Amazon Fine Food Reviews

453841453841B001ELL35KA3E9198T7900WSL. Goodwin "L. Goodwin"1151252540800Great Seller and ProductReceived everything as stated and was more than happy with turn around time of order. Thanks
453842453842B001ELL35KA2HHGRDBD58S0HSteve Kohn "SY by the Beach"0051274659200The BEST gluten free floursI have been using Arrowhead Mills flours for 20 years. They are the best for any baker. For a gluten free baker like me, top quality ingredients are a must. Amazon has the best price on Arrowhead Mills flours. They arrive well packaged and fresh.
453843453843B001ELL35KA2AV6EYCQ5OA30grandMOM0241267142400Whte rice flour - blah!What can I say? I've found rice flours to all be about the same - bland, gritty, absorb fluids, and yet are a fondation in a gluten free diet. I generally use as little rice flour as is necessary. (My disllike is not for Arrowhead Mills, but for rice flour in general.) My hubby's preferences are the whole grain flours like amaranth, sorghum, teff, etc.
453844453844B0045VWL98A1N25641LB5YDTHighHeelLover0051327622400perfect!just what I needed to make tiramisu. And none of the ladyfingers broke during shipping! Thank you so very much!
453845453845B000PUTKCOA2YOP85T1EOXKUHolly V. Reese1121254182400Beautiful idea, but not that great in personI drop shipped these "Award Winning" hazlenut chocolates to my mom when she was in the hospital. About a month later I was able to visit her. In person, the rectangular chocolates are more like fudge squares, and they had a fudgie consistency. I thought the flavor was kind of bland. My mom--who loves chocolate--only ate two candies out of one of the boxes and left the rest.

Several months earlier I had also sent an Empress Gift Box, Assorted Gem Gift Box, 11.5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 2), and my mom had said she liked those. (She also ate them, so I never got to try them myself.) I think the Gem candies were more like normal chocolate and might be a better choice if you are looking for chocolates to send over Amazon. I had taken the chance on the Hazlenut Truffles because the Gems had gone over well.

I'm giving the Hazlenut Truffles two stars, because I love the idea of several small boxes of chocolates in a bundle, where you can order nice candy and give a box to as many as three people for a reasonable price. (The Empress Chocolate prices seem to fluctuate between ~$14 and ~$25.) I thought the presentation was decent, but the hazlenut candies themselves just weren't that good.
453846453846B000PUTKCOA1MV1SZ6U2N4FSsmile0051293062400A pleased costomerI bought a few boxes of the hazelnut chocolates earlier this week to give out to my family and friends for Christmas, and ended up opening a box myself to sample one piece myself (I'm a chocoholic). It was delicious, and me and my husband ended up eating the entire box that night! These chocolates are better than those of comparable companies and are lighter on the pocket.
453847453847B000G7TBUWA38EYY60YKDOLES. R. Schwam "mehitabel_sez"121351188604800BRING THEM BACK!!!First time i tried an un-salted pretzel! In one day I was hooked on them! I've ordered and eat all 12 bags a week myself!!If you dont bring them back REAL SOON I won't ORDER ANOTHER SNYDER'S OR OTHER PRETZEL BRAND. I TRIED SEVERAL OTHERS AND THEY ARE TOO SALTY! NO OTHER BRAND EVEN HAS AN UN-SALTED MINI PRETZEL.. THEY ARE ALL TOO HARD OR TOO SALTY!,,, I SAY: BRING 'EM BACK NOW!!!!
453848453848B000G7TBUWAL2HQWPD22OB9R. Jewell5551220054400Low Sodium and DeliciousI have high blood pressure and love pretzels. I felt deprived of my favorite snack until I found this product. I had tried other low salt pretzels, but they were just not very good. Then, while visiting in Florida I discovered Snyder's of Hanover Unsalted Mini Pretzels. They are delicious and only 75mg. of sodium for 20 mini pretzels. The bonus is that they are fat free. I could not find them anywhere in my area so Thank you to Amazon for selling them, and at a cheaper price than Snyder's website. I even gave my doctor a bag. He has high blood pressure too!
453857453857B000G7TBUWA1V7ENMOKIN9EJNancy J. Murray1121234137600disapointed this timeMy first order was perfect, second one, not too much, all the prezels were chipped or broken. lots of crumbs in the bag this time around, not sure if I will re-order.
453849453849B000G7TBUWA2EK7KWFJRCB2GMary Lou Eigsti "gramy"7851184544000sodium free pretzelsthey are wonderful. Buy sodium free for medical reasons. Unable to buy them in the grocery stores that I shop in the Seattle area. Appreciate being able to order them thru Amazon and at a good price.
453858453858B000G7TBUWA1RYI2TP8ON1SGRobertwolfe1151195430400I agree bring them backI bought 2 boxes for my wife who can not have the salted one and she ate them in less then 2 weeks she just loves these pretzel I would buying her about 4 boxes a month most stores don't even carry them this is a good place to get them please bring them back again
453850453850B000G7TBUWA2KJDJDM3P1EFGM. Gawel3331326153600Entered Search for Gluten Free and These Came UpThese ae not gluten-free. It is my own fault for not reading more carefully but I was searching for Snyder's Gluten Free Pretzels and this product and one other Synders product were the results. Unsalted was an added bonus for me so I did my one-click order. They are not gluten free,they are not sodium free. They are good but I'm disappointed with myself for not reading more carefully although I don't know why they came up under Synder's gluten free and first on the list.
453851453851B000G7TBUWA16BL38YXR9NEKJ. Molinari "Karaoke Junkie"3351300752000MUNCHIE HEAVENThey taste sublime without the salt! What else is there to know. It prevents me from eating a fat-filled piece of cake, and the ensuing weight stability is ecstasy!!! Also great for the blood pressure. Now I'll tell you a little known fact. Eat one at a time, slowly, as the repetitive chewing, as in peanuts or gum, actually releases seratonin. Look it up!!
453859453859B000G7TBUWA3VBKMQ25VSTJVHRH Spider "Cats ^..^"2311285200000what a bargain for stale pretzelsreceived on 9/22/10 only to find all 12 bags with sell date of august 22 2010. will get refund but beware.
even cartons have stamped 'GOODS MUST BE ROTATED' which i know means put out the oldest first.
well they rotated it to me! I wonder if thats anything like getting the shaft?
453852453852B000G7TBUWA3QP2KTDY09ROURosey2251292198400never go back to salted pretzels again.crunchy,satisfying and delicious. They are alsoguilt free with very low sodium snd no fat. I love them and so do my children.
453860453860B000G7TBUWA1W0F3F6EXIAKPvieprivee "vieprivee"0051350345600great productNot too salty and nice and fresh-tasting. This is something my family always loves and the size package is just perfect!
453861453861B000G7TBUWA36G3YDL6EGW0WJRS "Jayme"0051346976000Perfect afternoon snack to help avoid a feeding frenzyI love the fact that these pretzels come in 100 calorie packs. It is just the right amount for an afternoon snack. We have a bunch of pretzels, peanuts, almonds, etc. on a snack table at work. Around 2:30 every afternoon my resolve to stay away from the salty, filling (and fattening) yummy goodness on the table would start to wane. By 2:32 I would be coming up with reasons to hover around the snack table. By 2:40 I'd be covered in peanut shells, done with my feeding frenzy and figuring out how I was going to avert a repeat performance tomorrow. Then I found Snyder's of Hanover 100 Calorie packs. Seriously, folks, they are my saving grace. And they have just the right amount of salt. I thought 60 bags would be a ridiculous amount if pretzels to purchase, but it worked out great, they lasted a couple of months and I've already purchased another box.
453853453853B000G7TBUWAJMH1S1H2GUQCLaura Garrett "Registered Dietitian, Personal...2251282262400Low-Fat Snack, Only Brand my Kids LikeThis is the only brand my picky kids like when it comes to pretzels. They do prefer the salted ones which is fine for anyone not having blood pressure issues. We are now signed up for the subscribe & save - love that option!
453862453862B000G7TBUWA2A8KWCE8RKB9TDavid Glazer0051341187200Good stuffGot these in Amazon Warehouse...very crunchy..I like it that they come in small bags..helps with portion control. These are about as good as it stock up when they go on sale.
453854453854B000G7TBUWA3N4CUW4UYC9I3MH2251235433600Healthy AND tastyI originally got these because I thought I wouldn't want to eat as many while trying to lose weight. I have come to love these unsalted pretzels. I decided to "splurge" on a bag of regular pretzels and gagged on them because of the amount of salt. I had to throw away the bag. I am sticking to these unsalted pretzels for as long as the company makes them. I started having trouble finding them in local stores, so I was so excited to find them on Amazon and at a better price, too!!

5/15 -- I was going to reorder again. Wow -- the price has really gone up since I first ordered them and since my last order. They are now about the price of getting them at the grocery store. Hope the price goes back down soon.
453855453855B000G7TBUWA2G2RHBHH6OX42pkurz1151323648000Perfect 100 cal Snack!I enjoy a low calorie snack in the afternoon to take the edge off my hunger.

The Snyder mini pretzels do the trick. My grandchildren love them too. Very fresh.
453863453863B000G7TBUWACKUBGNNL5DZSMER "MER"0011340409600Smashed !!I will never order this item from Amazon again! The carton was delivered with no protective box or wrap around it. The carton was mutilated and at least half of each bag of pretzels was smashed to crumbs. Worst of all, this item can NOT be returned.
From now on, I'll buy my pretzels from Target. They cost about 3 cents a bag more, you can buy fewer than 12 bags at a time and the pretzels come whole.
453856453856B000G7TBUWAP9KIS2Y3GZEJCavell L. Hall "Luvbama"1151234396800Snyder's pretzelsI can't find these in the store so I looked here and behold found them. These are the best pretzels ever!
453864453864B000G7TBUWAV03VOGQLKA2Bexcited reader!!0051336953600Very good pretzelsI am on a low salt diet,but most pretzels are covered with salt.I was unable to find these at my local store.I was happy to find these on came in good condition and very fresh.Snyder's make good pretzels.
453865453865B000G7TBUWA39FPCF7OXDU70C. Gray0051336521600Good product and Good PriceI purchased these for summer/snacks. They are great with those individual peanut butter packs. Snyders always has quality products and this was a great price. I even took some to sell at a bake sale.
453866453866B000G7TBUWA4PKG3F00AIM9R. Johnson0051333324800These are excellent but....I would love to give this product 1,000 stars but I can't because I'm actually addicted to these! So yes, these are the best pretzels bar none (I guess I don't care for salty pretzels), but I can eat a whole bag in one sitting and doing so is about 900 calories. I cannot seem to stop at a single serving. Help!!!!
453867453867B000G7TBUWAPQZ8FFIWLNIFEdward0051325894400Hanover 100 calorie packsI like this product because it is an easy to stay on your diet. It is also a great snack for the children anytime of the day.
453868453868B000G7TBUWA2QGFM1VLSN8JQKristin Centabo "Krescent"0051325808000Tasty and better on sodiumI got these because the 100 calorie packs are helpful for portion control. And lately I have been trying to watch my sodium and these pretzels are some of the lowest that they carry at my grocery store. Great product.
453869453869B000G7TBUWALHINPGS325ENKayadmin0031320019200Mini PretzelsI had been looking for these unsalted pretzels for awhile. I try to limit sodium, but love pretzels. I used to live in PA (Snyder's headquarters) and could get them all the time. Since moving to the midwest, I have not been able to find them. I was very disappointed in them when they were shipped. About 1/4 of the bag was pieces and crumbs. Another reviewer mentioned this and I should have known, but I really had been craving pretzels and was hoping that Snyders had fixed their problem with shipping. Pretzels, great; shipping not so goood.
453870453870B000G7TBUWA1IIORYWJ8K4ZVThomas E. Cimochowski0051269907200Salt Free PretzelsIt had been more and more difficult to find decently priced Salt free pretzels in the stores. The price offered by the case plus the free shipping made it possible to have a continual supply of unsalted pretzels in the house, without paying an arm and a leg. The only problem was that, with the change of the expiration date on the credit card, Amazon's instructions resulted in my buying two cases instead of one. But, the product is worth the price.

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