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453606453606B001E4S850AJZR5U7FZIWCSclaallan41931271635200Not a Bargain?I was attracted to this listing (and email ad) because we prefer Skippy p.b. But, when I figured the price, I found we can buy the larger size at our local super at considerably less per ounce than buying this 16.3 ounce size.
453607453607B001E4S850A3U9EP9OX93VB5T SHAFF113511286150400Junk FoodI was eating Earth Balance Natural Peanut Butter for a while, but couldn't resist jumping on a Skippy sale. The taste is by far completely different compared to the Earth Balance. Reading the ingredients on the Skippy jar, I realized there was added sugar and hydrogenated oils. I admit, I have a sweet tooth, but the amount of sugar added here must be used to cover up the filler. You're getting less actual peanut butter and more oil and sugar than other brands. I really liked the taste of the Earth Balance much better as Skippy tasted like candy (which is prob why kids prefer it). Pass on this junk food and ween yourself off the sugar intake. I'll use this to fill the Kong toy for my dogs.
453608453608B001E4S850A2TNOIW4OBI1TLhouseboy 6901341281052800Anette FunicelloAnette Funicello on KROQ advertising this in the early 80's on Rodney on the ROQ NUFF said Seriously a yummy pnut butter Throw in Brooke Shields MMMMMMMM
453609453609B001E4S850AM9LRYG6YXV83P. Verkhovensky "uebermensch"1251112146112001.7oz less is not enoughI'd like to be the first to congratulate Skippy on reducing the size of its product from 18oz to 16.3oz. This demonstrates the same proactive business philosophy as its continued use of trans fats. However, I am forced to deduct 4 stars for the inclusion of .3oz of unnecessary peanut butter. Since 16oz is a comfortable number for consumers it is completely unacceptable to include more than 15.5oz. This is especially unfortunate since Skippy already sells its "natural" peanut butter in 15oz jars. Fortunately, we can look forward to this 16.3oz jar being phased out for the already introduced 12oz size. Someday soon I hope to see consumers buying a two dozen of 1.2oz jars of 25% pure peanut butter for only one week's wages.
453610453610B001E4S850A3UU78T2T48LHJC. One12711287964800did not recieve itemIt says it was delivered on the 22nd i have not received any items!! Please cancel and refund my order or re-issue me another one! i have not received anything!
453611453611B0005ZHYSGAP8WYLK22RBOMRobert P. Bloom "Inuchance"131541119916800Great candy for a great price!I was not let down by this product. Though I had to wait a few days for it to arrive, when I could just walk down the road and buy one at the gas station, and the price for shipping was a little much, it was well worth the wait. It came in its own tube, which is braggable, but the M&Ms were smaller than I am used to. Still, they deliver great taste at a price that even the most underpaid of us can appreciate.
453612453612B003EB4DQEA30CZO5HAOF2YASolomon2251304380800Yum!Fancy has the best flavor, and Mansfield has the best deal. Order through Amazon with Prime because I just can't get the Fancy grade in stores in Atlanta.

Great deal!
453613453613B007DG2S04AQW18AKL89JEHemarie_791111340668800UncertainWe just received our first bag of yaky nuggets and immediately had to see what they did when microwaved, so we threw it in for 37seconds. After about 2 seconds, the microwave started acting like there was a metal spoon in there with the nugget. So I stopped it and we decided to put it in a coffee cup and tried again. It worked ok that sparks or loud creepy noises. Not sure I'm gonna feed them to my dog though, maybe I'll contact the manufacturer first.
453614453614B007DG2S04A32AQG71HJVMFTkimberly L. myers0051344124800My dogs ADORE these!!!I have two pitbulls with sensitive stomachs, so I have to be careful what I feed them. I first started with the original Himalayan chew, and while my dogs love them, they leave tiny/sharp pieces around everywhere, and eventually get whittled down to small pieces that they can choke on. When I saw the puffs, I decided to try them. They are SO cool.....the bigger pieces take longer than the recommended time to fully puff but they are fabulous! My dogs were so excited and kept sniffing around everywhere to make sure there were no more left to munch on. They were super crunchy, but still seemed lighter than the full blown Himalayan chew. I am so happy I bought these and will recommend these to everyone I know who has dogs. I will definitely be buying this product again!!! THe yaky yams are fabulous too!!!
453615453615B000UFZUY6A7QU23J1DXG6FAstrid Fingerhut2251329264000Perfect for sparkling water!I bought a SodaStream soda maker several months ago to cut down on the expense of buying carbonated soda water. I gave up artificial sweeteners a few years ago and didn't want to drink sugary drinks, so I hoped that I would be able to use the SodaStream to replace the fairly pricey carbonated water I was buying (LaCroix).

I quickly realized that the flavorings for fancy water were not as simple as I'd hoped to replicate. Slicing fruit into the water was messy (and lemons and limes squeezed into the water made it pretty tart). Flavorings stabilized in alcohol are not bad, but they require a fair amount to flavor the water and are not inexpensive--a bottle of lemon extract sells for about $6 at my local grocery store and lasts 1-2 weeks.

I finally took a chance and bought this grapefruit essential oil. The first batch I made, I added 10 drops. WAY too much. For the one liter bottle of carbonated water, three drops are just about perfect. At this pace, I believe that the 4 ounce bottle that I bought will last about the rest of my life.

In addition to being economical, the oil is very tasty--though, it is obvious from the flavor that the oil comes from the skin of the grapefruit. Not that I've eaten a lot of grapefruit skins, but it tastes exactly like the skin smells as you peel the fruit. I find the taste delicious, but it is different from the taste of the juice of the fruit.

I recommend this for anyone looking to step back from sugar who doesn't want to give up cold, fizzy drinks. I'm buying this (the smaller size) for my friends who also have a SodaStream maker.
453616453616B000UFZUY6ANV1D84GKHLB9Nika NYC0041350777600smells greatI use this grapefruit oil in a detox recipe I found online and I like it. I plan to use it in aromatherapy also, but haven't done so yet. The smell is energizing and I would also like to use it in homemade cosmetics and candles.
453617453617B000QV2GUUA1HSR705NL37E6Edward Mcallister "ECM"0041256601600Good candyThe candy was delivered quickly and as advertized . A bit pricy but best I could find after Sam' stopped carrying them. Satisfied
453618453618B004IX9NJOA2E48S2KH5GRIOitzjimnva0011348704000YuckoThese are not chips. Chips implies a crunchiness where as these are like soft crackers. I like some soft crackers but these really taste horrible. Makes you kind of wonder how these made it into production they are so bad.
453619453619B004IX9NJOA1VYM47ZEUNTEZBLUEJAY0021347494400kaleeveryone keep telling me how good kale chips are boy was they wrong it is very nasty and i did not care for the kale chips and i will never get these again
453620453620B004IX9NJOA3575QH7N7YHXBPatty M "Patty"0011346198400Health? Maybe. Tasty? No way.I bought a bag of these at Whole Foods, despite the high price, because they sounds like they'd be good and I was looking for more healthy snacks to have around the house. I was wrong. They're gross. You know the stereotype of the 70's hippy dippy health food that tastes like a cardboard box? That's these "chips". First, they are not crispy. Second, there is little to no flavor to the chip itself. Third, all you're left with in your mouth is the nasty aftertaste of spicy lime. Which I usually like the flavor of, but does't make up for the lack of basic flavor or the unappetizing texture of the chip itself. Don't waste your money, especially at this price for a measly 2.2 ounces.
453621453621B004IX9NJOA2TN9C5E4A0I3FJimmy0031343606400Pretty good, a little of an aftertaste, howeverWe tried a bag each of chili lime and another flavor. The chili lime was so different that we liked it and finished the bag despite a bitter aftertaste.
453622453622B00415H774A1JUGMIIHMSSRGclinton1151320883200Great Big Dog Rawhide ChewThis is a great rawhide for big dogs. My dogs love this product and they last a very long time! I definitely recommend buying for your big dog! Definitely 5 Stars!!!!
453623453623B00415H774A1QN4FGKNB00Y2H. Laughlin0031332288000Get out the vacuum!My 17-month pit mix loves this chew. She carries it around the house with her and has chewed on it steadily since I gave it to her a couple of days ago. From a doggie prospective, this chew is definitely five stars. However, from a human prospective, the chew leaves behind lots of tiny pieces of chew material (rawhide) on the floor and carpets. That is, there is chew residue everywhere. So, your dog will love it, but you may not love the cleaning up.

After writing the above paragraph, it occurred to me that the reason the chew is so brittle is because it has been on the shelf too long and has dried out. I've never seen rawhide break up like this. Perhaps the seller should refresh its stock or offer a discount for ancient, brittle rawhide chews.
453624453624B00415H774A97PIFUL49INRTracey0041290384000pretty good...My dog LOVES to chew and these rawhides held up pretty well- not as good as the Chunky Chews Rawhide Ring, but still a good choice. We try to get her a variety, and these are a good way to mix things up.
453625453625B001THNNZ2AHLXCVNUZOJ9Ejchilds "jc"5551267315200great giftI've given this cookie basket a couple of times and everyone just LOVES these cookies.
453626453626B007ZEKW3EA38USISGQ02GA4Robert D. Kauffman "Doctor Bob"0051343692800Good stuff, get some!I originally purchase this because of the Yellowstone connection, but I also collect condiments and spices and use them for cooking and spicing up some of my dishes. This is good flavor and I would recommend.
453627453627B004VLSULKA1FJ3QY633BIOFR. Freeze0041329264000YumI make several batches and freeze them. My 16 month old loves them as well. I make a batch for her using mini muffin pans.
453628453628B000V228KCAH8924TCKHW48cookwarejunkie "cookwarejunkie"3331261180800Tastes Great's like chewing rubber bands. This tastes, for want of a better description, like chewy kippered snacks. They are really delicious but they are very tough and chewy. They are tougher than the Vigo brand but taste better. There's the dilemma. If you want the great taste your jaws are going to get a good workout :-)! If they were a bit more tender they would be awesome.

The picture on the can is also a bit deceptive. as they aren't nice neat rounds. They are odd, unevenly cut, random pieces of octopus.
453629453629B000V228KCAAWSM4A2XOULSA Reviewer "from California"2251257811200Very Tasty!!!Compare these to the best you have ever had, and at a very reasonable cost. These are smoked, reasonably tender (as far as octopus goes), and taste delicious. I was reluctant to try these, especially when first offered on Amazon, because there was a 10-Can minimum. Well... I can tell you, we ate them up so fast that 10 cans wasn't that many after all. These are great!
453630453630B000V228KCA1VXG9YHK1KUSGMarkOne1141306022400A favorite for almost 30 yearsI discovered these morsels almost 30 years ago, and have loved them ever since. Back in the old days, though, there were more tentacles in the can, which I really liked (hence, only 4 stars). There was more product in the can back then, too. But still, I love the taste and texture of this snack, and don't at all think that they're too chewy. They're certainly not as chewy as the ika salad at the local sushi restaurants. If you like smoked seafood and you like calamari, I think you'll really like Roland smoked sliced octopus.
453601453601B001E4S850AWQIU7P4C4RV5Mary Poppins0231301788800Coupon not acceptedI think this is a great buy but I tried putting in my "SKIPWISH" coupon for an additional 15% off but I guess it didn't take it so that is a bit frustrating. I should have only paid $9 and something for the peanut butter - if yu can credit back some on my cedit card that woud be wonderful. Thank you!
453602453602B001E4S850A2JWB3XL952UWGwilma onley1411302652800skippy peanutbutterwe are all peanutbutter lovers in our family.
This was a great deal til ii recieved an email
telling me that it was contaminated with salmonella!
453603453603B001E4S850ABSF6KRS9R3ZXJessica Gerber "me"0551290038400Skippy Peanut ButterIt can be overwhelming knowing that there is so much variety of the amazing Skippy Peanut Butter. For those that like a little crunch there is the Skippy Super Chunk and for those that desire a healthier treat there is the reduced fat creamy AND reduced fat chunk. Of course for those that just don't like salty flavors, there is Skippy Roasted Honey Nut Creamy or Chunk, a combination of peanut butter and real honey for those who have a sweet tooth. Skippy satisfies everyone's peanut butter cravings.
Remember when your mom would ask you what you wanted for snack time? Your face would automatically brighten and you would sarcastically say, " Of course I want a PB&J with Skippy." Knowing that you were about to bite into creamy peanut butter goodness just made you believe this was the best part of being a kid. Peanut butter was the topping that makes every meal better, from apple slices to peanut butter cookies. All the people allergic to peanut butter would be jealous because they would not be able to taste the amazing goodness of Skippy Peanut Butter. Its best partner in crime is the fruitful, sweet Smuckers strawberry jelly. What better combination than salty and sweet on a slice of bread. Skippy makes you want to go back to preschool and enjoy a traditional Skippy peanut butter and Smuckers strawberry jelly sandwich!!
453604453604B001E4S850AGKSJ70C1ZBQDdunkalicious184111286323200Horrible for kidsJust would like all parents to look carefully at the ingredients of skippy. Don't be fooled by the marketing or the bright colors on it. Read the ingredients. Roasted Peanuts, Sugar, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (Cottonseed, Soybean and Rapeseed) to Prevent Separation, Salt. Sugar is the #2 ingredient in this stuff! Cottonseed oil??? The seed oils aren't even in their natural state: they are hydrogenated which means that they are the equivalent of saturated fats (not polyunsaturated which one could argue might be beneficial). Can you say heart attack in a bottle? Before you go saying this is "Great for kids" think about whether you really want your kids or family eating this crap. Maybe it's cheap, but the doctor bills down the road won't be.
453605453605B001E4S850AMIG8HULEVN9TM. Berardy123011286928000Hydrogenated - DON'T BUY THIS!!!I know it's been said but I just want to echo this is Hydrogenated - DON'T BUY THIS!!!

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