Amazon Fine Food Reviews

453631453631B000V228KCA9CIXE4B4H41LJames Kirkland "Pastor and Author"1151261785600Excellent!This Roland Octopus is very good. Combine with the squid in its own ink and you have a very nice appetizer to put out for a party. I would purchase this again, no problem
453632453632B000V228KCA3BZBJ6M6CD1TPTennis Nut2311259625600Disappointed!Very disappointed especially after reading the only review availabale at the time which described this product as tender. I found it to be just the opposite..VERY rubbery, tough and chewy. Would not buy again.
453633453633B000V228KCA3DY231Z2P6L09jdr "jdr"0021309305600Not happyVery chewy and not very tasty. They actually almost made me throw up which I never feel like when eating octopus. I'm using into the fresh kind and never had it in a can before so my guess would be that it's not good in cans. If it wasn't for the texture I may have been able to tolerate it and not give it to my cats.
453634453634B004M8BV0EAPVZTT1O61UJXKris0041286064000Herbalife Lift OffI found this works best if you take it first thing in the morning before eating or having coffee.
In about an hour you feel an energy surge that lasts about 4 hours. At first I was taking it after breakfast, coffee, etc and didn't notice a difference, but on an empty stomach it's a lift off.
453635453635B004M8BV0EA2BRLQT0MCF2USAmy M. Truong0051266451200Best Taste !It is a good product where you get the best out of your drink, it is good taste in lime and orange favor in an concentrated pill that makes delicious drink.
453636453636B004J561A0A3J8HLKRH01LMYpenname2211318118400not fresh at allThe package I received was torn. Only 9 were left. they did not taste fresh at all compared with the ones I got directly from Japan. It really dissapointed me.
453637453637B003BT5K98A169Q8B93872Q4Aisling3341299628800Yummy!I'm really enjoying these salts. Each kind comes in a small bag that's resealable (at least until the glue dries out), though if you don't close them just right you won't be able to close the lid again. A word of warning: these salts are STRONG. Use sparingly!
453638453638B003BT5K98A3FRWBGL8TSOY7cameokid3351297728000GOURMET FLAVOR SELECTION OF SEA SALTSPerfect variety of flavored/local sea salts to add as finish touches to your special gourmet foods. Each has a special different character and taste. Would like larger sized multi flavor packs for more opportunities to use and try in different dishes.
453639453639B003BT5K98ARNG61SWM2OSAAndrew D Babel1141333929600Great gift for a FoodyPurchased these for my Foody brother-in-law. He has been experimenting with them and thinks they are great. The salts do have distinct flavors. We also purchased the Clay Company 4 peppers, also excellent. If we did it again we'd probably look for grinders as it is inconvenient to switch out the peppers or salts when you want to use a particular one or want to mix a few of the peppers or a few of the salts.
453640453640B003BT5K98A1TFG684U99KVDD. A. Nelson0051322352000Great dealWas a gift for my husband the red taste great on grilled salmon the sizes were larger than some of the upscale stores like ws and it seems to be a quality product in a attractive presentation.
453641453641B003BT5K98AV2GT3AUXAUPOHarry0321320710400Great idea, but arrived smashed!It arrived in a nice little box but upon opening it I noticed that the tin was smashes and some of the plastic bags that hold the 4 types of salt were cracked open and leaking. Salt was everywhere. I returned the salts for a full refund, very easy customer service. I would recommend this product, just hope you get yours in one piece.
453642453642B003ZXJH3AA112XLN4J4TYLRMor and Tookie0051344816000it's cereal and it's goodit's cereal and it's good ... my friend is afraid of buying cereal online because he thinks it'll be stale - let me assure you that i've never had a problem with staleness. cereal is always delivered quickly and is fresh.
453643453643B003ZXJH3AA2U6WZ2ZHFDI8Tjoanna0151324080000Always goodIf you are buying the cereal you already know it is good. Now buying it from Amazon has made it easier for me, I get a great price, fast shipping and it shows up at my door when I need it. Quick easy and simple.
453644453644B003ZXJH3AAO5I6XIBVUTFFcvdimples "targetlovah"0151322438400LOVE IT!!!I love Corn Pops and buying it on Amazon is such a relief. I can get it for a good price and the Prime membership and it ships so fast....I get this at least once a month
453645453645B003ZXJH3AA1LH4Y72OIOK3OValue Investor0151320278400Corn Pops are delicious!I love corn pops, and it is cheaper to order on Amazon than go to my local grocer! I order almost all of my cereals at Amazon now (except when I go to Target)- supermarkets are just so expensive these days!
453646453646B005I2C7QAA1X08ZXSJK1K3Eteota "Maintain An Attitude of Gratitude!"0051333584000Love this ProductI use this in my morning protein shake every day. It is delicious and provides me with antioxidants that I would not get otherwise. I have ordered this several times in the past year and will continue to do so.
453647453647B001HBKSCQA3EZH6IVFHU3A2nemonine151651231113600Sublime Treats!My wife and I received these as an unexpected Xmas gift through fed-ex on Xmas day this year. I had never heard of The Tea Room, the makers of this item, nor the product. After having tried one, I picked up the receipt and made it a point to learn what it was called and who made them. Simply put, this was one of the most exquisite little bites I've put into my mouth in quite some time.

There's a variety of flavors, all sweet, but it's the consistency and texture of these little pillows that hook you. Also, receiving them as a gift was just perfect - as I don't know that I'd buy them for myself, but I sure would as a gift for a special someone. A bit expensive? Sure. Luxurious? Absolutely! Outstanding product. Recommended!
453648453648B001HBKSCQA3LNZP6QJRSHQLSadie Rewton8811286928000Quite DisappointingI don't know what happened to my macarons, but they smelled and tasted slightly of moth balls. I usually buy macarons from a Korean bakery in downtown L.A., but wanted to try "real" French ones. I'm pretty sure this isn't what they are supposed to taste like. Even the frozen ones from Trader Joe's have better flavor than these ones. The only one that had any discernible flavor was the strawberry, and that was because of the strawberry jam filling. Also, they look so beautiful in the picture, but mine were all jumbled up in the box, and some were even crushed. Could be a shipping problem, but the FedEx box was intact.
453649453649B001HBKSCQA1IQMHHVS71XBHtylormiranda0031344038400Not bad.Tasted like plastic by the time they got to me, and they were a bit stale. Go figure though. lol They came all the way from France.
453650453650B001R3VGFMA1E3RTMBHQ2RJEPen Name "Turk"1151326499200Is it Halal?It is Kosher but is it halal?
I suggest the manufacturer get HALAL certification for this item.Without knowing if it is halal or not I can not buy this coffee.
453651453651B005Z8FMM8A3SODU3Y95U869Brian0051349481600A great candyThe delivered was prompt and the candy was as anticipated. Quality was excellent, fresh and very tasty. These were not available for a while and I am so glad they are back. I wish they were individually wrapped as they were available before. However, does not seem to be a freshness problem. It is just a little inconvenient to throw a few in your pocket.
453652453652B0000CDEQMA2WFQNVRCE3KTLNobody4551193875200A bit more informative reviewI can vouch for Fresh Choice as an top notch supplier, they have the best price on stone crab claws, which were sized as advertised, and they ship fresh cleaned conch meat and other fishes at a reasonable price.

Now, these lobsters are warm water tails, and it's possible to get a mushy one, so you take your chances, there's no way to predict how a tail will cook up. That goes with the territory, but this supplier has them at a good price (these days) and their quality has always been first rate. They freeze just fine, so it's most efficient to order several things to spread out the overnight shipping costs and stock up for those special occasions.

Follow up: For xmas I ordered some of these as presents and for myself. Yes, you can get a soft warm water tail. But I didn't see any, and the 8 oz. tails were really sweet and flavorful. Like I said, good supplier.
453653453653B0000CDEQMA1UJGR0HYWZNTPDiver Down "Scott"1351144627200Delicatessen? I'll have a rueben on rye...I think the word we are looking for here is DELICACY.
453654453654B001ELL350A3PTZXLRDS9I7AS. Leake9941181692800good basicI like to use this flour instead of white rice flour because it's more nutritious. (Kind of like bleached flour vs. whole wheat.) It's a bit grainy, so be sure to mix other flours with it. Also, keep it in the fridge because brown rice flour goes bad quickly.
453655453655B001ELL350A3MIMSBVMYPU05S. Buist "ladybugsandbees"5521243468800Great price but gritty / grainy flourThe flour is grainy and the bread I made with it was gritty. I wouldn't buy it again. I do a lot of gluten free baking and normally buy a local store's version. But this was on sale and then with the subscribe and save it was an even better deal. It is OK in pizza crusts but the banana bread I made had a "crunch" to it. Not the texture I was looking for.
453656453656B001ELL350A20NYDARF21ZOFC. Kimmes "mommaceita"2251202688000Great for banana breadThis is healthy brown rice flour ground finely enough to make cookies and banana bread!
453657453657B001ELL350A2D73DWKNG1L8JLani1131306800000AdequateBrown Rice flour is going to give a gritty texture regardless, but I tend to prefer Bob's Red Mill Brown Rice Flour over this one because it is ground more finely, which makes the grittiness less obvious. That being said, Arrowhead Mills is still perfectly adequate.
453658453658B001ELL350A1GR72IC8EEMV8Busy Baker "Sandi"1121265068800Gritty taste and textureThis was a great deal for the price, but everything that I made with it had a gritty taste to it. Even when I blended it with other flour it was gritty. I ended up putting it in a spice mill to grind it more finely. I would not buy it again.
453659453659B001ELL350AH5UOL3CDX68NAnne L. Vreeman1151243728000Excellent product, good priceExcellent quality product and I can't find a comparable price in my area. My dog is allergic to wheat and I make dog biscuits with this, so its helpful for me to get it in larger quantities since I use it weekly.
453660453660B001ELL350A23X9QV9XPU9MGBekahKnits1141210982400Great substitute for wheat flourWe are already used to the different texture of gluten-free products, so I'll say that as far as flavor and texture goes we love this flour. I've used it in everything, every type of cooking. I recommend adding xantham gum for cookies, brownies, etc. Helps it to be less crumbly.
Compared to other brown-rice flours this one beats them all.

Because it is made from brown rice, a whole grain, it is a little more grainy and crumbly, so I recommend adding in another high-nutrition flour like amaranth or quinoa flour, but not necessary of you don't mind the texture of whole grains.

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