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454055454055B003NCEATEA2JMZQ5DHIAQL9folkpicker2251284249600Excellent product, but.....EXCELLENT PRODUCT!! I've tried several different brands of various so-called "popcorn oils" over the years, including one marketed by the elderly gentleman who we all know and love for his popcorn, all of which seem to be made of soybean, canola, or something even worse, and which, quite frankly, taste as bad as they sound. None of them even come close when compared to coconut oil, either taste-wise or healthwise - yes, I said healthwise,check it out - and this "Real Theater" brand of flavored coconut oil is without question the best my wife and I have ever used. We own an old-fashioned movie theater style popcorn maker, so I can't vouch for popcorn made on the stove, but there's no reason why there should be any difference in flavor no matter how it is made. Please remember that this is coconut oil, and unlike other oils, it will tend to solidify at ambient temperatures of maybe 70 degrees F or cooler. The product label doesn't explain this for some reason, but it's a natural occurrence for coconut oil. Anyway, you can simply scoop out the amount of oil you need, but I suggest placing the container in some luke-warm water until the oil returns to a fully liquid state - maybe 5 minutes or less, and then pour out the amount needed. It doesn't need to be refrigerated after it's opened, and has a virtually unlimited shelf life.
The "but" in the title line refers to problems we had with the vendor when it came to our shipment, but this is after all a product review, not a customer service critique.
454056454056B003NCEATEARM0YQ9S8FD87Paul D. Wykes2231216512000Ok but not greatI purchased this item based on the rave reviews but was disappointed. Maybe my expectations were raised too high. It's not bad but I wouldn't call the taste 'real theater'.
454057454057B003NCEATEAZJ4VI0269LVGKate Burke2251199664000The real dealIf you like real movie theater popcorn, you need this oil. It is easy to scoop out as it usually stays solid (coconut oil does that) and it makes a world of difference in the taste of the popcorn. I use it in my stir crazy popper.
454058454058B003NCEATEA3KO98HNKMUVCYM. Mosher2251191801600Exactly what I was looking for!!I'm a popcorn addict. I love movie theater popcorn, but I'm not too thrilled about paying $3mil for a bucket every time I go to the theater, not to mention going to the theater if I'm in the mood for movie theater popcorn and don't want to see a movie.

This stuff makes your popcorn at home taste like movie theater popcorn. Period. I didn't even buy the extra butter topping, it's good with just this oil and some salt. If you like movie theater popcorn and you want it at home without spending ridiculous amounts of money, GET THIS OIL.
454059454059B003NCEATEA38ZK5XPZFPVT1Jeffrey4551196380800Best I've UsedI have been thrilled with this product. When it hits the warm surface it immediately sets off a great buttery smell and gets you hungry for popcorn. I have also found it is difficult to burn. My family loves it.
454060454060B003NCEATEA3DP6WV8KGESEVThistle1131330041600Okay but not worth the price.I love popcorn. Or, to be more exact, I love movie theater popcorn.

Based on the Amazon reviews, I bought this oil and Flavacol salt (along with special kernels) and whipped up a batch of popcorn. Hmm, it just tasted like any other popcorn I had previously made. I made another batch and another and another... Always the same.

The popcorn made with this oil (and Flavacol salt) was fine popcorn, good even, but it was not anything even close to movie theater popcorn.

Maybe "movie theater popcorn" varies depending where you live? That's the only way I can explain other people saying it tastes like that.
454061454061B003NCEATEA2IH9QAMAGWPBCRed Cholla1151328572800I Love This Popping Oil..This is what you are looking for! This Wabash Valley product always provides the rich aroma and buttery taste of the best theater pop corn. A wonderful experience from the clatter of the kernels falling into the pan through the last of their buttery crunch. Mouthwatering. When I use this I get enough buttery taste on the popcorn that I do not add futher buttery product. I do include Flavacol brand popcorn salt in the popping process. Good munching.. - - As a comparison, I recently used Reddenbacher's Popping Oil & Topping. Reddenbacher's is decidedly watery and tasteless. Many fewer kernels popped - as in Many Fewer - and when I tried for a more complete result the bottom of my Whirly-Pop was discolored/burnt. - - Go with Wabash Valley. Man, this stuff is good..
454062454062B003NCEATEA1MI859LJ0D2C8pantexspo1151325289600Best flavor popcorn everI've been using this product for a month now, and it't the best popcorn flavor I
have ever eaten. My Wife and Grand kids love it.
454063454063B003NCEATEA1CVVHRAZOSM2TDavid E. Smythe1151320883200Theater popcornI just bought some to try it. It works really well as an oil to pop the popcorn. I do wish they offered it in a larger jar. It is a little difficult to spoon enough out for the popper. It does work great though and gives the popcorn that theater popcorn look and taste.
454064454064B003NCEATEA1F2FKOF9IMNVFBruni1151317859200A real treat for the taste budsFinally found the missing complimentary ingredient to our favor snack, popcorn.
It gives that special flavor which reminds us of the experience at the movies.
It makes eating popcorn more enjoyable.
454065454065B003NCEATEA1OD45T6JZHDLURichard Ludwig "Rivah man"1151302480000pretty damn goodI tried for a long time to come up with a great tasting popcorn. This is the best that Ive ever had. Beats the heck out of Microwave. It gives a nice color and flavor to the popcorn and if you keep it in a covered container the flavor stays fresh for weeks.
454066454066B003NCEATEAPW7U8ASEYZIBJeffrey P. Springsteen1151213488000real movie theater popcornI bought a popcorn machine a couple of years ago for our VFW Post and this popping oil is definitely the secret!!!!! Words can't describe how much our customers love the popcorn using this oil!!!

454067454067B003NCEATEA31PG7B0SNK73VJ. Cavalieri1151185667200Nice popping oilThis is a perfect oil to cook popcorn in. The price is much more reasonable than similar oils you purchase in the grocery store. As much as I love popcorn I'm still concerned I won't use it up before it spoils. They may want to think about packaging this (and the butter flavor topping) in containers about 1/2 the size - it would save a great deal on shipping and they might sell more of their product.
454068454068B003NCEATEA347FPS9SM1E5TDianna Olsen3451179705600TasteI have tried other brand of oils, but this is the best by far, as it makes the popcorn taste better and it is easy to use. I always said popcorn will taste great with all the right ingredients.
454069454069B003NCEATEANJEBGHPRZ6ROEd W.2331289952000Meh, not that great.I got a bottle/jar of this stuff.
Tried it over a month with my three kids (20 month boy, 3 y/o girl & 5 y/o boy) and my wife and I (no ages given :-) ) We watch a family movie together 1x to sometimes 2x a week depending on homework and schedules.

It worked, but so did vegetable oil. The reports about not causing dark stains in popper hopper, that could be true. I don't see any new ones added but there where already some since we used Veg. Oil for a few months before we tried this product.
I use a pop corn maker similar to this one, but I got it at a members box store. Maxi-Matic EPM-250 Elite Tabletop Retro-Style 2-1/2-Ounce Kettle Popcorn Popper Machine

Now, it is a small pop corn hopper, 2.5oz to 3oz, which maybe the reason for this, but none of us tasted any buttery flavor or saw any yellow coloring as some reviewers have stated (but the manufacturer doesn't so cant ding them for that.) It could be the hopper is to small and the popped kernels are ejected out to soon to get any of the flavoring/coloring from oil.

Now I am not complaining that this product doesn't work, it does just fine, just that so does other cheaper oils and my family didn't notice a difference. So once this jar is used up, will stick with Veg Oil. Might experiment with peanut oil to see how that might work.
454070454070B003NCEATEA1RIUMLMNUE5JVL. Wesie2351194739200this is a realllllllllly good popping oilWe really enjoy this popping oil. We have been looking for a really good theater popping oil and have finally found it. You won't go wrong with this oil and the company is a delight to work with. We had a problem with the packaging of the oil as the lid and safety seal were broken during shipping and the company was curteous and promptly replaced the broken package without a problem. I was and am very happy with the product and the company. I will deffinately do business with them again.
454071454071B003NCEATEA1Y4LW3U3U73EPL. Kunz0051350604800Great stocking stuffer!I am forever sold on the coconut oil for the whirlipop along with some flavacol salt. I tend to buy the large industrial size jug since we make popcorn ALL THE TIME. But this is great also and will make a nice stocking stuffer for my popcorn lover family members.
454072454072B003NCEATEA1P5WW4LJ44YX1G ma Nae0051349827200G ma NaeI read a comment on here somewhere that you use enough oil just to cover a layer corn. I use 1/2 cup corn kernels and 1 teaspoon flavacol seasoning salt in the popper . Its true, it works great, buttery flavored popcorn in my corn popper. Plan to purchase more soon!!Real Theater Popcorn Popping Oil
454073454073B003NCEATEA31VDS9EJVO9XCMichael L. Mcshaffry "MrMike"0051349827200Just like in the movie theater, and I should know!When I was much younger I actually popped popcorn for a living! I did this job for United Artists and General Cinema. When this oil first hit my hot pan the smell of it uncovered surprisingly intense memories of that crazy high school job working with my friends. Beyond the smell, the oil performed very well - it was easy to get consistent batches of popcorn without being too fiddly with temperature, timing, or other problematic issues typical of making movie theater popcorn without movie theater equipment.

This oil solidifies when it gets cold, and in our use on a camping trip I did have to immerse the container in some warm water to loosen it up - which unfortunately misshaped the plastic container, but I understand if anyone out there sees this as a fringe issue.

On quantity, I popped about 12 pounds of popcorn with 3 of the 16-oz jars. Your mileage may vary, but ordering these small containers is a much better deal than getting a gallon of oil that will just sit around.

All around, I highly recommend this product and will order it again.
454074454074B003NCEATEA2RGTK01KRHSW9M. Tan0051349222400Finally! Theater style popcorn!Paired this with the Mushroom kernel popcorn popped out of a "movie theater" style popper in our office. What a difference this stuff makes!! I found warming a metal spoon under warm water or even the heating element of the popocorn machine helped with scooping the emulsion out of the jar and having it "Release" from the spoon. Once warm it just melts like regular oil.
Very pleased!!
454075454075B003NCEATEA1SW3UR36V1WOTEric J0051348790400Great oilI've been trying different things for years to try and get the "theater" popcorn at home. I use a electric popcorn stirring popper and have tried the oils you can find in the super markets and it never cam out like the theater popcorn. I recently found a product called flavacol its a popcorn salt and it helped alot but once I got this oil and used it along with the flavacol and the popcorn tastes JUST like movie theater popcorn now. I like it so much that I am on a automatic re-order program for this oil... HIGHLY recomend
454076454076B003NCEATEA21DQQ3AXQ2IF5Brad0051342742400Better then theater popcorn!I bought this along with the flavacol seasoning salt and just got it in today. I think this is BETTER then any theater popcorn around here. I added way to much flavaol salt though so it was a bit salty but still really good. Like most of the other reveiws I will say that it is a bit difficult getting the oil out because it is solid but it made my popcorn taste so good, Def worth buying.
IT is a bit expensive for 3 16-ounce jars but it is the best thing i have ever bought! Will def buy this again when I run out. IF you want it just like the theater dont forget to get your Flavacol seasoning salt! :)
454077454077B003NCEATEA3UP0SVHYQQJ4DMEM630051342656000Not a disappointment at all!This is just what I was looking for. Our local movie theatre used to use coconut oil but switched to a different oil and the popcorn is just not the same. It takes very little (1-3 tablespoons) oil to pop a large batch of popcorn. Comes out light and delicious every time.
454078454078B003NCEATEA2WQM9LPRG7M68Jimmy690051342483200Just like the movie theaterWe were buying the Wabash Valley kits at Bed Bath and Beyond but they get pricey. We saw this oil and decided to try it with generic popcorn and some popcorn salt. This works great! We use about 2 tablespoons of the oil with 1/2 cup of popcorn and about 1/4 teaspoon of popcorn salt. Makes a good kettle of corn in the Whirley-pop.
454079454079B003NCEATEA922OZNK6P34ZJaime Villarreal0051341532800Excellint productGreat taste and flavor. Better than the movies. I purchased 3 for 1 for a great deal. Love the product.
454080454080B003NCEATEA2PYOOTV8P0WUSButter0031338854400Popcorn OilThis stuff makes good popcorn, but it makes a mess. It's hard to get it out of the jar without spilling it and it seems to get on everything. Again... has good flavor but it's messy!
454051454051B003NCEATEA36OKJ3BU44RIFPrime Depth4441302480000Tasty but too expensive for the volume you receive.I purchased this for my West Bend 82306X Stir Crazy 6-Quart Electric Popcorn Popper that I received at Christmas. Originally I had one jar that my GF purchased with the popper. I ended up buying the 3 pack once we had run through the single jar. This oil is quite good. It has a very buttery flavor to it and pops kernels just fine. In its solid form in the jar it smells like an old movie theater from childhood. Ive since purchasing this item really gotten into popcorn and ive smelled popping oil that had no odor to rancid odors but this product smells great and tastes great as well. What I ended up doing since the bottle is a crazy shape is to stick it in the microwave and melt it so I could pour the liquid oil easily into the Stir Crazy. Don't worry it turns solid again. My only qualm with this is the price. You can purchase Paragon Coconut Popcorn Popping Oil (Gallon) for the same price and receive 128oz of oil versus 48 of the Wabash Valley. If the seller took half off the price it still wouldn't be as good of a deal as the Paragon. That being said I did purchase the three pack and did enjoy it immensely. Tasty but expensive.
454052454052B003NCEATEA1JSRVA2LLFS1YNorthern Debutante4451190419200Makes for yummy popcorn!I wouldn't make stove-top popcorn without this oil! It's a little pricey, but worth the money, in my opinion. I use a whirley-pop popcorn maker, and it is a perfect pairing for great popcorn!
454053454053B003NCEATEA3KTLICKZKDW5UStephanie Smith "love to shop!"3351312416000great stuffI made some yummy popcorn with this. I saw in other reviews that people had trouble with it being a solid oil. If you think about it, it's just like using crisco. I used a butter knife to add as it melted, then added my popcorn into a sauce pan on my glasstop stove using a stainless steel pan. There was no sticking or burning.
454054454054B003NCEATEASK93R0CW4C2OJacqueline Miller3351297900800Its like being at the movies, but BETTER!!This stuff is just like being at the movies....but BETTER!! You now can have movie popcorn at home without all the junk they put in the "fake" stuff at the movie theaters.....the secret is the coconut won't be disappointed!!

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