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454107454107B001E4Q54GA1B4MIXYVIKMU2D. Truong "Duke of New Mexico"0151205280000a nutritional shake that tastes good?You know, it's been a while since I've had a nutritional shake or protein drink. When I took a fitness course in college I tried a whole bunch of different kinds... which all tasted like chalk to me. I would hold my breath and try not to gag or throw up. So because of that awful experience, I vowed to never again drink nutritional shakes. Then Amazon came along and offered a free sample to review. I still was reluctant but decided to face my fear. Plus, I really need to get back into shape again :) The fact that it was called a "shake" and not a "protein drink" made me more hopeful. So, when I finally took my first swig of it today I was pleasantly surprised. Yeah, it actually tastes good... not to be confused with "bearable". It actually tastes like a nice strawberry smoothy.

Now, I don't know exactly how good it is for you... since it tastes so good. So I can't comment on it's actual "nutritional value". Oh, by the way, I drank the strawberry flavored one. So I don't know how good the other flavors are yet. One last thing to keep in mind is that it does contain Milk protein.. so if you're lactose intolerant, you may want to drink something else. It also means you have to refrigerate it after opening. I hope this review was helpful... bottoms up! :)
454108454108B001E4Q54GA1JAPP1CXRG57ALinda Painchaud-Steinman "PARK EDGE BOOKS"0141205193600Taste and Nutrition for AthletesFirst off, I'm no athlete. But when rushed for time, I like to grab a light, quick meal before I power walk (keeps me going). So I tried this shake, in the strawberry flavor.

Taste wise, the flavor was okay. Yes, I tasted strawberry, but not a natural fruit taste (then again the can SAYS "artificial flavor"). Still, there was no "yuck-factor" at all.

Second, the nutrient value listed was pretty high in all the stuff that is supposed to energize before or repair after a workout. (Such as 56g of carbs, 580mg of potassium, 20g of sodium.)
Will those amounts of nutrients do the trick? You'll have to wait for a review from a real athlete to know for sure!

For me, the bottom line was: taste was okay, and I didn't feel hungry or fatigued after my 2 mile walk. Could have been the power of suggestion, then again, it could have been the boost from this shake.
Worth a try, I think, for any serious athlete.
454109454109B001E4Q54GA11ED8O95W2103lighten_up_already2 "lighten_up_already2"2621204156800Athletes must need way less nutrition than I doHey, I'm just a middle aged guy who by disciplining his food intake and hitting the treadmill every day is trying not to become a big fat bloated parody of himself and maybe live a little longer too.

I drink a lot of nutritional "shake" canned beverages. I want to stay slim, but sometimes I need to eat fast. I thought I'd compare the nutritional content of my canned shake of choice with the nutrition that this shake provides to athletes.

My shake of choice lists 23 items in the nutritional table at the bottom. This product lists 15 items. In cases where both nutrients appeared in the table, my shake had more of those nutrients than this one, with the exception of Vitamin C, where they both had 100 percent.

My shake has 10 grams of protein, and this shake has 20 grams. Score one for Gatorade! Both shakes have about the same amount of potassium. My shake has 23 grams of carbs including 5 grams of fiber. The Gatorade shake has 56 grams of carbs.

So, I must conclude that athletes need way more sugar than I do, and way less vitamins. Oh yeah, both cans contain exactly the same amount of product.

Finally, there's something creepy to me about marketing a "shake" in a dark green can. Ever had any kind of "shake" that was dark green? Remember all those algae shakes you had when you were a kid? Well, neither do I.
454110454110B004YT5ZTYA3NEAETOSXDBOMStephen M. Charme0051348012800Best peanuts I have tastedThis is one of my favorite snacks. The peanuts are really large, nice and crunchy, have just the right amount of salt, and have a delicious flavor.

Kirkland is the Costco brand. I buy these at my local Costco for just under nine dollars. The current price on Amazon is much higher.
454081454081B003NCEATEAYLLSFYS3UP1HS. Tang0051334188800Makes for the best popcorn EVER!!!Ok so I bought this product because I have been really wanting to make movie theater style popcorn at home for a while now. At first I started making popcorn without knowing or reading up on anything, so I bought an electronic popcorn popper and just tried making popcorn with cooking oil. My popcorn turned out pretty bad for a long time until I did more research and found that the secret to making movie theater popcorn is in the oil you use. That being said this coconut based oil has made a world of difference in the popcorn that I make. Now when I make popcorn using this oil, I even get the smell of movie theater style popcorn!! Everyone I've made popcorn for comments on how good it is and that it tastes just like going to the movies!

As a side note, I also bought these things to go along with this oil. Combined all together and you'll get some serious movie theater popcorn!

- Gold Medal Products 2045 Flavacol Seasoning Popcorn Salt (great for adding that buttery/salt flavor... you don't need to add a lot, just a light sprinkle will do)
- Wabash Valley Farms 25008 Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper (essential for making good popcorn is a stove top cooker... much, much better than the electronic one I had and tons easier to clean)
- Odell's Original Popcorn Butter, 10-Ounce Tubs (Pack of 3) (ever wonder what was in the movie theater butter dispensers??? well I'm sure the stuff at the theaters has extra stuff in it but this is essentially what it is, clarified butter... anyway, it makes your popcorn have that buttery taste to it that you get at the theaters when you use the butter dispenser)
454082454082B003NCEATEA2FEO2J3V62IC0Richard F. Paolino0051334016000Popcorn delightI have used many other oils for stove top popcorn and this is the best I have ever tasted. It comes close to tasting like theater popcorn. Further experimentation should improve that.
454083454083B003NCEATEA33OXQ0GCNLWQCN. Houck0031296604800Popcorn oil which isn't greaseyI first found this product at a shopping outlet store "Lechef" It's great for popcorn makers which you don't want greasey popcorn. It doesn't have salt in it so if you like salt, just add that with the oil.
454084454084B003NCEATEAM54RG3F5YAJVBob Barr "Free Lancer"0041244419200Artery-Hardening GoodnessThis stuff tastes good and gives that nostalgic movie popcorn smell. It doesn't exactly give that nostalgic movie popcorn flavor though. Still, it is pretty good. Best of all, it is loaded up with that good old artery-clogging coconut oil, so you know itis long opn that old essential yom factor.
454085454085B003NCEATEA3D93PZV2W20QDJulie A. Gambino3541201478400Fab productIf you want movie theater popcorn that YOU pop using real popcorn, this is the product for you
454086454086B003NCEATEAJ24HCIJ3TZRHWade W.1231210291200Good, but not what I was looking forWhen I purchased the popcorn oil, I was hoping to be able to do away with adding extra butter/butter flavored topping to my homemade popcorn. While the product performed well, the popcorn was colored a bit and tasted fine, I found that using just the Real Theater oil was not enough flavoring for my taste. There is nothing wrong with this product, it's just not for me and I won't be buying it again. I, for one, am sticking with using a decent quality, store-bought vegetable oil, good quality unpopped kernels and I'm going to order the butter flavored popcorn topping offered here at Amazon that comes from the same supplier as this popping oil. I've purchased the topping before, it's very good and for me, it's the way to go. I'm rating the oil 3 stars because it's a fine product, just not what I has wishing it to be.
454087454087B003NCEATEA2XKPGMQ3U0FNJBuffi1251194912000I feel like I'm in the theater!Thanks for the speedy delivery of the Real Theater Popcorn Popping Oil! With my daughter's new popcorn machine, surround sound, and great tasting popcorn, I do feel like I'm right in a theater!
454088454088B003NCEATEA3JWFLR01EJZH8Gemini751251185494400Delicious homemade popcorn!!!I bought this to use in my Whirley Pop stovetop popcorn maker a few months ago. This is the best popping oil I have ever used. I don't even have to add additional butter to it. I just add a 1/2 teaspon of topping/seasoning that I purchased from the Whirley Pop site. I am addicted to my homemade popcorn now.
454089454089B003NCEATEA1N5CS6SNE8GLUNic5921201910400It's VERY yellowThis stuff tastes OK, but it coats the popcorn with such an unattractive color that it's not very appetizing. We dumped it after a couple batches.
454090454090B003NCEATEA3OZSJZHZPOQGDRONALD2621193443200It's just ok Nothing to get excited about..........
454091454091B003NCEATEA2X7SPKPPE615Dave0421283817600Don't get it from Wabash!When I got my product it was open?! Not the box it came in, the lid of the product wasn't even closed. They didn't even seal it before sending it to me. DONT GET IT!!!
454092454092B003NCEATEA2F5WI7TZXSECZjonh fry "john"21231205971200Good but BadThis stuff tastes great, but coconut oil is extremely high in trans-fat...the stuff that sticks to your aeteries...
454093454093B003NCEATEAQ5JDBXICB18JR. Culp21311248825600Not for meI never used this type of coconut oil before. I'm not crazy about it. I would not recommend.
454094454094B001BOTAX2A2JB3WE7WT8SWWP. Fisher "Weim Lover"4441283212800Healthy dog foodMy dogs, Storm (Blue Weimaraner 20 months) and Riley (Dalmatian 12 yrs)love this food. I mix in a little with their dry food. My only complaint is, it's a bit smelly, but then again it's the fish flavor. I prefer the Duck and Sweet Potato. I have not been able to find it on Amazon for the same price. They have never had stomach upset from this food. You save about 30 cents a can plus no tax and free shipping to your door when you order a case from Amazon.
454095454095B001BOTAX2A27VBMB8NNKEJUA. Patterson2251348876800My dogs' favorite canned foodCertainly the quality of this dog food is very good.

The Wellness Lamb and Sweet Potato is by far their favorite canned food. It has protein content of 37% and a fat level of 23% (which is a little higher fat level than I would like but...). I use an independant dog food advisory site when considering any dog food I buy and the Wellness canned dog food was rated a 4.5 (out of 5) stars and was highly recommended.

I feed my dogs dry food (consistently the same), but for their evening meal I split a can for my 2 large dogs.

The bottom line for me is it is a very good quality dog food and my dogs love it.
454096454096B000084EA6AS27TPIWWHSTVD. Kornberg3351244592000Very Goodmy two Golden Retrievers loved these -- AND they kept them busy longer than other chews. A bit expensive, so they will not get them often, but they WILL get them again.
454097454097B000084EA6A63DRWKV8M3W0Teresa D. Douglas0051319846400My dog's favorite rawhideMy dog (A silken windhound) loves any and all rawhide, any and all bones to be truthful. But she injured a tooth once cracking through a beef knuckle bone, and I have since stopped providing her with hard bones. My dog has no interest at all in toys, unless there is a treat in it, then she pulls out the treat in 5 minutes and ignores the toy from then on. So I sought out rawhides as something to engage her off and on during the day. Though she'll chew eagerly on any rawhide I give her, I worry about her choking or gagging on a large hunk of it stuck in her throat, or a large piece getting stuck in her gut. This piggy twist, because it has such tight skinny strands, does not have that risk. On top of that,she'll take nearly two weeks of picking at it to finally finish it off, in spite of her persistance. I am so glad that she can have the rawhide she enjoys, that it doesn't get devoured in a day, and which allows me to feel safe giving it to her. I do wish I could get the 9 inch in a 3-5 pack.
454098454098B000084EA6A34RLKZNFIYR2EMocha Girl "Sayuri"0051240185600The best boneThis is my dogs favorite bone. She is a Shiba Inu/Labrador mix and loves these bones. All the dogs that come over all love this bone too! Even though it's 9" any sized dog can chew on it because of the individual strands.
454099454099B000WS3APWAE6EATE0LDZNUShy0051337040000Great SpiceI'm never surprised with the great service I receive from this company. Before long, all my spices on my spice rack will be "Simply Organic." You can't go wrong!
454100454100B001E4Q54GA17JVVAKWEB0MWesley Mullins9951205193600Great Product for a Limited AudienceThis is not a weight loss product and it's not for the casual athlete; the shake's target audience is the kind of person who needs to ingest 400 quick calories and continue their workout. Most average people are happy if they actually burn 400 calories in a session, so drinking this shake would negate any grueling gains made atop an elliptical machine.

Pro athletes, marathon runners, weekend warriors. These are the kind of people who'll benefit from Gatorade's new products. Those trying to gain weight will also see results, as the nutrition is almost the same as drinking a slim-fast and eating a protein bar at the same time. The 40/20/8 ratio of carbs/protein/fat closely mirrors the suggested standards of many weight loss programs but will be off limits for anyone on a low carb diet.

The most obvious benefit to the high calories is the taste. This is one yummy shake and one that few people would identify as "healthy". Of course, if the average person consumes this product without exerting a tremendous amount of effort in the gym, they won't consider the pounds they pack on as an improvement in their health.
454101454101B001E4Q54GA250AXLRBVYKB4Nathan Beauchamp "ConsumerAdvocate"1141239667200Good but not quite as awesome as the vanilla flavorI really like these Gatorade nutrition shakes. The Strawberry flavor is not quite as good as the vanilla in my opinion, but both have the same nutritional content, so that's purely a preference and has nothing to do with the quality of the shake. I view these as more meal replacement shakes than traditional protein shakes. They have a quality portion of protein (20g) but they're not intended to be pure protein shakes for a body builder. They taste good, are reasonably filling, and can give you a boost of energy after a good workout or between meals when you're tempted to eat things you'll regret later. I keep some at my office for just that purpose!

The can is made of steel not aluminum which means that the can will not accidentally open or get punctured if you let it kick around in your gym bag.
454102454102B001E4Q54GA2E1EFNIZL2FVARizzo ლ00
454103454103B001E4Q54GA1E371HE68KMWBPen Name? "fluxus"0041206057600Strawberry milk so you stay healthyThis one tastes like strawberry milk. 380 calories in each can, with a wide array of vitamins and 20g of protein.

It's not puddingy like the vanilla flavor, and I think it's a bit better.

It's good to have for the active person, to make sure you aren't unhealthily losing weight, but keeping strong.
454104454104B001E4Q54GAWXE0WM5RIWZWStephen J. Carlson0041205971200A great supplement to an active lifestyleThe Gatorade Strawberry Nutrition shake was much better than I expected. It has a rich, creamy taste that is actually good. The label describes this shake as a bridge between meals to achieve a balanced diet throughout the day.

Although this shake probably won't fill you up for a full meal, it works well to satisfy your hunger carvings in place of a light snack. It is enriched with lots of vitamins, such as vitamins C, E, and A. The can is very high in protein at 20g. This drink is a good alternative to unhealthy junk food snacks.
454105454105B001E4Q54GA38SHGM4NEXAD0Jomanu0111211846400Nutritional ShakesGatorade shakes too expensive after discount. Nothing new with this shake. Same articial flavor and watery-milky mixture as many others.
454106454106B001E4Q54GA1I7QGUDP043DGChrissy K. McVay "Writer"0151205625600Great for long hikes.My husband and I took this along on a six hour hike in the mountains, and even though it's supposed to be served chilled, it was delicious luke warm and did give us the satisfying fullness in our empty stomachs to continue comfortably on our walk. The drink isn't low cal, so I believe its intention is for 'athletes' or for a pick-me-up after an energetic activity. I had the strawberry flavor and found it to be just the right amount of sweetness...not too overwhelming like some flavored drinks I've tried. The texture is very smooth and goes down well. I'm looking forward to trying other flavors.

Chrissy K. McVay

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