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453331453331B0029XLH4YA23U551VI8402CTammy Robinson0021289433600Way too strong/bold!This coffee is as it is described Jet Fuel. Wow talk about strong coffee. If you like strong coffee this is your kind of coffee. Our office couldn't drink it -we are trying another kind. Maybe some brave soul will try the Jet Fuel that none of us in the office can drink so they don't go to waste :)
453332453332B0029XLH4YAFX2Y2X2DK7DOGK Taylor0051289088000Hard to find good k-cup coffeeJet Fuel and Emeril's Big Easy Intense are two of the very best K-cups. Very mild, strong enough and NOT bitter.
453333453333B0029XLH4YA1GAR9XCQ195B2Yuan-tai Lee "Anthony Lee"0041289088000very boldI never knew that the Jet Fuel flavor is so bold, but it's good in the morning.
453334453334B0029XLH4YA27VBMB8NNKEJUA. Patterson0051288828800Absolutely deliciousI have been a loyal user of Emeril's Big Easy Bold since I purchased my Keurig. I like a strong, bold (but smooth) coffee and Big Easy Bold has been by far my favorite. Until I purchased Jet Fuel. I absolutely love it. Is has a slightly sweet (another review mentioned notes of chocolate and honey and I agree). It has a rich taste and is full bodied. It has a nice clean finish (I feel like I am reviewing a wine). No bitterness and while it is full bodied it does not have an over-roasted burnt taste. Sorry Emeril but Jet Fuel has now repalced Big Easy Bold as my subscribe and save monthly shipment (but I still love you too).
453335453335B0029XLH4YA2QHTX8YM79MB1raven0051288828800jet fuel coffeeif you like strong coffee you will like this, it is strong but smooth and i do not drink any other kind
453336453336B0029XLH4YA1D6EIBHYFQTZZRendar55 "MPD"0041288656000Solid cup of coffeeI bought this k-cup after getting a laugh out of the name and seeing all the positive reviews. It is a very dark and flavorful coffee. The only downside is the bitter aftertaste, but it's worth it. It's my second favorite k-cup now.
453337453337B0029XLH4YA2XRZ85MKWFR37Dorothy Horn0051288483200My morning BuzzThis product is exactly what it says on the box...awsome coffee, gets me up and moving. Have recommended it to many friends who all agree. If you want a jump start on your day this is the product for you.
453338453338B0029XLH4YA3N156D0RZ5VJORobert D. Weis0051288224000Great coffee for a Peet's fanI am huge fan of Peet's coffee fan and I finally found a K-cup coffee that comes really close to Peets. Don't let the name put you off this is really smooth great tasting coffee.
453339453339B0029XLH4YA251QCDFN5CFD4Heather0051288051200My husband LOVES this coffee!It's hard to find coffee that is strong enough for the Keurig Coffee Maker. This is wakes us up and it's tasty...
453340453340B0029XLH4YAZWYSJ1G8KDOXWilliam Clinton0051288051200Love it Perfect 12 oz travel mug fillerI use these for my travel mug and set it to 12oz. The perfect cup.
453341453341B0029XLH4YA251QR223K46PKdiane0051285286400big bang for your moneyI use a large mug. Each pod makes 1 1/2 cups. I start with the large size cup om my machine, then i lift up then then down on the small size, perfect strong not bitter. Lots of bang for your money.
453342453342B0029XLH4YA6LT6T7SGZ5N0BLD0051285200000Great Bold TasteLove this coffee, it is robust and strong. Highly recommend for those who like a strong, full bodied coffee.
453343453343B0029XLH4YA1KKD618MPPJ0SShipla0051285113600great bold roastI got these for our new Kuerig at work. I like a bold roast and the office communal choice has proven to be flavored junk. So, I decided to get my own stash. I am a fan of Coffee People, so seeing the had K-cups I went for it. I read the reviews for Jet Fuel and the Bold blend and settled on Jet Fuel. Glad I did! It has a strong flavor, but is not bitter or acidic. It definitely does the trick in the morning.
453344453344B0029XLH4YAOVOJVIEWVMK1A. Truesdale "AFTH"0051284854400Very tasty coffee indeed!Jet Fuel was picked after they were out of what I really wanted. However it has been quite a very tasty switch. Hubby and I both love how rich and almost fruity it is. I highly recommend it if you like darker roasts really dark!
453345453345B0029XLH4YAXXEZQUHQ5ZWOLightbringer0051284681600Awesome!Awesome coffee. Nice bold flavor, gets you moving in the morning.

Warning though: Once you start drinking bold/strong's difficult to go back!
453346453346B0029XLH4YA2I24UZNBCF9NRRemydog0041278979200Worthy of my morning cupThe Keurig machine is unbelievably convenient, but I find the majority of K-cups are simply weak and unpalatable. I always buy the coffees labeled "bold" as nothing else cuts it.

Jet Fuel is a decent cup of coffee. It's not quite the body of a drip brewer, but comes pretty close. Close enough that I'm not inclined to schlep out the drip brewer and spill coffee grounds on the counter and wait 10 minutes before I can have my wake up beverage.

One other thing - the cups are just loose in a big box, so you will want to have a basket or other container to put them in.
453347453347B0029XLH4YA37IBEC5CNHOMACarole L. Sherman "Louis"0051278460800Good CoffeeI love the coffee but now that Amazon has taken it off the subscribe and save I will be forced to thy to find cheaper K-Cups at different stores. Come on Amazon put it back on the subscribe and save list with all of the other K-Cups as well.
453348453348B0029XLH4YA3RYRL2YYFOFG5Jeanie Butter0041276387200Tasty, but a tad too strong for meWhile I should have realized that "Jet Fuel" was probably describing pretty strong coffee, this tastes fine, but the aftertaste is just too much. I prefer a medium roast, but if you like it strong, you will enjoy.
453349453349B0029XLH4YA1XM83D7NKPOVYMarnee L. Larson "river7495"0051276214400Great flavor!!!!!This is my new favorite for the Keurig. It has a good strong depth of flavor without any bitterness. I am not sure if it is the name or not but is sure works great at waking me up in the morning.
453350453350B0029XLH4YA221NIW05HBOLXJ. Quezada0041275523200Very bold but can be harshIf you want a very bold cup, this is it. It really will wake you up, and get you going for your day. However, I found some cups would be pretty harsh on the taste. Maybe I just got a bad batch?
453351453351B0029XLH4YA2LSXK66XZATYHDr. Barry L. Kayes0051275436800Strong CoffeeExcellent coffee, very strong/bold. Packaging is simple, efficient, no hassle. Auto delivery program is on time, convenient, saves money.
453352453352B0029XLH4YA160MXHGRYDBJJKathy M. Zazzeron "Kathyzazz"0051275177600Glad I paid attention to your other reviews!This very reasonably priced coffee has been a hit at my house. We enjoy its roboust flavor and I am happy we have set this up for auto delivery. I think it is worth trying....I did and am happy I did.
453353453353B0029XLH4YAVZL5Z9YYR6CUMatapaloma0021274313600Low octane jet fuelRather disappointing. Not much on the flavor side and kind of flat. Very much like decaffeinated.
453354453354B0029XLH4YA35YDDY2PKVB12P. Lyons "Dark Roast Coffee Guy"0051274227200Dark, Rich and Fairly StrongI'm a Dark Roast kinda guy and Jet Fuel is pretty darn good !! I love the Sumatra but, for the cost difference, this product is GREAT !! The packaging ROCKS too !!!
453355453355B0029XLH4YAMUXL0S6YPORGGr8 dad0041274140800good coffeeI enjoyed this coffee. It was strong and bold. I would buy it in the future.
453356453356B0029XLH4YAYI61G4LN4JEQFrederick Hornick0051274054400Jet Fuel for the SoulCoffee People's K-cup offering of "Jet Fuel" is aptly named. It is a great pick-me-up in the morning or any other time you need to get your motor running! Buying the 50-cup pack from Amazon is the least expensive way I've found using their auto-shipping feature. It brings the cost down to less than $0.35/cup with free shipping, to boot!. You need to experience this dark and bold cup of coffee. It is good!
453357453357B0029XLH4YA38ETYARQZQYWWGary Vernon Antoine0051273881600Gives you a good jolt.I highly recommend the coffee people jet fuel K- cups. They are very tasty and give you a nice jolt in the morning on your way to work.
453358453358B0029XLH4YA1J7P5HR8R1I67depcharrge0051273708800love itLet's face it, there is no "Keurig Store" in anyone's home town where you can walk down an aisle and have your choice of 100's of coffees. I love the coffee and regularly order the 50-pack (in fact, as I type this review, the purpose of my visiting Amazon is to order yet another pkg). It's strong, it'll get your blood going in the morning. If you're looking for a bold cup to get your day going, this is a good coffee for Keurig owners.
453359453359B0029XLH4YA3EJ0K1K85TV4GZazu "Zazu"0051273622400Jet Fuel is the best coffee ever!!!!!!!!And I know that's a matter of opinion, but I love this coffee. I got it in a trial pack along with several other brands and feel in love. I am now a Coffee People devotee, including the coffee shop brand. This is an excellent, strong but subtle cup of coffee. Just love it.
453360453360B0029XLH4YA1VKEKU2144OA2Gerald Sternick "OPSTERNICK"0051273536000Jet fuel is a boostI decided to try this based on other reviews, and because I like strong coffee.This is very strong coffee but has a good bold flavor.definitly an eye opener in the morning.Good choice for a strong coffee lover.

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