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453361453361B0029XLH4YA1Q5GQVOP2X5BXoldsmokie99 "Retired Dave"0051273276800K-cupsThis is a great cup of coffee. Great flavor not acidic or harsh. Will buy again
453362453362B0029XLH4YAIT6TZTXN4JPVA. Benjamin0051273276800One of the best bold kcup brewsMy husband and I just canceled our save and subscribe for parisian nights and have switched over to jet fuel. It makes a strong cup of coffee with more caffeine and less bitterness than parisian. To me it doesn't make sense to use mild blend kcups since you'll end up with a watery cup of coffee. jet fuel is great with half and half and sugar or splenda and also makes a really nice cup of iced coffee.
453363453363B0029XLH4YA1CVX1AQJBUW1WR. Thielbar0051273190400Jet Fuel AutopsyLet me start by saying what this K-cup isn't. It isn't extremely strong, unless maybe you are a Folger's drinker. In that case, I suggest you pick a milder K-cup and then wash it clean with the 9.25 oz "water" setting.

Out of curiosity, I sacrificed one not-yet-brewed K-cup by removing the foil to measure the amount of coffee inside. I found just slightly over 2 tbsp of fine ground very dark roasted coffee inside. There is basically no "headroom" at this fill amount, so it would be a fair assessment that the roaster packed as much coffee in this K-cup as will fit. This amount, 2 tbsp, is by common coffee brewing standards enough coffee to brew a 6 oz cup. I only use the 5.25 oz brew setting with the Keurig machine.

Now let me explain my coffee tastes. My wife and I both normally drink french roast coffee brewed with the prescribed amount of coffee and cut with creamer and Splenda. We like strong coffee that leaves an opaque splash stain in the cup while being poured.

I still brew a pot of coffee every morning in a conical filter coffee maker. The Keurig machine was purchased for brewing an occasional cup of coffee later in the day.

I believe there are inherent flaws in the Keurig machine. The brew cycle seems to be too quick to get ideal extraction and have yet to see a K-cup that doesn't pump out near-water after around 4 oz of coffee has been dispensed. That being said, the K-cup convenience is great.

As far as this K-cup is concerned, I think the flavor is medium/strong. It starts as something like a cup of Starbucks coffee (at the 5.25 oz setting) and finishes with a bit more bite, similar to a "red-eye" (added shot of espresso), says my wife. The amount of caffeine becomes quite apparent if you drink two cups back-to-back!

In summary, this coffee does well at making the best out of a less than ideal system. I recommend.
453364453364B0029XLH4YA229LIASEEZVH4S. Sung0051273104000great nameWe have had the breville single serve coffee maker for several years now and have tried many different varieties of k cups. My husband and I like our coffee strong enough for cream and sugar but dont like bitterness. Jet Fuel is strong enough to use the larger cup size and still have great flavor. It has no bitterness for such a strong cup of coffee. I recently purchased and sent several boxes as gifts for family and friends who recently purchased kcup systems--my brother in law had been using the make your own k-cup with his "fancy" coffee beans but said the day he received these he ended up having 2 cups by 7:30 in the morning because it was so good--he had to stop himself from making more that day! I also love parisien nights by timothy's which has a slightly smoky/dark chocolate flavor and midnight magic which is slightly sweeter. Jet Fuel is definitely one that we keep around all the time
453365453365B0029XLH4YA9V3QUNNLJUBDLuvinlib "Luvinlib"0031272844800Too strong for an everyday coffeeMy husband loves a good, full bodied cup of coffee. His usual K-cup variety is the Coffee People's "Wake UP", but I thought we would try something a little stronger. If you want a STRONG cup of joe, the "Jet Fuel" is the way to go. However, for our tastebuds, we'll stick witht the "Wale UP" for our every morning cup.
453366453366B0029XLH4YA27QNRARKTL25QW. Chris Scruggs "attyatlaw"0041272499200Good stuffI tried this coffee on a recommendation by a friend. It is very
stout and has a mildly bitter finish. It WILL wake you up in the morning.
453367453367B0029XLH4YA350LRIUNLCKI8Daniel Kail0051270684800DanKJet Fuel K-cup gives you a good cup of coffee. Great in the morning
when you are in a hurry.
453368453368B0029XLH4YAJ5C5YUH84O18Frank Mccarthy "chuckles"0051269907200bold ventureIf a dark roast with bold flavor is what you like, look no further then this product. The Jet Fuel takes off where other dark roast starts.The 50 pack is a great deal and assures that you have plenty on hand for the morning lift off.
453369453369B0029XLH4YA3N3CFHTR860Irockalittle "The only real failure in life is...0031269734400A little too bitterAs a former St*rbucks drinker, I find I'm always looking for coffee that's "just a little stronger". Jet Fuel fills that need nicely. I can finally drink a good strong cup of coffee without going broke.
EDIT 5/6/10
I have returned to edit this review after trying Green Mountain's REVV. I am dropping this review to 3 stars because REVV is just so much better.
I found jet fuel to be a little bitter. The first time I drank it I went a little heavy on the half & half and didn't notice it. Over time the bitterness becomes quite distinct.
I have found that I much prefer REVV for the caffeine kick it provides while still being incredibly smooth.
453370453370B0029XLH4YA3ICQC99RHOJCLT. J. Poling0051269648000Kick your engine over in the morning with Jet FuelI really enjoy Jet Fuel, it's a very strong coffee, though it is not bitter or to harsh. Coffee People seems to always produce a quality coffee no matter the variety.
453371453371B0029XLH4YAZ1S0U0GU94G3Amazon Addict0051269648000Strong but not bitterThis is an afternoon pleaser. I prefer brewing the larger sized cup. Reminds me of Starbucks coffee. I find it to be full-bodied, tasty, and, most importantly, packing a punch. This is the medicine the Doctor ordered for the afternoon drowsies. When you order be sure to sign up for subscribe and save to save an additional 15%. You can always turn it off later. Enjoy!
453372453372B0029XLH4YA2P3JC53A9LP86M. Garibay0051269561600I love Jet Fuel!When I invite my family and friends a cup of coffee, they always ask for more, even when they are not heavy coffee drinkers. They all like Jet Fuel as much as I do.
453373453373B0029XLH4YA2BF2LXDPZY1X4R. Alvarez0051269388800YeahNeed an emergency boost in the middle of the day? Yeah this is the stuff... I've tried every Coffee People flavor and this does exactly what it is supposed to do. One cup of this and I'm Maverick at Mach 5.
453374453374B0029XLH4YA3G2R7WDT7NSSEDebra Baldwin "d_baldwin"0031269388800Just too much of a good thing.But too much may be your thing! I found it just too strong for my liking so will go back to my french roast. I guess that's why they make more than one kind. It's okay for what it is but just not for me.
453375453375B0029XLH4YAUHLR81CYRIDVDavid F. Sikkema ""Phone Boy""0041268870400Flying High!I just recieved my Jet Fuel this morning and here are my first impressions after just a couple of cups:
Flavor is smooth, not bitter (maybe just a hint of aftertaste), deep and satisfying. That being said, I'll probably go back to my Keurig "Green Mountain" coffee next time anyway. I do like the Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging (about 36 cents per cup on the auto re-order program!). I cut the box open like a giant dispenser and put it in the cupboard above the coffee maker. Convenience is what it's all about, baby! (I expect at least a $10K reward for the idea, Keurig.)
453376453376B0029XLH4YA12GG6HONSRMLLMark A. File0041268438400Tastes good but packaging suckedCoffee itself is good not too bold. Had 2 broken cups in the box which made a mess everywhere. I had to clean each kcup individually.
453377453377B0029XLH4YA31ZA2TIIRGF6YR. Grabowski "BeeGee"0041268352000love the reduced packagingExcellent bold coffee and I love that it is all contained in an environmentally friendly one box!
453378453378B0029XLH4YALPK8UE9QX05EDavid W. Cocain "Steelers Fan"0051268352000Love it!!!I'm drinking a cup as i write this and this is one terrific coffee! If you like the strong, burnt tasting coffees, you'll love this.
453379453379B0029XLH4YA138MQT7EVMWW1Mrs. Marty Reynolds "MReynolds"0051268006400Great CoffeeThis is a great coffee if you like it a little on the strong side, but smooth. I was surprised that it came in a plastic bag as opposed to a sealed box, but none-the-less, it was good.
453380453380B0029XLH4YA2FE2YG8W9G8UWLinda B. "politically incorrect in..."0031267833600Not my favorite CP extra boldI have tried Black Tiger and Wake Up Call so I thought I would give Jet Fuel a try. It's definitely strong enough, but both Black Tiger and Wake up Call have more interesting flavors. Jet Fuel is like a one note band and the others are like combos or symphonies. It's a great note, but honestly I am now 1/3 the way through the 50 pack and I
pretty much blend it with another k cup just for the kick. It's not a great stand alone coffee, for me. Lacks complexity is they way coffee geeks would say it. It's like a
really strong cup of diner coffee. Hot, bold, but lacking sophistication. Black Tiger is probably the most interesting cup to me; Wake up Call comes in second. With so
many really good strong extra bold k cups out there (Emeril's, GM Sumatra, Van Houtte Eclipse, etc.) Jet Fuel is just average. Just lacks the depth and flavors to make it
a top choice. I drink it black with 6 ounces of water for the brew. I'll be reordering one of the others when I need more.
453381453381B0029XLH4YA12DNNWMWX0QKBAnna0041267315200Jet Fuel Indeed!Holy smacks--this stuff is thick! I can't take it, but it's hubby's second favorite behind Santa Buzz. It's not bitter, just very intense.
453382453382B0029XLH4YAEGN09Z0R7JH0George E. Reid "George Reid"0051267228800Lovin Every CupIf you like a strong cup of coffee you found the right one,This is GREAT coffee.
453383453383B0029XLH4YA19BYLAWWED8QIPhillip A. Reynolds "PhlRey"0051267056000Bold and wonderfulI love a bold coffee and this is the best K-cup by far. Its addictive stuff. I even signed up for auto shippment.
453384453384B0029XLH4YAVZDO7PIZ984KP. Nicol0051267056000This is my FAVORITE strong cofee!!This is a fabulous strong coffee. French Roast used to be my favorite but now I have to have my Jet Fuel to wake up.If you are a die hard strong coffee lover you won't be disapointed.One review said to eat first but I drink this on an empty stomach every day and I've never had an issue.Then again I don't mind if my spoon can stand up in my cofee!
If I want to sleep at night I don't drink this one after dinner.
The 50 count frustration free packaging is the only way to go & the price is great when you choose the auto ship option.
453385453385B0029XLH4YA1H4IVXNXWWBLVchileheadcraig0051267056000One of my top 2 favorites for my Keurig brewer!After sampling a few brews, I narrowed down a couple that I would by 50 at a time. This is one of them as well as Timothys Midnight Magic. Flavor is nice and bold and I can brew a larger cup without sacrificing too much. I have the B70 and brew this at the 10-oz setting. 12-oz is just a bit too much water. I know the packaging is nice and "green" now but is a little bulky so that I can't store it in my cabinets. Not a huge issue. If you are a fan of flavorful, bold coffee, give this one a try!
453386453386B0029XLH4YA3JXSK9WWJU7RTR. Balakir0041266969600Nice Bold Tasting coffeeI likr a bold tasting coffee thats one of the problems with K-cups..this being one of the exceptions. It's a bold taste that is not bitter .
453387453387B0029XLH4YA39AAKEJEJQVB5James S. Rawls "Jay"0051266796800Great product! Lots of caffeineI like it! I like strong/bold coffee... so this is perfect. Product value was great- the price (for 50) was much cheaper than I could've gotten anywhere else. It arrived relatively quickly. I'll definitely order again.
453388453388B0029XLH4YAOBS8UBP1567CJanet K. Nelson0051266796800Great value and delicious coffee.Great value on auto ship and you have full control of the shipping schedule. Amazon gives you a discount, free shipping and quick delivery. What could be better? Love Coffee People coffees. Use Donut shop for a single cup of coffee. Since I do not like really bold coffee (I drink it black), I run 3 of the largest size water through a single Jet Fuel K-cup to stretch the value even further. Coffee People coffee is very smooth. If you like really bold coffee, you will like Jet Fuel as a single cup serving. Happy Java!
453389453389B0029XLH4YAKX2T19XFTYBKL. Lam "anon"0041266364800great for mornings, taste as is namedso... it taste like ink to me but really works in waking me up. dark roast.
453390453390B0029XLH4YAAK35FLHLF298pperrella2251329609600BEST K-CUP!!!!Fair warning: if you are not looking for strong coffee, this isn't for you! This blend is much strong than my previous favorite "black tiger". While it is strong, it doesn't have the bitterness that you get with coffee from other k-cups or Starbucks. It has a nice sweet taste that is perfect for those who take their coffee black (tastes great with milk, cream and/or sugar too!!!). I have recommended this blend to a few friends who bought it after I gave them one to try. Try and you won't be disappointed.

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