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452731452731B003D4MYLSA380RY1240XHB3Amit Batra "Power House"0031347148800Not full bodied as Twining Irish, Won't buy againStash has good green tea's but personally i wasn't impressed with Irish Black Tea. It is weak compared to other's i have tried like Yorkshire or Twinings. This one is not acidic or bad tasting as Lipton but just not full bodied or flavor.
452732452732B003D4MYLSA1R73RSCP0WM19Cd Recordings Barry Lumpkin "Barry"0051346371200OutstandingThese teas are wonderful! Couldn't recommend them more.

I was introduced to these teas in Portland, OR by my sister. Now I can't get enough of them.
452733452733B003D4MYLSA33PBFS8J7RWN8Quest4moos "Deb"0051346284800Strong smooth calming teaLove this tea always keep coming back for more. If you don't like bergamot, I sugest Stash regular Earl Grey, however if you crave the added flower this is the best going
452734452734B003D4MYLSA3SLU96LKNIF4VSultana0051346112000Great TeaOnly positive to say)))Smells amazing, tastes delicious, yammm) This is my 2nd purchase and I really enjoy it. Also, loove their raspberry one.
452735452735B003D4MYLSA22KMCKYE5KQ2XDogBreath1010051345939200So PeachyHmm I just realized I drink more tea than I thought. This is some pretty good stuff, so can ya blame me? All I can say is Stash makes really good tea, my tea cozy hats off to ya! Seriously, you think I have a tea cozy? No my tea gets drank this way; one bag of tea, in one bottle of water. No boiling necessary. Nice peach flavor.
452736452736B003D4MYLSA34057DJGD2E9AMr. STEPHENN J. HARLE0051345766400yum!This blend is very flavorful and lots of polyphenols for health. I usually drink just white tea but this is a refreshing change of pace.
452737452737B003D4MYLSAC8C9PT59CDW1M.A.R.0051345680000Good FlavorI love earl grey tea, but am very picky & find that the flavor quality varies from each supplier, & some are not so good. Stash is always consistantly good, and the flavor is just right. I ordered decaff since want to drink as much as I want before bed. It's much cheaper to buy in bulk without all the fancy packaging & I would recommed this to anyone who loves earl grey tea.
452738452738B003D4MYLSA1DWEAAIVBC588Amelia B.0011345593600no orange taste and not spicyI was very disappointed by this tea as it has no orange flavour and also is not spicy at all. It tastes like a rather boring, cheap black tea. Only the tea bacgs themselves seem to be dirty with an orange colour, so probably there are some colorants in this tea. As the box is so big it is a pain to finish them... I would recommend not to buy it. A good orange spicy tea is the one from Harney & Sons.
452739452739B003D4MYLSAYOMLY6LFLQGGNeil F. Smith0021345593600Packaging more suited for metal screws not teabagsThe packaging does not match what is show on the website. The teabags came in a box suited to hold metal screws not teabags. The teabags were tossed in there like screws as well. So, unless you plan to store your teabags in your garage at your workbench, do not order these. I ordered these as a subscription which I am now cancelling.
452740452740B003D4MYLSAXOH7LGBMB1DPjprauschert0051345593600stash tea-orange spiceStash Premium Orange Spice Black Tea, Tea Bags, 100-Count Box

This idem is very good for it's price. I have looked in different places in stores and on line and found no place too get it
for A better value for your money.
452741452741B003D4MYLSA16TKLVYP2E26DMargo A. Gay0051345593600This tea is delightful!!This Stash Premium Decaf White Raspberry Tea is delightful-cold or hot!!
It is also very good mixed 1/2 and 1/2 with decaf green tea. It is an
all-round wonderful tea. It is great using 1 bag per cup. But if you like
stronger tea use several bags per cup. I have not met a person who
doesn't like it. I love it!!!
452742452742B003D4MYLSA5XWTUJYPLJXHjames i0051345507200great tea.... grreat price...what can I say, you'll love the tea, and how little they cost per bag. We like these and pg tips on amazon...good prices and free super saver shipping. Amazon is our new grocery store...
452743452743B003D4MYLSAMP12JCGM6CQJjalo0051345420800Makes excellent iced teaI brew 3 bags, add 1/8 cup Splenda, makes 1/2 gal. (At times add 1/4 cup frozen red raspberry-white grape juice concentrate for enhanced flavoring.) :)
452744452744B003D4MYLSA23W1PNW5K4CM0AZ Pug Lover0051344729600Nice Touch for Sweet TeaI love this Vanialla Chai Tea from Stash. I add it to the brand name sweet tea bags and a Chai Spice tea bag for an extrodinary Sweet Tea. Folks ask me for my "recipe"!
452745452745B003D4MYLSA1YF9IKTBS468DLDU-NYC0051344556800My favorite chamomile tea!Stash is my favorite chamomile tea, so I'm glad I found it in bulk at a good price. I usually have to scour the 99-cent stores to find a few boxes, so now I can get enough to last me a long while.
452746452746B003D4MYLSA3JD1RI0M1XFECM Chaves0051344556800I'm a happy, happy buyerThe package is small, minimal packaging waste. Its just the box shown, with 100 of the teabags, no other container. I'm really happy with the tea. Its so good. It also came a day early, which is always great.
452747452747B003D4MYLSA3V8TVMSO5W8KSSher "Wiiplayer"0051344384000Love this tea!I love this tea. I am trying to drink more tea but I find I do not like tea very much. This is the only one that I can drink without putting sweetener in it. Great Minty taste! Shipping was nice and quick as well.
452748452748B003D4MYLSAQXJM6TILVEDYSRRT131351294272000ExcellentI've come to trust the Stash brand, among only a few others due to its consistently excellent product line and variety. I was initially a fan of English Breakfast tea, but was introduced to Irish Breakfast tea some time back. A slightly thicker liquor produced than does English Breakfast, it mixes well with a variety of items (sugar and milk are recommended, but certain alcoholic bases or mixers sit quite nicely if you want to switch up the classic Hot Toddy concept or use Kahlua instead of sugar), and has an even stronger aroma and flavor than your regular black tea.

If you're a fan of weaker brews where one or two dunks is good enough, this is not for you. I tend to steep this for a long while (tea experts would call me nuts for doing this as it could scald and alter the flavor of the leaves), but I love the strength of the brew afterwards. This is great to have on-the-go, too, and hearty to drink if you're ill and require a lot of liquids.
452749452749B003D4MYLSA2I069BL3ENRAMCats&Music9941289520000Lovely tea, horribly packedThis is one of my favorite winter teas! The ginger-peach flavor is absolutely wonderful, especially when I have a cold or flu. Next time, I won't order this specific packaging. I expected the tea bags to be arranged in rows in a box, but STASH appears to have dumped and squashed 100 tea bags into too small of a box. The individual packs are crumpled, folded and mangled. If you prefer more pristine tea bags, order the multi-pack box.
452750452750B003D4MYLSAJHLKNZSC0N5ID. Palkovich "d"885132701760010 stars!This is EVERYTHING an earl grey should be! BERGAMOT and a lot of it - fragrant before and after brewing. Each bag brews to a rich dark color - excellent mild flavor with it's bergamot high note. This is my new FAVORITE EARL GREY...10 stars!
452751452751B003D4MYLSA2ZM7QQ351OS30Willamsburger6651313539200individually wrapped for freshnessVery tasty. I used Stash in the 70's and gave up on them because of their high prices. But at Amazon this tea is very reasonable.
The quality is still there.
452752452752B003D4MYLSA1JL7OFSCJ1BV3Kyle6651293408000Best Tea I have triedThis is great tea. Well worth the price and is especially good with a little milk and sweetener in the morning. Stash makes good tea. I am a fan of the Earl Grey, but this is by far superior. I drink other brands such as Yorkshire Gold and PG Tips, but this is truly excellent. I highly recommend.
452753452753B003D4MYLSA2ZR39JH9459IMP. Kelley "Queen Maeve"5551330473600Bought this on a whim and...I was very pleasantly surprised! Not too oily, with plenty of bergamot flavor, I drink this tea every morning. If you drink other earl grey's, you know that some will leave an oily residue around the rim. Not so with this tea. Its not bitter either like some. Over all I was quite pleased. It does come packaged loose in a cardboard box, so if you have a place for such things that's good,
452754452754B003D4MYLSA3C1ZEBGVO4KFGDan Sr4451300406400Great Flavor!The whole family loves this tea! It is not overly fruity, but is pleasantly delicious. The mango flavor welcomes you upfront, and then the coconut comes through as mild aftertaste. One of my kids said that they didn't really like coconut before, but after this they do! You will not be disappointed.
452755452755B003D4MYLSA2V4QRCCZI09E5DRock4441295222400Nice cup of teaChamomile tea is my favorite and it has lots of good benefits (sleep aid, said to help with stomach aches, etc) and Stash makes great tea. Each tea bag is individually wrapped in a very tightly sealed wrapper, which I think makes the tea "fresher." The downside is that it's not great for the environment.
452756452756B003D4MYLSA25S316QRB4BQCGina Cinquegrani4451288224000I prefer Stash tea over TazoI always enjoyed Tazo tea (Earl Grey being my favorite) but while at a restaurant one evening, they only carried Stash. I couldn't believe the difference in both taste & aroma, it was so much better! When using tea bags, I recommend giving it a try.

452757452757B003D4MYLSA1YJMG0QJXZLD4Rosemarie3341334880000Nice teaI have been drinking this tea for some time. I happen to like Chamomile teas they are very a mild, I do not like teas that are to strong. One bag is enough or me I can put it in a cup of hot water and leave the bag in without worrying if it was to get too strong like other teas do. Adding just a little raw honey enhances the flavor also.
I enjoy this tea before I go to bed and it has a very soothing and the warmth of the liquid allows me to slip into a nice sleep.

I like the convenience of a foil package, I can carry one or two with me when I go out to lunch with friends, I just order a cup of hot water and slip this tea into it.
I have on occasion I have put this is a cup with some fresh ginger and it makes a totally different tea, and he ginger helps sooth the tummy while the Chamomile tends to relax you.
Doesn't get much better than this.
452758452758B003D4MYLSA3NJD2X2AVZGDUSunbird0041344297600Tea for MeThis tea has a smooth, delicious and delicate flavor. This in conjunction with the health benefits of a green tea.
452759452759B003D4MYLSA2DX201E6XRKAEBobita770041343779200Love the mango tasteThis green tea is absolutely tasty. I have been looking for a good tea that has the true Mango flavour and have not found one before I tried Stash Mangosteen. I love this tea, I have a cup every day. It is also great with some real ginger in it with honey :). Yumm!
452760452760B003D4MYLSA29GX88IU1Q5GWAnthony Palermo0031343779200short shippedI was disappointed to find my tea bags hastily packed in a 6X6x6 shipping box, and only 93 of 100 tea bags. Also this batch of tea almost without any Jasmin taste. In the past my Stash green jasmin tea was better.

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