Amazon Fine Food Reviews

453781453781B00684ILVWA31LR2SS9M3WYUDawn0051326067200Great serviceLoved the peppermint pig that we purchased. Was shipped out asap & received it very quickly. Would definitely do business again.
453782453782B00684ILVWAV4MG4PDBLD0HBarbaramom0021325635200Item stated 2 only received 1When I ordered this item it was for 2 families, when received it only contained one pig. My error or yours?
453783453783B0033NYC1OA2DWQEV30YNYTRElena Gelarden "ya1982"2251267488000Great gift for your loved ones.The package came fast and in really good shape. The boxes look great! I am going to save them for the future use. :) Candies, cookies and all the reast is tasting good. My husband was very surprised by the stack of hearts! I loved it!
453784453784B0033NYC1OA3AYSYSLHU26U9~ Z ~2241266451200Perfect gift for the man in your life.I was looking for a "manly" gift to give my husband for Valentine's Day. This item was perfect. The black and red gives it more of a masculine look to it. It was nicely arrange with each heart stacked on top of each other, wrapped in cellophane and tied with a black and red ribbon. The chocolates were delicious, smooth and creamy. Everything in the boxes was pretty tasty. I was surprised that the bottom of each box was filled with shredded red paper so they are actually filled half way with goodies. The heart shaped boxes are made of quality cardboard and make perfect gift boxes to use again. There is no writing on the boxes that specify "Happy Valentine's Day", so this is a great gift for any occasion or just to simply say I love you.
453785453785B0033NYC1OA2CMEFNSFISD9OJoseph Skellen2321268092800not the besti really loved the picture and the items but when i got em i was deffently shocked it is not worth the price maybe $20-$25 bucks at the most.the box paper was comming off when i got it a piece was ripped and the box was half filled with red paper so you got the same amount of paper and candy lol the goods inside wernt very impressive either they were like dollar candy couldnt been more then 10 bucks at the not a picky person but i was very dissapionted and im not recoming this to you to buy also the picture shows more then 3 boxs i only got 3 thanks
453786453786B0033NYC1OATOHTIN6PK25VW.Deeson "Billy"0041328745600she loved it....package arrived before the date estimated,my fiancee loved the boxes and is currently enjoying the very good candy inside the boxes,thank you for putting out a great product...
453787453787B0033NYC1OA2Y2JAE9U311APWatchful Reader "vicki"0051302307200large amount of good candyMy daughter received this from us for Valentine's Day. It came right on time and she said it was a large amount of candy and sweets. Also, the boxes are cute and can be used later.
453788453788B001GVIRCUA191ALBT7WSPZTHarold Melkonian3351278720000The best for the priceThis coffee is a great tasting coffee, packed in convenient solid packages that stay fresh.
Priced very reasonable.
453789453789B001GVIRCUAHUI249JAR23ABeth Hoines2251291420800best coffeeA friend brought me some of this coffee after they visited Germany. Now I have to have it. This coffee is always smooth and it never makes me jittery.
453790453790B001GVIRCUA194DRHJRV3KOZEFD2251290816000Cheaper than whole beansUnfortunately the whole bean Jacobs Kroenung is more expensive ($9 per metric pound vs $7.33). But at least these little 250g packs cost the same as the 500g ones (per ounce, that is) and this way it stays fresher a little longer.

I just wish Amazon offered this via Subscribe & Save!
453791453791B001GVIRCUA30LKCYYLLDKFTJimmy1131325116800I did not likeThe price was right but the coffee is very one dimensional and has a flat taste. I'm on my 4th bag and I've tried using less coffee-(it tastes watery) using more coffee-(it's way too strong). It's hard to explain, the coffee is not bitter and not acidic but it's boring, there is very little aroma when it is brewing and no sign of oil on the top of the cup. I no longer look forward to my morning coffee, I would not buy again.
453792453792B001GVIRCUA3GBMOQP5VEB7TMary Suzanne Wulff1151261958400Jacobs coffeeAwesome!!! We have and are extremely pleased with the Jacobs coffee that we purchased. It has less acid than many other American coffees especially Starbucks which is less harsh on my husband's stomach and we love the flavor. In fact, our whole family does, all 6 of us adults.
453793453793B001GVIRCUA1SLBPIQ5BYWI8MamaMouse1151255478400can't live withouth itMy very favourite coffee. Last time I couldn't find it in the store where I usualy shop but I am too happy I found it at Amazon. I have beem drinking it for the last almost 10 year; even hooked up hubby on it. He was swearing only by Lavazza untill he discovered our Brevile makes better esspresso with Jacobs :) We love the arroma, the taste, thickness and the wonderfull cream that has.
453794453794B001GVIRCUA3I5YPJZMTG1QOD. P. Taylor1151252713600My favorite coffee back on!After I'd discovered this coffee--been drinking it for 3+ years now--I was thrilled to purchase it from with free shipping.....until it became unavailable. So when I saw it again I was ecstatic! Hope Amazon can keep it in stock.

This is wonderful coffee and guests often ask what brand it is. Started out drinking Douwe Egberts but this is a little stronger.
453795453795B001GVIRCUAEWC9FQ01I79EDonald Farfrae0051350950400great coffeeAfter buying some fancy coffees from my local Trade Joe's and feeling like I'd been taken for a ride, I ordered this coffee on Amazon based primarily on its reviews. Well, most reviewers got it right: it's a great, rich, energizing coffee. Never mind it's not freshly ground - it keeps well in those vac pacs. Recommend highly.
453796453796B001GVIRCUA20EEWWSFMZ1PNbernie "webviator"0051350691200I am addicted to this animalWhen I was working for AAFES I came across this in the Base Exchange. Later I joined the reserves and lived on this stuff. I had withdrawal symptoms when my reserve time came to an end.

There is just no substitution. It does not taste burnt like Starbucks. The vacuum pack seems to last forever. When you open the pack you have to restrain you self from sniffing it up your nose. I keep the open pack in the frig
453797453797B001GVIRCUA1ESH66H2OZR77Garp10 "biersampler"0041350518400Jacob'sA really nice, smooth coffee with plenty of flavor. Not bitter at all. Does really well in my Kuerig machine.
453798453798B001GVIRCUA1NR4B6NE5TNZKarin Mcmullen "Hummelhummel"0051346630400Jacobs Krönung
453799453799B001GVIRCUA10M2FEBRH8KJMMoni0051344470400Jacobs is good coffeeAm a regular user of various Jacobs coffee brand. Since it is fine ground, less is being used. Good aroma!
453800453800B001GVIRCUAW4NC5WV9F42UTerry0021327276800awful stuffI congratulate those who enjoy this coffee because I am trying to figure out how to use what I have. Emergency use only!
453801453801B001GVIRCUA2F0SXJJGH8P2AR.S.T0051321056000The real 'preiswert' coffeeHow Nice! fine aroma, rubust but soothing taste, no trace of acid taste. I personally prefer Dallmayr extra special rather than this, but the price is right. Worth every penny anyway.
453802453802B001GVIRCUA1VJS5J9RWVQ5KPuff n Fluff* ®™ "Puff*"0051305504000Pleasantly surprisedAfter trying another Jacobs coffee and disliking it very much I was fairly sure that we would feel the same about this one. Wrong.
Is it fabulous? No, it isn't but it is a very nice coffee.
These bags are tightly vacuum packed and stay that way. No air gets inside to spoil the coffee.
The first thing you notice when opening the bag is the delightful aroma of fresh coffee. It sort of jumps out at you.
Next you will see that the grind is about the finest I've ever seen other than espresso powder. The coffee inside the bag is quite powdery but it was not dry and actually packs into the coffee measuring scoop.

On brewing the first pot I saw that the water ran through quite fast producing a rather weak pot of brew. For future pots, after the grounds were a little wet, I stopped the brewing for a minute allowing the grounds to 'bloom' then started the brewing process again. A MUCH better pot of full flavor, robust coffee with a slight acidity was produced.

One should note that the price of this imported coffee is very good and much more reasonable other imports.

Jacobs Kronung coffee is not my favorite coffee but it is very good and drinkable.
453803453803B001GVIRCUA1JFOQKALAXP4Pmagab550211300838400jacobs coffeei have bought this coffee several times in the past and it was great. this time there was just no coffee taste to it at all and it was a hundred years old. very disappointing.
453804453804B00030AT0IA2W3K03N6QYJJWW. G. "Fun/loving man"0031332547200Cajun Fried Chicken SeasoningI like this seasoning mix alot. And I will order it again. It is good on pork chops and on other foods. It has a very good tang to it. It does not over power the food that you are cooking.
453805453805B00030AT0IAC9RN6DJ953QYErnest Debrew III "E=mc3"0041323648000Average SeasoningI do like the item but it honestly does not taste like it derives or consists fried chicken as an ingredient.
453806453806B0017P0RV4AADFCU24JAOYZLaura M. Nicholson1151263600000love mary jane candiesThe company was nice; there was a delay due to packaging difficulties beyond the control of the company but they called and were so very polite and helpful. The candy was awesome, as always.
453807453807B0017P0RV4A3FKVHG8H0BBLGD. Owens0051264982400Mary Jane Candy - great buy!i purchased the mary janes for my boss for christmas, as we were unable to find them anywhere locally. he was very pleased with his gift. the service was great. the product was shipped when expected and received when expected, as well. five star service! thank you!
453808453808B005BYP6LIA3AAISHNADN3MUmona1141325116800healthy snackAlways fresh and rare empty shell. A good value for the money. I've shopped around alot and found this to be the best deal.
453809453809B005BYP6LIA1JLE30SBP6J3AZefran0051342310400Love them.I'm hooked. Bought this last month and devoured them. Second order arrived and they're well on their way to be gone. Can't find a better deal and the nuts are great. Every bit as good as the "Wonderful" brand that costs twice as much.
453810453810B005BYP6LIA18RSLLTAGW6AG2dogs0051326844800excellentVery good product - just as described and a very good value. I'm happy and would not hesitate purchase again from this seller.

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