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453871453871B000G7TBUWA18GUM6302C2TYalexpk "alexpk"0051267920000Best pretzelsBest no salt pretzels there are. These are great for snacks or lunch when you're not interested in uploading a ton of extra salt that usually accompanies this type of product. This is the only no salt pretzel sold in my local supermarkets.
453872453872B000G7TBUWA1P3S1KY5WO4MMkba0051260921600Happy to find on AmazonI was very happy to find Snyder's unsalted pretzels on Amazon, they can be difficult to find in groceries. Great price and great delivery.
453873453873B000G7TBUWA17MDFE1GIGNEPL. Duff0051252713600Good Snack for Kids and Adults AlikeNot all pretzels are created equal. These are fat free, and made from, if I'm not mistaken, a whole grain flour. If I had a bag on hand, I'd look at the ingredients label and tell you exactly what kind of whole grain flour, but we're out at the present time (what a surprise). My daughter loves to snack on these, and as a snack item, they beat a bunch of alternatives hands down. The only thing..... they're addictive. Get yourself a little bowl and don't go back for more! Moderation in all things......
453874453874B000G7TBUWA2NEA908M4LABFJohn Lyrla "JohnL"0051245542400Pretzels are goodI was a little dubious about how these pretzels would taste.
Since I am on a low sodium diet, I had to try them.
They are a delicious. I will be back for more.
453875453875B000G7TBUWA1X2B0WGYPK62PDonna Sallee0031244505600PriceyI purchased these pretzels pretty often up until now. I came back to make another purchase and find the price has gone up. I will not purchase them unless they return to original price of $19.00.
453876453876B000G7TBUWA2PYMZ7EJOYXS6Happy Mom0051238112000Great productLOVE THIS PRODUCT!
For our young children:
Do not need to worry too much salt intake.
Hands and clothes stay clean.
Fun shape and it excites children to see what kind of shape they see after a first bite.

Very happy with Unsalted Pretzels.
453877453877B000G7TBUWA3RRMZ3DFPGCBISean0041235174400Big orderWell this was a big order and I enjoyed them but I think I prefer Quinlan & Rold Golds a little more. I give them a 4 out of 5.
453878453878B000G7TBUWA211PUYMU0ALWNS. Odemis0051233360000great PretzelsI regularly buy these pretzels. I love it. They are great for parties as a finger food. I also keep some in my office too. Snyder's of Hanover knows how to make great pretzels.
453879453879B000G7TBUWAGW1F5N8HV3ASMolly Nightwing "Molly539"0051226361600Fat Free, Low Sodium and Tasty too!I love my snacks but I don't love all the sodium most of them have. Snyder's of Hanover unsalted minis taste terrific and satisfy my cravings for a crunchy, low sodium snack. At twenty pretzels per serving, you feel like you're getting a substantial amount as well.
453880453880B000G7TBUWA2W2N3OMMVKA9LAK0051213574400LOW SALT DIET...IF you want to cut back on salt but still have some "crunch" these are very good. Sometimes we add just a couple of salted pretzels into the mix.
453881453881B000G7TBUWA39ZT6XQ32UOI3Deborah Wilk "bandaid"2411225324800these are pretzelsThese are specified to be Snyder's of Hanover Pretzels Minis 100 Calorie Packs, 10-Count Packages (Pack of 6). However they are bags with 3 servings each, each bag has 330 calories and 3.5 ounce bags. I called twice, my order was re-sent only to find that they are exactly the same. I wanted the 100 calorie pack so I can know exactly what I am eating in a setting. Customer service person seemed foreign and did not understand my concern.
453882453882B000G7TBUWA3TJ24HNAQ5EI5elish0151287273600bestsnackThese unsalted pretzels are by far the best quick snack i have found. no salt on the pretzel, virtually no fat, and very good taste. the direct sale from snyders with no shipping cost ensure my repeat business.
453884453884B0044U57ZAA3KJFAHSF48KH3Discursive Boojum5651296086400Wild for this stuffThis is the awesome sauce you've heard about. In a cheesy not saucy kind of way. This processed cheese food come closer to the taste of cheddar than most processed cheese foods. It's what cheddar would taste like if it were a cheese food and not actually a cheese. The tip has little notches in it like a star tip for a pastry bag so when you push down on the tip it dispenses in a fancy star shape or a nice looking line instead of just a plain line. It's decorative and tasty. It's like cheese frosting for crackers, meatloaf or Spam.
My favorite way to eat it is on Wheat Thins.
For parties, I recommend serving it on crackers in a star shape, and topping the crack with half of a pimento stuffed olive. It will look very classy!
453885453885B0014BSMT0AFNYJIANTUB7UDana Veca1151330041600Chocolate heaven!These cookies were absolutely perfect for a Valentine's Day gift. I'm so thankful my Valentine shared with me! The cookies were still very fresh and crisp on the inside, coated in chocolate that is a perfect quality, taste, and consistency. The decorations were cute as can be too. I just wish there were more than 7! I will definitely buy these again.
453886453886B0014BSMT0A3DDAWB2P87DZZStephanie1111329350400never got productI never received my cookies. It says they have been delivered but when I contacted the company to tell them ive never got them, they told me to contact the post office who said they didn't have them. The company did nothing about this matter. Not very good customer service at all!
453887453887B0014BSMT0A3Q4DKLN07FJ9CJay1151328832000very tasty, and good qualityThese cookies are VERY good. As good as anything you can get in a "chocolate" store. Maybe even better. Only took 2 days to get here and they arrived perfect with free shipping for me. The wifey got an early V-day gift and she loves them too. Surely trust this brand for your chocolate needs :)
I am looking at the other items they sell for future purchases.
453888453888B0014BSMT0ALQ4TZP2ZY3QSlvnto0051343865600Very CuteThese arrived well packaged and very cute. They were a big hit with the recipiant. They tasted great and were a good cange from the traditional box of chocolate. Highly recomended!
453889453889B0014BSMT0A1G2R7BHHKJGGYRosey0051334102400Awesome!These were probably the best Oreo's I have ever had and my mom enjoyed getting them for her Valentines Day gift. They were gone in almost ten minutes. I had to tell my mom to stop before she ate all of them. They were delicious and I would totally recommend them to a friend. Matter of fact I already did. The one thing that I would have liked to known before I purchased them, is the ingredients, nutrition facts, and allergies that may be affected. Thanks!
453890453890B007URKMMWA38IEZF0P3ZUQJThe Fallen Angel with a broken Wing "I Cry Ou...0021345420800Has a strange After-taste ... (>~<)
453891453891B00061EPLIA6KKJEE76G36Erika J. Muller1151180915200Do you like your hot dogs to bite back?If you like your mustard to assert itself, this is the one for you! It is fresh, hot and gives everything I've put it on a nice healthy kick in the taste buds. I've only been able to find it locally in Rochester, NY so it is great to see that you can order it anywhere. Do yourself a favor and kick up your next BBQ a few notches. Slather this on a nice London Broil and I guarantee you will love it!
453892453892B00061EPLIA2YOGD0S28UTTFJohn E. Mcmahon0031330560000Still good - but it's not the old Nance's!I have loved Nance's mustard for 50 years, but the last case I got had a different taste and it just isn't as good as the original. I don't know why they changed the recipe but they need to go back. Remember "New Coke", they went back and I hope Nance's will do the same !!
453893453893B00061EPLIA3U7F13ZERPEKDCatie0051329696000Yummy mustard!I found a recipe for ham, swiss cheese, avocado, and spicy mayo on crackers. I wanted to try it for my tea party and found that the spicy mayo was regular mayo mixed with a little hot mustard. I am stationed overseas and ordered this online, it worked great in the recipe...and thanks to the company for shipping to an APO address!
453894453894B000CRKATMAW9O4FM1WCYRUTerry Lewis2251317945600Will buy againGood quality for the price. My local market discontinued oil-cured olives but I can actually get these for less than I paid locally and they're even better quality. Very satisfied.
453895453895B001HXI0V0A6HMCJKZYWIB0hf2272101131301961600sams has it for $22.50love love snickers. but sams has it for $22 and some change. they also have a 72 count for $33 and some change.just a little fyi
453896453896B001HXI0V0A39ZS9UVTMDDJDty101251295740800Have you heard about candy bars?This strange food item is quite delicious. I'd like to thank Dr. Snickers for a great contribution to our wonderful existence.
453897453897B001HXI0V0A2II09GQGWOMTQBrian Nallick "METALMANMN"2251309478400Gooey, chocolaty and oh so good.Chocolate, peanuts, caramel......pure gut busting joy in every bite.
Another candy that's been around since the stone age and for good reason.
Snickers rocks.
Just don't eat too many or you'll turn into a big fatty like me. :)
453898453898B001HXI0V0A2UR8G0LTLAUPHP. Mrozinski "mstudio"1151303516800Snickers!They're Snickers. Snickers are the best. I don't eat candy, but I eat Snickers. I buy these for our theater, they are always the first to go. Did I say they're Snickers????
453899453899B001HXI0V0A2T0HNDKJ56H6VKenneth Gorrell0041342483200Snickers Candy Barthis product met my expectation and met my standard and was the size i wanted and i recieved my order sooner than i expected and i was very satisfied with the product
453900453900B001HXI0V0A111O0HS346534bus books0051319587200Snack Time!Came in a nice temp controlled box and sold very well at work! Use this to stock our Opp Feed table for afternoon snacks around the office. Big hit!!!

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