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452641452641B000YSTGGWA1U262TDD70CI0Elly Prettner0051349740800Happy Bellies Organic Baby Cereals with DHA + Pre & Probiotics, Brown Rice, 7-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 6)I found this a good introduction to solids for our first daughter. So it was an easy decision to go with this again now that our first son is almost 6 months old.
452642452642B000YSTGGWA1SOFM17NV4YVAsteve0051348012800goodit's a very good food for my kid. easily prepare for kid's meal and rich nutrition. help kid digestion. good
452643452643B000YSTGGWA30NHVVC62LJMKLibri Mundi "Libri Mundi"0021347667200musty smell, baby could not stand itThis was my baby's first food (or at least I tried it) at 6 months. When I opened the can, a musty smell welcomed me. It had not gone bad from what I could see and it was well before the expiration date, it was just not terribly appetizing. Several times I went through the hassle of expressing breastmilk and mixing it with this stuff. There is no way I could get my baby to take this cereal, regardless of the milk to cereal ratio. I threw the stuff out and we went straight to real solids (non-pureed or mashed) after a few weeks. My baby has some preferences for which I do not want to rate this product poorly, however the musty smell was a turnoff for me too.
452644452644B008K7NXYAA14M1BTBEKRGY7Dianne Miller0041349740800Seriously Crispy!I bought a package of barbecue flavored ChaCha Potato Crispy puffed food at the China Pavilion at EPCOT. Yum! My whole family (my husband, my 6-year-old daughter, and I) really enjoyed this snack. It was very light, incredibly crispy, and subtly spiced. Don't let the packaging keep you from buying this one: "Do you want to be intimate with nature?" Even if you don't, this snack is still a good choice!
452645452645B006SF5T3YA3VF6BKKMOSLPIFay's0051348704000for the chocolate cake loverI use this mix to make delicious very decorated cakes for my business for my food allergy customers! We eat it as well and love love love it~ Have had nothing but EXCELLENT feedback from each one who has purchased one of these cakes I have made. You can substitute for other allergys such as egg and dairy and still bakes wonderfully! Goes perfect with the chocolate drizzle frosting made by inspiration mixes. ENJOY!!
452646452646B006860RRQA1T8J02FENF17ZShanna1151330214400Great Dressing!This is my all time favorite salad dressing. I am so pleased to find this mix on Amazon because in the past, I had to wait until someone I knew went to visit Hawaii to get some. This dressing is great on a garden salad, but I especially love it on a spinach salad with pecans, craisins, and feta. Yummy!
452647452647B003KSS5WOA1QDJVEZJ3D4SZmary0051326153600Great!I love this stuff! I cannot find it in my area. I first discovered it several years ago when visiting my sister in Silver Spring, MD. Now I can get it online for much less than the cost of a plane ticket! I bought a six-pack and gave them at Christmas to my cooking friends! My 10 year old niece, a very picky eater, said the chicken I made with this seasoning was the best she ever ate! I love garlic, so I add some extra garlic to whatever it is I am using it with. I use it on salads, on vegetables, meat and chicken dishes, you can even use it in omelets. If you like a mideastern/greek flair to your dishes, you should like this one. I will buy it again!
452648452648B003D4MYLSA1TZ9GI39VH2DSwoodman1151331683200Great TeaA well flavored Tea for after dinner or to use when you have trouble sleeping. I have purchaced this enjoyable tea twice from amazon. I highly recommend this Tea.
452649452649B003D4MYLSATO742M6F1ROINicole C. Vreeland1151331596800Holy yum, Batman!This is the first time I've tried this brand, this flavor and this type of tea. It is so good! With a little bit of stevia, it's almost dessert good...almost (let's not get crazy). The tea is sweet and the flavors are neither too strong nor too mild. A very good buy.
452650452650B003D4MYLSAR8P6F0C6H00QCindy C1151331510400Really love this teaThis tea is so refreshing, and I just love the taste. Not a heavy chocolate taste, but really gets the endorphins going. Great as a hot or cold tea. I just never thought of chocolate tea before, but this is really wonderful and fresh tasting.
452651452651B003D4MYLSA18WGMHBMVNBSNLuebla1151331510400Delish!This is delicious hot or cold! There is enough that I could share w/family & friends. The flavor is strong & doesn't need that much of a sweetener.
452652452652B003D4MYLSA1HDMHW848VSSXJeanne N. Fantina "Book Junkie"1151331337600Dessert Tea!This is a terrific dessert alternative. Without all the calories, I get my chocolate fix & my sweet ending. Love this tea!!!
452653452653B003D4MYLSA1DWXFYHXJLBMXChristi1151330732800YUMMY!!!Stash teas are the best in my opinion. This flavor is amazingly tasty. Six bags brew a strong flavorful gallon. I like the fact that I save lots of money versus buying the smaller boxes in the market.
452654452654B003D4MYLSA25GPGEQ4XRDKJlane1151329955200Yummy!One of my favorite teas. It is only a seasonal item in the store. So after the holidays I order a box to keep my mornings happy. :)
452655452655B003D4MYLSADVAA9RFJC5R2Darren Gaylor1111329177600HorribleI normally love Stash Tea but this flavor is bad. It has a very weird chemical type taste. At first I thought it might just be me so I made my wife a cup and she yelled out to me from the other room that this is the worst tea that I have made for her. Too bad I bought the 100 count! I guess I will have to look for another flavor.
452656452656B003D4MYLSA29O8VUGTNXMLDKeiroD1131327881600Packaging leaves much to be desired.This order reached me quickly.

I opened up the box to see two packages of the box in the same package. In hindsight, knowing that the seller had the same facility in my state, I shouldn't have bothered to get it delivered overnight.

Onto the tea... they were simply thrown into the box as mentioned by someone else. I should've taken this as a warning not to purchase it, as it was not well packaged much like other teabags delivered to me. After I tried the tea, I found the taste to be weak, and the contents of the teabag often coming out of the teabags themselves even though they were not torn either way.

Leads me to think that the QA on this isn't very good. Again, in hindsight, I shouldn't have gotten a 100-count box. Ah well. I don't think I'll purchase this particular product again, and I'll more than likely give the second tea box away to someone else.
452657452657B003D4MYLSA6JSLV8GMBBBEJohn L. Thomas1151326672000Not To WorryThis was a very good purchase. Practical, economical, fast delivery, sparse packaging but the product is the most important item
452658452658B003D4MYLSA1ED3ABQD627TYLinda Makofski "Linda A. Makofski"1121326672000Disappointed with STASH PREMIUM TEASTASH PREMIUM TEA has little to no taste, depending on the flavor used. The Lemon Ginger has the most flavor of all the flavors I've tried. If you don't mind a Lemon Ginger tea with a flowery taste you might want to try it. I purchased a 100 - count box. I will never buy it again.
452659452659B003D4MYLSA1TCSC0YWT82Q0GinSing1131324684800I anxiously awaited it..and then it was just not quite 'it'..I had this tea in my cart for awhile and then it became unavailable, so I waited for it to come back in stock as this sounded like a nice tea.

I have been enjoyed the Celestial Seasonings White Tea with Pear that I got on Amazon and so I anxioulsy anticipated this new tea.

However, in drinking it, I'm not all that crazy about it. To me, it tastes like a black tea; I hardly taste the ginger at all, and it's not as pepperminty as I thought it would be.

I realize tastes are just so personal, but that's how I view it anyway.

Oh, you should know that it comes in a regular box (as pictured) and not in a tea box at all. So, you will want a cannister, tea tin, or something to put it in.

In the meantime, I do like the White Tea with Pear..
452660452660B003D4MYLSAPGZY4T8TGALDrobin1151324598400love it can't wait for the next cup!Best tasting tea... love everything about it! The smell, the taste... great pick me up if you are having a down day... great for those cold days when you can't get warm!
452661452661B003D4MYLSA1T85U87XWJC1SJJ1151322784000Great tea.This herbal blueberry tea tastes great to me with or without honey. I purchased it for my daughter to drink with honey when she has a cold. She loves to drink it warm with honey in it. I would buy it again and recommend it.
452662452662B003D4MYLSACKAZVADOU8EGK. Cirignano1151322438400Great Bulk ProductThis tea is a great price, and is very good. I drink it almost every night before bed and have no complaints. Overall, great purchase.
452663452663B003D4MYLSA13HCWFZE8KXH1anonymous "anonymous"1151322265600deliciousI am so glad this is available online, none of local stores carry this tea!!! I bought a box last year and love the decadent, delicious flavors - almost as satisfying as chocolate. I mix a bag of this tea with some pu'erh and it is delicious.
452664452664B003D4MYLSA3RUOERNLO9ZFUJennifer Carbon1151321920000Best tasting peppermint tea!First introduced to this delicious tea when served @ a gourmet breakfast place in Blowing Rock, NC.

Took a bag home w/ me so I could look for it online. Pleased to find it on Amazon for a steal & w/ free shipping!

I've been drinking Peppermint tea for years & this one has the very best flavor I've experienced. I usually enjoy my tea sweetened w/ a little honey but took some to my skinny sis who lives without honey & was suprised @ how delicious this was even without any sweetener:)

The first time I ordered this I ordered it packaged in (6), 20 count boxes which was great b/c when running out to someone's house for dinner or a visit I could grab a box to give as a modest hostess gift.

This time ordered the box of 100 b/c of the significant value!

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.
452665452665B003D4MYLSAWQCQB37DMZB0Catharine O1151321315200My favorite teaI haven't purchased this item from Amazon, but I came here to find it since I haven't been able to get it locally recently. I started drinking tea because of the health benefits, but I didn't really care for it. Then I found Stash's Green Chai, which I started to really enjoy. Then I found the White Chai, which is even better, and apparently has even more antioxidants and health benefits than the green. A cup every morning starts my workday off right. I am excited to find this good deal on the large package.
452666452666B003D4MYLSAONSH11IMRQL7M. Zeigler "Code Zero"1141320796800Great Tea, misleading descriptionOk, the tea is great. But the description says "Foodservice packaging, dispenser opening" but that's not the case at all. You get a box, full of single serve metal pouch tea. That's it, no dispenser opening, no foodservice packaging.

Just be sure to understand that you are getting a box full tea bags and that's all.
452667452667B003D4MYLSAONSH11IMRQL7M. Zeigler "Code Zero"1141320796800Love Stash Tea, but the product is mis-representedOk, the tea is great. But the description says "Foodservice packaging, dispenser opening" but that's not the case at all. You get a box, full of single serve metal pouch tea. That's it, no dispenser opening, no foodservice packaging.

Just be sure to understand that you are getting a box full tea bags and that's all.
452668452668B003D4MYLSA2AVAZ1ASRUJRJudy Minkoff1141318204800A mild and pleasant flavor.I had expected this tea to have a stronger fragrance and flavor however, it is more like a hint of cinnamon and a hint of vanilla. The subtle flavor makes it a tea I can drink more frequently than I actually was expecting.

As with all Stash teas the individual bags are easy to transport and the tea stays fresh.

On the whole, it is a great product, even if it's not what I expected.
452669452669B003D4MYLSATFKGETVWWCJAJ. Grenader1151317513600Best tea, great way to reduce packaging waste!My husband loves green tea and will only drink Stash. I got really annoyed by all the packaging, so I was extremely happy when I saw this 100-count box.

That's ALL you get: one small box filled with 100 individually wrapped tea bags. The box doesn't come in a box, how awesome is that?! Also, no more fighting with the plastic wrap and filling your recycling bin with hundreds of flimsy little Stash boxes.

The tea itself is delicious. Very earthy, clean and slightly grassy. It reminds me of the green tea you get in real Japanese restaurants, but a bit less grassy (which I like).

Decaf is perfect if you want hot tea during the evening.
452670452670B003D4MYLSAXBC52UXVOIO0Aleisha Fritzen1151316563200Love Stash decaf chaiI love stash decaf chai it is very good. I love the taste for being decaf. Stash has a great selection for their decaf teas. I can not do caffeine much so it is really nice to find tea that tastes good and is decaf. It is a nice chai taste not too strong. Great with honey and a bit of milk or half and half.

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