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453179453179B0029XLH4YA2T3A1GCYVJ1XVFrank Yee8941247529600It's plenty strong but...Yes, Jet Fuel is plenty strong, dense, bitter. However, for me it lacked aroma and richness. I love dark and bold but I prefer Tully's Italian Roast or Newman's Own Organic Special Blend Extra Bold. I'll pick up some Emeril's Big Easy Bold when I find a sale.
453180453180B0029XLH4YA347S5KO769JP7psychmom0051335744000Best Keurig K Cup!I have searched long and wide for a really good K-Cup brand. Drank the Starbucks variety for a bit, but didn't really like the taste or the aftertaste. Then my sister-in-law turned me on to Jet Fuel and I was hooked. The coffee always fresh, the taste both strong and smooth. Hands down the best K-Cup out there. I buy the 50 pack! :)
453151453151B0029XLH4YA1GVGOSEFUUOWBartifex0051340064000like espresso, black? try this oneI'm an espresso guy, but I just got tired of cleaning up the mess. So I've tried about 5 high-quality Keurig options by now, trying to find that dark taste without going into gross and overdone. I'd never have guessed it from the name, but this one does it. Obviously, it helps to try them out yourself. But for what it's worth, I find a lot of the ones labelled French or Italian roast aren't dark, they are just overly dumping hot sauce on a dish, not getting the flavors right.

The bonus of the K-cup system is, I can make myself a cup of coffee so fast I don't really lose the momentum of my work. The downside is, I don't have that nice espresso-making ritual to give my eyes and brain a rest. ALMOST enough to make me dig out the espresso maker.
453152453152B0029XLH4YA1I8UXB9YEQ46ZDawn L. Segundo0051339977600Love it!I love this coffee. If you like strong coffee, this is the one for you. 50 cups last a long time, the price is right and it was delivered fast.
453153453153B0029XLH4YA10IKLDA8TQ66DJR0051339459200Coffee People Jet Fuel Dark Roast K-CupGood value and dark, rich flavor. Shipping was prompt which was great since we were completely out. I highly recommend this coffee if you like stronger but not bitter coffee.
453154453154B0029XLH4YA3VG94ELC3SKF9Tom D0051339372800Love jet Fuel!Jet Fuel by Coffee People has become one of my favorite coffees. It has a unique flavor......dark and intense and yet slightly different from some
of the other types of coffee that I like e.g. different kinds of French Roasts. Love this coffee!!!
453155453155B0029XLH4YA18BQLP0DHZG0Eamazinh0051339200000Give me Jet FuelAwesome coffee!!!!.I'm a serious coffee drinker of 40+ years and this is perfect. Bold and full of flavor without the bitterness. Say no More.
453156453156B0029XLH4YA3S6MQY0A2IMXAFrank Z0041338768000Good CoffeeGood Coffee and 50 pack is extremely convenient. Not as good as Green Mountain Coffee Double x dark roast but for the price a very good product.
453157453157B0029XLH4YA2EBF31UB10HB4F. OHalloran "luckyme"0051338422400Just love itI have tasted a bunch of coffees. And this is one of the best flavored. I will continue to reorder the JFuel and from this seller. Also. This seller is quick. My coffee was here in 3 days. USPS. And I ordered over a holiday weekend.
453158453158B0029XLH4YA2YJAVXQQ561YYZoe0051338422400I lOVE coffeeI found this coffee to be absolutely divine! it has great taste and flavor. I absolutely loved it. Enjoy it.
453159453159B0029XLH4YA2YSFKX18XTHEDBillie Vanderburg "Smart Shopper"0011338249600Burnt, Not BoldWe really enjoy Bold and Extra Bold Coffee so I bought a box of Crazy Cups Dark Roast Keurig Cups which has several different brands/kinds of dark roast coffee. Jet Fuel is by far the least tasty of the brews. The coffee was on the weak side for a Bold Blend, but had a burnt aftertaste. This coffee is not for those who enjoy a really rich, bold taste. So far, Dark Magic has been our favorite of the varieties in the box.
453160453160B0029XLH4YA1GTLEK3VHN6R2Mary Jane Tennant0051338163200Jet Fuel k-cupsI had never had this flavor of coffee, it is great. I love stong coffee and it hit the spot. The price is exceptional as well!!!
453161453161B0029XLH4YA1BO8P7SFLJ51CDeborah Devine0051338076800coffeeJust like the coffee that you can get for alot more money at other places
.I will Be buying again
453162453162B0029XLH4YA1ZCXBR7974IXJdkheart0041337990400very niceThe title alone caught my attention to this product. Jet fuel it is. A good, strong cup o joe perfect for daily consumption. Smells fantastic brewing too.
453163453163B0029XLH4YA3R4Q2UEPTZPSQBig c "the big guy in the part"0051337299200Heart RacerPut your seatbelt on and here we go! Wow, what a great cup of coffee. Real coffee taste, real coffee aroma and a "kick in the rear" wake up..jet fuel is an adult coffee...would I buy it again..heck yes!
453164453164B0029XLH4YA22Y6PMCVZW7A5R. Calabro "slipgate"0051337299200If you like Coffee, you'll like JetFuelThis is for people that like ...... coffee! Not for those that like coffee flavored chocolate, or taramisu, or french vanilla, or any number of other fru fru flavors - just coffee. It is a good, strong cup of Joe that tastes like it should.
453165453165B0029XLH4YA2VZG2306NIWZMSchesnut10051337299200Best coffee so far!We've been k-cupping for 6 months now and tried 10 or so coffees. We like a full body brew but not the bitterness. Jet Fuel fits the bill exactly.
453166453166B0029XLH4YA8SHQZ9JUBNV2travis b0051337126400Really good coffeeThis is the best K-Cup I have found. I like good, dark coffee.

I think the name Jet Fuel is a bit misleading. It's not like it's spiked with Red Bull and cocaine, it doesn't seem to have any more caffeine than a typical cup of dark roast. But it does have a nice dark roast flavor.
453167453167B0029XLH4YA1D4DJ1U2SGNSXmoorep520051336521600Best Coffee EverThis is the best Dark roast coffee that I have found so far. I only wish that it was available as subscribe and save option so I didn't have to re-order it every Month.
453168453168B0029XLH4YA2MGW87UAUG9ZRCory Matthews0051336348800FantasticFor those of you who drink coffee black, i think you are going to love this blend of coffee. It is very delicious and has a great bold flavor.
453169453169B0029XLH4YA3IJV2LKVHZDG8jidith0051336348800coffeethis is truly the greatest coffee made for my coffee machine, delivered promptly. No hassle coffee shopping, and the best morning wake-up.
Amazon is the only place to shop, have also purchased chocolate, candles, kitchen gadgets, all have been top quality .
453170453170B0029XLH4YARC41G0OK4HA5Kathy Grace15415651246320000Our favorite extra-bold K-cup--dark, rich, full-bodiedJet Fuel is our favorite of the Coffee People "extra-bold trilogy"--Jet Fuel, Wake Up Call, and Black Tiger. It's dark, sweet, and rich, with a fuller body than Wake Up Call or Black Tiger. It has a clean finish and notes of chocolate and honey.

We also love the new packaging. Since K-cups are nitrogen-packed, the coffee doesn't go stale, so the last cup is as good as the first. If there are a couple of dark-roast lovers in your family, a box of 50 will be slurped down in no time. And I have to say that, even though we store them in the back of a dark cabinet, the box graphics are a nice touch. It probably cost them a fraction of a fraction of a cent to make it a little more attractive, and I appreciate that!

When you first got your Keurig brewer, you drank through the sampler coffees... and if you asked yourself, "Is that as dark as it gets??" then I think you'll go for Jet Fuel or one of the other Coffee People EBs.

P.S. You might look into Emeril's Big Easy Bold as well. It was the first big hit for us, and still one of our faves.
453171453171B0029XLH4YA33REC3J2JU2ELD. Figueroa10511051245974400Extra Bold Flavor and Green Packaging (Finally)My husband likes his coffee extremely strong, so much so that I brew the 5 oz cups and double up on the kcups in a large mug. Basically, he likes sludge, lol.

He had been drinking Timothy's French Roast, but the price has gone up again and I really despise the packaging. Really...they're kcups, not bone china, why the need for 2 packages, carboard, plastic and another box?

I like the fact that these kcups come in a single box, not as much waste.

Anyway, my picky husband said that this coffee was surprisingly good. I'm happy without the extra packaging and the lower price tag.

Now they just need to put this on Subscribe and Save.
453172453172B0029XLH4YA1JEY42M785KI7Bign2reading "aisysmom"606251250467200A great mistakeWe get Coffee People Oranic X-bold through subscribe and save. Imagine my frustration when our last order contained a box of Jet Fuel. I'm pretty picky about my coffee. I don't like weak coffee, nor does my husband. I decided to try a cup of the Jet Fuel, hoping it was at least tolerable so I didn't have to go through the trouble of returning it.

We loved it. We were bummed when we ran out, and we're now going to switch our subscribe and save to Jet Fuel.
453173453173B0029XLH4YA2WYP6MZRK4G4AM. Clark181851270512000The absolute best so far!I really like Coffee People Donut Shop coffee, but since it is a tad on the weak side for my tastes, I decided to try the Coffee People XBold variety pack.
For reference, I have a Keurig B66 which has 3 cup sizes (5.25, 7.25, 9.25oz), and I always use one K-cup for one 9.25oz cup, and I drink it black. I don't make smaller cups to make it stronger, nor do I run extra water to make it weaker. I judge each k-cup in 9.25oz. It should also be noted that I use spring water exclusively in my machine; done for both taste and machine longevity. (The tap water where I live is brutal. Life span of a water heater is 5-8 years.)

I tend to like full-bodied/full-flavored coffee (that doesn't always mean "strong"). Therefore, I tend to like the dark roasts better, which is why I find Donut Shop just a bit lacking (but I like it enough that I still drink it).

After trying the variety pack (and having since bought this item by itself as verified above), I can honestly say that by far my new favorite K-Cup is Jet Fuel (and I've tried at least 15-20 different varieties, not including flavored or decaf coffee). It has full flavor that is really good, but has no "strong" characteristics IMO (i.e. bitter, burnt, dense, etc.). When I took the first sip of Jet Fuel, I immediately thought, "Wow, this is good coffee!"

Highly recommended if you like a full-bodied coffee that doesn't have any bitterness or burnt characteristics, and is not too dense.
453174453174B0029XLH4YA3U9QS8DG7S7JPsoccer9 "soccer9"374411264118400Ugh....never had grounds in my coffee until I bought this brandI have had a keurig for over 4 years. Never have I had grounds in my coffee until I bought a fifty pack of Jet fuel. As I work my way through the box, I am throwing out about every third cup. I "believe" the problem is a thinner than usual foil top, a larger hole is created, during the punch, and the water is not regulated at the same percentage. I called to talk to "the coffee people", 2x - never got a human, left my phone number both times, and have never gotten a call back in since the orginal call 10 days ago. I am done with jet fuel and coffee people, Timothy's - you have my k-cup money!
453175453175B0029XLH4YAKYTYRNZB3UGEJames 91710101051270425600A Cross Between Starbucks and the Truck Stop...If there is a weakness with the Keurig coffee system, it's that most of the K-Cups--even the Extra Bold varieties--tend to brew a weaker cup of coffee, lacking the full flavor of a regularly brewed cup of Joe. I've therefore learned to order sampler packs if available, so I don't get stuck with a bunch of K-Cups I don't like. So I got the Coffee People's Extra Bold sampler pack which included, Black Tiger, Wake Up Call, Organic, and Jet Fuel. And I found them all purdy good.

But with the Jet Fuel, I found myself thinking, "Wow, I've finally found a satisfyingly full-flavored bold coffee!" I even had to put two creamers in my cup instead of my customary one, and I found myself savoring every sip. If you're looking for a full-flavored bold cuppa Joe, this one is for you!
453176453176B0029XLH4YA3I3THX2MFPYO7Shacknlaw7741277078400Coffee Snobs READ THIS!I will keep this one short and sweet. In the past 15 years going from my late teens to 30's I have become somewhat of a snob over what Joe I will allow to pass over my lips. The Keurig seemed like a fine idea but I was afraid, as with many of my snobs, that the coffee could not be strong enough to penetrate the morning fog around my brain on a Monday morning. I'm sorry to say that many K-cups fell flat on their faces and my confidence in Keurig was nearly lost. Well fret no more my friends because Jet Fuel is delicious and boy is it STRONG! There is no need for these silly shenanigans where people are starting the brew and then lifting the handle for longer steeping. Although I think if you did that with the Jet Fuel your eyes may literally shoot out of your head. Just pop in the cup and consume with smile. I bought this Keurig for my office and am already planning on one for home and my travel trailer. If you are as picky as I am about your morning ritual and like a nice strong cup of coffee please try the Jet Fuel. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
453177453177B0029XLH4YAYTGG6XTVUG7GDouglas A. Greenberg6651261008000Terrific coffee at a (relatively) great priceI confess that I never would have actually purchased a Keurig coffee maker, but I received one as a gift and I have found it to be a useful and enjoyable toy. Being able to brew one high-quality cup of coffee is indeed one of life's little luxuries.

Like other single-serving, prepackaged food technologies, however, Keurig k-cup coffee tends toward the expensive when compared to whole bean or tinned ground coffee. If for this reason alone the Amazon "subscribe and save" approach to buying K-cups would be a fabulous institution. By having the coffee delivered at regular intervals (with free shipping!) the cost is reduced considerably.

But which coffees to buy? I selected Jet Fuel partly, I confess, because the name is so darned cute. The (relatively) non-wasteful packaging also was an attraction, though let's face it, there is plenty of plastic residue associated with this brewing technology. The Coffee People at least minimize the waste, however, and for this I salute them.

What about the coffee itself? Jet Fuel is a dark, rich, full-bodied coffee that to me is reminiscent of the "industrial strength" coffee I can get at Peet's, my favorite west coast coffee purveyor/establishment. In other words, it's amazingly delicious. The Keurig system allows you to select the strength you want.

Overall, Jet Fuel is a winner for fans of robust coffee. Bon appetit!
453178453178B0029XLH4YA2G95RRHZHUIXAlfred Perugini6651247443200Great coffee at a great priceI've been buying this coffee for a while and have found it to be my favorite of all the K-Cup coffees I have tried. It is nice and strong but not bitter or too acid. The price in the new 50 pack is also better than the smaller package sizes.

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