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453211453211B0029XLH4YA313WRMLEATKULorna Long Beach Ca.0041325808000GCoffee @ Amazon.comCoffee People "Jet Fuel "for Kuerig, is a wonderful way to start your day. If you like a strong kick in the rear to get you going, I recommend this coffee!
453212453212B0029XLH4YA9YGXHITHTYNCWalter B. Adelman0051325721600Truly FineThe name "Jet Fuel" is terrible..the coffee wonderful and satisfying.
And it is strong enough to brew a 12 oz. Cup that is not watery in any way.
One of the best k cups that I've enjoyed...will definitely order more.
453213453213B0029XLH4YAKWCEVIHSTOICKurupt_King0051325548800Great CoffeeVery Good coffee ... Should at least try once to experience this good coffee. Coffee People Jet Fuel K cup is one of my best now.
453214453214B0029XLH4YA2O3D2FB0BJ03FMisty M.0051325548800My Favorite Coffee!My husband and I love this coffee! Great flavor and it's nice an strong. We've tried lots of the Kcup varieties and this one is our favorite!!
453215453215B0029XLH4YA3GIRNLCFZIGT1Caribbean Linda0051324252800Great coffeeI ordered this after enjoying wake up call kcups and absolutely love it. A nice, strong yet great tasting cup of coffee!
453216453216B0029XLH4YA380VY6JH0W3IAS. Barnes "Software Aficionado"0051324166400Best K-Cup for Strong Coffee Drinkers YetI've had my Keurig for a year, and my only complaint has been the quality of the coffee made: Not bad, but not nearly strong enough for people who think their coffee should run like molten lava rather than a fast trickling stream (OK, not really sludge, but you get what I mean). The closest I came to finding a good cup was Dunkin Donuts' Dunkin Dark, but they are pretty expensive from the store.

After reading the reviews here, I decided to give Jet Fuel a try. WHOA! This is proper coffee that will put hair on your chest, but also tastes DELICIOUS. Buying in packs of 50 for a family with 3 coffee drinkers (and frequent visitors) also means fewer trips to the store for coffee.

Very happy I chose to buy this brand, and now enjoy my morning hassle-free cup of coffee!
453217453217B0029XLH4YAXJX8WK8A0Z0EFriartuck0051324080000J Fuel CoffeeTried alot of coffee for my Keurig unit this is one of the best blends of coffee, will order more as I need it! You can make a large cup, and does not taste like dishwater!
453218453218B0029XLH4YA3R6BCT7YPQLE2K L Boyd0051323820800On my listThere are a few coffees I order over and over, Jet Fuel is one of them. Not only do I love the dark rich coffee flavor, but I love the price and convenience of ordering in the 50 pack. This is my day to day coffee.
453219453219B0029XLH4YA2EOJL2J0ZZ4OTGift Seeker "frantastic"0051323734400Strong but smoothI wanted something peppy and from the name was expecting a very hearty brew. It is bold as expected but delightfully smooth. It's a keeper in my family.
453220453220B0029XLH4YA29LZ52M4LKTBYLoveJetFuel0051323648000Love it!I became addicted after the first order. Smooth taste and has the power to jump start my morning. I will not make the mistake of running out before reordering next time!!
453221453221B0029XLH4YA2X40S99HEOJM6Dan Jones0051323302400Happy Wife, "Happy Life"Even though I do not drink coffee, I take pride in ordering my wife's coffee. I have ordered many types of hard to get coffee on-line from this company. Delivery was prompt, and company very efficient, thanks
453222453222B0029XLH4YA3FHFPYBW9L4B5Jerren Gould0051323302400Jet FuelGreat price. Best tasting coffee in the rich, Extra Bold category. I order Jet Fuel every time I order coffee from Amazon (where the prices and selection are great).
453223453223B0029XLH4YA67YO0RRC61AMECS660051323302400Great coffee, but may cancel subscriptionWe've been receiving Jet Fuel via Amazon's "Subscribe And Save" program for about a year. The coffee is dark and strong, as we like it. Subscribe And Save is a great convenience. However, with coffee prices creeping up as they are, we are re-thinking the whole single-serve coffee thing. May put away our Keurig brewer and haul out the ol' drip maker from the back of the cabinet. The taste of the coffee rates five stars. If factoring in the price, it would be fewer stars.
453224453224B0029XLH4YA14RZ5S6I6ETD8C. Draper0051322352000My favoriteThis is my favorite K Cup. The name leads one to believe this is packed with caffeine and perhaps has a bold flavor. I have found the caffeine level to be moderate and the flavor to be mild.
453225453225B0029XLH4YA2M39QNX3XJB3FDolores Taylor0041322179200jet fuelOrder arrived on schedule. I tried it and found it very strong but the I made a large cup and it is bold but not bitter, just the way I like it.
I would order it again.
453226453226B0029XLH4YA2WI372DUOFJLYvick0051322092800value for moneyThis coffee exceeded all my expectations. My husband and I both love this coffee and definitely plan on purchasing more when we run out. We would definitely recommend this coffee to family members and friends.
453227453227B0029XLH4YAMY6O4Z9HINO0J. Foust0051320883200Gets me going in the morning!I was drinking Timothy's San Lorenzo Dark, but apparently it's no longer sold in the US market, so I was looking for a replacement. Jet Fuel is a little stronger, but very good! Many of the "bold" and "strong" K-Cups have a bitter or burnt taste that I don't like, but this one is perfect. It's strong and gets me going in the morning but still tastes good.

I took a bunch in to share with my co-workers and they all liked it as well. Definitely a winner in my book!
453228453228B0029XLH4YA2KVDT6LW48UPDjohncusa0051320364800Jet Fuel will help you "lift off" in the morningI've tried them all...this is a very good coffee...Jet Fuel is quite appropriate a is bold and packed with what I want in a cup of will like it.
453229453229B0029XLH4YA5PPZ65IOKUZ1Kathy in Charlotte NC0051320105600Great coffee!Coffee tastes expresso based -- strong but not bitter. My favorite way of drinking it is with french vanilla creamer. I don't like overly sweet coffee, so no sugar. But the creamer makes it even smoother! Wow! Great coffee!
453230453230B0029XLH4YA2LIF95N23RT72B. L. Dvorachek0051319932800As good as treehuggerWe normally drink treehugger by coffee people in the office. I purchased this one to try with the order and the office really enjoyed it. The coffee is really similar to the taste of tree hugger
453231453231B0029XLH4YA19T9QSFOURJ0Zigm "igm"0041319414400Coffee People Jet Fuel K-cupsThe coffee is better than others we have triedin K-cups. It available through the club, meaning, iots price is good. And the delivery is always on time.
453232453232B0029XLH4YA1CWGT4LZMY102Starlitsky11220051318723200Great Tasting!Coffee tastes great and is great for those who like coffee to be on the stronger side. Comes in one large box but that's not a problem because it saves on the packaging etc. My husband and I both love this coffee and definitely plan on purchasing more when we run out. We would definitely recommend this coffee to family members and friends.
453233453233B0029XLH4YANAIY0VETVDR3Customer J0051318291200Coffee GeekThis coffee exceeded all my expectations and I am not easily impressed when it comes to coffee. I quit drinking pod/cup coffee until I found Jet Fuel. I only drink Jet Fuel now and have went through several boxes of 50. I highly recommend this product to anyone serious about their coffee and to new coffee drinkers looking for a perfect cup. The free shipping is great as well.
453234453234B0029XLH4YA1BIZXT5F0PFNVCon Wittkopp0041317945600"JET FUEL" By Coffee People From AMAZONThis is the best Full Flavored Coffee I can find for K-Cups and Amazon has the best price. K-Cup coffee appealed to us because my Wife and I have such different tastes. Ironicly, my wife likes the second cup through the little K-cup of grounds after I get the powerful drink of the first cup.
453235453235B0029XLH4YA3M3BF6XUAFZXILadregs0051317945600Excellent! Holy Grail of Keurig coffeeRecieved today, opened, made a cup and was really impressed. My Keurig coffee maker finally makes a cup of coffee that will wake me up in the morning. This brand reminds me of the coffee from Urth Caffe here in Los Angeles which charges almost $3.00 a cup which I was happy to pay. After a couple of these I am putting in a reorder right away. I want to make sure we never run out and have to resort to some off the shelf brands from the grocery store here.
453236453236B0029XLH4YA9VSWQZYG1P2BRobin Mcdonough "Birdie McDonough"0051317600000The best coffee in a k-cup!!!I was truly looking for a super dark roast coffee for the k-cups, and tried this one, and I am finally happy with my morning cup of coffee.
You will not be disappointed!!
453237453237B0029XLH4YA1TGL6E640FS3CLow carber in AK0051317340800AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jet Fuel is the BEST coffee hands down. No bitter bad after taste, just smooth delicious BOLD flavor in an amazing cup of coffee. Taste great regardless of brew size. NEVER want to run out of this stuff, it is THAT goo!
453238453238B0029XLH4YA13LQQ8VNBZ6Z4Steve Gilmore "S. Gilmore"0051316908800Welcome to the Danger ZoneOnce you try's hard to drink anything else. I am ordering my third batch now. It's not as strong as the name might imply. It's just right. Kaboom!!!
453239453239B0029XLH4YA17OGD5PVEVA5PJanice0031316736000Great coffeethe Coffee People Jet Fuel is a deliciously strong cup of coffee without any bitterness. . Problem is, my husband love it as much as I do so 50 k-cups don't last very long.
453240453240B0029XLH4YA1IPYRC4O5ZTRHCasey Jones "KC"0051316736000Good robust coffee. Strong without being bitter. ++Can't add much to the headline. Great coffee, great price. A good 'dark roast' option without being bitter or 'burnt' tasting.

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