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454111454111B004YT5ZTYAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0051330300800These Ought to Last a While!One of the items I picked up on my latest visit to my local Costco Warehouse store was a huge 2.5 pound can of Kirkland Signature Super Extra-Large Virginia Peanuts. I've never seen such a large can. These ought to last a while! Plus the can has a replaceable top to help preserve freshness.

The peanuts are lightly roasted and lightly salted. They are completely devoid of their skins. Good crunchyness. Good flavor, if slightly somewhat bland. It's a good buy for me in that I've cut down on meats and other animal products as a matter of health and peanuts have no animal fats nor cholesterol, yet offer a good protein component to the diet.

Gary Peterson
454112454112B0009ET79CA11CP8HO8QLF5JLK0051324425600Best catnipThis is the best catnip I've ever used. I gave some to a few fellow cat rescuers and they were also surprised by their cat's reactions. I've tried many other brands but at this point, I think it's worth it to order on-line when my local pet shop is out.
454113454113B000JL2KZSA23WXDKU27KGQZMalcolm S. Low "malcolmscollay"0041346544000A special marmalade for special tastesAfter all these years, Frank Cooper and Co. still make the most wonderful marmalades in the world. That, of course, is very much an individual opinion. Cooper's Oxford marmalades, some of which are aged like good hams, are less sweet than those one is likely to find in an American supermarket. They're also made from Sicilian blood oranges which are more bitter than those species more commonly used for this purpose. It seems a near miracle to me that it's possible to buy Frank Cooper marmalades in the U.S., but since I'm very partial to them, I give the seller high points for offering them to the market. On the subject of the shipper, let me add that my marmalades have arrived swathed in bubble wrap like a precious Egyptian mummy being shipped between museums. I'm sorry that the shipper is as slow as it regularly seems to be. That's a minor complaint, I realize, but it's important enough to me to have docked a star.
454114454114B000F3WSBQA37V4IY5O2E3Z0John Wolodzko272851153094400Best cup of tea everThis is THE best cup of tea I've found, after trying many other English Breakfast and Assam varieties looking for a hearty, strong brew. It really is, as the advert says, rich and malty. This entirely satisfying tea will restore strength to the weary and provide them with the fortitude they need to get on with tasks that ordinary tea drinkers would find daunting and which would leave coffee drinkers edgy and confused.
454115454115B000F3WSBQA2B64ZHKVQBKBSmitty "mitty"7751201564800Best Tea EverI love strong, smooth tea, and this fits the bill completely. Only suggestion I'd make is if you are able buy the loose tea in this brand and flavor, it is believe it or not even better. A friend of mine told me for years that the loose tea was better than bags and I dismissed that bit of information. Wrong!
I drink it strong and black. Lovely.
Highly recommended.
454116454116B000F3WSBQA22YPI5LQKA84XJudy Webb7751175731200Good Morning TeaI don't get started in the morning til I've had several cups of strong tea with milk and (fake) sugar. For years, I drank the T&H English breakfast tea - which is good; but then I tried the Taylors & Harrogate Scottish Breakfast Tea: Taylors Scottish Breakfast 50 tea bags. And drink it regularly now. It has, to me, a slightly fuller, better flavor than the similar T&H English Breakfast Tea. I always pack tea bags with me when I go on a trip -- for fear I get stuck in a home or restaurant with only awful Lipton's tea (with its slightly metallic non-taste!!). JW
454117454117B000F3WSBQA3PIZA7KVJQXMQJ. Gordon Roy3351262044800Scottish Tea is excellentThis tea is different than English or Irish tea and is superior to both. There is a certain malty taste that is evident and a lovely copper colour to the tea itself. I would highly recommend it.
454118454118B000F3WSBQAEG38F1IZJZ2XErik W. Arness2251207353600Great Service, Great TeaYes , Amazon really does try to provide the best service, and good deals on items. Taylors of Harrogate tea is an excellant tea, and buying thru Amazon I am assured good pricing, good product , and quick service. I always buy again, Thank you to both.
454119454119B000F3WSBQA3MKIT3HCYPBCACareful Shopper1151249257600Excellent tea blendThis is a wonderfully smooth, full bodied tea. It is without the bitterness some other breakfast teas seem to have. We found a tea blend (Assam, Ceylon & African teas) in a small tea shop in Bath,UK and have been looking for something similar since we are back in the states. This tea is very much like the one we had in Bath. Taylors of Harrogate Scottish Breakfast tea is fast becoming on of my favorite morning teas. I drink mine with Splenda and creamer and others at the breakfast table drink it with sugar only or just plain and we all like it.

I recommend the Scottish Breakfast tea without reservation. Prior to finding this tea we have been having Barry's Irish Breakfast tea or Yorkshire Gold but this, in my opinion, a much better tasting tea. The price on Amazon is very reasonable and coupled with free shipping there is no reason not to try it.
454120454120B000F3WSBQA3NK25G347FQV1K. Winters1151231804800love this teaWe give this tea every year to my husband's Grandmother - a lifelong tea drinker. After trying this tea, she now drinks no other type of tea. It is a strong tea, but she loves it.
454121454121B000F3WSBQA3IXCE9JQZDHIZKAZ1151229212800Timely TeaIt was wonderful to be able to purchase the tea in this quantity which makes it more affordable. It also arrived incredibly quickly. No complaints!
454122454122B000F3WSBQA1ZKMGCA523PSXAvivi1151165536000A lovely teaWith some raw sugar and a high fat milk it is delicious. It is strong yet smooth. This tea is a family staple.
454123454123B000F3WSBQA3JP012UP39HPJArturo Kreznick "artist"2341168300800full bodied brewThis tea is very good but I think requires milk. It is very full bodied and a bit malty and, thus, appropriately named. 4-5 minute brew suggested.
454124454124B000F3WSBQA30K7Y31ZAFYL6Ruffles0051349654400Review of Taylors of Harrogate TeaMy sister and I have used this product for many years, purchasing it from a deli near us. When that deli closed, I found the broker in my city and from then bought it from them. However, that broker also closed about a year after we started buyung from them. I "googled" the product and found I could piurchase it from Amazon - WOW! I get my orders on an auto-ship basis and it comes promptly as I asked - I have never run out before delivery.
454125454125B000F3WSBQA35LI6SAJZU8GTJ. R. Yaeger "Dick Yaeger"0051348012800Best tea in the world wife saysMy wife, who is a prolific tea drinker, has sampled many what she calls "regular black tea". That is, she's not a big fan of the more exotic blends that offer supplemental tastes or aromas. For years, the TofH Scottish Brakfast Tea has been her favorite and is a regular purchase of mine when I'm stuck for an anniversary or holiday gift. Years ago, it was difficult to find for reasonable prices. Since Amazon started carrying it, I've ceased shopping anywhere else. Last time, however, I think it was offered in 100 count boxes which I prefer. I was tempted to rate it only four stars for that reason, but didn't, since it's about the quality, not the quantity.
454126454126B000F3WSBQA2E68OTWN0B4OKnewbattleaxe0051345420800Best Anytime TeaTaylors of Harrogate's Scottish Breakfast Tea isn't just for breakfast! It's great with meals, snacks, and great hot or iced. It is a very hearty tea, with a robust blend of flavors that go well with a wide variety of foods.
Scottish Breakfast Tea seems to pack a pretty good caffeine punch for me. I like the no-tag teabags that brew more than one 6-oz. cup, too. I can generally brew a gallon pitcher of iced tea on 6 bags, and I like my iced tea as dark as strong coffee.
I started ordering Scottish Breakfast Tea from Amazon when our local stores stopped carrying it. Amazon's prices are better anyway, and you can't beat their shipping time. I have my new favorite tea ready all the time now.
Thanks, Taylors of Harrogate! Thanks, Amazon!
454127454127B000F3WSBQA1TR8YV3M8S22Kmaryofcalifornia0051345075200Finest tea in the land! (more than just in Scot-land!)This is an excellent, robust black tea to which I switched when I decided to give up coffee a few years back. It has a deep, rich flavor. When a little 2% milk and spoon of Bradshaw's creamed honey are added, it is a delight. Two cups every morning and I'm good to go for the day!
454128454128B000F3WSBQA2LURYQQBA1I16ellen3b0051344902400Love this tea!Taylors of Harrogate Scottish Breakfast tea is my favorite morning tea. Its strong, clear flavor is just right for that first cup of the day. Awesome tea!
454129454129B000F3WSBQA3TPTKS6TUKRP3tedhayes0041323216000highly recommendedThis is very good tea. I steep mine for 2 minutes and drink w/o milk or sugar, and by then it warms the soul; if you were to steep it for 3 to 5 minutes, one would need a knife to cut it. Nevertheless, the Taylors of Harrogate English Breakfast Gold -- not regular, Gold -- is still the one to beat in the Taylors UK breakfast tea collection in my opinion. Why not try both?! (p.s. I have no financial ties to any tea brand; I'm just a tea enthusiast.)
454130454130B000F3WSBQA3G6R76U2D6Z82Wuudbee0051322265600Awesome to a "Tea"!!!Taylors of Harrogate Scottish Breakfast Tea, 50-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 6)I accidentally stumbled on this tea in a store. I cannot find it anywhere now but online. It has such a nice bold but not bitter flavor. I put it on the auto-delivery so I can always have it on hand. I have also shared it with others so more people can enjoy what I now do everyday.
454131454131B000F3WSBQA2IFU3T9JIX22XLaura S.0051312156800Buy This Tea!!I am a tea snob. This is the best tea I've had. I have a cabinet full of different brands, yet I am ordering the 6 pack of this one. I have tried the other Taylors flavors, and the Scottish Breakfast Tea is by far the best. Delicious!
454132454132B000F3WSBQA3DRVFESN8WSJ6R. Ullmann0051299542400Superior tasteI fell in love with T of H years ago and it remains my favorite brand. Although I am not a tea connoisseur, I have tried many different brands and flavors of black tea and always seem to come back to this one.
454133454133B000F3WSBQA1PIRV0NOQWFL6Talesin0051287187200Great TEA!This tea is excellent. Whether for breakfast or anytime during the day. It also makes great sun tea or iced tea. I like the size of the tea bags and the QTY I ordered.
454134454134B000F3WSBQA15XS5K9FJ93Y1Michael Cardwell "dutiful husband"0051277337600Wife's favoriteThis is my wife's favorite tea! I bought it for her as a: birthday / anniversary / Christmas / Mother's Day / Valentine's present. The 6 boxes of 50 may last her the whole year (as she is not as big of a consumer of tea as I am). This makes the perfect work place present as well for the tea snob. Taylors of Harrogate make a wonderful product line and we have tried pretty much all of them. The hearty flavor of the whole line of breakfast teas appeals to many and especially to my wife & I. The Irish Breakfast Taylors of Harrogate Irish Breakfast Tea, 50-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 6)is a close second. I on the other hand have a box of Yorkshire Gold Taylors of Harrogate, Yorkshire Gold Tea, 160-Count Tea Bagsthat I have yet to open. So if you love good tea, I can easily suggest that you purchase tea from an area famous for tea makers going back centuries. If your search of the local supermarket has left you with few good choices, then this option is perfect for you - have the tea come to you. I am telling you as someone who has bungled presents in the past, this is the way to go.
454135454135B000F3WSBQAJ7CJ7A8REGYUH. Dupre0051273968000Scottish Breakfast TeaVery happy with the Scottish Breakfast Tea
454136454136B000F3WSBQA3NSVBZ5MPT0F8N. Howerton0051256256000One of the best teas I've ever had!This is an amazing breakfast tea. I absolutely love it. Very rich and malty. Great with milk and cain sugar.
454137454137B000F3WSBQA1MV326PN8A7ZZClifford R. Jones0131326844800Strong and beautiful red, but little flavorI was intending to purchase Harrisons & Crosfield's Scottish tea, but couldn't find it anywhere, so I settled for this Taylors of Harrogate Scottish Breakfast tea. I don't know if I got a "bad batch", but though it was rich, red, and strong, beautiful in color, I honestly didn't taste much of the tea flavor for some reason, actually almost no taste at all. I found that the Harrisons & Crosfield's has a better scottish tea flavor to it, however I can't find it anywhere. Our local store has been out of Harrisons & Crosfields for quite some time.
454138454138B000F3WSBQA3FQA6T5Z650YKParisjoy0151312156800Not as strong as I would have likedI expect a breakfast tea to be very strong, but this tea was a bit of a disappointment. I take my morning tea with lots of hot milk and some sugar, and this tea's flavor was overwhelmed by that. If you like your tea without milk, this may work for you, but I find it a bit wimpy for my taste.
454139454139B005HW44LWAZ2HJ44P984KHLucy5551331164800pure chocolate awesomenessIf you're looking for a sweet hot cocoa this probably isn't the product for you. If you are a true dark chocolate lover in a every sense of the word this is a must have! I wasn't sure what to expect at first and I must admit I still wasn't sure about it taking my first few sips but it didn't take long before I was hooked! I drink it unsweetened but you can add sugar or substitute if you'd like. The best part about it is that it kills my chocolate cravings!! I'm such a junk-food-aholic at night so I drink a cup or two after dinner and late at night and have NO desire to shove candy bars and cupcakes down my throat. It's extremely high in antioxidants and very low in calories. It's pure chocolate and it just makes you feel good.
454140454140B005HW44LWARQ7DJQ069HE4joy3351320796800if you love cocoaBest cocoa ever. Easy to prepare. So chocolately that you only need a small portion. bought a coffee press to prepare the cocoa.

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