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452491452491B000YSTGGWAY263NVH71VB6nick0011317600000bad smellBought a can yesterday from a local store. The expiration was 2013, but it really smelled bad! What am I supposed to do now? Open every single can and do a smell test before buying?
452492452492B000YSTGGWA11WG5L22Z9QOVVidhyapriya0021316390400Doesn't taste Great to my baby!I ordered this item as I got to see it as recommended by Dr.Sears.. But the pack of 6 with this flavor doesn't work for my baby... My baby didn't like the taste.. I don't know why :(.. Had it been packed with different flavors.. I would have atleast tried the other flavor... As this item is not eligible for returns.. I am just wondering what to do with this...
452493452493B000YSTGGWA2XUZGC5Q1TX22BSparks0051316044800CleanI'm a health food nut, I eat clean, fresh and as much organic as my wallet allows. I nurse my 6 mo old and make his baby food. I wanted a cereal that I felt was as clean as his organic baby food I was making and as my milk is...I LOVE this cereal...he digests it easily, it never constipated him...I think thats due to the additives this particular cereal has. I will never try another cereal. I am excited to try the oatmeal though!
452494452494B000YSTGGWASJTFOJFNDOLXJuan Bracho0051315785600Good cerealMy little boy likes it very much. It is made from organic whole grains and has DHA, probiotics and good protein content per calorie. Good product.
452495452495B000YSTGGWAVST4L6EGT4XZSvetlana0051315699200THE BEST BABY CEREAL EVER!!!!I would give it more stars if I could. Our first baby absolutely loved it when he was younger, and it is extremely good for the baby with all of the different nutrients that the baby needs. We got our first can from a friend of mine and then proceeded to buy more of it from and ended up buying other kinds as well made by the same company. The price is great, too. I can't say enough good words about it. We will have to wait and see what our second baby thinks of it. We are definitely planning to buy it for him as well.
452496452496B000YSTGGWA25PPE9EFXZ8PXvanyu0011314403200DHA contamination a concernI fed this to my baby, but now regret it in light of Cornucopia research report showing the crap DHA supplementation added to this product. Now that we have our second, I'm going to seek out an iron-fortified rice cereal that DOES NOT have DHA crap added in. We're breastfeeding, so why jam in more synthetically-derived, solvent-extracted DHA? The manufacturer has been suspiciously silent on this issue, so I'm not convinced they are "above board" on their product's purity.
452497452497B000YSTGGWA3GFGXSEIQ952RPreggo0041313712000happy mamaMy baby loved it and she can be a picky eater. There are a lot of nutrients in it which is always good. Overall satisfied. The only disadvantage to this cereal is it needs something else added to it. If I didn't add fruit my baby would not eat it. Some of the other baby cereals I've bought she would eat without any fruit in it. But not this one. It had to have fruit.
452498452498B000YSTGGWA1DDPM2YW3H53AM's Mommy0051313452800PleasedWe've gone through 5 cans now and my daughter loves this stuff. I still went ahead and purchased this and the happybellies rice cereal after reading some great and not so great reviews for the Happybellies products and unlike some of the reviewers I've had none of the funky smell/gray discoloring. I'm assuming they fixed the problems. We mix it with fruit or feed it to our daughter just mixed with breastmilk.
452499452499B000YSTGGWA1ZO50XHPV0QPQHeather "AB1761"0051308787200LOVE this product!I absolutely love this cereal. Smells soooo good! Almost has a banana-y smell to it in my opinion. I mix it into whatever food my son is eating just for some added health benefits. I also really like the packaging. A canister is so much better than a non-sealable box like another organic brand (and non-organic brands) comes in. I've tried the rice and multi-grain cereals too but prefer the consistency of the oatmeal better than the multi-grain (which is a good cereal too but was more flakey and "soft". Will continue to buy this product for some time.
452500452500B000YSTGGWA3P9MK4EKMA892PeruMom0051306800000Great Cereal!My son loves this cereal! The quality has been consistently good (we've had none of the problems with "gray" and "rancid" cereal that other reviewers have noted) and even I like the taste. Highly recommend.
452501452501B000YSTGGWA1H9JYYAJPWS5UChubbala's mommy0051305590400Great product, fast deliveryI am very passionate about food quality and wary of what I feed my baby. This is a great basic product that I am using to start my baby on solids. I like that it is brown rice and that it is fortified. I have mixed it with breastmilk as well as to thicken food purees.

To be honest I have not done a lot of price comparison but I feel that at a little over $3 per 7-oz cans (with subscribe and save I got 6 7-oz cans for $20), there are plenty of frivolous things I have spent $3 on so I think it's worth it to feed my baby a high quality food.

I was running low and had forgotten to order a can, but even without expediting shipping, my order came faster than anticipated. It was shipped via USPS.
452502452502B000YSTGGWA2RMYFAW9M2P6JM. Peckham0051297296000Perfect First Food for BabyI really wanted to find a rice cereal that had more nutritional value than just plain white rice and I am so happy I found this product. I started my baby on this at 5 months and he loves it. I mix it with Breast Milk and once he starts veggies and fruit I will add that in as well. This does not constipate him either and I love that it is Organic and enriched with Probiotcs and DHA.
If you are looking for a great first food for your baby with quality ingredients this is it and you can't beat the price for organic.
452503452503B000YSTGGWA2SXCG9IIXXEI8Patrick J. Finley0031296086400Way overpriced!!!!Great product but this vendor is selling it about 30% more than you can get it at a Target or Babies Rus. Convenience isn't worth that much.
452504452504B000YSTGGWAL6P1QFH1UDMGCassyMize0041295740800Great!My child has a milk and soy allergy and this product has been fabulous for him. I buy everything that comes in stock at our local Target. Please keep this product in Texarkana!
452505452505B000YSTGGWA1B1ZJ5NX9GIK3Evan's Mom0051295481600Evan's favorite oatmealWe love this oatmeal! The texture is very smooth and my baby loves the taste. We didn't have any problems with any other oatmeal types that we've tried but I was impressed by the DHA + probiotic and that the product is also organic. I also prefer the can over any type in a box, much easier to mix one-handed (which is a must) and much less messy. Great product.
452506452506B000YSTGGWA1TTCRDLDVIBF3judson kilgore0041293667200Tasty and healthyBaby's getting to that solid food stage, so we tried the Dr. Sears recommended HappyBellies line. Our girl likes their stuff--she's more partial to the rice cereal--and we like that it's organic and (fairly) unadulterated. Addition of DHA and probiotics a plus. If you can, try to find a sample portion or individual can for your child before committing to a large, 6-canister purchase, like this one. Btw, it's tasty enough that Mommy and Papa don't mind getting this cereal in their mouths when cajoling their stubborn baby to eat.
452507452507B000YSTGGWA316PEISP38C8OS. Veeman "I Love My Life"0021293580800Not the best, but okayMy twins love oatmeal mixed with their food. I couldn't find organic at our local supermarket so I tried this brand online and they didn't care for the taste (we managed to choke it down with smaller amounts mixed in), but I then found organic gerber which they love! I can mix the gerber with a little juice and water and they love it. I would not purchase this brand of oatmeal or cereal again. The only thing good about it is that it is organic.
452508452508B000YSTGGWA94KSN8S21FI9BlackEyedEd0011293062400Poor Quality Product - Recall should be issued!After doing a lot of research on single grain oatmeal cereal, it's clear HappyBellies has the best ingredients (DHA from algea as opposed to fish oil and a better blend of probiotics as opposed to just one type). However, there definitely is some sort of production problem with the cans of oatmeal with a July 2012 expiration date.

First, there is a distinct smell with this oatmeal. This oatmeal has a strong stale smell and looks grey in color. All other oatmeals have almost no smell at all and have a consistent light-khaki color.

Second, the HappyBellies oatmeal does not thicken formula as other oatmeals do. Our son has acid reflux and we were told to add one tablespoon of oatmeal per ounce of formula. When I use Gerber oatmeal with DHA and probiotics, this makes the formula very thick - sludgelike. With the HappyBellies, no matter how much I add it doesn't thicken the formula at all. It remains watery and not suitable for a baby who spits up excessively.

Third, I think our son has an allergic reaction to this oatmeal. He has no issue using the non-organic Gerber oatmeal with DHA and probiotics, but with the HappyBellies he has thrown up the formula/oatmeal immediately after eating it as if his stomach was upset. He also seemed to break out in a rash after putting him on HappyBellies after a couple of days.

I agree with the other reviews that there definitely seems to be something wrong with this batch of oatmeal. I suspect that moisture somehow go into the oatmeal before it was sealed and as a result it rotted in the can, thus causing a bad smell, a grey color, and unable to absorb the moisture from the formula to thicken the solution. The grey color has even made me wonder if it's mold that has grown on the oatmeal.

It's very clear to me that HappyBellies should issue a voluntary recall of this product!
452509452509B000YSTGGWAB0CU2DSL7XWUJ. L. Perez0051286496000Read the Amazing List of Ingredients!I showed this to my son's pediatrician and he was impressed with (and supported!) the list of items added to the cereal!

This was the first solids I added to my child's bottle when we started to transition away from milk only. The cereal is really finely milled and melts away easily into the liquid. At first I was worried that it would thicken up too much that it would clog the milk from flowing through, but happy to report it did not happen. I usually add one tablespoon of cereal to 6oz of milk. I noticed that once I started to do that, the bottle will sustain my son for longer periods of time especially at night. Now, I use this with every bottle of milk I make for him. Sometimes I also use this to thicken some of the fruits or veggie puree that are too watery. This makes the puree thicker and easier for baby to eat from the spoon. When the puree is too thin, it will dribble out of baby's mouth easily - after all they are just starting to get the hang of gumming,tasting and swallowing something this is not completely liquid.

Amazon prices are much cheaper ($19.29 for pack of 6 or $3.22 per canister) compared to what the local Whole Foods would charge(about $5 including tax for ONE). I hesitated for a moment since this is after all SIX canisters, but after looking at how much I use this on a daily basis, I am sure we will deplete this in no time!
452510452510B000YSTGGWA1AE89N198J2OCBritt230051286236800The Little One Loves ThisOur 6 month old absolutely loves this multi-grain cereal. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!
452511452511B000YSTGGWA2BT4NQWOUS5C0sandybeaches0051283904000Only cereal my son will eat!I have a very picky 8 month old, and he will not eat ANYTHING but this brand of oatmeal. He loves it. It really does make him a very happy baby!
452512452512B000YSTGGWA3T8IK1VC5WZRCH.A.B0041275436800It was okI don't think it's any better or any worse than any other baby cereal. My daughter never really liked any cereal and I ended up having about 4 cans left over.
452513452513B000YSTGGWA219WUOP4BNUX1C. Jones0051275264000The only cereal I would buy for my baby!HappyBellies is the only ORGANIC baby cereal that I have found with both DHA and probiotics therefore, it is the only cereal I would buy for my little one!
452514452514B000YSTGGWA1QIM0GBIRBDSJJanice Schwarz0051274918400Great productWe feed this to our twins. They've been on it a couple of months. I notice they seem less gassy using this cereal too. We've tried both the oatmeal and the rice and the kids like both of them. Sometimes we mix half with Earth's Best cereal to make it last longer. EDIT: It's been a few months since the original post. My kids are 10 months. They now prefer this to Earth's Best cereal. They'll eat them mixed together, but they won't eat the other by itself. Admittedly, Happy Bellies smells more appetizing to me too. Not that the other smells bad. But this smells more tasty.
452515452515B000YSTGGWA2IYWY7BFZX50RT. McVay0051274832000HAPPYBELLIES Organic Baby Cereal, OatmealWe fed our youngest all three of the HappyBellies - starting with the Brown Rice then MultiGrain and ended with the Oatmeal which I think was her favorite. I love the DHA & probiotics. And that it is organic - which no one else made. This cereal is great because you add your own liquid - she liked apple juice with it - and we didn't even heat it up. She liked it cold. As she got older I would mash up some bananas it in too.
452516452516B000YSTGGWAECQLWLETPUFZTamara Irving0051274572800Baby enjoys first foodThis was my baby's first food and she absolutely loved it. Even though she has moved on to different tastes and textures, whenever I present this, she still enjoys it! I even sprinkle a little cinnamon in it or add it into other veggies to bulk them up.
452517452517B000YSTGGWA20P8VC55KPPCTFL Mom0051274486400Love the Probiotics!This is a great cereal and with added Probiotics you can't go wrong. My baby loves it!
452518452518B000YSTGGWA20P8VC55KPPCTFL Mom0051274486400Love the Probiotics!This is a great cereal and with added Probiotics you can't go wrong. My baby loves it!
452519452519B000YSTGGWA20P8VC55KPPCTFL Mom0051274486400Love the Probiotics!This is a great cereal and with added Probiotics you can't go wrong. My baby loves it!
452520452520B000YSTGGWAEXV0U23G2GTYGrammy M "Grammy"0051274227200perfect baby cerealAll of the Happy Baby cereals are great and my grandson loves them! Organic and good for babies!

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