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453661453661B001ELL350A18NAF2M6RQNCSNadine Macdonald "star gazer"2351270425600Healthy and TastyThe organic brown rice flour from Arrowhead Mills is a great healthy alternative to white flour. There is a trick to baking it: Pour in a little bit of hot water into the mixture and you won't have any gritty pieces. Hot water breaks it down and your recipes will come out perfectly.
453662453662B001ELL350A1BQ3VDAMCH89JKimberly0051278374400Brown Rice Flour, Arrowhead MillsBuying at Whole Foods now. This is the base of our gluten free casein free baking recipes. It is fabulous in my cakes, rolls, biscuits, pancakes and cookies. Last purchased from in April, 2010. Now it is not available. Noticed on item description it stated it was discontinued from the manufacturer. When I contacted Arrowhead Mills, they assured me it had not been discontinued. I miss the convenience and savings of purchasing this product from :(
453663453663B001ELL350AI9NM5LT843K8M. BERGER0051271203200Brown Rice FlourRepeating this order also. This fine Brown Rice flour is the wonderful addition when you need to add 1 cup to corn bread or 1 cup to whole wheat bread, or to buckwheat pancakes. It makes our veggie pizza lay on a greater crust. Thank you to Arrowhead Mills for every item we have ordered through Amazon.
453664453664B001ELL350ATAC2IOGXJL7DFor You "prasad"0051266624000Love the productThis is my second order. Excellent product and speedy delivery, and great price. I store all packages in freezer, except the one I currently use. Lasts me for a while. Will keep buying as along as the price and quality stay the same (or better)
453665453665B001ELL350AX9QZGAJOZ96OLotus0041265760000Gritty flourThe flour as it is too gritty so sifting is necessary.

Sifting 32 oz bag of the flour gave me 5 oz of rice "semolina" which consisted about 16% of the total volume. But stuff is good and price is good too, just realize that factually you are buying 27 oz of rice flour instead 32 oz. If you have a nice recipe to utilize rice semolina it doesn't seem to be a problem.
453666453666B0004MUFWWA26HFSVLAGULIMHeather L. Parisi "Robert and Heather Parisi"0051131580800ANOTHER WINNER FROM JUICY JUICETASTES LIKE THIS CAN'T POSSIBLY BE 100% JUICE!,

JUICY JUICE'S MISSION: STOP BUYING SODA FOR YOUR KIDS: BUY JUICY JUICE, is a simultaneously self-serving and altruistic mission.


This is one of my favorite varieties of Juicy Juicy. Why is it? It is very palatable and obviously very sweet. However, there is none of the high fructose syrup in it that is added to other punches. Afterall, this is 100% juice.

So what's in this stuff?:

Apple Juice, Grape Juice, Raspberry Juice (Water, Juice Concentrates) Natural Flavors, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Citric Acid. It is the combination of juices in this blend that makes this taste like a treat. For children and adults too, who like the sweet taste of soda pop or sweetened punches, this product represents a much healthier and palatable alternative.

For providing this excellent, anti-oxidant rich alternative, as a compromise between healthy beverages and sugar sweetened drinks, I feel that "Juicy Juice Fruit Berry" has easily earned a five star rating.

Now if only there were a way to decrease the amounts of natural sugars without affecting the taste?!


Libby's "Juicy Juice Fruit Berry, 46 fl oz" is part of a larger family of 100% juice products that has taken aim at the huge market share that Coke and Pepsi have carved out for themselves. Their target market is the youth of America. That, more than anything else, makes this and other Libby's products important. I first became aware of this targeting when I was watching the PBS program "Arthur" with my youngest child (who is named Arthur). At the end of the show there was a message from Libby's that said, "Juicy Juice Is Proud To Support Arthur". Since then I have regularly supported their 100% juice products, although I drink more of them than our Arthur does. Surprisingly, most "Juicy Juice" products are significantly less expensive than "Ocean Spray" and "Northland" juices, though I still buy some of those varieties as well.


Though many critics and health advocates have pointed out that fruit juices are naturally high in sugar and after processing, including pasteurization, lose many of their healthful properties, they still represent a healthful alternative to soda for children. Surprisingly this seems to be a controversial statement, but 100% juice [with a little Vitamin C added] does help to engender healthful eating habits which begin with the choice of beverage. It is also a good source of potassium and is an excellent thirst quencher.

It doesn't hurt that all of these juices taste very palatable to kids, probably because they are blended to taste sweet without any added sugar. Of course, it would be better to make your own juice, avoid pasteurization [made in a very clean environment], and include the natural vitamins, minerals and pulp, but who really has time. What's more, do you really think a child would drink such a homemade healthy brew? In the meantime, there is "Juicy Juice" and our children will most probably drink that thereby avoiding soda.


To find out more about this product, see their website at "juicyjuice" on the world wide web. They have several useful links to pediatric nutrition sites and "Frequently Asked Questions" about their products.

453667453667B0001QYYUKA13FV3WMVDMZCCBarbara Bailey "Twitter Fail Blog"343421136246400The good, the bad, the really bad customer serviceI received this as a Christmas gift. Initially, it was fun going through the box and reliving the childhood memories the candy evoked. Then I hit a stale candy. Then another. There is nothing worse than biting into stale candy, unless it is the knowledge that someone paid a premium for it. (There's less than $10 worth of candy in a $40+ box, very little of it "retro", most of it hard candy.) I wrote to the company, and their response was essentially, "gee, that's too bad." They advised me to put the candy in the microwave to freshen it up. No other solution, as it's "not their fault." To sum up, some of the candy is good, some is really bad, and you'll never know which is which until it's in your mouth. I wouldn't buy from this company because they don't stand behind their product.
453668453668B0001QYYUKA1JHJ9W9RHOF05Teresa G. Bloomfield "Teresa G. Bryan"5751126656000Fabulous for all ages!!I ordered this assortment for my brother's triplets who are five. We all had a blast remembering the candy from our childhood, including the candy from my mother's era! It was great fun watching them experience pop rocks for the first time and reminiscing on our "first time." I am ordering for all my friends for Christmas. It comes in a neat gift box!
453669453669B0001QYYUKA3S7N11XRRTUU6Bob51411136246400Not worth itNot worth it
453670453670B005ER16PMAG2PYUGS24G5XKathyL0051349740800Taste greatThese Dark Chocolate Cherry Chewy Granola bars are very tasty.
My family had come for a visit and these were among their travel snacks.
I had not seen them in my local area before and started searching but failed in finding them.

I was very pleased that Amazon had them listed and when the price became comparative to the grocery store I treated myself to a wholesome and delicious snack.
453671453671B005ER16PMA2J6C7T4I2R9U3Zoe20120051335312000Best bars everThese bars are the best tasting bars and with only 90 calories. I have a long ride to work in the morning and I have one for an early morning snack in the morning.
453672453672B0014GJ244A1SNHAMCFKTTE7Laurel E. Mayer "NYLULU"7751248220800Fabulous tasting...healty productI just switched to ceylon cinnamon and am thrilled with the taste..which is sooo much better than any regular grocery store or mail order cinnamon that I've tried over the years.
453673453673B0014GJ244A2124DR3G1NOLDCake Smitten6651255392000Speedy DeliveryI got this product on time and it was packaged just as described. This cinnamon had a wonderful aroma and it is really a lot for a home cook..I am happy with my purchase.
453674453674B0014GJ244A1M29CZ7WTRSVGHelmut Wuensche5551259020800cylon cinnamonI am happy with this product, it has a great flavor and aroma. Thank you. H.W.
453675453675B0014GJ244A20LR1EZZPUKF9R. Clark4431288310400A strong, biting gingery flavorThe batch I received had a rather biting gingery flavor, not mild at all. It did taste good in yoghurt and some other foods, but I wasn't very happy with how it tasted in oatmeal or apples.

Update: Since then, I've used Ceylon cinnamon from Penzey's Spices, World Spice and Frontier Co-op. All of them are preferable, and very good.
453676453676B0014GJ244A1FGX8HJ2NLTTNJerry L. Plower3351258502400Excellent!This is a true cinnamon which has a full, rich taste, and I would recommend it over grocery store-bought products anyday.
453677453677B0014GJ244AUBQLZIJDARTSN. George "nikki"1141343779200Nice Mild & Sweet CinnamonThis is a good mild and sweet ceylon cinnamon.
Anyways, i'm using it to lower blood sugar, i'm not diabetic but i'm trying to loose weight and by lowering blood sugar it helps regulate the insulin levels. A teaspoon of cinnamon a day lowered my blood sugar levels after eating a meal, i simply sprinkle it on my food or mix it in, it's mild enough that i sometimes don't even notice it's on my toast etc.
Higher insulin levels lead to less use of excess blood sugar (and sugar is stored in the body as fat), so a reduction in insulin after a meal is significant. If cinnamon can help control the level of blood sugar and, by offshoot, fat levels, then that is corroboration of what some have said regarding its weight loss potential.
453678453678B0014GJ244A2V71AX1O3FISPL. Croker "Happy Hiker"1151275696000Best Cinnamon I've hadGreat taste, great aroma! I love sprinkling a tablespoon of this cinnamon over my cereal. It's strong, but that's the way I like it!
453679453679B0014GJ244A2HIGLT65WW9LOCharles0021345248000tasteless...I adore cinnamon and try different types and sources. Sadly, this cinnamon is tasteless. It is extremely dry [which I assume means it has very little actual "oil" in it]. Moreover, its texture is actually unpleasant. It feels as through the cinnamon bark has been "cut" with some tasteless, dry filler. Oddly, there is a mild clove aftertaste to this brand. That is not unpleasant but I prefer the spicy flavor of Saigon cinnamon, but that is a personal choice. I can't recommend this particular Ceylon cinnamon. Sorry.
453680453680B0014GJ244AMR6Q0R8PM7CUCostumeDesigner0041320537600Good cinnamon, but not my favoriteI bought a pound of this a year and a half ago to use for baking and to sprinkle on my morning oatmeal. It arrived quite fresh, unlike bottled spices, but the flavor is inherently less hot than the grocery store cinnamon I've always used. I can use a lot more cinnamon at a time, but to get enough flavor I need to use at least a little more. My one-pound purchase is almost gone. I've decided that I like buying bulk cinnamon but next time, I'll get the hotter kind.
453681453681B0014GJ244A3QHSJD4WFKADSWhite Owl101951237248000CinnamonCeylon cinnamon has been recommended over other products from China and Vietnam because the latter contain a chemical that is toxic when consumed in larger amounts.
It is found that a mixture of honey and cinnamon cures most diseases. Honey is produced in most of the countries of the world. Scientists of today also accept honey as a "Ram Ban" (very effective) medicine for all kinds of diseases. Honey can be used without any side effects for any kind of diseases.
453682453682B0014GJ244A2XFFETFCW2A6KPatricia A. Schiewe04611259798400not for healing purposesI ordered it for healing purposes and it has no energy in that direction so I have one pound of useless cinnamon
453683453683B000HWWQ8KA3LBNI8S2O580BK. Mann141441174608000tart natural cherriesI love cherries and I hate half the options you can get at the store because they are so often covered in corn syrup. These are great natural cherries that are delicious. They are a little smaller then some others I've found.
453684453684B000HWWQ8KA1WM1CF74CQAMDRuth D Sweeney192131278547200Not a complete discripton of product givenI have never purchased tart cherries before. I was elated to find them on the Internet. However, when I opened the package I discovered that the package contains not only tart cherries, but also sunflower oil, which I must avoid. Had I known this from the discription, I would not have purchased them.
453685453685B000HWWQ8KA33LJQFU14LVGALenore Poole3351328054400Cherries SupremeI had been looking online for dried, non-sugared cherries and found them at last. Cherryland from Door County, Wi, have the best! They are great in baking and make a nice tart contrast to raisins in a trail mix.
453686453686B000HWWQ8KA1AIXT1QKRTRTXlinda c going0021326585600dried cherriesI was disappointed because these cherries are so dry there are tough. I buy a mixture from qvc that is so moist therefore I am disappointed in these cherries/
453687453687B001RQ97CSANMW36M3Q40M1Cynthia Robutka2251321747200bakers and chefs nacho cheese sausefast ship, great tast lightly spicy so i add extra sliced jalapenos and a bit of jalapeno juice for that extra kick
453688453688B001RQ97CSA1X055FNGA66N8Marie Miller "Marie Miller"0051349136000Hmmm Good StuffI knew this cheese was good, we had it at a Sportsmens Club...We love it, I had a little hot peppers to make it a little hot....
453689453689B001EPQ4UAA3AKEN3C4BDXCUJames Thomas0051308960000Like them allI am on a low sodium diet. I look for ingredients that will add flavor to otherwise bland dishes. The Roland Balsamic Glazes are great on a wide variety of foods. I have tried them all, regular, fig, pomegranate, blood orange and tamarind. I like them all. A couple of other things I like a lot are sesame oil and Chef Jimmy's My Mojo. My Mojo delivers a great deal of flavor for a small amount of sodium.
453690453690B000ND5SYCA33PYB8EBCL8M5M. B. Alluisi "Old School Teacher"1451238976000Delicious TapenadeI wish this was sold in local stores so I could save the shipping and handling.

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