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453481453481B0029XLH4YA1IU435WJFW0KHRustyCee1151317513600Good Strong Coffee!If you are tired of the traditionally weak K-Cup coffees, then the "Coffee People Jet Fuel" brand is for You. I steered away from using my Keuring Brewer because the other branded, so called, "Extra Bold" coffees I brewed were not Strong enough. I tried the Jet Fuel and this coffee brought me back to using my Keuring Brewer on a daily basis. This coffee is Strong, Extra Bold and NOT Bitter. Highly Recommended!
453482453482B0029XLH4YA2Y42FYX0JWUBID. Savard "guys guy"1111313539200I had to change my review. No longer a good coffee (in my opinion)Update to my review: August 2012: It appears they have changed the formula for this coffee. It now tastes very thin to me.

It used to have a good film of oil on the top after brewing (I don't know what that oil slick is called - but I see it on all the good coffee I drink).

Anyway, oil spill is not there any more...

Nor is the taste...


First Review...

For my taste buds - this is it. Rich and full - with no burnt taste. 'Hint' of sweet finish - i.e. not bitter.

Hard to believe this is pod coffee.

Five stars!


About my tastes...

I have been drinking K-Cups for two years and tried about 2 dozen types of coffee. Most recently, Timothy's Espresso, which I found it to be thin - and almost undrinkable (after my experience with Jet Fuel).

I just order Black Tiger - but not in yet - so no comparison.

Also, I often drink Newman's (my wife picks up at Sam's Club). I thought that was pretty good until the Jet Fuel. Newman's is fairly rich - but has a slightly over-roasted taste for me... again,compared to the Jet Fuel.
453483453483B0029XLH4YA1AC6YYMVQEB10Richard P. Voss1151313193600It should be called Rocket FuelJets don't leave the atmosphere, right? Well, this stuff will put you in orbit!

I prefer a 60-cent cup of this to what $4 would buy at Starbucks. At that rate the savings will pay for the entire Keurig coffee maker in less than 10 weeks.

The flavor is strong (but good), so you might want to add creamer to mitigate it.
453484453484B0029XLH4YA1GQDX3EK7N3OBJ. A. Pritchett1151312070400Great for Making Larger CupsWhat I look for in a Keurig cup is the strength to make large cups of coffee. This one has it and with a pleasant flavor too. I am able to brew a large into my travel mug and then top it off with the smaller setting into the same mug and it still tastes great.
453485453485B0029XLH4YA1BBQD43IW6O8Gsimplyroro1111307232000jet fuel is correctly namedThis is the worst kcup I have tried to date. It is bitter, burnt and tastes just like its name. A complete waste of money! Completely unhappy with it. Will never order it again!
453486453486B0029XLH4YA395YYP6DG6CJVKaityB1141307145600great coffee, but not the best packagingI love the coffee itself except for the fact that the package only had 48 cups not 50 and i get grounds in my coffee about every 4th cup. its not a ton of grounds but enough to be annoyingand i dont want to have to put a strainer on top of my cup but it looks like i may have to. other than that it is wonderful, almost as strong as i like but will be getting espresso kcups next time.
453487453487B0029XLH4YA1M6JB8XB0OR8PAPacilli1151305936000Awesome Fuel for the MorningI've been a huge fan K-Cups for the past 6 years at first I started buying from Bed Bath and Beyond but the selections were very few. So I decided to try something different and found Jet Fuel. The taste is amazing with a rich, strong bold flavour. Its very comparable to some of the Starbucks and Kona brand coffee but at half the price.
453488453488B0029XLH4YAWKLGXEE0POO1WW2Buff1151305849600Jet Fuel...the name says it all!Out of all of the bold K-cup coffees that are available on Amazon, I drink only two. Jet Fuel is one of them. It is so smooth and flavorful, but without the bitterness that some bold coffees exhibit. Coffee People has done a great job of formulating a coffee which will "kick-start" you in the morning, but I must confess that even if Jet Fuel was de-caf, I'd still drink it just for the exquisite flavor!
453489453489B0029XLH4YAZ65W8C4CPKSTSally1151302998400Best X-BoldI have tried many X-Bold coffee K-cups and find Jet Fuel the only ones strong enough for me. I Keep coming back to these, so now I am sticking with these for good. I don't understand, though, why the company took the "X-Bold" out of the name.
453490453490B0029XLH4YA2LPUUH1PZQ0OMmelanie1151302307200A bold coffee, not for the weak of heart!My husband loves this coffee, as for him it's the stronger the better. We have tried several flavors, strengths and brands and this is his favorite! I prefer a touch lighter, and like the Emeril's Gourmet dark, but don't mind this one.Coffee People Jet Fuel K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50)
453491453491B0029XLH4YA1ISBMRMZ36M9SQuestioner1151297209600The best K-cup so far!We bought a Keurig for Christmas and have gone through the 80 cups that came with the machine along with well over a dozen cases of other flavors that have been 'highly recommended'. Jet Fuel has been our favorite thus far. In fact, we've reordered it twice already.

That said, we prefer strong coffee. Jet Fuel tastes perfect no matter which size you make. There is NO bitterness or aftertaste that you find in some of the other k-cups. I'm picky, I'd be the first to complain!

If you like strong coffee, try Jet Fuel. Other flavors that have been superior are: Green Mtn. Espresso (hubby alternates between these two), Emeril's Big Easy Bold, Revv, Timothy's Parisian Nights, and Paul Neumann's Organic EB.

Donut House and Timothy's Midnight Magic were EB's that were highly rated, but I found them to have bitter/weird after tastes. I have not enjoyed the flavored coffees at all. GLoria Jean's Butter Toffee was particularly dissappointing.

If I had to buy only one flavor of k-cup, Jet Fuel would be it.
453492453492B0029XLH4YAYHH3IL637HZJbacacre1151296864000strong and boldI prefer a mild coffee but my husband can never find a coffee that's bold enough until now, he loves the jet fuel and I think the name makes him feel more manly.
453493453493B0029XLH4YA3OTDZL80FBKMGJohn M. Krumenacker1141294617600Excellent at $20 - Not worth it at $30....This is really strong, really bold coffee. It is almost addictive if you like good strong coffee. I am just not sure it is worth it at the now $30/case price.
453494453494B0029XLH4YAFUXTGCPPI8BP. McDowell1151287619200Jet Fuel (update)My husband and I like our coffee strong but not bitter, and Jet Fuel is our favorite. We increased our Subscribe and Save order to three a month if that tells you anything. This is good stuff, lots of flavor but smooth at the same time.
12-15-10 The price of this has gone up substantially. The price was 37c but now is 47c per on Subscribe and Save and 56c otherwise. Costco is selling at about 44 cents per. Costco unfortunately does not sell Jet Fuel, but we may have to switch to Tully's if the Amazon price doesn't come back down.
453495453495B0029XLH4YA38OETU3HI8UZ4Santamedic "Santamedic"1141287360000Good stuffA consistently good, bold brew. One of my favorites by far. It has flavor reminiscent of chicory, and just about, but not bitter. On the auto delivery program, can't beat the price. Try one with a Cafe Escapes Mocha added. Giddy up!
453496453496B0029XLH4YAOPIPPFB29Y5Dgary1141287360000jet fuel don't let the name scare youThey call it jet fuel but it has a nice taste , they use to call jet fuel the
stuff on the bottom coffee pot at the local greasy spoon but this is mellow compared to that stuff not a bad cup of Joe at all also it great buy !!
453497453497B0029XLH4YA2KUUWP4ZZMOBPJolly Green Giant "You can try Birchbox too! ...1151286755200One of the best "extra bold" k-cups out thereIt took me a LONG time to decide to order something called Jet Fuel. I was very put off by the thought of drinking Jet Fuel. Yet, I'm glad I tried this. It's very similar to Green Mountain Dark Magic. When I need a coffee that can wake me up, this is the one I turn to. The flavor is smooth yet very dark, rich, and bold.
453498453498B0029XLH4YAS0BN6JTJFAL8S. B. Hartnett1151286496000Awesome coffee & value!WE were looking for a bold coffee that didn't taste bitter..well this is it! My husband and I both love it and I can fill my thermos mug for work and it still tastes great! I would definitely buy again. Also have tried the Black Tiger which is just as good.
453499453499B0029XLH4YA3HVRZFEO945IKTina1151286409600Excellent Bold CoffeeGreat coffee for those coffee lovers who like a strong cup of coffee. We use the biggest cup brew on our Breville coffee maker and have been enjoying Jet Fuel as that "extra pick me up" coffee in the house!
453500453500B0029XLH4YA88UEQ2TAYRK2Kenneth Harder "imuscleman"1151286323200Bold Brew Jet Fuel Says It AllJet Fuel, Rocket fuel, gets me going in the am, very bold full body blend. Afternoon I make 3 cups with just 2 pods
453501453501B0029XLH4YAQZEFYZ3CH7TRBill Kuehn1151285891200Kick StartI purchased this coffee for when I wanted to made double runs with my coffee maker. For large cup sizes you can do a 10oz and then lift the lift like a new cup has been added and then do a 4oz or 8 oz on top of the orginal 10 oz. The Jet Fuel is strong enough for my taste to allow me get away with this on one cup and not lose the flavor. Works for me....
453502453502B0029XLH4YA1N9RHWPK4Y0S4ds206371151285804800great coffeeThis is a great coffee for a great price. I love kcups because the brew is always perfect, and jet fuel is a very bold brew to get me going.
453503453503B0029XLH4YA14WERXA5JD11BRSS1151285632000True robust flavor for a pod.Enjoy two pods every morning. Most pods are not strong enough for me but this one does it.
453504453504B0029XLH4YA162VNVBBK1QWWI hate to review but I will this time "Sunny"1141285545600Jet fuelI like home made espresso, starbucks bold drip coffee and bold coffee that's not bitter. Jet fuel is bold, but not strong as home made over the gas range espresso or starbuck's bold drip. It is much smoother than black tiger though, and the strength is similar to black tiger. If you drink black tiger after jet fuel, you will definitely notice Black tiger's bitterness. When I use one jet fuel with 4oz water serving choice, it gets pretty close to starbuck's.

Before buying from amazon, I used to buy emeril's big easy, but jet fuel is stronger, and through coffee people and amazon's club, this is the cheapest way to purchase coffee for keurig machines. Cheaper than Costco or sams club.
453505453505B0029XLH4YAVU2IGP3BQ7HSMrs. Pam Donoghue1151285286400It really IS jet fuel!!!!I love the Coffee People monthly plan! This is a wonderful gift for our kids who live across the U.S. from us and now that we have a Keurig coffee machine, we too have signed up for the monthly delivery. Great price, great coffee! TOTALLY recommend it!
453506453506B0029XLH4YA31WAHZKJMEYFXbkahlich1131284163200Jet FuelIts OK. I think that its good coffee I just don't jive with the taste/
453507453507B0029XLH4YA3A62H9JZG5TMFTIMOTHY GIRARD1141284076800Good strong cup of coffeeOne of my favorite bold flavors. Many of the K-cups are too weak for us, including the flavored varieties. If you like a stronger cup of coffee than this one is for you!
453508453508B0029XLH4YA3NUREVMB9MCSHI. Koch1151284076800Scary name for good coffee.When you offer it to someone, they might freak on the name. But it has a great taste. One of my favorites.
453509453509B0029XLH4YA3S9QVVBFGJS1Bjackrussellwrangler1151284076800ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!If you love bold coffee, this is for you. I have been really impressed with this brand and order several of their selections.
453510453510B0029XLH4YA3DCXDQZPEFETXSherry Chupka1151282435200great coffeeI like this dark roast coffee, I make the large cup and it is still flavorful

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