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454003454003B000NB3VFMA2U53YGQPO1F42D'Nys "Dee"161751256515200THE MOST AWESOME HONEY EVERWe love it!! It is sooo delicious - but even better - it's healing properties are like oral tea tree oil - how cool is that!! Altho we consider it one of the most important medicinal things we can take each day - actually 1/2 to 1 tsp in the morning & at night to not only keep us healthy but also protected from all the "bugs" going around..inside & out - amazing when used under a band-aid!! I like to just hold it in my mouth and swish it around-even gargle a little before swallowing- not only to savor the flavor but again for it to work it's anti-germ/viral magic on mucous membranes - also gets absorbed faster that way, too...A friend of mine mixes this very unique honey with Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (it's organic, unpasturized, unfiltered with the mother)as part of her ultimate health strategy!!) Thank you Airborne, Amazon, & the person I purchased it from - I will be a repeat customer as long as it's available!! I think it would make an excellent & unique Christmas gift!!
454004454004B000NB3VFMAZ5Y8CDXT09RWB. Shaffer "B. Shaffer"151641258761600Manuka HoneyI ordered Manuka Honey from Amazon because I had recently read a small article on important ways to become a healthier person. Manuka Honey was mentioned as a medical use to effectively treat the symptoms and health conditions such as Athlete's Foot, Ring Worm, Insect Bites, Arthritis, Acne, Eczema/Dermatitis, Sore Throat, Rashes, Wrinkles, Wounds, Burns, Nail Fungus, Aches & Pains, Blisters, Stomach Ulcers, Skin Ulcers, Gum Disease, Acid Reflux, Cold Sores, Infections, Psoriasis, Surgical Wounds, and MRSA/Staph infections. Sugar is a cancer-feeder. By cutting off sugar it cuts off one important food supply to the cancer cells. Manuka Honey is a natural substitute for NutraSweet, Equal, and Aspartame. My review is that it is thicker than the common clover honey and that it has a milder sweet taste with a hint of a smokey molasses flavor. On the jar, it states that it can be used for sauces and marinades for savory dishes. Manuka Honey is worth a try. I ordered it & it took about 8 days for the honey to be delivered to my door. Four stars.
454005454005B000NB3VFMA25CFM7GP022ZUSophy0075 "bluestocking"111151319155200A cello in comparison to the violin of orange blossom honeyManuka has a strong, deep, rich flavor, suggesting essences of fig, tannin, and molasses. This is honey to be savored. Try a bit atop an excellent stilton for a symphony of tastes. Because of its intensity, children might not like it (give them ordinary supermarket clover honey and keep this for yourself!)

A teaspoonful of manuka will assert itself in the strongest of assam teas. The same spoonful will make one's morning oatmeal a culinary experience.

As for the medical claims, honey in general and manuka in particular have been touted for antibacterial qualities. To me, because I like strong flavors, manuka makes a wonderful sore throat soother. A professional singer that I know uses a spoonful before every performance as a preventive.

Yes, it is expensive (although I suppose those fortunate enough to live in New Zealand pay far less), but it is as worthwhile as a fine French Burgundy, fresh Chincoteague oysters, aged prime filet, and king salmon are for gourmets. I certainly hope the bees of New Zealand are not affected by the viruses and parasites that are killing off their North American counterparts.
454006454006B000NB3VFMA3NIJ1HXPIFRYQKaren Schmidt91051240790400Very happy with this honeyI am very happy with the quality and the price of this honey. It was delivered in a very short time and I will be ordering it again.
454007454007B000NB3VFMA10BEDZOPE6C6DClimbhigh8951200614400The feel good honeyGreat for what ever ails you. Soothing for an irritated throat or cough.
Great taste. Not too sweet tasting.
454008454008B000NB3VFMA2ZIF16QX73IXHDina Radomyshelsky7851237248000Manuka Honey - one of the bestThis is one of the best honey I had ever taste. Beside, it really helped my son when he got cold. Definitely will buy more.
454009454009B000NB3VFMA4UMJSMYWQYIPL. D'orlaque3351325980800Culinary and Holistic delight.I'm a believer. I just used my first tablespoon to coat my stomach after overdoing it with the coconut oil. It settled my stomach. I have also been fighting an allergy induced sore throat for the past two days. My throat feels notably better. I like the taste. It tastes a bit like caramel apple. It is softer and thicker than traditional honey. Smooth taste, I cannot wait to include this with my steel cut oats. I'm curious to see how it dissolves into tea as it is a bit thicker, but I made a nice honey glaze for my veggies with it and it was a definitely delight! It is good stuff. I would advise you to try local if you have a Central Market, Whole Foods, H.E.B., or other grocer that carries exotic brands. I only paid just under twelve bucks for the same size, same product. Amazon is great about price matching though, so for my next purchase I will find out if they will honor this price as here it comes from an Amazon marketplace seller. This is a superior product.
454010454010B000NB3VFMAZ1VXRFDMNZVGrsk3341320624000Great product, good quality honeyI ordered this product with some trepidation. I was pleasantly surprised by the quick delivery and the quality of the product.
The honey is pretty good and the wax content is true bees-wax unlike many others which have "bees wax equivalent" (whatever that is) added to the honey.
The only downside is that the package is a _plastic_ container which detracts from the overall quality of the product.
454011454011B000NB3VFMA26D8IVRS6FUY3D. MacInnis "Mac"2251262822400New Zealand HoneyThis honey is phenomenal - a great flavor but unusually strong. I love it.
454012454012B000NB3VFMA33FC8DIVH0KQQGail1151346976000Manuka honey from New Zealand.I loved this honey. I sometimes eat it off the spoon. I put it in cereal. I also mix it into my plain Greek yogurt. I intend to continue buying it. It tastes very good as well as being good for you.
454013454013B000NB3VFMA15VLTNW6UH09HCharles2351345593600New Zealand honey - Airborne HoneyAirborne honeys are outstanding. I am posting the review just to inform potential customers that there is another online souce for these honeys at New Zealand Natural Goods [...]. Their prices are so much better than Nature Healthy Life's I felt obliged to share the information. For example, the New Zealand Manuka Honey sold here has a picture of a jar of Airborne Honey's Manuka with Wildflower, a different product. The price listed above is $44.95. The price at New Zealand Natural Goods is $16.99 for Manuka Honey 500g. has Airborne Foods Manuka with Wildflower Honey for $14.99 (500g).
Nature Healthy Life's price for 500g of Airborne Honey's New Zealand Beech Forest Honeydew Honey is $19.99. The identical product at New Zealand Natural Goods is $7.95.

As you can see, Nature Healthy Life's prices are very much out of line for Airborne Honey products.
454014454014B000NB3VFMA2N3GYBD72OEMRAri H. Jaffe2351326672000ExcellentThis honey is absolutely fantastic. I cannot attest to any special healing powers, but it has a strong and delicious flavor. Kosher certified from New Zealand.
454015454015B000NB3VFMA38QDKJIL4YEXGSarah J. Mckenzie "sarahmck"0051338681600Manuka HoneyI use this honey for its healing properties. I use 1 tsp in my coffee. I usually drink about 4 cups a day. I think this product does have healing properties and will continue to use it.
454016454016B000NB3VFMAWIU9KQ2NOWV8Debco12111307404800Do NOT get this for acne out of desperation..because that's what I did. I have been to so many dermatologists to no avail. This was gross and sticky. Honestly, if you have irritated, oily skin the last thing you need is to put honey on it. I was a gross, sticky, sweaty mess. I've determined that the honey makers got together because of the decline in population of bees and concocted that honey is a cure-all. Um, no---you just want my money.

I intend on returning this. I didn't like how strong it tasted either and can't even look at the container now because it looks like it's got mustard inside it; gross.
454017454017B001DYMG36A1566F14WKIZT2J. J. Newman151721257724800BEWARE These are 2nds!The candy I ordered from Amazon was for distribution to the neighborhood children this past Halloween. The first disappointment was that it wasn't even shipped until the week after Halloween. It was ordered with sufficient time to arrive before the holiday.

The more important concern became evident when it arrived. This candy is 2nd's from the manufacturing line. It is candy that was not wrapped properly. This varies from the wrapper not quite being sealed to only ½ a wrapper to begin with or completely out of the wrapper because at least one end was open.

At least 25% of all the candy received was out of the wrappers. Another 50% was not sealed on at least one end. This would have made it inappropriate to distribute. I would have had to sort each bag for the few pieces I could have given to the children.

The good news is that if you're purchasing for your own families consumption the candy is fresh. There are no quality problems with the chocolate.
454018454018B001DYMG36ABDCYK04CL6O4MIDNIGHT05210051323993600NESTLE BABY RUTH FUN SIZE BIGGER BAG(PACK OF 4)Nestle Baby Ruth, Fun Size, Bigger Bag, 24-Ounce Packages are a delicious candy bar that comes in the perfect fun size pieces for you to enjoy at any time of day. You get approximately around 38-40 pieces/per bag and get 4 bags per order for total close to around 160 pieces throughout the entire shipment sent to your home. The larger bags unlike the smaller counterpart rarely goes on sale in the store and would cost you depending on place anywhere from $5.49-$6.99 each! I got my 2 shipments from Warehouse Deals fulfilled by Amazon for $12.53/each or 8 bags of Baby Ruth's and was a great deal considering what you'd pay elsewhere for them and they came right to my door with free shipping! If you enjoy candy as much as I do, and the price is considerate like mine was, buy it.
454019454019B001DYMG36A25C2M3QF9G7OQComdet0051323475200Fresh and cheap!I bought these with some hesitation since they were an Amazon Warehouse deal, so I knew they had been sitting in the warehouse for a while. I was very pleased to find out that they are very fresh and, unlike the note made by another reviewer, all were well-sealed in their individual wrappers.

One of my favorite candy bars, and was very pleased to get it at such a bargain. Highly recommend.
454020454020B001DYMG36APYTT8X6J6ZO5Giggicat0151290816000Halloween candyGot these chocolates for halloween. I live in a neighborhood where children stream uninterrupted for over 3 hours. So this is the second year I purchase my supplies via Order came on time and there was more than sufficient with all the other products I ordered.
453991453991B0026LIN3CA2JJXZCWG83UKQKarl H. Boehm0151328313600Healthy TreatsI have been giving my dog these treats since she has been a puppy. She loves them and were great rewards for her training. Best of all, they have kept her teeth and gums clean and free of plaque. I recommend them to all dog owners. Buying them from Amazon on a recurring basis has been a lifesaver. These treats do not last long on store shelves so finding them locally has been difficult. Thanks Amazon for solving my source problem!
453992453992B0026LIN3CADYZC5B1QMSEYsaw1103520151322438400good buythis item is a good buy, they are nice and fresh and the dogs love them. This is a good product for the money spent.
453993453993B0026LIN3CA1EHLTPLDZFHYAEileen0151318809600Great DealGreat deal, fast shipping. Saved a lot buying these biscuits through Amazon - These biscuits are four dollars more a box at Pets Smart and other pet stores.
453994453994B0026LIN3CA2X4H1XE0GQ8QJCasey Carter0151314835200Great Way to Buy a Great Product: Subscribe Today!I live in an isolated town, and you cannot purchase Iams dog biscuits within a four hour radius. Unfortunately, Iams small biscuits are all my parents' spoiled dogs will eat for a snack. Like another reviewer's dog, these dogs will not eat large biscuits, even though one is a Great Dane and the other is a lab mix.

When I found the monthly subscription on Amazon and found they were slightly cheaper than in the stores (where I can no longer buy them; thank you, over-sized "super" stores that carry fewer and fewer products since you feel the consumer is at your mercy), I immediately ordered them. They arrived a week later with free shipping.

The packaging was neat and tight; very few biscuits were broken in the opened box. They were also very fresh. The expiration date was June 15, 2012. Traditionally, the ones I've purchased in stores were only good for six months or less. I subscribed for two six packs a month, and it's very satisfying to know I don't have to worry about my mother haranguing me to drive to Mississippi to pick up dog biscuits. They come to the PO box once a month: No fuss, no muss, no bother. And the dogs are infinitely happier. :)
453995453995B0026LIN3CA3U8UGVYYXDLIJzialynn0151314489600What a deal!If your pooch is pampered, this is the way to go. All the Wal-Mart stores quit stocking these and so did Target so I had to start looking around to find a better value. This is it. They arrived quickly and sre actually boxes, not bags. It's a good product at a great price.
453996453996B0026LIN3CA1BD342U8BF3UCBritney0151313884800A LOT of dog treats!!!This is an amazing amount of dog treats that will last a LONG time!!! What a great price!! These are the bones i give my dog after i let her out to use the bathroom and she comes back in. i have other treats for random times so this will last forever. i couldnt be happier!!
453997453997B0026LIN3CA183U9DSTCN9GTJ. B. Laustsen "barney"0151312675200Rudy's favoriteI don't know why, but lately I've had trouble finding these IAMS dog biscuits in the local grocery stores. Since my German Shepherd loves them, I searched Amazon and found this Pack of 6 deal. Rudy is happy. His teeth are staying clean and all is good!
453998453998B0026LIN3CA18T865EFD2AZDYvonne0141312070400Iams BiscuitsMy dogs love them. And they help keep their teeth clean. BUT they do contain wheat to which one of my dogs is allergic.
453999453999B0026LIN3CA1CSZ9LXGEICRRBeverly0151310688000Gluten Free BiscuitsOur dog is allergic to wheat. It is difficult to find gluten free products in the pet stores. These are great and my dog loves them.
454000454000B0026LIN3CA2X3RNYEN1V2O3TNJess "TNJess"0151302134400Great deal!My dog absolutely loves these treats, and the price on these was nearly 1/2 the price I pay at the pet or grocery store!!! Plus I don't have to worry about running out for quite a while, or shall I say my dog does not have to worry!!
454001454001B0026LIN3CA3CJTRKTVC6ND5Lynne A. Ross0151301875200Healthy dog treatsI have a mini-schnauzer that cannot have over 10% fat or it will make him very sick. These treats show the maximum fat content to be under that range and he loves them.
454002454002B0026LIN3CA39E104T0KIDLXKWAnderson "KWA"0151293840000Great!These "treats" are hard to find in local stores. They are the perfect size if your dog, like ours, thinks there should be multiple "treat-ops" during a day. I also love the automatic shipment feature.
It's just one more reason I love shopping with Amazon.

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