Amazon Fine Food Reviews

453941453941B006N3I32KA1WETU4DCPSL7MMonica C. Mcginley0111309651200WeakThe coffee is very weak. Even the Bold flavor is very weak. I would not buy this again. The coffee tastes like water.
453942453942B007B9UEV8A2LTX5Z4OJHRVTKatie0051347408000Superb kombucha baseI used this tea to make kombucha and it produced excellent results. It's deep and robust with a subtle floral note. It has a pleasant flavor served freshly brewed, but after fermenting with sugar, bacteria, and yeast for a few days it packs a wonderful punch.
453943453943B002N3LE5CA1BNUT0HNSOHB4Tina D0051321574400Great MushroomsThese are the absolute BEST mushrooms ever!!!! The assortment in every jar is wonderful and the quality is excellent. I will order them again and again.
453944453944B0067414D0AX8ATTTB67KFMLita Counts0051342396800cute lollipopsThese were a hit. I have to say big bird was the most famous (I ordered elmo and cookie monster pops as well). They taste good and are larger then you would think. :)
453945453945B0067414D0A1X3SAWKYZ9IC1godschild14320051334707200Yummy and a biog hitHad these at my kid's combined bday party. They loved them. Big hit and they were so good tasting. I would recommend these anytime.. They are actually white chocolate
453946453946B0067414D0AIHWLZR6FRYM2ashar870051325894400PERFECT!Purchased these lollipops (Big Bird, Elmo & Cookie Monster) for my son's 2nd birthday party. They are adorable!! Not only do they look great but they're delicious as well. I would HIGHLY recommend buying these--would be great as favors or just as a little treat to have out.
453947453947B005F5U04GASZG37LONBGHZp8nthorse2251331510400this is a "Miracle" productI started using this while I was undergoing chemo for breast cancer. A friend had recommended it as the "perfect" food. I did some reserch online and figured I had nothing to lose! I noticed during chemo it did help keep my energy level close to normal. I also used it during my six weeks of radiation and was able to function near a normal level. Now that I am "back to normal" it is definitely something I miss when I run out and don't order it! When I am using it consistently, I wake up without an alarm, I feel clear headed AND I don't crave carbs and sweets! This may not work the same for everyone, but no one will ever convince me that I would be better off without it!
453948453948B005F5U04GA2NRCF2MFJ6DCOSiscaluv1151340236800Healthy productIf you want a healthy lifestyle, you should have it. It is packed with nutrients good for your body. Just a tpn a day is amazing.
453949453949B0009YSB9EA3JO6LG2G3IJCJDelorus Jarrett0051343606400best biscuitsI have used Iams biscuits for more than 20 years for my dogs. They all love them. I have worked with Rescue for Pekingese and Chow and use the small biscuits for both. I bought some of the large ones, but they all prefer the small biscuits.
453950453950B0009YSB9EA2JS17O8XB2AWTRosebud "Livin' La Vida Loca"0051176422400My picky eater likes themFinding dog biscuits small enough that my dog will eat is a challenge. Even though my dogs are 35+ pounds, I want biscuits that are a treat, not a meal. These do hit the spot.
453951453951B000LKVCCOA3ORX3MYJY5MQKLace1151202256000The Best!These caramels taste just like the sugar laden ones only better! They are great for low carb diets as well. I conducted an experiment with my husband and gave him a Judy's sugar free caramel and a regular sugar caramel and he could not tell the difference. I have tried alot of sugar free caramels and these are by far The Best!
453952453952B000LKVCCOA23MDBGUL2MV79Virginia Val0031302739200Way Too ExpensiveThese sugar-free caramels are indeed delicious (and deserve 5 stars for taste), but a price hike at Amazon from $53.42 to $87.00 in a little over 2 months is more than I can stomach. I'll buy them somewhere else.
453953453953B000LKVCCOAKESM8HNNZHWXK. OSULLIVAN "Happily owned by dogs!"0051278979200Simply delicious!What a great treat when you're watching your calories and carbs. Super fresh and simply delicious! Vanilla is my favorite!
453954453954B003BSO6CQA1KEYTOPGEP14SJenny R. Finkel1151305849600Works great with Scoop-Free systemI will preface this review by saying that I've only been using the litter for a couple of days. That said, I completely agree with the review by "Mani Arabi'. If you're used to crystal litter, then you already know how it works (it absorbs the urine and the liquid in the poo, and therefore eliminates odor, and there's no clumping), and this is a very good version of the crystal litter because the particles are so fine. I have a scoop-free auto litter box, and have been using the 'forever' tray, but the crystals that you i used to buy to use with it were really big, and they would bunch up behind the rake. Also, because they are so hard, my cat would like leap out of the box to avoid stepping on them, and they would get everywhere. Both of those problems are eliminated with this litter -- it's so fine that the rake easily passes through, and so far the cat doesn't seem to track any of it. it costs a bit more than other crystal litters, but in this case you really do get what you pay for, and i think it's worth the few extra dollars to not have to vacuum/sweep next to the box constantly. (also, you can do the subscribe&save thing to save 15%, and they let you cancel at any time, including immediately after placing a single order. you won't get the 2-day shipping though, even with prime.)

as for the reviewer who complained that eventually the litter got soaked and started smelling -- all crystal litter does that. some cats pee more than others (lord knows mine does), and they will 'fill up' faster. it's really not a defect of this particular crystal litter, it's just how crystal litter works.
453955453955B003BSO6CQA10E8UIL3AQCQOMani Arabi1151292198400No smell, no mess, no cleaning up, and NO LITTER DRAGGED INTO THE HOUSEI have used "crystal" type litter for several years now and they are absolutely fantastic. There is absolutely no smell or dealing with urine clumps and whatnot. In my experience, all crystal litter has performed in this manner.

I used to use PETCO brand crystal litter. This is a great litter but the rocks are big and often got stuck between my cats paws and would be dragged into the room (or at the very least all around the outside of his litter box). These Micro-Crystals are far superior to the petco litter at the same price point.

-Very fine litter, does not get stuck in my cats paws or spread anywhere (In fact, I have not seen ANY of it spill outside his box yet and I have been using it for roughly 3 weeks)
-NO smell
-Once a month; just scoop the poop don't worry about the urine at all until you swap the whole thing out.

-Dusty when the cat uses it or when changing it out (due to how fine the crystals are)
**This is a minor problem because I keep my litter box next to my toilet (easily scoop the poop) so if I go into the bathroom right after my cat, it is a little dusty. It settles very fast though (a minute or so is plenty to wait)

Overall, I definitely would recommend these as the #1 type of cat litter I have ever used. I have had cats for over 20 years and am exclusively switching to these. The ONLY issue I have seen with them is the dust that is kicked up after my cat uses the box, but this settles so quickly it is not an issue.
453956453956B003BSO6CQA3SXO5KYMD2LUGSharon3411298332800Would not recommend.This was the first of the two litter pearl products I tried. It sounded great. It cost a little more, but the whole concept seemed wonderful. I scooped it out every day and thought it was great until I hit day 22. Then the crystals soaked up the urine, turned yellow, stayed wet, and then became very malodorous. I had to change the whole thing out at 4 weeks, which kind of changes the long lasting, no odor idea and GREATLY increases the cost. Maybe my kitten (who loves his litter box) is different and I am never going to find kitty litter that works. I can't believe he continued to use this when I couldn't even stand to be within 10 yards of the box because of the smell.

I was very disappointed.
453957453957B004GNBI5IA1ZERIJG0B91RVC. K. Guler "Senfanatic"0021349049600wouldn't buy this againWasn't expecting much but was curious. Brewed result was very "thin" both in texture and in flavor. Result was a very weak, slightly milky cup of almost Latte'.
453958453958B004GNBI5IA3ANET3791IUKZGrumpy0051346716800good lattePackage came in quickly and complete. Coffe is good with a little latte already in the pod. Very handy and tastes good. Package is in German so couldn't read it but used it like I use others I have in English and it seems to work ok.
453959453959B002UQZCX2A3MZO1YF8K0JZCBCA Inc1151260662400Great Energy DrinkI really enjoy this energy drink. Used to drink Sugar Free Red Bulls but eventually stopped because the prices were a bit too high. Diet Rockstar is a better value and has a better taste.
453960453960B000WODGPAAD94JTP8CTOGYorkie Girl9951233619200Better Than English MuffinsThis tastes better than English Muffins! Because you can make normal bread slices, you can make a good-sized sandwich. That is, if the gread lasts long enough in your household. I made a loaf last night, and have one heel of the loaf left. :)
453931453931B006N3I32KANZ775Q4FNULZCaryn Snyder "Makeup Diva"3451268524800A Great Assortment!I like the idea of being able to sample different decaf coffees. This is a geat variety pack and after tasting the different flavors I was able to choose one or two that I liked best. Now I order my favorites from Amazon as the prices are great, the shipping is FREE, and it's impossible to find such a huge selection of decaf k-Cups in any store!
453932453932B006N3I32KA2X4MKC6ZS3FXJV0051345161600What a deal for Decaf!Its hard to find samplers that are all decaf, but this one is spot-on for the money. Gives you plenty of each type to see which ones you like best without having to buy a whole box. Mine came with four varieties: (4) Green Mountain - Vermont County Blend, (6) Green Mountain - Breakfast Blend, (6) Newman's Own - Special Blend, & (6) Green Mountain - Extra Bold Dark Magic.
453933453933B006N3I32KA15O660R07NV0VT Sears0051343433600GreatI love this sampler. It has just the right mix for me and my husband. I like the milder coffee and he likes the bold. No complaints
453934453934B006N3I32KAQF0QPRUM53WCWilliam H. Willis "Wolf Moon HP"0051341792000Never a dull moment!The wide variety of flavors in this sampler are ALL delicious. Since I drink around four cups a day, the variety keeps things interesting. And, by introducing me to new flavore I had never tried, it convinced me to order a couple of special flavors for frequent repetition. I recommend this sampler highly.
453935453935B006N3I32KA39LZXLZSLOP02Toots0051333584000Great!!First the price attracted me and then the chance to try different decafe coffees I might not otherwise buy. The sampler gave me and my husband a chance to pick and chose which we enjoyed drinking and eliminate the ones we don't.
453936453936B006N3I32KA3FKA8M6K85547Lexie0051323388800Excellent Decaf Variety PackA nice variety of decaf coffees. Fast, easy and enjoyable any time of day. So happy that boxes arrived as described *:)
453937453937B006N3I32KA1BDQ0IYZO804RMike0051319760000Great selection!Even though a bit pricey per cup, I am addicted to my Keurig coffee maker. I like variety and this sampler has a great selection. My favorite's are the Newman's Own and the GM Dark Magic.
453938453938B006N3I32KACKABTFQEISYSL. Dod "Sunshine"0051313107200Great variety pack!My husband's favorite K-cup is GM Breakfast Blend so I was very pleased to find a variety pack with a decaf version for him. He can't tell the difference on this and he usually can! It's really nice to have a variety of decaf flavors to offer guests without having to buy 4 different boxes.
453939453939B006N3I32KA29LJRFCNKWBFOgenie on a carpet0041311811200solid assortmentthrilled to have this assortment as i got the chance to choose another decaf coffee- have already sampled donut house and paul newman- now have more choices-- many thanks to keurig, green mountain and of course amazon

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