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452581452581B000YSTGGWA3RV2VDOMMQE5CJessica Chen2221312761600I just saw 'Sugar' listed as one of the ingredientsIt's probably my bad that I didn't see 'sugar' listed as one of the ingredients. I'm happy that this product is BPA free which I don't see many rice cereal explicitly saying that. If people want to feed sugar to their kids they can add separately, I just don't understand why they add sugar to this baby food. I haven't returned it yet but I will. I end up making my own rice cereal which I found how-to on the web. If anyone is interested, you can go to [...]
452582452582B000YSTGGWA33986DXZY4PWGconsumer2221286236800Recent color/taste issues with oatmealLast two purchases: the oatmeal was green and had a very peculiar taste to it. I am hoping the company checks their product more carefully as there have been many moms who have lost confidence in this product.
452583452583B000YSTGGWA1R2I4GLSJQYB7ludyloo2251280102400He likes it!I was blessed with a picky eater, so at 7 months old, my son is barely on solids. I read about Happy Bellies, and switched to this cereal from Earth's Best. My son likes it! And I'm relieved that it doesn't constipate him like Earth's Best did (for a full week). I definitely plan to try other Happy Bellies products in the future.
452584452584B000YSTGGWA3E06BCCD0AU7Bsunny swimmer "sunny swimmer"2241231891200I wish I had found this sooner!I recently started my 18-month old son on this cereal and both he and I are very happy with it - I wish I had found it sooner! It is gluten free and provides 60% of his required iron (as well as a lot of other things he needs to grow well). He likes the taste and it mixes easily.

My only complaint has less to do with the product itself than the packaging; the cans are only 3/4 full, which is a blatant and shameful waste on the part of the manufacturer.
452585452585B000YSTGGWA3UWFSR1L1X6R5Mommy23 "Mommy23"2241231718400It doesn't get spat back out!My daughter has a tendency to be a picky eater. I am not sure where this came from b/c other kids are not. But this product, she doesn't seem to 'reverse eat' as we like to call it. But the product itself is very pricey for the amount that you get (7oz vs 16 ozreg for same price). But,all in all, the ingredients are good for my little one. We take probiotics, DHA, and eat brown rice, so why would we feed her differently?
452586452586B000YSTGGWA2H86U6D8IIPF8Mudita Tiwari "MT"2241229817600We love this cereal for our babyWe love this cereal and the fact that it has probiotics. I am not a big fan of the DHA from external sources such as algae, because it is not the same as the DHA found in breast milk. However, the cereal is good and our baby likes it.

Recommended for anyone looking for good organic cereal.
452587452587B000YSTGGWA2KY5VXX1F3KVGC. Rosevear "boxing clever"2251229299200Great product, reasonable priceWe only fed our son rice cereal for about 2 weeks - he vastly prefers the taste of oats. This cereal mixes instantly, and combines well with other foods. The addition of DHA and probiotic supplements is an important factor in our decision to buy this product.

It was a little disconcerting to open the cannister for the first time and see that it had settled to the point that it appeared only half full. The label says this may's a shame that so much packaging is wasted, though.

Tip: We saved the scoop from his formula and use it to measure the cereal from the cannister.
452588452588B000YSTGGWA1R8TTMXVXEI6HRachael P. "mom of 2"2251217635200My son loves this cereal!No joke--this was the first solid food we gave our son and he went "hmm hmm" (yum yum). We now give this to him one or two times a day (he is 7 months now) and often mix it with apples, or pear, or other foods too. He really enjoys this and I like that it has probiotics. It does seem like a large amount of creal in one order, esp if you aren't sure if your child will like it. But if you plan to feed cereal to your baby while supplementing with other solid foods, I would say this is one of the best rice cereals available.
452589452589B000YSTGGWA2HUVH0I95A7VGS. Emerson2251214265600Awesome baby cereal!This is a fantastic cereal for babies. Probiotics are needed by babies and will help them to avoid thrush which is common in infants, especially if they or their nursing mom has been on antibiotics. Baby's bodies have the right balance of probiotics and will have less problems with thrush! YEA! The enzymes and probiotics are perfect for babies and a good idea! Finally!
452590452590B000YSTGGWA64OJJG024JJTAngela Kraber2251201564800HAPPY for HappyBellies!I am so excited to see that HappyBaby has cereal now! My daughter loves their frozen organic baby food! Plus the packaging is sooooo much better than the boxes 'other' cereals come in. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!
452591452591B000YSTGGWA1GD2OEYMXMO45Lau Cervantes1151334707200Excelente productSimply great! My son really Love his cereals, AND are Great for his allergies... Definitely a MUST for every mommy with allergic kids
452592452592B000YSTGGWA1AY6C3E3BY347Raked Leaves for my NES1151331078400My baby girl loves this!My wife and I tried so many different types of cereal, and every time my daughter would give us this "what in the world is this stuff" face. She would then not eat no matter how hard we tried. Our friend recommended this rice cereal, and we have never looked back. My daughter loves this, and gets it three times a day. We love it because not only is it organic, but it has other vitamins and nutrients vital to the development of any child. Whats even better is that with this pack of 6 we are able to have plenty and not have to worry for weeks, and the subscription makes it even cheaper than if you were to buy it in any retail store.
452593452593B000YSTGGWA3G4BC1BEIW3Y4Li1151330905600excellentAfter speaking to other mothers, we skipped rice cereal and went straight to oat cereal. I found that the consistency of happy bellies oat cereal is much better than earth's best. Also the containers are really convenient, rather than the cardboard box of earth's best.
452594452594B000YSTGGWA1W8ESCDZ5MF0VJacob A. Smith "jacobsstcg"1151329955200Our son loves this stuffMy son loves this stuff. He likes it by itself or when it's mixed with fruits. We were initially drawn to it at one of the local big box stores because it is multigrain and has DHA and probiotics. Compared to plain old rice cereal I think this has been a much better choice. After finding out that our son loves it we started getting it from Amazon and have put it on subscribe and save. Our little guy is 11 months now and goes through the 6 pack in about a month. Great product and a better price then we've been able to find locally (plus the convenience of getting it delivered).
452595452595B000YSTGGWA2PMT0G1LRUH6ZLee Mitchem1111326844800Sad that sugar is added unlike the rice or oatmeal HAPPYBELLIESMy son LOVES HappyBellies Oatmeal, so I tried the Multigrain and he loved it, too. So did I, until I read the ingredients and noticed that they added glucose to make the cereal sweet. No extra sugar for my darling. Back to the oatmeal version for us since it's naturally sweet. As he's now 10 months old, I'm exposing him to other grains, like quinoa (which is in the multigrain)and complementing his daily grains with the HB oatmeal to get all those good vitamins and probiotics and DHA.
452596452596B000YSTGGWA32TYCJ4JJVCIMcarrie tutera martin1151326758400Pre and Probiotics Make the Difference!I was searching for an organic baby cereal to give to my 2nd daughter because I had not been happy with what I had fed my 1st. I am not saying that Earth's Best *caused* my daughter's PN allergy, but I was very disillusioned with them, having called and asked about cross contamination and having them dismiss my concerns (now, surprise surprise, everything is labeled for cross-contamination, as it should have been before!). At any rate, my 1st had eczema and other issues, and although breast fed exclusively for 6 months (and for another 7 thereafter),did not stay on the cereal as long as she could have because of these issues. So, when it came time to feed my 2nd, I was so happy to find HAPPYBELLIES! I absolutely LOVE the added pre and probiotics, and think they make all of the difference in the world. It is so nice to have this included in the cereal, without having to worry about supplementation. Already at risk for food allergies because of her sister, I feel confident that this has helped boost her developing digestive and immune systems. And ... so far so good ... she is allergy free! Great for mixing with HAPPYBABY fresh frozen or pouches, I cannot stop raving about this cereal (and continue do so any opportunity I get!!)
452597452597B000YSTGGWA35B8J7GX8DSHUrreeves1151325203200Love this for my baby!I bought this for my baby when he started solids. I love that it is BROWN rice and ORGANIC. The Choline, DHA and probioitics are great too. My baby loved the cereal and I feel good that he is getting nutritional organic foods. I mixed in some pear puree from the HappyBaby pouches and I feel it helped encourage the digestion of starting a new food. Looking forward to trying the other varieties as well.
452598452598B000YSTGGWA1A8KMDICRUFPTJZ1111320969600The cereal is staleI baught this kind of cereal from Wholefood. Since this was the first time I tried this brand, I picked 3 kinds: multi-grain, oatmeal and brown rice. Oatmeal was all right, but the other two smelled like they were already stale(the expiration day is May 2013), and they tasted bad too and sticked on my throat when I tried them. My baby cried and refused to eat them. The customer service of Wholefood was very nice and refunded me. I don't think I will buy this brand of cereal again.
452599452599B000YSTGGWA4QUFWAMFMTQHChristine Boubek "CB"1111320192000Rancid SmellI bought this because I was looking for something with probiotics. I have purchased a similar product from Plum Organics (contained Pro and prebiotics). I have purchased several items from HappyBellies before and have been pleased with them all. I ordered this despite the reviews from others that commented on the rancid smell. I assume this has to do with the added DHA. I bought 6 containers. Opened all 6 and they ALL smelled rancid. I would never feed this to my child. Ended up contacting Amazon because there was no return available for this product. Save yourself the hassle. Buy Plum Organics Multi grain cereal.
452600452600B000YSTGGWA27M4UVDSHPYI0LRam10181141316736000Great for milk/soy allergy babiesMy baby is allergic to cow's milk and the doctor said he is likely allergic to soy. I was feeding him Gerber cereal and didn't realize it had soy content. Luckily my son was okay...just getting really chunky from the cereal in general. So I bought this because it is completely dairy and soy free...and since it's organic and brown rice, much healthier for him.

This stuff actually smells like rice, not processed shiny flakes. My son also loves it. He even makes an "mmmm" sound when I feed it to him.

I left out the last star because it's a bit expensive compared to other cereals... But as they say, you get what you pay for.
452601452601B000YSTGGWAFCR0A9UV8FVHNatalieN1151312848000Just About PerfectThis is the first oatmeal cereal my 6 month old has been given and he really LOVES it. I drove my self crazy doing all kinds of research for a safe, BPA free cereal, then drove myself crazy looking at all the research on DHA, and so on. Finally I decided to go ahead and give this a try. Unfortunately there is no perfect baby cereal on the market at this time, but this product is pretty close. And my baby seems to really enjoy it. I will say my local target is currently selling it for only $3.19 a can, which is a little cheaper than amazons current price.
452602452602B000YSTGGWA1T0VNO8O4AWMRGreenutahmama1141310688000We love HappyBellies!I tried to use the cheaper cereals with my baby and she would refuse them. From the moment she tried the HappyBellies, feeding became so much easier. She loves the way it tastes. My only complaint is that I wish it came in bigger packaging. I feel like I am always opening a new can and would rather there be less packaging. But at the same time the cans are very easy to transport when traveling.
452603452603B000YSTGGWA1ND3958TUG8W0nanomom1141309478400very good sawdusti followed pediatrician recommendations to start with rice cereals and oatmeals etc. mixed with breastmilk. they all seem like sawdust, though. so if you're going to be like me and feed your kid sawdust, this is probably the best sawdust there is with all its DHA and organic goodness.
452604452604B000YSTGGWA2YNGX4VN1QFAXBenjamin Bell1151298937600Awesome stuff!This cereal and the rice are awesome. My daughter loves them and they are so good for her. But buy these at Target it is way cheaper!
452605452605B000YSTGGWA12SX2HUT1OAGSY. Cai "kongfu_panda"1111290729600a strange smellBefore you purchased the product, make sure you know that this cereal has a very strange smell. This is the normal smell of the product. I don't know how to describe the smell, but be careful with your choice.
My baby doesn't like the smell.
452606452606B000YSTGGWA1ZSG3F2DBBRQZK. klocek1111284768000Rancid / Acrid SmellOur baby has been eating the oatmeal cereal for about five months now. Just opened up a recent case from Amazon and the first two cans out are definately different than what this product has been in the past. It is not white in color, but green/gray, it is also not as 'fluffy'. The rancid / acrid smell is definately present. It smells like a two year old can of holiday nuts that went stale long ago. I am somewhat shocked at the number of reviews and comments that have had a similar issue. The Manufacturer does not list a phone number on their website and e-mail is the only contact method. I got an auto-response e-mail with a 718 number that is no longer in service.....not inspiring much confidence in this brand.
452607452607B000YSTGGWA3TX0Y68XHUKXQNY Reviewer1121284681600Not What It Used To BeI've been using this cereal for the past 4-5 months.

My son always enjoyed eating his cereal. However, my last order (after the item being out of stock practically everywhere) of this product was different. I'm not sure if the issue was a production problem or not. However, the cereal now seems like shredded cardboard. It tastes and smells differently. Where initially is was a creamy color and nice consistency, it is now gray.

I can no longer recommend this product.
452608452608B000YSTGGWA7OMTZ0BWO6YBarb the Mommy1151274832000Happy Tummy!I love that HAPPYBABY has added DHA and probiotics into their cereal. We used the cereal for my daughter and have mixed it with breast milk, water, and baby food purees. The packaging is clean!! I had previously purchased the boxed cereal and it got everywhere! The texture is perfect for a baby new to eating solids. I did have to figure out the perfect consistency according to my daughter's preference! Great product that I feel great feeding my baby!
452609452609B000YSTGGWAYET1I3ILU00EJane N. "Jane"1151271721600The baby will actually eat cereal?!?We had such a time getting the little one to eat cereal b/c everytime her stomach would hurt. Luckily, we found this at our local grocery & it worked great...No more stomach ache. Sadly, the item was discontinued at the local store so we searched Amazon and found it! Definitely saved us until her tummy started getting used to real food!
452610452610B000YSTGGWA1EALBNCP76T63K. Riis1151268524800Love at first biteOur 6 month old loves this product. My only issue, is that our daughter has struggled with constipation, even with breast milk. The brown rice causes more of this issue. Our doctor recommended we use oatmeal instead, wish I would have bought the case of oatmeal instead. So if your child has these issues, I would recommend ordering the oatmeal. We have been missing a little bit of pureed prune to overcome the constipation and it works like a charm! We will now buy one can of the oatmeal to try and if she likes it, will order another case!

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