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452851452851B003D4MYLSA2K6H9PAU9983TAubrey J. Alford0051327795200Delicious, and the packaging is fine.The tea is delicious, and is truly double-spice. I usually steep my teas for an unreasonably long time to get a strong flavor, and with this one I don't have to. It's not quite as amazing as a fresh home-made chai, but it's the best I've had from a bag.

A note on the packaging - as the Amazon picture would indicate, the tea is shipped in the Stash cardboard box, and the individual packets are packed within that box. They're not "crammed", they're packed tightly and don't suffer any damage that I've seen. Personally, I prefer this shipping method, as it cuts down on waste. I'll add an image to the product page to show how mine arrived.
452852452852B003D4MYLSA2QQMTTJ21GDTPQuynh-chi Manh Pham0051327708800Very good tesWe received Stash Premium Chai Spice Black Tea Tes Bag 100 Count box on time. All tea bags are in a big box . The product is good as expected.
452853452853B003D4MYLSA2CK1SYLSD82B3J. Barnes "Retired Reader"0051327536000Big Bergamot Blast!If you like strong tea and if you adore bergamot, this is the tea for you. While I prefer loose tea, I've made an exception for these Stash tea bags. This is now my favorite Earl Grey blend and I am a tea snob.
452854452854B003D4MYLSA1UELVIHHBUDUOKimberly Davies0051327276800Delicious!This tea is like having a slice of pumpkin pie without the guilt or calories ... it *smells* heavenly and is such a delight! We will definitely be re-ordering this tea when we run out.
452855452855B003D4MYLSA14TKLDRIONAJ4ChrisJ0051326326400Exactly what I ordered!Fast shipping, and great price! Though I have to admit that I thought it was in a nicer box but all I was looking for was the tea. Thank you!
452856452856B003D4MYLSA3C47ASIJ32ZDLshanita s mcdonald0051326240000Stash Coconut Mango Oolong is deliciousThey shipped fast and the tea was perfect. I've looked everywhere but couldn't find it locally anymore. If you like slightly sweet, favorful tea you'll love this.
452857452857B003D4MYLSA768ZCEQYWSLGtarget lover0051326067200love itThis tea is really delicious. Nice combo of mint and matcha which gives it a richer taste. Don't taste the lime much, but that is fine for me. The bags come all together in a box, but not smashed up.
452858452858B003D4MYLSA1FR95RTW0YIMOsomeone3341327708800Old time favorite that should be less expensiveTastes good. The foil pack keeps it fresh for long time.

However, still looking to reduce cost further. Hard to believe a single bag of tea cannot be significantly lower than 13.8 cents when you're buying in bulk.
452859452859B003D4MYLSA21SY1XMVRH3YQAsiancCharm "AC"3331323561600Coconut is more pronounced than mango.One of the biggest challenge to mix more than one fruit flavor in tea is to be able to balance the taste and aroma of the two fruits, so the tea doesn't taste and smell like one or the other. I love real mango and coconut, so when I saw this tea displayed in the grocery store, I couldn't wait to try it. I must say I was a little disappointed because after brewing a cup, I immediately noticed only the aroma of the coconut, and the taste of the tea proved it that way as well. Though there are other brands that utilize Mango and do a better job in their flavored tea, I am still happy that I got to know this Stash tea as there aren't that many brands that use the coconut flavor in their tea.
452860452860B003D4MYLSA13HRSMJ5TOWEZIrishFire3351323561600My second-favorite mint teaI love most of stash's greens: they tend to be green (think grassy-flavored, but in a good way), smooth, mild, flavorful, and so devoid of bitterness that they're almost sweet. I haven't found a better go-to green than stash yet, though there are some other truly good ones out there. Most of them steep very forgivingly if you steep your tea too short or too long, and this one is no exception.

This was my favorite mint green in the world until I found Stash Premium Merrymint Organic Green Tea, Tea Bags, 100-Count Box, an organic mint and green blend that's also by Stash. I've introduced coworkers to both and they loved this tea initially, but turn their noses up now that they've tasted Merry Mint. If Merry Mint didn't have lemongrass in it, I'd be drinking it still! If you don't have a grass allergy, please do try the other tea. If you DO have a grass allergy, consider this one. It really truly will be the best you've tasted as long as you keep yourself away from the other one.

I sometimes brew peppermint and green tea together, but only when I'm out of these. I order them by the hundred and STILL run out--they're good!

A word on the 100-count boxes: I've purchased about five of these in different flavors, and they pack these TIGHTLY. I appreciate the green use of minimal materials, and no bag has ever been torn open, but they're often too wrinkled to redistribute as gifts or for resale. Not always, but often.

Edit:I neglected to mention that this also ices well. Many stash teas don't: they develop a film of flavor oil on the top. This one doesn't suffer from that as badly, but you can minimize that effect by putting your tea bags into cold or room-temperature water and allowing for a longer steep and a milder flavor. It actually makes excellent flavored water if you want something even more refreshing than tea.

An update: this has lemongrass in it, too! Drat! Both of my favorite mints will have to be a sometimes-tea, probably in winter when I'm not feeling stuffy! When my allergies are acting up I'll have to revert to finding a lovely herbal mint tea to brew side-by-side with my favorite Stash Premium Decaf Premium Green Tea, Tea Bags, 100-Count Box.
452861452861B003D4MYLSA14RWGIAGTBR8Owkgal3351320624000He LOVED the tea!My boyfriend likes Earl Grey tea, and had mentioned that he loves the Bergamot smell. One day he commented that he could barely smell the bergamot in most teas. I purchased this 100-count box of Double Bergamot Earl Grey Tea as part of his birthday gift in October, 2011 after reading the reviews. At first, he thought the tea was the norm and that he would be drinking this tea for years. But, after that, he has commented repeatedly that "his tea" is better than any other because of the extra bergamot flavor/content. He is one happy boyfriend. Thanks.
452862452862B003D4MYLSA163E4YYL6FO2XType13351315958400Love @ 1st. sipMy children and I attended a "tea" at a local museum this spring. Stash Jasmine Blossom Tea was served and my 17, 9 year old and myself were blown away! The taste was amazing. I've hunted every deli & market in my area to no avail. No one sells it near me, so I ordered it in bulk because I love it so much.
452863452863B003D4MYLSA1PTA5933JLV57Tiger3351310774400Stash TeaIt is so convenient to buy the tea in large quantities since it is hard to find at the store.
452864452864B003D4MYLSAI75V9ECH29M3Aud3351308355200Wonderful and flavorfulI love this tea. I ordered some 100 ct boxes of different teas for our small resort. I don't like green or black tea, even if it's flavored. But a customer tried this flavor and it smelled SO good to me that I had to try one. Yum! I just added a spot of sugar and it was like a dessert to me. Finally an enjoyable way to get some green tea into me.
452865452865B003D4MYLSA3C3PQ9Z3C7KY2David Y3351304553600yumI tried this tea once and for the longest time could not find it again.
Once found, i could not resist getting it...
452866452866B003D4MYLSA1YGG6T4YJZWC1bethany "birds and more birds"3351298246400great stuffi purchased this for my father for christmas & though the packaging is not all i could wish (many packets crammed into a box) the quality is exceptional, the product is fresh & the decaf bit does not make it taste any different from regular earl grey, the price was wonderfull & i will be sending more to my father when he runs low, you can not go wrong to order this product if you love earl grey or know someone who does
452867452867B003D4MYLSA29SM5LPI0WQF4J. Guo3341296345600Quality Jasmine. Light Flavor. (Stash YMY 1690 better if you want a stronger blend)Stash probably has the best blend of affordable jasmine tea. Mighty Leaf, Choice, and Numi are also good, but a bit higher price.
452868452868B003D4MYLSA1SHHVI4JVXL9ZKristina Lynn0041325808000Very, very mildI read the other reviews stating how mild this was, but I was expecting it to have some vanilla flavor. While it smells really wonderful (creamy and slightly spicy), I can only taste rooibos and chamomile when I drink it.

It's nice, but it's definitely not "cinnamon vanilla." Thankfully, I do like red tea very much on it's own.
452869452869B003D4MYLSARS52SVJN2V7Urmorrisz0051325808000orange spice in black tea is greatThis is the finest tea we've ever tasted, good any time of the day, or night for that matter. We'll be enjoying it for many months. Great that we found it at Amazon.
452870452870B003D4MYLSA1TGESIB6SI40ZDavid Owings0051325635200very soothingthis herb tea is very soothing and makes me feel like when I was a kid at Christmas time with all of the treats and candies my parents would put out on the coffee table
452871452871B003D4MYLSA206LQVOINVWBLwtcrescuer0051325203200Tea for three?Arrived on time and tastes really good. This was my first try on this brand and is very good. Highy suggest this.
452872452872B003D4MYLSAQM9F2XFG689JGlo Lloyd0041325203200Good tasteWe enjoy the flavor of this tea. We use it for hot tea and ice tea. Using a regular teabag and this pumpkin spice tea mix good ice tea.

It is good for the holiday season.
452873452873B003D4MYLSA11FN16CCZPI4HDavid F Brauer0051325203200tea reviewgood value and fast shipment I use this item for resale to others and have enough margin to make a profit
452874452874B003D4MYLSA2YZD8BNTSIWNFLois0051325116800Stash Premium Ginger Peach Green Tea with matchaI was excited and pleased to be able to purchase the Stash Ginger Peach Green Tea with Matcha from Amazon. I am in an area where it is difficult to find in the grocery stores. It is a good price, arrived timely, fresh, and flavorful. I will be ordering it again from Amazon without any hesitation.
452875452875B003D4MYLSA8D8GH736LF0FP. A. Muccigrosso "patsquared"0051325030400Stash Tea - Great Taste & Great PriceI love the flavor of the Stash Ginger Peach tea but I like it even better when I can save money on it. I use Subscribe and Save for this Stash tea and the other 2 I order and get a great bargain and a wonderful, flavorful green tea that is healthy. This tea also contains matcha - finely ground green tea leaves - so you get a bit more antioxidant punch with it. Oh, and it doesn't upset your stomach or make you jittery.
452876452876B003D4MYLSA2DEBJJ8T720E5Rachel Rose0031324684800Herbal teaThis flavor was okay. I purchased some black peach tea from this company that I liked much better. I also purchased the acai herbal tea which is okay, but not as good as the peach. It is a good product. I liked that the tea bags came individually wrapped, although the bags were loose in the box.
452877452877B003D4MYLSA2B64XF35M7AR6K. Martin "aztek2000"0051324425600Nice chocolate flavorThis tea has a nice chocolate flavor. I like to have a cup in the evening to satisfy my chocolate craving with no calories or caffeine. It's also a good cold weather alternative for hot cocoa if you are trying to watch your weight. I like that there is no mint flavor with the chocolate--not easy to find. The tea doesn't get bitter or too strong if it brews a little too long and the black tea doesn't overwhelm the chocolate flavor. This was a great value for Stash tea on Amazon!
452878452878B003D4MYLSA2LN147W04LIVVHOLLYR0031324080000tea reviewThis tea smells wonderful but I think it needs to be made very strong to get the taste.It helps to add some sweetener. It was not as rich in taste as I had hoped for.
452879452879B003D4MYLSA6YEAHCVOHKWMToothslueth0051323993600Great teaTea came packaged as expected, delivered quickly and with Stash you cannot go wrong. Individually wrapped and stays fresh and very flavorful. Highly recommended for the Earl Gray tea lover.
452880452880B003D4MYLSA17CROYXXGFI3HNoelleDenver0041323648000Wonderful mintMy husband is a mint tea connoisseur and we've tried many brands. All the way around, he loves this one best. Just a nice, fresh, crisp and refreshing tea. Makes an awesome summer time iced tea as well.

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