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452623452623B000YSTGGWA14PRKDGZDT8JSMaria "Maria"1151220832000the babies love itI make my own baby food - it tastes much better than the canned baby food and introduces them to the taste of real food. The only exception is that I give them the Happy Bellies oatmeal as well as their rice and multigrain. These have extra iron formulated to be easily absorbed and also the probiotics which are probably part of the reason both babies are nice and regular. They're organic and whole grain so they're healthy and train the babies taste to like whole grain. I mix it with water and they gobble it up and love it.
452624452624B000YSTGGWADLSGYBOJK1P9P. D. Stanley1151201132800Happy Bellies OatmealWe were so "happy" to find the Happy Bellies Oatmeal and our granddaughter just loved it! What a GREAT product -- I've told all my grandma friends!
452625452625B000YSTGGWAM6CGH0NGLTPTRosniati3411283126400Production Problem?!The cereals had a weird odour and also the colour is a slight tinge of greenish/greyish. Even though, the tins were originally sealed and expiry date is in 2012!

Is there a production problem for the cereals? Perhaps should do a sample check!

This is a serious problem and should be investigated immediately as the cereals are meant for our dear babies!
452626452626B000YSTGGWAPI5JLBRT6FINKNSudha3421259452800multigrain version does not appeal to either of my twinsMy now 1 yr old babies love the rice and oatmeal versions of this cereal, but hate the multigrain version. Pity that I tried it out
as an amzn multipack, guess it will go into my second harvest bin. Like other reviewers mentioned, it has a slightly stale
smell to it -- perhaps they don't wash the quinoa enough before processing it? I taste everything my babies eat, and have
to mention that it does not have the melt in the mouth texture of the other two besides not tasting good. My babies will eat quinoa for eg
when I cook it for family meals. And amaranth in flakes from their brother's cereals. Buy a single can from whole foods
or target etc before buying a multi pack. They won't even eat it if I put in one tablespoon to 5 of rice cereal. Ended up just tossing the open can.
Either of these is fantastic. HAPPYBELLIES Brown Rice Cereal Contains DHA and Probiotics, Organic, 7-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 6)HAPPYBELLIES Oatmeal Cereal, Organic, Contains DHA and Probiotics, 7-Ounce Containers (Pack of 6)
452627452627B000YSTGGWA2FY65DGCZ0I6HOpen-Minded Reader3451224633600Great ProductMy son has eaten cereal since he was 3 months old. He ABSOLUTELY LOVES this cereal. Its consistency is grainy, not mushy like most cereals. When I've tried to give him other cereals he can TELL the difference. This also promotes a healthy GI tract, which is great for my son because he get constipated from time to time.
452628452628B000YSTGGWA3TY1MOSZLSCHUMaureen Shea5751215302400Perfect for an upset stomachI had something wrong with my stomach and didn't want to eat for a couple of weeks, but knew I had to. I ate this with some cinnamon and it didn't upset my stomach at all.
452629452629B000YSTGGWA3B3GI2DXMSCF6nycspagirl "nycspagirl"152211241308800Read ingredients carefully.I bought the pack of 6 box. When it arrived and I inspected the nutrition label I saw that it has sugar in it. This is the reason why I gave this product such a low rating.

The other organic cereal I use does not, and I would like to return this.
As this is a grocery item, I am not able to. I wish amazon gave nutrition information on the products they are selling so I didn't have to be stuck with this! (My fault really, could have gone on another website and checked it out).
452630452630B000YSTGGWAGPCDJRRNAA11Deepal S Patel4611326499200Rice and Oatmeal Cereals - Toxic HexaneThe can of oatmeal clearly says they use Life's DHA (manufactured by Martek). If you research Martek (including their own site), you will find that they use hexane to extract the DHA from algae. Shame on Happy Baby for lying to parents by saying that they do not use any DHA extracted with hexane. Will never reccommend this product to anyone.

Also, all the cans that I opened smelled rancid. I prefer Gerber Organic with Smart Nourish instead.
452631452631B000YSTGGWA3OBSKAU6LEEIIHeather4611287014400Rancid BatchWe have loved this product until the last few days. As I was playing w/my daughter who is 20 months, she said "mommy tummy hurts" and I heard it gurgling. Her dad heard and said: "...well I opened a new can of Oatmeal yesterday, and it smelled horrible, looks very different than past cans". Sure enough, I opened it and it was horrible smelling and looked bad (as noted in other reviews, dark grey flakes mixed in, much darker than normal). There MUST be something wrong - I plan to contact the company tomorrow and would NOT recommend right now.
452632452632B000YSTGGWASIGYECZF4OHDMaggie2311303948800Spoiled Case!We used this cereal when my daughter was a baby 2 years ago and it was great. I ordered a case recently for my 8 month old son and it was spoiled! Amazon was great and refunded my money, but I am so disappointed with HAPPYBELLIES. There are obviously some major quality control issues that need to be addressed. I will be ordering baby cereal from a different company as I just can't bring myself to trust HAPPYBELLIES anymore.
452633452633B000YSTGGWA2GNF05HMCR0M4Lubdha2311285113600Had been wonderful until September 2010 - now bad color/smellMy son (now 9 months old) has been eating HAPPYBELLIES organic oatmeal cereal twice a day since he was 6 months old, and loves it. So I love it too - until recently. The last container I bought had a different color and smell. All our cereal until now had been a cream-ish color, soft and flaky in texture and smelled like, well, oats. Not anymore. The recent batch had cereal that had black/gray-ish flakes mixed with the regular-looking oat flakes, and it smelled horrible, almost like mold or really, really rancid oil. I had bought that batch from [...] and they promptly issued a refund. Now I'm a fix as to what to feed my baby! I don't want to experiment with an unfamiliar brand given how much he loves this one, but again I don't want him to eat what clearly doesn't look or smell like food.

Can someone, from either Amazon or HAPPYBELLIES, please repond to this and other similar concerns and put them to rest?
452634452634B000YSTGGWA12IEZKD0UQT35F. Abdullahi "hapy mama"2311260403200Baby developed yeast diaper rash after trying this cerealI have been giving my 8 month old happy bellies for the last month and noticed that after a process of elimination, this cereal has caused my baby to have a yeast diaper rash. She loved eating it so I gave it to her daily. I've done everything to take care of her diaper rash but it persisted even after I started applying nystatin which her pediatrician prescribed. I then decided to eliminate foods and monitor what happened to the rash and identified the happy bellies as the culprit. It's too bad because I thought that the probiotics would do her good but instead she's developed an annoying yeast diaper rash. Has anyone else's baby had any allergic reactions to this cereal?
452635452635B000YSTGGWAUECOTLRQLGJHKarTerz2311259020800Smells staleI love this brand and my baby loves the oatmeal cereal. But I decided to try the multigrain and NEVER again. My baby hated it & I didn't blame her because it smelled really stale. Try the oatmeal cereal & forget about this one!!!
452636452636B000YSTGGWA1L6FX4VPMBL8EBabySteps2351206144000HappybelliesMy son loves this cereal. After trying multiple brands, this is the cereal he loves the best. It makes a perfect puree with no lumps, which is his general probelm with other brands. I feel good giving it to him as a mom because it does not contain soy, dairy, wheat or gluten. It is also made without many of the fancy preservatives that are found in other more conventional brands. We can't wait to try the other varieties!
452637452637B000YSTGGWAQH6FCS9F0Z9RMarz "Marz"0011351123200Makes babies constipated!Wrongful advertisement! I usually don't write any reviews but I had to give this one a star. Ever since I gave my 6 month old this organic oatmeal cereal (which she seemed to like with my breast milk) she has been constipated. Day no 4 and I am still waiting for her "full diaper"! I can see how much she is suffering trying to poop, I tried prunes and this product is still sitting in her little tummy. Waste of money! Disappointed in whole foods that they would sell such a bad product!
452638452638B000YSTGGWA3HDT5LZAFRULBG1Spacedoll0051350950400Baby is less likely to get sick using this product.Most babies I know get ear infections, and other illnesses a lot. My son has only had a fever-2 days and a cold-lasted for 4 days. This stuff is amazing, it really does help a babies immune system. He doesn't get sick at all and he is growing rapidly every day. I highly recommend this for sickly babies and toddlers. I just mix it with his formula or milk and he enjoys it. It is certified organic. It is a must if you have babies and if you are a first time mother.
452639452639B000YSTGGWA2QCXBNDWUWS18Full-Time Mom of 40051350691200Great Product!My youngest has a wheat-free, egg-free, dairy-free, peanut-free diet. I'm glad I found this rice cereal that met all of these needs but also provided nutrition. It is cheaper to purchase it at Amazon then to purchase it from my local health store.
452640452640B000YSTGGWA191A130P7OH1GLuis Diaz Mora0051350432000IncredibleWe live in Costa Rica and I'm shipping this product here because our pediatrician recommended this cereal to help in the esophagus reflux of our 4 months old daughter's. The idea was to make her formula a little bit thicker so she wouldn't experience the reflux that much. I'm not really sure if any other doctor is using this product for this purpose but it actually worked great with our daughter
452611452611B000YSTGGWA1OF51EV9X89U5J. H. Erdsneker1151268006400My son loved itMy son loved this cereal. He was breast fed and a baby, but when we started introducing blended fruits and veggies mixed with the HappyBellies...he was a happy baby. As an added benefit, he loved playing with the cans!
452612452612B000YSTGGWA2NLQ41ZUQZ05ZA. Sawatzky1131267747200Good product, poor quanitity.I love the product, but I think that it is a bit too pricey. The cans are barely over half full so we go through them very quickly. Like I said, I love the actual cereal, but if it wasn't the only cereal my baby could eat I wouldn't buy it because of the price.
452613452613B000YSTGGWA3VKA1NYHGX57Ubunny friend1131261267200practically digesting itselfThe probiotics helps my baby's gassiness. However, my 8 month old likes her food thick. No matter how much rice cereal I added, the food practically digests itself (very quickly at that too) before my baby even has a couple spoons of it. Don't understand why it has to contain amylase enzyme. I have let it stand and literally watch it thins itself out, without my baby ever touching the food. I typically added a couple ounces of homemade organic vege with an ounce of breastmilk plus the Earth Best oat and rice together with Happy Bellies, hoping to keep it thick a little longer, but to no avail. I am writing this review because I just threw out another bowl of food because my baby refuses to eat it after a couple spoons since it literally just became soup despite I made it *thick*.
452614452614B000YSTGGWA3M5WRY80SPFK1SVR1151250985600my baby loves this! :)I've been giving my little one the rice cereal since she was 4 months old- she loves this and she has not had any allergies or anything- she loves it so much- every meal time is full of smiles, gurgles and cute messes!
452615452615B000YSTGGWA1GNH8MKQBMP0BL. A. Brown1151247097600LindaI love this product . It is easily digestable for my child who suffers from a lot of gas.
452616452616B000YSTGGWAO0WWSMGOGUU7Betty1151243382400Very satisfied with productMy husband and I are very satisfied with this product. Not only is it organic, it is easily digestible, and my daughter loves it. We have tried a couple of different products to mix with veggies and fruits for dinnertime and the Happy Bellies Brown Rice Cereal is by far my daughter's favorite.
452617452617B000YSTGGWA58F10T4OE58CS. Montgomery "green dad"1151234396800DHA and probiotics puts this cereal way above othersDr Sears knows babies, and his recommendation of this product went a long way in our decision to purchase it. At first we were making our own rice cereal out of organic ground brown rice, but of course couldn't add the DHA and probiotics. Our baby gets those through breastmilk, but it is nice to be able to supplement with the cereal.

It is very easy to mix and use, and tastes good. Much easier than making your own, and way better than any of the Gerber products. I'd recommend any of the HappyBellies products.
452618452618B000YSTGGWA17B42TR2O4Y48S. Knittel1141232323200Good for the system.I bought this product because it was organic AND it contained the probiotic elements that my baby needed to help her digestive issues. She does not eat it by itself, I add it to the home-made purees I make at home.
452619452619B000YSTGGWA16Y1HEH55V5DVALS1151229040000Great alternative to GerberI had a hard time finding organic single grain cereal at the store. All the grocery stores including Central Market and Whole Foods were completely out of the Earth's Best, and I don't really like the Gerber organic. My baby was exclusively breast fed for the first six months, and I felt like this was the best transition to solids. I also like that it's brown rice. I feel good about giving it to my baby, and he likes it!
452620452620B000YSTGGWA3FH0NQ4ZV12PWT. Baker "sfreader89"1151226016000A wonderful first foodHappybellies was the answer to my prayers. We first used Earth's Best and had allergy problems. What a mystery! I though rice cereal was supposed to be pure and natural....but discovered that not all brands have nut or soy free products. We switched our daughter to Happybellies and she's an eating monster. Not only is this product iron fortified, but also has probiotics. Thank you Happybellies!
452621452621B000YSTGGWAPMWDN2ZFCXXTElla Kovnatsky1151225411200Excellent productI discovered the HappyBellies at Babies R Us and didn't know anything about it. (btw it is more expensive there) We started our baby on it in 4 months. She LOVES it and it is good for her belly. She used to be constipated from time to time even on the breast milk. Now she is much more regular. Once i could not find the HappyBellies rice cereal at the store and got the Earth Best instead. The baby didn't like it and it was hard to feed through the bottle

The only problem i have is what's up with the 3/4 of the container? Why it is not as full as it's used to be? Keeping static price in expense of the quantity i guess? oh well...economy it is
452622452622B000YSTGGWA1GW0JIZ4LR92TAmanda M. Mcmahon "ammcmaho"1151223424000Baby eats it, organic, why not?So far a great choice for us. We mix this with either breast milk or home made pureed vegetables and our daughter loves it.

I'm just wondering what the natural source of DHA is that is in here, other than that, I am especially happy to see no added sugars, etc. So many commercial products have added sugar for baby food, so I make all other food, but this is great!

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