema. I would pay about $26 in the grocery store for the formula, but ordered directly from AMAZON I pay about $18.33 per can and don't have to leave the house. I qualified for free 2 day shipping and got it in two days, just as promised. Thanks so much AMAZON!!
452406452406B000S9VIO0A3TCG02C5JMZW2G. Lovett0051308268800Best forumula for colicky babies / allergy issuesMy son had very bad colic and spit-up issues and after running through every brand of formula out there and trying gripe water etc., we moved onto this. Within hours, he was back to the child we were used to before the colic began. It's pricey but so, so worth it. Some reviewers have complained about the smell, and while it definitely does not have the sweet aroma or breast milk or regular formula, after dealing with projectile vomiting, this is a MUCH sweeter alternative!

This formula is where you turn if you can't figure out what is causing the reaction (it is lactose, soy, colic etc.?). Basically the proteins are broken down into such tiny particles that should your baby be dealing with any of the above mentioned issues, this formula should work for them.

Our insurance wouldn't cover it, but I have friends whose plan do, which is great given the high price tag.
452407452407B0036ZCZQ8A2DGS5MEDMD0V8Roger F. Cook0051350777600blackberry tea, through AmazonThe flavor of this tea is strongly berry and very tasty. It can be make to
any taste strong or weaker. There is plenty of flavor in each tea bag. We are
pleasantly surprised to receive a package from Turkey. Quite an adventure.
452408452408B00112XJUYA262XLKS437EMRS. Stranik "CrimsonPetal"6651207699200Best Soy Milk EVER!!This soy milk is the absolute best! This is my AM "coffee", and I just can't live without it. Make sure you check out ZenSoy's website to learn about their company and their goals - wonderful!
Oh, and yes, I've tried every soy milk product out there and I really like ZenSoy's products the best. Plus, all of their products are Certified Organic and Certified Vegan. Yay!
452409452409B00112XJUYA36MP37DITBU6FEnchanted In Dixie "Enchanted"5551213315200Most delicious Soy! Real Creamy. Kids & Adults love it.My sons love this flavor, says taste just like ice cream. I tired and I agree. This has a delicious creamy taste. Creamer than milk. For all ages.
The is the best on the go soy out there, organic too.
452410452410B00112XJUYA21B8AV7E3MPXENatalie V. Galasso2241303689600Soy milk.First of all, if you've never had soy milk before, don't expect it to taste like real milk. It will not, and may be a acquired taste. I went from drinking real milk (trying to live a healthier less fat lifestyle) I tried a lot of soy milk brands, and zen soy is the absolute best brand I've found yet. I don't enjoy the chocolate flavor but the vanilla and cappuccino flavors aren't bad, after a while they start to taste good, actually.

I prefer this flavor and vanilla in this brand over any other.
452411452411B00112XJUYA3UDN740Q889JVTiffB2251270512000Best Soy drink ever!!!!!I subscribed to receive this product once every 3 months initially just to see if I liked it. I got my shipment today and immediately signed onto Amazon to change my subscription to receive it once a month. I would like to recommend this to everyone. This soy milk is by far the best I have had and the cappuccino flavor is definitely at the top of my list now.
452412452412B00112XJUYA1KOT1IUA7M0D1veggiess2251246665600Quite tasty!In my opinion, the DHA soymilks always taste the best and are the most creamy. Doesn't hurt that they are healthy, too! I usually drink Silk Brain & Bone health soymilk at home but was looking for smaller containers to bring to work. I tried the ZenSoy cappuccino flavor and was pleasantly surprised. It's very delicious and is a nice change from plain soymilk.
452413452413B00112XJUYA12PR2WHNILMKZDna2251237420800Deeelicious!I'm lactose intolerant and went looking for a new milk substitute. I was a Silk drinker for years but felt it was too watery and didn't have the creamy texture of milk that I missed. Zensoy fit the bill. I purchased the chocolate and cappuccino. My young nieces love the chocolate but since I drink it everyday, it was slightly too sweet for me. But chocolate will still be a staple in my fridge for those cravings. This cappuccino flavor is light compared to the real coffee cappuccino. Also, no bitterness or coffee aftertaste. Creamy and smooth like milk. It makes a great snack.
452414452414B00112XJUYA2KFGR11HP6I71Melinda L Wyers2251222214400Pretty good my friend...My husband even liked this one and he hates all my dairy free soy substituted things. So glad all these health nuts are going vegan so I can get stuff with absolutely no milk or dairy in them. Lactose intolerance FTL. Now I don't have to get up early to make coffee, add soy creamer and Hershey's syrup every morning!

Only cons i would say its not strong enough in the flavor dept. Tastes very light and creamy which is a good thing when it comes to milk replacement but id give it another boost of coffee flavor.
452415452415B00112XJUYA3VKBFC5K2INR4J. Kruger "veganmania"1151328659200AMAZING SOYMILKWhen I first starting buying soymilk this was my go to brand. Once I moved out of the New York area I could not find this anywhere. On a whim I decided to check if Amazon sold it, since I buy tons of things on this website, and wouldn't you believe it they sell single servings in cappuccino, vanilla and chocolate. I bought the vanilla and cappuccino. They are amazing. Creamy, sweet but not too sweet and reasonably priced. I bough these when they were in the warehouse deals and go them super cheap. I would still buy them via subscribe and save. I would recommend these to anyone.
452416452416B00112XJUYA34WH95FY044ITp1o2i31151276732800Yummy treat!These are pretty good! I don't particularly like drinking milk or even soymilk straight up, but this Cappuccino flavor is quite tasty. I popped one in the freezer for about an hour and it tastes like a frozen coffee drink! It's not particularly strong, but I like that it's not sweet and overwhelming.
452417452417B00112XJUYA3AC7FGL8OEXAHL. Denney1141215302400Good and good for ya ....I really like soy milk and these were great. They are convenient and taste good. The cappuccino is slightly flavored not strong or bitter. These are great for the lunch box, driving to work or late night treat.
452418452418B00112XJUYA18GJ9MYYO6GCQJust ask me! "bronxgal"0051350777600Vegan, organic and kosherThe "juice box" has become a popular accompaniment to a packed lunch, particularly a lunch which can have no dairy (because it is vegan or because it is a kosher meal containing meat) but this soymilk is a more nutritious alternative, with 7 grams of protein, 30% of the calcium and 50% of the B-12 recommended each day.
Unlike some "juice boxes", the straw stays attached to the package and is sturdy.
It tastes good, too.
I highly recommend this product.
452419452419B00112XJUYA1JV3RTPWDDQGNcollege student0051348272000Great soymilk, perfect for college kidsI am a college student and I bought this soy milk to use for my early classes when I do not have time to grab coffee. I am impressed. I wish it did have a bit stronger taste, but I also don't like coffee that's too strong so it is better mild than too strong in my opinion. It reminds me of Starbucks frappuccinos, actually, but better because it's soy milk!
452420452420B00112XJUYA3KRDOG856SGIUlccilliyah0051343952000Best milk/coffee alternative for adults and kids!!!I am so happy with Amazon right now for carrying this product! My nephews just love your product and it is a necessity in my life! I used to buy the half a gallon but now it's so hard to find, this is the next best thing especially for taking along! The flavor is so addictive! Thank you!!
452421452421B00112XJUYA17EBEEW9NZOOITrish "Jewelsonawhim"0041329091200Good, but too sweetThese are good. But, I won't buy them again because they are too sweet for my taste. Cappuccino flavor doesn't need to be sweet to be good.
452422452422B00112XJUYA3F63WL0NTOYVJjacklyn4590051323043200Delicious and Convenient!This drink is convenient for those who are busy, and it is a delicious soy beverage. I like to put mine in the freezer and drink it when it is like a frappachino. It does not have a strong coffee flavor, but it is not the same as chocolate soy milk. I also like to mix mine with a frozen banana and peanut butter for a good shake. I definitely recommend it to others!
452423452423B00112XJUYA1Y4WCAL9877NKBlade Runner0051307404800Great coffee substituteIntroduced to this product by a family member I was very favorably impressed. Now on my second case. Good choice for hiking,cycling,outdoors portability.
452424452424B00112XJUYA1IP4DT8Z2KICXsugarsugar0031301875200soooyI love this soy milk. It tastes not as great when it's not cold so I wouldn't drink it straight away when it comes in the mail but it ships very fast and it's much easier than carrying it from the store and a little cheaper also. And the panda's super cute. I have to admit that this is the reason I originally tried this product at wholefoods.
452425452425B00112XJUYAUKRUZ46I9FKZbearas0051285804800ZENSoy CappuccinoI really like that you carry an adult version of the soy milk. The taste was excellent and I will be back to get more. Makes having a morning snack more enjoyable!
452426452426B00112XJUYA3BA0IWYQWOAZPEric Papa1251246060800Really on the Go.This is very delicious and really on the go. I drink on my way to work in the morning.
452427452427B00112XJUYA2597FKOTYDAUFSoy Lover0141285632000Good DrinkI had bought this drink at one of my local grocery stores. It is good, but I feel it's a little thin on flavor(could use a little more coffee flavor and a little sweeter), but still a good drink. I would rate this a 4 on a scale of 1 to 5. Always room for improvement. Handy take along box. I will purchase this again in the future.
452429452429B004CX2VSUA2IJWRU14OPMCHBrenda0151323734400No problemsFrom start to finish, no problems. Item arrived as requested one day early.
My dog is healthier because he has been on SD since a pup.
452430452430B003JC3W2EA1GXD0OBQ0E4CBLinda Bell0011324771200Paesano Sicilian OlivesI was disappointed in these olives especially as I had bought them for a gift. The bottle was very small and the day before I bought a jar of the same kind of olives that was twice as large for half the cost. I thought the product was over represented and I would not buy again! Just go to the market.

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