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452982452982B003D4MYLSA3SY8UNUEY21SALori0141325808000Stash TeaI could not find it in the grocery store so ordered from Amazon. I gave it as a Christmas present to my grandniece, who had requested it. It was a very big box of 100 bags. I have not used the product myself.
452983452983B003D4MYLSABZIENFOI33TIThree-Dog-Truck0111324857600Terrible tasting tea also contains citric acid
452984452984B003D4MYLSA2DPYMNI2HCIOIAngela Evans0121322956800Which is more important? That it be decaf or taste like chocolate?I am a chocolate fanatic and pairing chocolate with tea only seems natural to me. I've sampled several chocolate flavors and this Stash tea, when compared to the others, is nothing spectacular. When unbrewed, the Stash tea bag smells like chocolate but that scent does not translate to much of a chocolate flavor once the tea is brewed. I could taste quite a bit of vanilla and some nut but the chocolate was just negligible. Additionally, there was a strange aftertaste with this tea. It just wasn't pleasant.

If you are committed to a chocolate decaffeinated beverage, your choices will be limited. I have sampled quite a few chocolate teas and many use a black tea base. However, if interested in a caffeine free tee that has a good body, I would recommend Chocolate Chai Tea by Zhena's Gypsy Tea, which is a naturally caffeine free tea. Zhena's chocolate chai is supposed to taste like chocolate, but it has a lot of spices. Still, Chocolate Chai Tea by Zhena's Gypsy Tea has a much richer overall flavor than the Stash Premium Chocolate Hazelnut tea.

If you don't care about caffeine and are just looking for a chocolate tea, there are several others that I would recommend before this one. They include: Tisano Organic Chocolate Tea, SerendipiTea ChocolaTea, Chocolate, Vanilla, Rooibos & Black Tea, 4-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 2), and Bigelow White Chocolate ObsessionTea, 1.6-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6). The first two are loose teas and the last is a bagged tea.

At the end of the day, I don't think I would recommend this Stash tea to any chocolate lover. It doesn't taste like chocolate and the overall flavor is poor.
452985452985B003D4MYLSAONSH11IMRQL7M. Zeigler "Code Zero"0141320796800Great tea, misleading descriptionOk, the tea is great. But the description says "Foodservice packaging, dispenser opening" but that's not the case at all. You get a box, full of single serve metal pouch tea. That's it, no dispenser opening, no foodservice packaging.

Just be sure to understand that you are getting a box full tea bags and that's all.
452986452986B003D4MYLSAYJVOH54PYZ92dmac0151300492800Stash White Christmas 100 ct TeaWas super exited to find this here at the great price. Had been ordering it from the Stash site and this is a ridiculously great value and enjoyed the free shipping as well. Am signing up for the auto delivery option and will save even more by doing so. Secure shipping in a timely manner.

This tea is a light fresh tea. Mild bright mint with a slight kick of ginger. I like it hot or cold and very lightly sweetened. Have used sugar, honey and agave nectar with success. Doesn't need alot of sweetener to enhance it. I've had to start ordering in bulk as it is a year round tea for me and I've gotten several friends and coworkers addicted to it:lol:
452987452987B003D4MYLSA2TMB35VBWK3JRiluvcats0141294444800Pretty GoodThis tea has a pretty good flavor. I was a little disappointed, because it isn't as good as the kind I used to get, but hey, it's a good price for the type of tea.
452988452988B003D4MYLSA2RCPW6VPGBTBRTaracastle0151282262400Excellent coffee.Excellent coffee. Quick receipt of same. One quick observation, packaging could have been sealed better.
452989452989B003D4MYLSA1C9GXWBHMDB4OPC3621301356800Tea advertised it had caffeineI purchased this tea on the recommendation from a friend, and because I wanted a flavorful pick me up in the afternoon - I ordred the 100 bags and when it came in - it said caffiene free - and it says it is a product you cannot return - so something to keep in mind if you are looking for a pick me up
452990452990B003D4MYLSA32CIHCTGF9PE6Jennie1341305590400Yum!The tea bags were shipped loose and a little crumpled. This is completely acceptable for me, as I purchased these for personal use. However, this would not work if I was reselling these to customers.

Bottom line: the tea is delicious no matter if the packaging is a little messy.
452991452991B003D4MYLSA1H5QWR9GJ3CM4G. Higley2551314662400Great Tea - Stupid NameThis is an excellent "everything but the kitchen sink" blend. It's my favorite tea. High quality product and individual foil packaging to retain it. Pity it was given such an idiotic name.
452992452992B003D4MYLSA1ED3ABQD627TYLinda Makofski "Linda A. Makofski"0221326672000OVERALL DISAPPOINTMENT WITH STASH PREMIUM TEAStash Premium Coconut Mango Wuyi Oolong Tea is right up there with the flavored teas that don't have flavor. I'm extremely disappointed as I purchased 100-count box. Even doubling and tripling up on tea bags, there's little to no flavor. I've spent over $53.00 on 4 different flavors of STASH and it's like throwing my money away.
452993452993B003D4MYLSA1OVOXN2NZMB1Shopsattarget0231324512000Poorly packedThe tea was smushed into the box so badly that a couple of the individual wrappers were damaged and bust open. The box itself had a hole in it. I had read other peoples reviews that said the same. It was so poorly packed I wondered if it was even legit or if someone had just cleaned out their cupboards and stuffed all of their leftover tea bags in a box. Anyhow, I found the double spice too bitter so I won't probably buy it again. The 100 ct Stash tea probably won't tempt me again either due to the careless packaging.
452994452994B003D4MYLSA2QWEEYO8QLIMIB. Rackley "Sierras Creative World"0251297468800Good selectionLove this ability to purchase a great tea without the fancy packaging. The tea bags are still wrapped for protection and for lasting freshness, however, in my household this box never last long enough to become stale.
452995452995B003D4MYLSA3RDQG0LZRGWAZG. Poirier "educator, mountain biker, camper,...1431338508800Passable but not fantasticMy wife will tell you that I am a tea snob. This is an okay breakfast tea, but I'm not in love with it. It's also not terribly expensive. It is convenient. I usually take it with some milk. It tastes good with milk. The tea is slightly bitter, not very flavorful, nor memorable. I have tasted English Breakfast tea by Strand, Adagio, and a couple others. Adagio's is my favorite. This is good if you it's the only thing handy. It's not bad, but it's not good, either.

I noticed a few people thought this review unhelpful. Sorry about that. I can't recommend this tea. Maybe you will like it. If you do, don't go tasting other tea because you might realize how truly mediocre this one is.
452996452996B003D4MYLSA3MUSWDCTZINQZUlalume Jones "Creative Gal"0331283990400Tea Bags are all thrown into a box and get crushed, otherwise a good deal.This is a good deal moneywise, but the bags do come all thrown in a box. I thought there would be more protection for them or they would be stacjed in some way they don't move around. I had to take all the bags out and flattened them. So if you are buying them for food service and are presenting the bag in some way, you may just want to buy the boxes. I thought I could be more green buying just the bags and putting them in boxes I already had, but now I would buy the six box version of this instead, because I don't like tea bags that are all creased up when I bought them new.

The teas I bought this way are good, they get a 3 for how they were just thrown into the box though. Couldn't they have used a smaller box and lined the bags up in a way they didn't move around? They ended up with some tea bags fine, others almost in a little ball in the middle!

The tea is refreshing though, not high on the mint, but it's great for a summer's day!
452997452997B003D4MYLSA2QLNJODXM43LWbetsy1521310688000Packaging left something to be desiredThis is my favorite tea. I buy LOTS of it. But this was like someone hired their kid sister to cram a box full of old tea bags and ship it to me. Not impressed, Stash.
452998452998B003D4MYLSA768ZCEQYWSLGtarget lover0411326067200yukI bought this tea for the health benefits but couldn't stand the taste. I couldn't drink it. Had to give it away and won't buy it again.
452999452999B003D4MYLSA1VX101PW0YYOLalsoran0621326326400Not terrible, but...Not terrible, but not anywhere near as good as the Tazo Organic Chai tea bags. Now, you can't beat this price (on the 100-count bulk box), so it still may be worth the compromise in quality. I will say right now that I will likely not buy again and I will try to find the Tazo Organic Chai at the best price I can--which I will still pay even if it is double or triple what this is. Or perhaps by the time I go through 100 bags (50 mugs worth--the Tazo only needs 1 bag, the Stash needs 2) this will grow on me. I recommend honey as the sweetener for any unsweetened chai.

The packaging is fine, by the way--except now owing to the complaints they use too much. It's still the same plain box with individually-wrapped teabags stuffed inside, but then that's placed in an oversized box with too much of that air-pack cushion that Amazon uses. This is the bulk size box, so don't expect a box that looks fashionable on your kitchen counter.

Lowered rating from 3 to 2 after I found the Tazo at a decent price. See the comments.
453000453000B003D4MYLSA35HEV49VME20ZFred K. White01011285718400white stash teathis white chai tea is infused with cinnamon and other spices. it tastes like liquid pumpkin pie!

452971452971B003D4MYLSANX0XI2LY0M85tech mom5651299456000Stash Premium English Tea - my tiny bit of solitudeI thoroughly enjoy this tea, in the morning before my Husband, son, dogs, and the day get up. For my 15 minutes of "me time", I'll curl up in the quiet of my living room, with my cat snuggled at my feet, I sip my tea, and welcome the day.
452972452972B003D4MYLSAQXJM6TILVEDYSRRT7951293148800The same great flavor, just packaged in bulkRegardless of how it's packaged, it's great either way. I've purchased the boxes of 20 and used them even two years past expiration (odd, yes), but the flavor hasn't weakened. Here, I've outright bought a bulk-packaged box to reduce packaging waste. You get 100 teabags, each foil-wrapped (same as always). My review is identical to what I've written for the 6 20-count boxes:

Simply stated, I've been drinking this specific tea for several years now after an experiment went (happily) well. Some friends have found it to be too sweet, but they needed to be corrected in that no sugar is required (because they inadvertently added some). The tea provides more than enough natural sweetness of its own with no aftertaste (albeit a pleasant one, if it turns out that you're a little ill and therefore a trifle phlegmy... there, I said it).

It mixes exceptionally well with green tea, though I've found not so much with certain black teas like Irish Breakfast -in which case I'd recommend avoid adding milk if you're normally inclined to do so with any kind of black tea. It is decaffeinated, so this is a perfect "unwinding" drink before bedtime. Not "spicy" in the classic sense at all, either. I thoroughly and highly recommend this variety of Stash tea.
452973452973B003D4MYLSA1TFFOOQYYIUBUWSider2251346976000Lots of bergamot flavorThe double bergamot earl grey tea makes a very nice cup that stands up well with milk. I used it in the office and it's economical and tasty.
452974452974B003D4MYLSAIEEK7AHXKZCCBeatleBangs19642251341187200Black Tea is BeautifulI am a major fan of tea and black tea is especially known for its health properties. It regulates blood sugar; has been known to reverse some cancer and heart attacks. It also reduces one's health risks for major illnesses.

I love tea. I really do. This brand comes in a variety of excellent flavors. If you like your tea sweet, then you might want to add milk and/or sugar to your drink. I like my tea plain and this tea has a very strong and rich flavor. This is strong tea and it is a good, hearty drink that will go well with any meal or as a stand alone. If you are convalescing, then you will want this tea.
452975452975B003D4MYLSA1P7YODFCU9HF1JESRotunno2251341100800An economical way to purchase favourite Tea!We drink a lot of tea in my house and Stash Premium Lemon Blossom Herbal Tea is a favourite for afternoon tea. The problem is we could no longer find it in the local supermarkets. We turned to hoping to find it and we did! Not only did we find the tea, it came in an economical and convenient 100-count box and was reasonably priced. Each teabag comes in it's familiar wrapper, so you don't have to worry about how to store loose tea bags. This was important to us, because our pantry is in the garage; so once the shipping box was opened, the individual tea bags were protected from the elements. We will be buying our Stash tea from from now on!
452976452976B003D4MYLSAI5KXIHSR5QG3KC Girl2251339372800Great Jasmine & Black teaThis tea is wonderful iced. I had been looking for a black & jasmine blend and this tea is my favorite.
452977452977B003D4MYLSA1DWXFYHXJLBMXChristi2251330732800YUM!!!I bought this larger size because I drink a gallon of iced tea a day. Buying this saves lots of money, compared to buying the smaller boxes at the market. And Stash teas are the best for taste flavor. Six bags brew a very strong gallon of tea.
452978452978B003D4MYLSA93V92CWURUP7savannah_jess0121333324800Not the flavor I expected..The only reason for my low rating of this item is the flavor. I was expecting a light berry flavor, but I would compare the flavor of this tea to the taste of FIG-- and it is a very strong fig flavor & scent. I have always loved Stash brand teas, and the quality and value of their products are exceptional. However, if you are not a big fan of fig, or are looking for a tea that has a berry/acai flavor, I would not recommend this one. Instead, I suggest you try Stash Premium Pomegranate Raspberry Green Tea, Tea Bags, 100-Count Box It has much more of the flavor I was expecting when I ordered this. Overall, I always recommend Stash brand teas, but be sure you know what each flavor tastes like before you order the 100-count box, as it cannot be returned.
452979452979B003D4MYLSA28HQLPE47ZQWFJessica0151330300800Love mint teaMint tea has got to be my favorite tea. I like it before going to sleep, with a little milk and honey. Good price too, individual boxes of 20 are 2.50 at the grocery store
452980452980B003D4MYLSA1ED3ABQD627TYLinda Makofski "Linda A. Makofski"0111326672000Disappointed with STASH PREMIUM TEASTASH PREMIUM TEA has little to no taste, depending on the flavor used. The Peach Black Tea has a slight flavor to it. Even if I use two tea bags when I normally would use one it brews a pretty poor cup of tea. I purchased a 100 - count box. Once again I don't know if this is common for STASH tea or if I received an old batch. Although I prefer the Peach to any of the other flavors I purchased, I certainly would not recommend this tea.
452981452981B003D4MYLSA3MMCJ2MV23XK8Nina0121326067200powder in baggiesShipment arrived promptly but inside each baggie seemed to be a powder that was not consistent with the same type of tea purchased in the grocery store.

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