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453811453811B005BYP6LIA7I38Q6F0B19LD. Nettle0051325808000Great ValueI buy these keenan farms pistachios about once a month. Rarely an empty or one requiring a jack hammer to open! They are delicious too!
453812453812B005BYP6LIA38XW5668UKIJ6Truth Crusader1231329782400Good percentage of emptiesBased on the reviews, I purchased the bags of pistachios. Upon opening them, I noticed a lot of empty shells, so I finally decided to count the pistachios w/nuts and the ones w/o nuts. If there was a loose nut, I'd count it and figure it had come out of one of the empty shells. At the end of my count, in one bag there were at least 78 empty shells. That is appx. 1/6 the total bag. I don't know if my bag was an exception, but I think that's just too many empty shells.
453813453813B003ZXFWHUA1LTNDWYIGZHYRK. Briezke2221304812800Not that greatI expected to find some sort of peanut butter and jelly combination, but instead found peanut butter with grape flavored candy flakes mixed in. I would not buy these again, the regular peanut butter flavor is much better!
453814453814B003ZXFWHUA1MKHAYVFAA2N9Melody Gallegos "hiphopmom"0051317686400Best satisfying crackersKeebler has really done it this time! Their peanut butter and jelly crackers are amazingly delicious. My kids absolutely love them.

453816453816B003ZXFWHUAFIJZOCUZGZF1M. Segal0051312675200Hassle free, great on the go foodThe Keebler PB&J crackers are extremely difficult to find in major grocery chains but when you do find them, hang onto them. They are the perfect travel food for just about everyone. You can taste the grape jelly even though you can't see it. It tastes like a mini PB&J sandwhich! I like the way it is packaged and if they used actual grape jelly the crackers would be soggy and just be a mess. This way the crackers stay fresh and aren't soggy, I don't find the crackers greasy or crumble in your hand (the PB actually holds it together). If you are looking for a hassle free snack or something to keep handy this is the food for you.

I ordered from Amazon and signed up for the Subscribe and Save program! Happy eating.
453817453817B00472U12OAYGJ96W5KQMUJSJP0051327104000Tastiest crunchiest gluten-free crackersThese are the best gluten-free crackers I've ever eaten - very thin crackers over an inch and a half across, tasty and crunchy, with seeds embedded in them and a pleasant mild sesame flavor. The only problem with them is that people not on gluten-free diets love them too, so they tend to disappear when I'm not looking.

They're good by themselves, straight out of the package, or with cheese or dips or anything you normally put on a cracker. Great stuff!
453818453818B00472U12OAYT9Z558RX5T3Sunflower Summer0051306108800Favorite GF crackersThese are my favorite gluten-free crackers. Unlike the previous reviewer, I find they have none of the aftertaste that most GF crackers have. I serve these with cheese when friends come over who are not GF, and they eat them happily. I wonder if the ones that the other reviewer disliked were stale, because I have found that these are not good stale.
453819453819B00472U12OA2ACFL6E9Y7UV4Sea Sam "Sea Sam"0051300579200My favorite GF CrackerLove these crunchy crackers as a nice break from the usual heavily sesame flavored GF crackers that Trader Joes sells.
453820453820B00472U12OA3KM7WVV1KCNJWTricia Schmidt0011296000000Not my tasteI have only found a few gluten free crackers I like, this IS NOT one of them. I purchased these at Sam's Club, in a box containing 2 bags. These crackers were hard, not crunchy, almost seemed stale. The first bite didn't taste too bad but they left an awful, odd after-taste, similar to burned grain. The texture wasn't too bad, not the usual prepackaged gluten-free grainy texture. My husband went Gluten-Free when I had to, he almost almost anything and he doesn't like them either. We tried them plain, with cream cheese, with cream cheese/olives, in salad, with cheddar cheese, nacho cheese but nothing would conceal the after-taste, in my opinion they were Horrible! I would say it is just my taste buds but...I not 1 of my 5 kids, 4 of which will eat pretty much anything, liked these. We offered them to friends, family, and neighbors but after trying them no one would take them. It could be possible that we purchased a bad batch, there were 2 packages in the box, but I don't think we want to chance buying and wasting another box. After reading some of the other reviews it appears many people love them, I guess you never know unless you try them. We hated to toss them in the trash so we occasionally used them as dog treats, the dogs did like them.
453821453821B005LM077IAWD2BXICQ2VIITfegan0011350864000Arrived opened!This porridge arrived with the tab/seal on the box already opened which I thought was a bit strange, nevertheless this is my babies favorite breakfast so I thought maybe it will be okay and give him some to eat, that day he threw up a number of times which was uncharacteristic for him. Perhaps this wasn't the fault of the porridge but because the packaging was opened when I received it I felt like an idiot and threw it out, I was not going to take any chances!!!
453822453822B001E56004A3064TFH0A7YLTEarthling "Environmentalist and Health Nut"1141210550400Definitely healthier than the normHas a lot less salt than the usual mixed nuts (thus it doesn't taste as good, but its better for you).

Also has pistachios, which many other mixed nuts containters do not.

I just wish there were more walnuts (probably the more expensive type of nut in the package).
453823453823B001E56004A8I4ZNDAPFT8LFina Simmons0051235433600Great BuyNice variety of nuts. Tasty and not too salty. Larger can makes it very cost effective.
453824453824B001E56004A2ZLCLWFRIRL2AJohn W. Westcott "Fr John"0051220572800The Best Nut MixThe Heart Healthy Mix has all the best nuts - no brazil nuts!!
If you use the subscribe and save option, you will get three cans of 11.5 ounces each which is larger and much less expensive than those available in regular stores.
453825453825B000633ZA8A2PD5CCBP60XO3Wendy Smith1151323216000excellent food for large breeds with joint problemsMy 10 year old saint bernard is moving around like he did when he was a puppy! I see a very notable difference in him since he started eating the Breeders choice active care foods! I couldn't be more pleased!
453826453826B000633ZA8A2F4IIXUB1I0H6Brian1151320883200My dog loves this food... and the food loves her!We have a Vizsla and struggled to find a food that #1 she liked and #2 that didn't give her the runs (sorry - gross, I know). This was the first food that met both requirements. Given that her breed is prone to hip problems, the extra glucosamine helps to keep her joints healthy. The food is pricy, the packaging isn't flashy and the name may not be well known - but this food is working for us.
453827453827B000633ZA8A3GKRZCUB043JNJ. Hoffmann "Norm & Jean"1151277337600We have a new dogOur 12 year old dalmatian is acting like a dog of 8
453828453828B000633ZA8AY7U6Z58P1U7Gretriever lady0041343865600retriever's recommendationour 3 retrievers are 9,8 and 3 years young and we're working hard to keep them healthy and not go bankrupt. We were using another joint supplement that works great but costing $$$$. We decided to use this food in the am and pinnacle's chicken and oatmeal for the pm meal. High quality food that won't kill my budget. The dogs love the taste, their coats are shiny, joints are moving well and yard clean up is minimal.
453829453829B000633ZA8A3V3D48MP9KWPAstillbillythekid0011336521600Another error, Wake up!Here's another 4.4lb bag of dog food that does not represent the normal "regular" price. At that standard per pound price, you could be buying the juiciest prime filet mignon and get to watch man's best friend become even a better best friend! Wake up Amazon!
453830453830B000633ZA8A3V700DIECZPT2Rod C. Mckenzie "Professor"0051331942400Ideal diet for a Rhodesian RidgebackThis is the only food our 12 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback has ever eaten (plus a single square of Kraft American cheese daily as a treat and a few chicken breast treats.) Kramer is in great health and people are always amazed at how fit and strong he is. That he still has all his teeth is surely attributable to the Active Care hard kibble diet and the near absolute lack of any signs of arthritis must be one of the benefits of the "healthy joint formula." Both Kramer and I cannot recommend Active Care highly enough.
453831453831B000633ZA8A2PD5CCBP60XO3Wendy Smith0041330473600new mobility for your dogMy 11 year old St Bernard has some arthritis, and was having a lot of difficulty standing up and using stairs. After just one bag of Active Care dog food, there is a noticeable difference in his comfort level!! He moves with much greater ease! And, after several bags, he has not gotten tired of the food, he still is eager for dinner! Terrific product!
453832453832B0064KSJJYA3OTDD1VM0NVQWDania Bruner0031346457600Beary sticky situationI myself do like these but others may wish to take note. These bears are not sweet tasting at all. They are slightly chewy and really very sticky so if you have dentures, loose teeth or just don't like things sticking to your teeth you may want to pick something different. Would not be good for small children either.
453833453833B001H32FTIA11WCPAFSHBAHLD. O. Jessup Jr. "dojjr"111351265932800Charleston SeafoodI would definitely order again. The tails arrived on time and frozen solid. Excellent level of customer service and price was well below other online vendors.
453834453834B001H32FTIA3JOYNYL458QHPcoleridge2311331078400They have to be kidding.Let's see that's FROZEN lobster tail for more than $50 per pound. You can get -- right on this site -- Live New England lobster for $10 a pound.

Am I misreading this?
453835453835B001ATMUSAA2CV6KXDKFYIN1regency reader1331303430400Good chips but flavor not as strong as bag bought locallyI just bought myself a bag of these shrimp chips from a local market. I grew up with these and enjoy them a lot. Thought I would try to save some money by buying them in bulk through Amazon. Good deal but having just had a bag of these, I could immediately distinguish a blandness of taste in comparison. Still the same good shrimp flavor but only about half as strong as the bag I got locally. Not sure if it's maybe because the ones from Amazon aren't as fresh. The 12 pack I received have an expiration date of Aug 2011. I didn't think to check the expiration on the bag I bought locally.

How I'm going to eat 12 bags of these by Aug 2011 I have no idea. And I worry I might actually succeed!
453836453836B001ELL35KA175N19FS2B4JLisa M. Mims232511227830400Arrowhead Mills flour may not be gluten free.I think I've turned into a troll when it comes to this company; it turns out they don't use dedicated gluten-free lines in their production. So, if you're baking with this because you have celiac, it might make you sick.

And, to echo, "Gritty" above, I'll raise you one, 'gritty' and add, 'so gritty it's inedible'. I spent a week of evenings trying to make gluten-free shortbread with this stuff: it's like sand.

After a long search, because a lot of what is sold as gluten free, either isn't, or is only 'legally' gluten free, meaning that on the day samples of it were tested it had only 20 ppm (or the company is claiming that), I found gluten free rice flour: Koda farms in California only mills rice--and they are not expensive. Look for their white rice flour under the name, "Kokuho Rose Premium Rice Flour" or "Diamond K", either from the Asian section of your grocery store, Koda farms online, or occasionally on Amazon.
453837453837B001ELL35KA2TCL5DE4I4YBGT. Brannen "TLB333"101021209859200GrittyThis rice flour is fine in a pinch, but it is too coarsly ground. Other brands offer a finer grind. Coarsly ground flour makes for a very dry baked product, as it is unable to absorb the moisture as well.
453838453838B001ELL35KA2BUSR3U0RVFAMBett E Crocker91031188518400Rice FlourI purchased 4 pkgs of rice flour. The rice flour seems to be of good quality. I purchased other items from a different seller the same day which arrived much sooner than the rice flour did. The flour was sent in a large box with only one air pocket plastic. The flour had lots of room to slide around and at least one bag was punctured and leaked flour. I was disappointed at the short expiration time on all four bags of flour.
I was not pleased enough to reorder.
453839453839B001ELL35KA1833SGGG68N4NMaureen Jeanson "Squeaky Gourmet"4451254355200I subscribed because the price is hard to beat!Ok, it is just rice flour so it is hard to write a review that raves of the amazing power of it etc. Howe4ver, clean organic product that comes packaged in nicely--free from contaminants when stored well. I use this flour in all my gluten free recipes and it works exactly as rice flour should.
Tip: when baking something that requires a wet ingredients you can add that wet ingredient to the rice flour and let it soak for a while to remove some of the "gritty" texture rice flour can have in baked goods. So, if for example, the pancake recipe calls for milk, add the milk to the rice flour and let soak in the fridge for a few hours before using.
453840453840B001ELL35KA1NNTS4NUTRT2QAirforce Girl1111316649600Terrible packaging!When I received my order the box was totally fine and undamaged. The bags of flour were wrapped all together in a green plastic which also looked to be in good condition and there were also several of those air filled shipping bags in the box. However there was flour everywhere! Once opened we found that 3 out of the 4 bags had rips all the way down the side. It was pretty clear that amazon did fine in packaging the product but the packaging from the actual manufacturer is what was terrible.

I won't be buying from Arrowhead Mills anymore which is too bad because they are typically cheaper than Bob's Red Mill or other GF flour companies. However this is not the first time we've had issues with their packaging (when bought from a brick and mortar store) and in the past I've also ordered Arrowhead Mills products that were expired before I even received them.

Spend the extra money on Bob's Red Mill or another company that packages it's product appropriately and takes care to make sure their products are fresh.

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