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453541453541B000VDNB34A10LJGO7OYDQGHTony Heacock0051273622400Not your "regular" sunflower seedsI stumbled on these Jim Beam sunflower seeds at a local convenience store and found them a great alternative to regular sunflower seeds. They were hard to find locally, and began buying through Amazon by the case. Great flavor, great quality, and great savings. I will continue to purchase these seeds instead of just the old regular ones.
453542453542B000VDNB34A30RZLZQW5JL07A. D. Marson0051269648000Jim Beam is King!These are the best sunflower seeds available, hands down, bar none! Tried them all. Expect plenty of salty jalapeno flavor, a little sweet Jim Beam distillery, and a huge nut inside. Each bag had great texture and cracked with consistency.They go good with soda, but they are the best combined with your favorite brew.
453543453543B000VDNB34A2JD5AD4H7SCX6Montrose "Sun Flower Addict"0051266537600Jim Beam Jalapeno Sunflower Seeds.I am a very satisfied customer, not only with the product but also with Amazons exceptional customer care. At one time I was able to purchase this product in my home town but then it was discontinued for some reason, & then I checked out Thanks Amazon, I'll be back.
453544453544B000VDNB34A36BLFG3531725Robert L. Schildknecht0051244073600Best Sunflower Seeds bar noneI have tried all of the others (David & Sons and others) but none compare to the Sunflower seeds by Jim Beam. They have a flavor that I just can't eat a few but sometimes I have gone through the whole bag in one sitting. I really like the flavored ones BBQ, Jalapeno more than the original because of their distinct flavor. You can't go wrong with purchasing these seeds.
453545453545B000VDNB34A1B9OCGAMDFZZEJyl A. Johnson "calamity jyl"0051212364800The BEST snack addiction I've ever had...These are by far the most addictive sunflower seeds in the history of mankind. I can't get enough of these things...seriously!
453546453546B000VDNB34A3BJB07LEHV6LKGG0311319414400GrossVery distinct taste, but its a gross taste. I bot a box based on the reviews. I sat thru eating one bag, but cant eat anymore. In fact, I cant even give them away to anyone in the office bc they taste so bad.

Try them before you buy a box
453547453547B005GNXIYQA1Z54EM24Y40LLc23351325462400AWESOME, even if you don't like flavored coffee!One of the largest surprises of this coffee is that those people who HATE flavored coffee go crazy over this one. The coffee is very smooth, never tart or burnt, and is outstandingly like hot chocolate if you mix in enough half-and-half and sugar. My husband grabbed this bag when he saw it in the cabinet and well, he just never gave it back! All from the man who hates those "foo-foo" coffees I like to drink. Every person who's tried this, particularly the ones who hate flavored coffee, just love this stuff and, since chocolate is what Godiva does best, WHO else to make this? Great, great, great stuff, the HIT of every gathering, HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend!
453548453548B005GNXIYQA2H4SV44VT8IV6J. M. Gordon "Artist"2251322438400Delicious!This is the smoothest coffee I've ever had. I love this flavor! Now if only it had decaf! This is the only coffee I want to drink from now on!
453549453549B005GNXIYQA2C16DNCC7NF7HTerrie S1151349740800There is nothing else better!!!!!!I have drank probably all the chocolate flavered coffees on the market and this is the ONLY one that you can really taste the flavor. The price is wonderful. I have seen just one bag for the price but with this you get two. I highly recommend it!
453550453550B005GNXIYQA2GSQZEJRMV6RAT. Casanova "thialicious!"1151341705600Delicious!After trying other brands I feel that this product has a very smooth and velvety rich chocolate flavor that delivers whether served hot or cold. YUM!
453551453551B005GNXIYQA9NNIBYBAFUKZCatalina1151339372800the best coffee ever tastI discovered it by chance this coffee in a shop in LAX airport. from that moment I became addictive to Godiva Chocolate Truffle coffee:)
453552453552B005GNXIYQAY0G9MBK3AT13CJ1151336003200I love this coffee!I love this coffee! It has a wonderful, rich chocolate smell and it tastes about as good as it smells too. I went through a bag about twice as quick as I normally do for other kinds of coffee.
453553453553B005GNXIYQA1Z4N5B9FKB0KZDebbie1151335052800Best morning treat!!!!Hey chocolate lovers!!!! Godiva Chocolate Truffle coffee is by far the BEST coffee to wake up to every morning...It's silky, smooth, chocolate taste makes you feel like you are having a chocolate treat for breakfast!!! ENJOY...MY favorite EVER!!!!
453554453554B005GNXIYQASXFUXUXIQRIBhayblade1151334966400Godiva Chocolate Truffle CoffeeI love this coffee. I have ordered it four times. It is NOT like hot chocolate. No acid burn with this. Better latte than Starbucks.
453555453555B005GNXIYQA26TU6FFW3FXBABluenegative1151328745600Best Coffee EverThis is hands-down my all-time-favorite coffee. It is very sweet, very chocolaty, and so smooth. It doesn't help that it is very difficult to find. I discovered this coffee in a grocery store in Seattle, WA. Living in Atlanta, GA I searched the local stores and the internet with no luck for a replacement. It isn't even posted on the Godiva website. Of all the people I've served this too, I have never had someone dislike it, even those who said they don't drink flavored coffee. My advice is try this at least once, you will fall in love.
453556453556B005GNXIYQA87S3I86X2GE6AAA1151324166400Excellent CoffeeI have been drinking the Gevalia coffee for years now. I must say the Godvia coffee is even better in my opinion. It has a more rich taste and a stronger aroma. It is also a little cheaper than Gevalia. Godiva is now my new morning coffee.
453557453557B005GNXIYQAWTCRB54HV2LMAnnRay "AnnRay"0111348876800Only so, so.......Expected it to be good since it was a Godiva product. It was bearly tastey. Now I am trying to figure out how to make it taste better, so I don't waste my money.
453558453558B002Y6ZYEAA1JHXIJJ773BZRGeekyErin6651266192000Aromatic, delicious, and delightful.This extract is excellent, and it shipped really fast. It's great in blueberry muffins, and works well as a fragrance. I would also recommend it rather than tasty puff for a delicate flavour in your tobacco.
453559453559B002Y6ZYEAA2E9YR1NPPK7IWMarylander6651265846400Lavender flavor extract adds zing to teas and coffeesThe lavender flavor is not found everywhere, and works well in tea or coffee.
I like to add true vanilla extract as a base flavor.
453560453560B002Y6ZYEAAM995K8543MCOShannon0051319932800nicei love the taste of lavender but if you use to much it can be soapy tasting and thats just really bad..
453561453561B002Y6ZYEAAQMDFV28XQ8SESunshine2411311811200Contains propylene glycolI did not realize until I received this product, that it contains propylene glycol. To be fair to the seller, if you read down the amazon page far enough, that fact is stated. However, I find the thought of ingesting propylene glycol disgusting, so I am going to search for a replacement that is pure natural lavender.
453562453562B001E5E0V0A2ZKXGAW9W0C40Christopher A. Dowling "tintinet"3351191801600Nice upscale blend!Really excellent coffee. A bit of the bite of Jamaican Blue mellowed slightly by the Americans. Balanced medium roast with pleasant aroma and satisfying brewed flavor and body. French press preparation recommended.
453563453563B001E5E0V0A22JKVBASB9V6IMusashi1151308355200My preferred mountain Blue Blend.I've been alternating between this and the Magnum Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend Coffee, Whole Bean, 2 Lb Bag as my everyday coffee, and I find the flavor of this coffee still entertains my palate, while the Magnum has become boring with repetition.
Yeah I know -- a very subjective review! Of course your mileage may vary, but here's a good coffee at a reasoable price.
453564453564B001E5E0V0AFZ63RQTTJE4Njeffbanyon1151267574400Not true blue, but Irie!I've been a fan of Reggie's Roast for quite a while now. I've tried the Terrazu and the other blue mountain blend they offer and have been please with all of them. In fact I have all three set for Subscribe and Save!

I recently had gotten some pure Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica and I wanted to compare it to the Irie Blend from Reggie's. I didn't find it really comparable, but the Reggie's Roast has a great flavor for a blend and is a great way to get some Blue Mountain flavor for a good price. Out of all of the Reggie's Roast coffees I've tried, this has to be my favorite.

Reggie's Roast is a good quality coffee company and I will be staying with this company for my day-to-day coffee needs.
453565453565B001E5E0V0A2E609QFD6KSWSL. G. Paisley "L. G. P."1141215129600Very good--better than you'd expect from a non-specialty storeReceived this as a gift from a friend who knows how much we love coffee. I must admit I was a bit skeptical of coffee from Amazon. The coffee is very good and fresh--each can is individually sealed and stayed fresh during the week or so it took to finish the can.
Flavor is vell-balanced coffee with a bit of the floral and sweeter notes you expect from New World coffees.
Technically, it is a blend--not 100% Blue Mountain--if you are a purist. But coffee is often enhanced by blending and this is no exception.
I definitely plan to buy more Reggie's!
453566453566B001E5E0V0A32AGGY0MMY694Ryan L. Johnson0051348099200Full tasteI used this with Chemex and made perhaps the best cup of coffee I've ever created. Great aroma and very fast delivery. The cans were in pristine condition.
453567453567B001E5E0V0A34FZWZ8GVRWAU13Stones0031322352000Grinding to dustWhen I started grinding the beans I noticed a slight haze coming from the grinder.. The coffee smelled great but when I went to put into the filters it was dust, not that oily tacky moist but not wet type of grind but this was pure dust like the beans were either very old or roasted to long. I believe if they would sent a fresher batch it probably would have been the best cup of coffee I ever had. I might try them again, maybe after Christmas. All in all it's a questionable buy, I would have to give them a second try to give a solid review, but for now I would say it would be a C+ or a B- at best.
453568453568B001E5E0V0A1V890P9BE8NAAStephen Lint0051249430400MMMmmmmmmm, Good coffeSmmoooth, no bite to it, it even took the bite out of my french roast when I mixed it 50/50, I use the milita single cup coffe filter holder, 1 put in a tablespoon of each, excellent, all 3 of mine were whole bean, guess I got lucky & didn't get any pre-ground, off to try the Negril Blend.
453569453569B001E5E0V0A2I4L5WQ1X7G2WBruce "M-37 Bruce"1251215648000Reggie's RoastExcellent coffee, serious caffeine!! Unfortunately I prefer to purchase my JOE already ground. By nature, I'm a lazy chef. LOL
453570453570B001E5E0V0A1S8BR9ZBBCYENI. OLeary "IOL"1211214092800poor choiceI was very disappointed. The beans did not seem fresh, little aroma when ground, insipid taste.

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