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453091453091B0029XLH4YA3NIBMLKUK73JCmark snavely0051351123200Great flavor no biteThis coffee is a favorite of mine and many others. Jet Fuel is dark roasted but smooth and rich with no bite!
453092453092B0029XLH4YA2CSPTFY7QPT78Mary G. Hershey0051351123200Great bold taste-- compare to Emeril's BoldI've been drinking Emeril's Bold for a year and a half, and wanted to try something different. A review led me to this brand, and I love it too! I'm a strong coffee gal-- I like Starbuck's-- so this is right up my alley.
453093453093B0029XLH4YA349NWOOIDI9ZWAnnJM0051351036800Awesome!!Love this coffee!! Lives up to it's name. Great for Monday mornings :-). There isn't a caffeine drop either - nice smooth "landing". I'm glad I can buy it in bulk.
453094453094B0029XLH4YA1Y2RNPFITCACCDmitriy S.0051350950400Perfect cup in the morningI do not like most of the light or medium blends (I get a cup of coffee that is too week from my Keurig); and some of the darker roasts just give the same week cup of coffee with really bitter aftertaste.
The "Jet Fuel" is completely different type of coffee. It gives me exactly what I want in the morning. Since it is "Extra Bold", it has more body than just a darker roast (it is really strong, but does not have too much bitter or burned aftertaste). It is also available in large packages (24 and 50).
453095453095B0029XLH4YA16H0FA31PWJQDV. Ellington0051350864000Jet Fuel coffeeDark roast with no bitterness. My husband likes Jet Fuel as his daily coffee. We will be buying more of this coffee.
453096453096B0029XLH4YAW5S0IN2XJD6JZubz0051350691200Terrific coffee!We typically buy the Donut Shop coffee and the Jet Fuel. My wife prefers Donut Shop, while I like the bolder Jet Fuel. It's not too strong, and not too weak. Just right, in my opinion. I'll keep buying in the future.
453097453097B0029XLH4YA19TRCEMTGT6JCDan0051350604800The first pack of K-Cups I've actually found worth drinkingI'm not someone who needs incredibly strong coffee, but after we received a Keurig as a wedding gift, basically every pack of K-cups we bought seemed really weak. After a bit of reading, this seems to be a somewhat common complaint. The Jet Fuel packs are the first ones we actually think taste like coffee. I'll definitely be buying more.
453098453098B0029XLH4YA2EBMYVJAEIK75Hobo Jan0031350518400coffee loverThis coffee to me did not live up to it's name. I was expecting a lot stronger coffee. My husband loved it!! Not watery just a little too mild and mellow for me. No after taste.
453099453099B0029XLH4YA1KZUXE70GYNGOtalonmedic0041350518400Ground control, Can you hear me?If you drink a lot of coffee (like me) and you want a pick me up then this is it. If you have cardiac problems, uncontrolled high blood pressure or anything remotely similar go for something else. I drink a lot of coffee (no worries the B/P pills keep my pressure normal) so this is perfect when i need that kick in the B***s this is superb. No bitter aftertaste no fu fu flavor stuff and not lingering heartburn like its eating a hole in my esophagus. Great stuff, will get more next time.
453100453100B0029XLH4YA22Z9RJJE6WRU7C. A. Patten0051350432000A new office favoriteThis coffee is amazing. It's strong and bold without that burnt taste that sometimes comes along with bolder roasts. It's a great kick in the head'll wake you up from anything. We're on our second box of 50 in 3 weeks and it's going fast!
453101453101B0029XLH4YA206N14SKZP8VHBonnie D. "bondem777"0051350259200Perfect for my Iced CoffeeNeeded a strong coffee for the iced coffee I love to make, something that wouldn't taste weak loaded with ice, and this is it. Wonderful rich flavor, even in a cup of ice.
453102453102B0029XLH4YATXX95C8VQ4C9shawn420051350000000Best i have triedI have had my Keurig about 2 weeks now and was kind of feeling these must just make weak coffee until i tried this stuff.
I have 40 cups or so of Tullys French Roast Bold to get rid of now. Wouldnt waste bottled water on those again after trying the Jet Fuel.
453103453103B0029XLH4YA2Y54N4VM75AJKT. Delaney0051349913600One cup and I'm hooked!My first taste immediately took me back to the awesome days of perked coffee! Strong is an understatement! I am going to order a box of the Donut Shop favor as well to see if really does have a Dunkin' Donuts taste. But for now, I highly recommend Jet Fuel!
453104453104B0029XLH4YA541GRKHW48TMBob Hidley0031349913600Jet Fuel trialWe love deep-bodied strong coffee, such as Green Mtn Double Black Diamond. Our taste test of Jet Fuel left us unsatisfied, as it had an unusual bitter taste. The large box of K Cups is now our back-up stock when we run out of Double Black.
453105453105B0029XLH4YA317LSRWLBIU9Wjorge juan carlos mendez0051349827200WOWOWOW This coffee is jet fuelI am not normally sensitive to caffeine and drink about one cup of coffee a day, but WOW this K-cup makes a strong cup of joe! Perfect for afternoon sleepiness, but beware if you usually drink weaker coffee.
453106453106B0029XLH4YA3IWE50K0PF9T7Elizabeth M Vucina0051349827200excellentI have been using this product for some time as I like strong coffee.
I have even gotten a few others to try it and they also ordered it from you.
453107453107B0029XLH4YATOEUHIO4IU5DW. Lackner0041349654400Jet Fuel K-cupI used to drink Organic but it doesn't seem to be available anymore. I drank it because I liked the taste, not because of the name. I've tried other X-bold K-cups but this seems to be the one I always end up buying. The name probably keeps a few people from buying but that's fine...more availability for me.
453108453108B0029XLH4YA1BJHZE41QWBX6Sharon Pipke "Sharon"0051349568000Coffee People Jet Fuel Dark Roast K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50)I received the K-cup coffee on time. I only drink this coffee in the morning to wake me up. The love the flavor of this coffee.
453109453109B0029XLH4YAWHG75MZSE8IORCIdaho0051349568000Jet Fuel Dark RoastJet Fuel Dark Roast is currently our favorite of the coffees we have tried. We like a bold coffee flavor and the Jet fuel Dark Roast meets all expectations.
453110453110B0029XLH4YA1QWLNN2VL4BHFMorning coffee drinker0051349395200Good strong coffeeBought this for my boyfriend who loves his coffee with a punch and this does it for him. Glad it's in a large box so I don't have to order it as often.
453111453111B0029XLH4YA2V2SLGYNVX9VYAmyK0051348617600Good stuff!!The shipping was quick! The coffee is VERY strong and is exactly what the other reviews said. It is not bitter at all! I will be ordering it again soon!
453112453112B0029XLH4YA2MAP2OZO6APO4Wilson Kerby0051348617600Fast, reasonable and the our favorite k-cupThis coffee is a medium roast with a flavor close to Starbuck's Pike Roast, but about 40% cheaper. We are on our 3rd box of 50. It arrives in about 2 days.
453113453113B0029XLH4YA2CTA59ANQTQUQziggy0051348531200Jet Fuel CoffeeGood coffee. Didn't like the way it was shipped though. Large box containing 50 free roaming k cups. Expected to see an official box once I opened.
453114453114B0029XLH4YA3FG3IZHGNHVNDCgg2nd0051348444800Best K Cup!I've used Keurig coffee makers since 2007 and tried all the top selling K cups. By far, the best k cup coffee is by Coffee People, and their best product is "Jet Fuel". Would love to see their "Kona" return b/c it was the second best k cup.
453115453115B0029XLH4YA2OEAQV895WAQZLIZZY0051348358400PERFECT NAMEJet fuel is exactly that! It has a great bold flavor. Not bitter. I only need one cup in the morning - ALL the energy I need to get the morning started. I recommend it highly!!!
453116453116B0029XLH4YA2Z093AJMFRVWZRichard C. "Richc1958"0051348272000Great CoffeeI bought this as many have said it was bold tasting coffee that was not bitter. Well they were correct. Hands down the best coffee for these Keurig Brewers. Strong full bodied taste and NOT bitter. Will buy again and again.....
453117453117B0029XLH4YA7QM67PEMWPYIAmazoniansince95 "Skippy"0051348185600Hard to drink anything else.I prefer strong coffee and I have tried them all. This is the only k-cup that is strong and has a great taste, and great is a understatement.
453118453118B0029XLH4YAA2YXSKQWPG11Gardening Granna "Granna"0051348185600Fun Assortment!We are repeat customers and really enjoy the surprise package K-Cups. Fun variety, albeit several de-caf cups in assortment. Will certainly order again.
453119453119B0029XLH4YA38J2BPX8DRM7OFrank Arthur "Firebaugh"0051347840000best coffeethe best tasting dark roast for the Kurieg I can find.

Rev and Revv 2 are a bit too much caffeine aftertaste but they are also worth looking into for that morning when you cant get going.
453120453120B0029XLH4YA3IBUNOV6DQOG4T. D. Eastman "Always Learning"0051347321600Happily Surprised!I am a convert to the Keurig system. If you are one too, you know that the main problem is finding strong coffee at an affordable price. Thus Amazon. I purchased the jet fuel coffee after reading other reviews and agree that it is a good product. There is a noticeably more coffee in this kcup than other kcups. It is darker than other types and as other have stated - there is not a strong bitter taste. Will purchase again.

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