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453421453421B0029XLH4YA1GXDVRZGRUGPVDoron D. Kahana0041257379200Good Strong Cup of CoffeeGood, strong cup of coffee. I agree, it seems to have a lot of caffeine. But the flavor is nice and bitter, the color is dark, the packaging convenient, and the price is right. Nothing wrong with trying it if you like strong coffee.
453422453422B0029XLH4YAER05ICVO0ECJB. Phelps0031257033600Really REALLY strong!I love strong dark coffee, but this blend is almost over the top for me. I can only drink it once in a great while- the box I bought will last for quite some time. Love several other Coffee people blends, but the Jet Fuel is just too strong.
453423453423B0029XLH4YA36AB9V74FHPL2Mandy0041255651200Good flavor and strong enoughIf I had an unlimited budget I would buy Green Mountain Dark Magic. Since I don't, the Coffee People Jet Fuel is just fine. My husband and I both like really strong coffee and we are happy with this. We also liked the Coffee People Wake-up call, but I think the Jet Fuel is better.
453424453424B0029XLH4YA20D9VGCF3P13LRoyBlaze0051255478400If you like wimpy coffee don't get this!I have a Keurig coffeemaker on recommendation of friends and I love it. I also like coffee with caffeine, I find that "Jet Fuel" is not just hype but a real blast to wake me up in the morning. If you need a "jolt" in the morning this is it!!!!!!!!!!
453425453425B0029XLH4YAZQK36N9WF3BVLois W. Gallo "Lois G."0051253145600Best coffee and most economical way to get K-cupsI have been using Amazon to order K-cups for several months and am happy with the product, price and delivery. Thank you.
453426453426B0029XLH4YA2YFF8C7TY0GH4coffee lover3521255824000not that greatThe packaging is great - the coffee - not so much, harsh flavor and I love dark roast blends - so I am no wimp. This coffee leaves a lot to be desired, I cannot wait until it is all gone and I can move on to the next box of different and better coffee!
453427453427B0029XLH4YAO2N3K0BJQLCTPessoa1231318896000Jet Fuel K-Cups, just OKI have found the quality control of my recent purchases of K-Cups to be marginal, at best. I look for cups whose foil covers bulge at the top. Unfortunately, many of the cups seem to have their seals breached, and the cover is flat and sometimes concave. The performance of these cups is often terrible, with grounds escaping both within the coffee maker and into the cup of coffee and coffee even spilling out of the maker beyond the bounds of the rim of the cup. Worse yet, the taste of the coffee is lifeless and insipid. In a word, it is stale. When the packaging seems intact the coffee tastes fine, and there is no mess or clean up necessary. I'll keep searching for a more reliable provider.
453428453428B0029XLH4YA3LR47S4I7Q0NSJohn Doe1211317600000Strong coffee, butFinally a strong cup of coffee. I found that I had a lot of coffee grounds in the bottom of the cup. Also some of the foil was misaligned allowing coffee grounds to spill throughout the box.
453429453429B0029XLH4YAJLPK1MBCCA93veki1211315180800The worse coffee flavorThis is the worse coffee flavor that I had ever tasted amoung the k cup brands.
It says "jet fuel", and it really reminds me of jet fuel in my mouth and the smell
453430453430B0029XLH4YA2RVM746EFUG9NTed1221295827200two stars for the price increaseI thought I had found the ultimate coffee for my k-cup machine then in the last couple of weeks the price increases by $6 for 50 k-cups. Now I will start searching again for a more affordable k-cup or maybe it is time to retire the k-cup machine.

The coffee is a 5 star coffee.
453431453431B0029XLH4YADAFRF62JL5NYS. Igo "Danana"1221295827200Much better extra bold flavors out thereJet Fuel is an extremely bitter blend. I normally drink my coffee with a little bit of milk and a teaspoon of sugar. In order to even choke this down I would probably need a half cup of sugar. Ridiculous. I haven't had the trouble with grounds in my coffee and don't really care about the price point, but hate the taste of this k-cup. Will not be buying again.
453432453432B0029XLH4YA8M42EXA7NB5L-- "Jane Eyre lover"1221294876800Love the coffee - HATE Amazon's price hikeThis is one of our very favorite K Cup selections -- bold and deep flavor. It HAS been a staple in our household, but no longer. I'm not sure what Amazon's reasoning is for the huge and sudden price hike. I read that they claimed it's an increased price from the manufacturer, but all other retailers that I count on for K Cups have kept the same price, so that seems like an excuse. At $27 a 50-ct. case, I can walk into any number of retailers with a basic sale or easily accessible coupon and get a MUCH better deal. Sorry Amazon! I love you, but I won't be buying any more K Cups from you unless you bring back the reasonable pricing.
453433453433B0029XLH4YA35R32TA60XD57M. Torma1231289174400Too much of a bite for me.I love a good cup of strong coffee, but this has way too much of a bite for me. Even my husband, who does like it a little bolder than I do, thought the same. If you are looking for a smooth, full bodied coffee, this is NOT it. If, on the other hand, you want something that is bound to curl your toes in an attempt to wake you up, this will do it. Not what I look for in coffee though. I like to be awakened with ease, not a jolt.
453434453434B0029XLH4YA150Y6RN6CVLN3C. Taylor1221287187200Passable, but muddyNOTE: This is a review of this coffee in the K-cup format, not of Amazon's packaging. However, I have never had trouble with the Frustration-free packaging; I simply cannot comment in this case.

Reviewer's preferences: Strong, medium-dark roast coffees, mid-to-heavily sweetened with whole milk (4:1 ratio or a little heavier toward the coffee side). I occasionally add a hint of vanilla syrup and cream or half-and-half if a coffee is overly bitter.

I picked up this coffee in a large sampler box of Coffee People "Extra Bold" K-cups, which I have just finished off. The collection contained the following blends/coffees: Wake-up Call, Jet Fuel, Black Tiger, and Organic. I have had each coffee multiple times. From the four, I give the Organic blend the top spot with a slight edge over Black Tiger (we're talking 9.1/10 over 9.0/10 here). Both the Black Tiger and Organic were strong and bold in flavor but not too bitter, while the Wake-up Call tended to be a little more harsh on the palate. The Jet Fuel blend was appropriately named, as it almost always required a little vanilla and more milk or even heavy cream to make it palatable.

Qualities of Coffee People Jet Fuel:
Dark, almost burned coffee flavor (think bad Sumatran roast). Heavy bitterness that overwhelms the flavor, harsh on the back of the tongue and a fully bitter aftertaste, but probably drinkable if you are a fan of Sumatran or French Roast coffees. Medium acidity, a little tangy but not really sour, with an earthy flavor that tends toward muddy. Flavor envelops the entire mouth, but generally overwhelms the palate. Heavy body, but not sludgy, though your mouth may be convinced otherwise from the flavor. While I can and sometimes do drink other coffees black (mostly full-bodied medium roasts), I can't imagine anyone drinking this black even if they take their espresso that way. Requires sweetener and cream/half-and-half or a heavy addition of milk. Personally, I had to use a small splash of vanilla syrup to hide the bitterness. Drinkable, but just barely with better choices available. Hard to find the good qualities in the disappointing profile. Certainly not the WORST dark roast I have had, however.

I give this 2 stars for one reason. If you were using this coffee as an ingredient where you wanted the coffee and perhaps the bitterness to not be hidden too much, then this would be an excellent choice over many harsh Sumatran and French Roast coffees.
453435453435B0029XLH4YA311HT7T1V8QHYMurphy the Dog "Murph"1231284595200Coffee taste alrightThis is my first shipment for this coffee. I'm on a subscription basis. Each K-Cup is flushed with nitrogen and then sealed in an air-tight, moisture-tight cup. This lid is adhered to the top of the cartridge as soon as it is filled with fresh coffee or tea grounds, and the K-Cup remains air-tight and moisture-free until the needle of your Keurig brewer punctures the foil. However in this shipment 35 of the 50 k-cups were deflated and lost there seal. Not sure how fresh this coffee is since the seal was broken prior to shipment. If the next shipment returns the same result I'll go back to paying more for a fresher product.
453436453436B0029XLH4YA15EF28WWL99QBAndrew J. Sippel "DrewpyDog"1241255392000Not what you're thinkingFirst of all, I like this coffee. It is smooth, aromatic and doesn't bite going down.

Having said that, I expected it to be a strong, aggresive coffe that stripped the skin off the roof of my mouth. It didn't.

I would likely buy this again, but only if I was looking for a milder coffee, which I don't do very often.
453437453437B0029XLH4YA2PAK2EHZK0HPRD. C. Reeder "No One Important"4721239408000Love Coffee People, but Not Jet FuelLet me begin by saying I am a huge Coffee People fan. My wife is from Oregon and anytime we visited her family my first priority was visiting one of their shops. I was deeply disappointed to see their stores absorbed by Starbuck's (nothing against Starbuck's, they make a good cup of coffee and are a very responsible company). Having tried Jet Fuel, I find it tastes like it sounds, with a bitter and chemical finish. I'm no connoisseur, but I know what I like, generally bold coffees, and this may be bold, but also harsh with an unpleasant finish. I'd recommend passing on this one and explore their other excellent coffees.
453438453438B0029XLH4YA2JNWS0OSX49U7Carolyn D. "Carolyn"2431248393600Waaay to strong.I like my coffee strong, french roast (Timothy's) but this Jet fuel is not enjoyable.
453439453439B0029XLH4YA2E9TGX5TMQSVFsizzle722411314316800disgustingSmells and tastes like true jet fuel. Absolutely disgusting! I would not ever dare to pay for a cup of this nastiness!
453440453440B0029XLH4YA3HFJKQL15F9G4jdubs452411285718400Maybe it really IS jet fuelI'd like to give the manuafacturers the benefit of the doubt, but this stuff is hard to swallow (no pun intended). I love strong coffee, from the Sumatras to the other dark roasts. That's why I purchased the Jet Fuel. I also purchased the Kona coffee from the same coffee co. - that is a great roast and I would recommend to anyone. But this coffee actually has the aroma of old cigarettes...not too appetizing. I could have just received a bad batch and I'll look to return what I have left (I did give it a few tries).
453441453441B0029XLH4YA2Y1C00DYGVH4FBrandon2411267056000Almost UndrinkableBy far the most BITTER coffee I have ever had in my life. Like the donut shop blend, figured i'd try the others. This one is horrid. Not even joking, its borderline undrinkable.
453442453442B0029XLH4YADGDMQIRBQSGRDana Allred0131327622400Not as good as usualI have ordered many other types of coffee from GMC before and had no issues, however these k-cups were not as good as they usually are. There were grounds in most of the coffee after brewing, which is unusual for k-cups and a few of the cups were perforated in the box. I will order kcups again from this seller but I was a bit disappointed in this shipment.

The flavor of this coffee was great!!!
453443453443B0029XLH4YA2UPPLL368TXRJJuicyLucy0111323475200Not uniqueI read many reviews before buying both Jet Fuel and Black Tiger because I really wanted an extra strong k-cup brew. I hate to say this but neither of these brews are stronger than any other "extra bold" brews I have tried. If you get this just know that you still need to use a smaller amount of water to make a strong cup of bold tasting coffee. I think the new Starbucks bold brews actually make a stronger cup of coffee.
453444453444B0029XLH4YA4FKMNHF0XWTSRichard Frederick "Run Coach"0111322524800spewing coffee grounds all overthese pods are defective . They spew coffee grounds all over the place and in the cup of coffee. I use others and this is the only one I've had a problem with!
453445453445B0029XLH4YA24V0SRCB8XBACJames B. Williams0111322179200Jet Fuel K - Cups, not the best....I buy K-Cups from Amazon regularly but the Jet Fuel Cup are not very good....I would stay with Green Mountian Brand or some of the other name brands........
453446453446B0029XLH4YAH4OIDKO16KJ7Aaron Edwards0121315353600Just not the same...Those of you who lived in Portland during the 80s and 90s remember the real coffee people, before they sold their shops. This, simply put, is not the same coffee. I think I'll just go to the airport, or better yet, Jim and Patty's instead.
453447453447B0029XLH4YA37VQFMLKSCNBGmphilip0121304985600WeakI read the reviews for this coffee and bought it based on that. I can not say that I am impressed. This coffee does not have the nice aroma that the Gloria Jeans black Gold had nor does it have any taste. Not impressed.
453448453448B0029XLH4YA8W8A8SXN3MGDemunoz0131295827200Price IncreaseThe price just increased by about $6 for 50 k-cups. What's that about, I've been purchasing this coffee for about a year, with automatic subscription every 2 months and now I get a price hike. Not too happy about it - need to start shopping around!!!!!!!
453449453449B0029XLH4YA3UZLUWFTAZQ2BKaren M Lane0111295308800Defective K cupsAfter trying all differant varieties of k cups this one has defective seals.Many cups full of coffee grinds.I saw other reviews stateing the same save your money dont buy these!!!!
453450453450B0029XLH4YA1BN2GY1NDI7EJPorter Yax0131287100800Not bad at all!A little on the acrid side of bitter, but what else could you expect when you order a coffee named "Jet Fuel"?
Definitely one of the best bang for your buck coffees available for the Keurig machines here on I also loved the no hassle packaging, no extra stuff that will take up room in my recycling bin.
I'd buy it again, but I will have to resupply my vanilla creamer stash waaaay more often. I usually like my coffee black but this one is a bit much! If you love super bold coffee, go for it! If you are a breakfast blend with cream and sugar kinda person, maybe opt for the Donut Shop K-Cups instead.

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