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453691453691B004VW3GUEAD7563HOZLCMJWyoming Girl "clarob4"0051343001600Good Value!I found this coffee to be full bodied and rich flavored. It has become my morning favorite and the price even beats COSTCO!
453692453692B0038IMFUEA2S3XDW69GMKORBarbR.1111310601600Just NOT like sugar!Sorry, but this has a gritty taste, not sweet & certainly not like sugar in any way. Would NOT use for anything. Was really excited to try it as it has no sugar alcohols, which bother me, but this isn't the answer...
453693453693B0038IMFUEAI20XOYZ8L6LJSusy "Pixiebrush"0031323302400Sweet but not sweet enoughHeard about this product on Coast to Coast. I'm allergic to stevia and was looking for something natural to sub for sugar. Just Like Sugar is sorta like sugar as long as you don't try to bake with it. It gets really bitter tasting once baked. Also, I need to put 3 packets of JLS in my coffee while it only takes 1 Splenda to do the job perfectly. I don't think I'll order this product again.
453694453694B0043PBLB0A2VHZ1O655VE9SNancy B. Thomas "NancyHanks"1151309824000Confusing Product Description but great customer serviceThis product desciption seems to me to indicate 12 boxes in a pack. What you get is one box of 12 packets (one box) for about $18--not 12 boxes for that price. A pack of 12 for that price is a bargain. One box for that price seems a "rip-off."

Update: Company rep sent comment below and then sent 5 more boxes plus samples of most Kili beverages. My rating rose accordingly, but they still need to change the wording of the ad, I see.
453695453695B0043PBLB0A397CWU6DM3O5Gganka0041332720000also contains honeyAfter trying Gold Kili All Natural Instant Ginger & Lemon Beverage Mix, 6.72-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6) and quite liking it, I wanted to see if there was an unsweetened version of the drink.
This one seemed to be unsweetened, since amazon lists only ginger as sole ingredient.
I saw another review saying that the reviewer received only one box of the mix, but the seller sent her another 5 boxes at her request. I decided to try to buy it anyway. Well, I also got 1 box, and wrote to asking for the rest of the order. They didn't answer me by email, but in about 10 days I got a box from them with the 5 missing boxes, and a whole bunch of samples. One would thing that after so many months had passed they would fix the problem, but it didn't happen so far.
As to the beverage itself, it does contain honey, and it is nice and smooth, not too spicy, not very sweet and quite drinkable.
453696453696B0045TCLRCAZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"0051347062400easy to makei agree that they sure are delicious. i had good luck and they turned out pretty darned good my first time at making them. i added 1/2 cup of milk and slowly mixed it all together. it became very thick. i then spooned them onto a sprayed cookie sheet and cooked them at the temperature the instructions said to cook them at for about 10 minutes. i ended up eating every one of them because they were so delicious. i am really going to enjoy eating these over the next month or so. the pouches are very good quality and will keep the contents fresh for a long time. the freshness date on mine was well into 2013. the mixes arrived with no damage. the mix smells very fresh also. these are very easy to make. my latest batch turned out even batter than the last one.
453697453697B0045TCLRCAFF70F1YEHDWUmmmegan0051331856000Red Lobster to a teeIf you're looking for something super close or better then Red Lobster biscuits look no further!!
Follow directions but- put 1/4 cup butter in Lana before dough. Bake 8 min, drizzle 1/4 cup butter over biscuits. Bake 3 more minutes. AMAZING
453698453698B0045TCLRCA1JK78XAM530X6Daniel0051310083200Excellent TasteWe're so happy we tried this. If you love Red Lobster Biscuits these are the ticket. I highly recommend this product. Wow... what a find! Yummy
453699453699B0045TCLRCA2CL5JS1CUXIMGsubscriber shopper0041309824000Biscuit mixMy son loves the garlic cheese biscuits served at a local restaurant. I was hoping these would replace them at home. And they do! Easy to make, and a great flavor.
453700453700B000F72006A64ABZNEO9F73photo buff1231340755200Contains wheat -- celiacs beware.The ingredient list on the bottle discloses wheat as an ingredient (just as do many common soy sauces.) Unfortunately the product description here on the Amazon website does not disclose ingredients (as of 27-Jun-2012.)
453701453701B0013TAHNCAZG9NISRWJB6Fbridgebuddy1151227744000Decaf ExpressoMy wife & I like hearty coffee, but both drink decaf. Sometimes it's hard to find a robust decaf. When you do find a good one, it is often only for a short time in the grocery store. This decaf expresso is very good and tasty and plenty stong & robust. You can make it to your taste.
453702453702B0013TAHNCA7ELEQOHU681EZen Fox0031279065600Pretty decent decafThis was not as full bodied and rich as I had hoped for an espresso. Really only a medium roast level as well.
453703453703B0013TAHNCAH9AIGJWUJWIDE. Cronin0011261353600Very disappointedI had high hopes for this product based on the reviews and the product description, but from the minute I opened the bag, I was sorely disappointed. I may have received a "bad batch" (or maybe the bag had been on the shelf much too long) because the beans don't even smell like coffee - the aroma was something like a mildly unpleasant chemical odor and nothing more. I ground up the beans thinking that might release some of the oil that makes coffee flavorful, but that didn't change anything. The finished brew was, not surprisingly, terrible as well; the chemical aroma had dissipated, leaving no flavor at all. To top it off, the half cup I drank left me with terrible shakiness and heart palpitations from the caffeine, which obviously they didn't remove enough of. I would tolerate this stuff until it was finished if it was drinkable, but unfortunately, the two bags I bought are going immediately into the trash. I would strongly recommend looking for another brand.
453704453704B0013TAHNCA2F7C2DHIYTBPIOld Dragon0041244937600Makes a good full bodied espressoThe title says it all. This is a good decaf espresso. There are no subtle nuances or it would have gotten 5 of 5. It is strong enough to stand up to milk in lattes and flavorful enough for an espresso. It just did not wow me, though it is a tiny step down from "wow".

It is much more flavorful than Starbuck's espresso and a local roaster's beans, so this is a recommendation.

I just happen to have a higher recommendation for Larry's Beans Decaf Espresso which has those subtle nuances that I like. I think traditional espresso lovers will prefer the Caffe D'arte. For my taste I prefer the Larry's. If Larry's is not available, I will go with this product, the second best coffee I have found.
453705453705B0013TAHNCA20AIZK3JS4G1ICheryl Bissett "klutsy"0151270425600klutsyI like this coffee. It is not to rich and taste just right (even if it is decaf).
453706453706B001EO63JIA36MP37DITBU6FEnchanted In Dixie "Enchanted"2251232323200Lovely organic mint and rooibos tea. Caffiene Free and delicious.Great for when you need a sore throat calming tea or anytime if you love mint. Delicous mild mint flavor. Good cold and flu season staple.
453707453707B002CN7EI4A1QPA4NR8VFVDCA. McKenna0041348531200Really delicious...usuallyI have ordered these peppers several times now because my wife and I find them to be the best tasting banana pepper rings that we've found. Having said that, one time we got an order of them in and they were really waxy and relatively tasteless (and we had to suffer through six jars of lousy peppers). Always before and ever since, they have been fantastic (five stars), but I have to dock a star for inconsistency in the product.
453708453708B002CN7EI4A3NMCLL2TRWMA1phildogg1241333756800They were good and yummy!I don't what that dude was talking about? Look at his others reviews and you'll see for yourself. Anyway, back to the review. The peppers were okay and tasted good. The only thing is they could've been hotter. Just a personal preference. I tested them on my kids and they said they were too hot. Overall, a good product and free shipping's a plus. That's why I bought them. They got here quick-two days! There great on sandwiches or out of the jar. I'll order again!
453709453709B002CN7EI4AFRX5GEO8BK7TLong John1241327708800They weren't That HotI was concerned buying "hot" peppers without having tried them first. But I bought six bottles and everyone has enjoyed them as they are hoe but they do NOT knock your hat off. I make a cheese omelet and put these on it while the cheese is melting.....delicious. And mixed with a tossed salad, they give a nice glow to your mouth. I gave a bottle to a friend of Italian heritage and he enjoyed them as they were really tasty but not horribly hot that burned your mouth. I will soon order my second case.
453710453710B002CN7EI4AC0NNJ3Q6YF2NThe Hot King Jr2411300406400Wow these make me want to gag....These have to be the worst tasting banana peppers i had. They taste like battery acid that water to dull the acid. These do not even taste good and they are not hot at all no hint to them. I had about 5 people taste these and they all spit them out in the trash. They would not even take these for free and i got 6 jars what a waste of money and shocked how badly they taste. If i got a bad batch sorry but 2 jars i tried are to bad tasting. I rather eat grass in vinegar then this.
453711453711B002CN7EI4A13WI4RSGW945LSusanP0151342569600Execellent ProductAwsome product.They are so good you can eat them in a bowl with a fork. Could be just a little hotter but very good.
453712453712B001SBACDUA2VSZX34I9E18CAl0051320192000excellent hummusThis product is very tasty and can be used where good seasoning is needed. Coat a raw chicken breast with hunmmus,
and coat with Panko and then pan fry. It will be delicious !!
453713453713B000LRFW0KA3VETKJ2DCJ6GUMarge0051349568000Addicted to this wafer cookiesI've been addicted to this cookies since I was in high school in Colombia, I used to save money for the whole week to buy them on the weekends, because there they are too expensive. I' ve been trying to buy them at any retail market but there is any iin Atlanta. I just love Loacker.... Thanks Amazon...
453714453714B008JV35H2A1ZIXALTABCTCGBoozers Mama1141349740800Gluten FreeA wondeful gluten free product! The dogs in our house seem to love the flavor too! I feel great giving them treats that are made in the USA. We tried their other products and love them as well.
453715453715B008JV35H2A1VG1JW2OGYTJDCathi Denham1151348185600My Armani Loved These Cookies!I receive my cookies today and I though my dog would knock me down to get to them! He could not wait to open that bag and munch away! He loves to eat but this was more than the usual reaction to treats. He loved every single crumb and I will definitely be ordering more! Thanks for making such a great product!
453716453716B00634YDEQA10H24TDLK2VDPWilliam Jens Jensen222331323561600Not badIf you expect this to taste just like the Verona you get at the Starbucks store, you will be disappointed. It's close, but be sure to use the medium cup setting. A better (and presently more expensive) Starbucks K-cup is their French Roast. Nevertheless, all of the Starbucks K-cups are over-priced, presumably because of the name. To my taste, there are a number of better dark roasts available at more reasonable prices, including two of my favorites, Green Mountain Double Black Diamond and especially Green Mountain Revv). And, of course, the three great dark roasts from Coffee People: Jet Fuel, Black Tiger, and their Kona Blend (if it's ever available again).
453717453717B00634YDEQA1GSU8VEKGXRPJEdwin R Bump212241321228800COSTCO 54 for $34Taste is GREAT! but it is very expensive. It is the best K-cup coffee that I have ever had! So dark and rich, but not bitter.
453718453718B00634YDEQA1G53R5LUMN3QNR. Kelly "Copper"374351320883200OverpricedI love this coffee and was disappointed when they discontinued it for the Tassimo brewers. I have since bought a Keurig brewer, and was pleased to see the Verona K-cups in Costco yesterday for about $32 for this same 54 unit quantity. The price here is this time. I'll wait until I see it on Amazon in the $30 - $32 dollar range before ordering on Amazon.
453719453719B00634YDEQAWL3WSX8TQXQXJoseph Binotto7751322697600Delicious!I wrote a review on Starbucks' French roast which was simply the best k-cup I ever had. This would be the second best. Verona k-cup is a rich dark roast with a smooth finish. This is exactly what I would expect at my local Starbucks. Well done (again)!
453720453720B00634YDEQA1J5BGM658BIUSMike. R "Value Consumer"6651328572800Excellent k-cup coffeeFound this at costco at a significantly lower price and gave it a try. I like a bold but smooth cup of coffee and find most to be too weak at medium setting. I had settled on Emiril's Big Easy as my most recent favorite until I tried the Verona. Admittedly, this is what I tend to buy in bean form for a full pot, and I was surprised to find that the k-cup version is actually very close to what I make in my drip. Full flavored without an over-roasted taste that you get with some Starbucks coffee, it's become our go-to cup. If Amazon's sellers get their price down I'll buy it here and save myself a trip to Costco.

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