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454201454201B000YSTI7YA27DYAY3FUWIZ8J. Kendall1141263168000Tasty, but need sweeteningI suppose they probably went light on sweetener in order to allow for health nuts to cut back on sugar -- but without extra sweetening, I found them very un-donut like. And not terribly tasty. But sweetened a bit, they're not bad at all. Possibly a bit dense for donuts, but that's something you quickly grow used to once you're gluten-free; gluten-free generally means you'll have some greater density than you had with wheat.
454202454202B000084EZEA1BCTZ3FCNGQ1SS. Clark "Ecclectic Shopper"0051176336000Excellant quality and the puppy loves itI recently received a free sample of Wellness Super5Mix puppy food in the mail. I gave a couple of pieces to my puppy to see how she liked it. She loves it! She thinks it's a treat and gets just as excited over it as she does her liver treats, maybe more. She even snapped at the cat, and she's usually willing to share her food, treats, and toys with no problem.

The ingredients are very high quality, providing excellant nutrition without a lot of added fillers and things she doesn't need. I'm switching her over to this food. She loves the taste and I love the ingredients.
454203454203B002XUNGU6A20FK68BUB1IVAHappy Reader0051285718400I got addicted to these in a trip to EnglandI had a long vacation in England in 2006, and I bought a cannister of these oaties nearly every day. They are sooooo good. Not too sweet. Chewy. And they've become impossible to find in America. All the usual by-mail outlets have dried up. sigh
454204454204B003TDRTJ0A1E526IHGETA07Guy Incognito0051328227200Actually pretty good teaA few quick thoughts on this tea and a response to the polar opposite opinion on here:

1) Of course this tea is messy; it is loose leaf tea. What did you expect? I put it in a strainer and made tea without any extra "mess" compared to other loose leaf teas at all.

2) I'd ordered this tea a few times before and thought it was pretty good. My wife is a huge tea drinker and normally gets her tea from a place in the mall that rhymes with "Nirvana" and is about 20x more expensive. She enjoyed this tea herself and, for the price, you cannot beat it.

3) Thinking based on other reviews that maybe other teas out there were great, I ordered another bulk tea from Amazon and tried it. It was a little cheaper and I thought hey, tea is tea right? WRONG! I didn't taste any mint at all in it and to be honest it did not taste like good tea.

Finally, what do I use this tea for? I make a big batch of it and put it in the fridge to have iced tea whenever I want. I've added sweeteners to it and it is still good and even added powdered lemonade mix to it (going for a mint Arnold Palmer thing). Also very good. I had to respond because I think this tea is much better than a few others out there and definitely worth the price.
454205454205B003TDRTJ0ABHNBWSCVBR5TChrista Rodriguez1311298678400Did not EnjoyI had always heard that loose tea leaves was the way to go. Never had tried it before & won't again. I really did not like the taste of this or the mess left.
454206454206B00286LO3GA2QXVBULGHDV34Cooking it up2251315785600Wonderful for making breakfest bars.I really liked this flour, I had never used it before but when I went to make my gluten free breakfast bars that were so good. I will get this flour again.
454207454207B00286LO3GAU2OUTI4I84EAL. Moore0021335484800Very Bitter - Not washed properlyWay too bitter for quinoa - they didn't properly wash the grain. I can't even use it - it makes food taste so gross.
454208454208B0012ONHQWA3FQBRYE9NU29NChris A0051342569600I like it hotI love this spice, I have memories of eating this in the original packets growing up. Now with my palate more spicy I want it HOT!!!
454209454209B0012ONHQWA3KDJ8H086RGORJose0051326758400My favorite brand of chiliI have tried several other brands and I never can get used to them so I keep coming back to this one. I think that McCormick has made consistent efforts to keep its qualities and a consistent taste over the years. Keep in mind that this is simply my opinion and my taste. Every time I came across a different brand I bought it and tried it, but McCormick is the best for me.
454210454210B00015YTS8A3POEXCSETZRP3B. DeJong212151238889600Really, really tastyThis is a great product, that is really delicious. It works in a variety of recipes, and is a great healthy alternative for chicken chunks or tuna. It is particularly delicious when allowed to marinate in sauce of choice in the refrigerator over night, allowing it to become saturated with the taste.

Great in chili, chicken 'friendly' salad sandwiches, soup, enchiladas, stir-fry, and so much more.

Suggested Instructions: boil 3 cups of your liquid of choice (such as veggie broth). Once boiling, add 1 cup tvp, and continue to boil for 5-10 minutes (longer makes it more tender and juicy). Drain, and use.

Note: this stuff is not meant to be eaten raw.
454211454211B00015YTS8A2XBUOSFY160AJSusurration "profmis"202151232409600Great for chicken recipes!I love these TVP chunks as a veggie substitute in recipes that call for chicken. It is great in "chicken" curries, casserole, and creamy soups and stews. Although TVP is normally really boring, these chunks have a great texture and seems to have a really good taste in sauce-rich recipes. They are slightly more chewy than minced TVP, which makes your recipe more interesting. My meat-eating friends don't seem to spot that this is veggie food, so I suppose that is a plus for entertaining ... :-)
These chunks reconstitute really quickly (about 10 minutes) in water or cooking sauce. So this is a very easy ingredient to use. The chunks provide good value and a tasty addition for veggie cooking.
454212454212B00015YTS8AP1TUORL9TYRYDori Herndon181941223164800Great in soupsThe stuff is pretty bad to eat straight. However it went great in the soup. It soaked up all the flavors nicely and kept the soup from being watery. It's just soy bean and no salt added which is great for my husband with blood pressure problems.
454213454213B00015YTS8A13UH4EUA8P2JVA. Brown121351203724800Great alternative to eating animalsThese are easy to re-hydrate in vegetable broth or water and are great in recipes that otherwise call for meat. Being a vegetarian, these are great for me!
454214454214B00015YTS8A11YOTONCPRQ9SSH7741303948800DecentShipping is a bit high with the seller. The product is as advertised, similar to other products of this type (TVP). I find TVP to be bland. But that's just what it is. These are nice big chunks. Spice them up and feel good knowing a cow somewhere thanks you.
454215454215B00015YTS8A1XQMQMF07QZQSGalCalif "Visit my Amazon Profile page!"6641273968000Super price if you order enough from MerchantThese are super cheap from Berry Farm. You just need to be sure you order enough stuff at one time to make the shipping reasonable. It starts super high, but as you add more items only goes up slowly. These are 'soy flour' so it is likely that they have hulled the soy nuts and made it less good that actual soy nuts with the partial hulls still on them, but the texture is just like a really hard dried bit of bread. They do not soak up fluids much, so you can use them in salads or added to meals without them getting soggy.

Very good. Just make sure you order enough in your order to not get ripped off by the high shipping for small orders. Very annoying from this merchant!
454216454216B00015YTS8ALRWLG786D09ZS. A. Sears "Sissa"5551232064000the best foodTextured protein is not to eat by itself you can prepare like salad or cook like normal meat, add seasoning anions,garlic, vegetables , if you know how to prepare that you will love that!!!
Try that!!!
454217454217B00015YTS8A3HNIQC1Z2YBBYYemaluz273611246838400BEWARE!! The shipping costs more than the product!!!!!I was really excited to find these-- I lived in India and this was a staple at my school. Really great in curry. They truly are delicious and meaty, plus I've never seen them in the United States. The price was right (2.39 for a 1-lb bag). I put 5 bags in my cart, went to check out, and was shocked to find that the shipping cost over $15. Really? More than $3 a bag???? What a rip off!!!!! I can't believe that nobody else mentioned this in their review. I'm going to call the company and find out what the deal is, and if it's a different story, I'll update.
454218454218B00015YTS8A1O26YWT8L3XH3elektrolad "elektrolad online"4451317427200Great meat substitute!I've been using these for a couple years now along with their other tvp products. I like the chunky texture. Really nice in chili, stew, soup, or curry. Best advice is to fully hydrate before cooking then slow cook so it absorbs the flavor.
I've been off the meat wagon since '98 and this is a very welcome addition to our meals!
454219454219B00015YTS8A3Q52B7U4RGX0OAsha jones3351328400000Great meat replacementSince the new year, I am on a lifestyle change. Use this to reduce overall fat in your diet. Warning: marinate the chunks at least overnight and cook the chunks for at least 30 minutes in a sauce of your choice and enjoy on pasta, rice, or salads.
454220454220B00015YTS8A1NEDM7AZF0AHODr. Cris Del Rio1221349740800questionable productIt did not taste good. The package label list: Protein :0 grams. If this is accurate then the product's name is misleading, or they are careless in writing the nutritional info. Regardless, it tastes like cardboard
454221454221B001BKVX18A3RO0O8I8B0MWRJ. Akamine "imo123"5551316736000homemade vitamin c serumI bought this to make my own homemade vitamin c serum at home. I am not confident of the stability of those expensive vitamin c serums at the store or the high end ones. If they are still good, that means preservatives of some sort. I wanted a good, no-nonsense vitamin c serum so I searched online and found a recipe that calls for camu camu powder. I found this brand and I have used it to make several batches. I only make 10 days worth at a time and it's so easy. I feel more confident that it's working and it feels and looks great on my skin. It's so easy and so inexpensive to make at home, I am so happy. I figured if this didn't work, I can always mix it in juice and take it as a supplement. So far, I like it. I have even shared some powder w/family to take for their ailments. They say vitamin c is good for everyone... and with all the other benefits of camucamu powder, I do not regret this purchase. It came in fast, and packaged well.
454222454222B001BKVX18AJ30P159JIISEJC2241287100800I like this product!I was hesitant to try this product because I don't like to order products for consumption over the web.

So far I've placed 2 orders of this product, and I am about to place my 3rd. The product meets my standards, and the company has delivered as promised.

I get my product within days of placing the order.

The product is working well for the anti-viral, medicinal benefits I was seeking.

I just wish some recommended dosages were included.
454223454223B001BKVX18A2S84A60NJKEG1Chris4551299715200Simple Packaging, Great ProductI've never bought camu powder before, so i cannot compare it to any other brand. Although, it arrived as they described. Dark tan in color, extremely fine powder (like white flour fine). Its not really bitter tasting and it is not sweet. It is pretty neutral. I've mixed it in my oatmeal, yogurt, and now orange juice. It doesn't really change the flavor of any of those things. It just makes them turn brown. I ordered it around 4:50pm, they shipped it out the next day. It came in simple packaging, just as the description said it would. In a ziplock bag, with all the air sucked out, taped along the seal, inside another ziplock bag with all the air sucked out also taped up plus taped along the seal. For the price, it is a very good value. I put about a spoon or 3 in my juice in the morning. The description for the camu powder seems like they really care about the product they ship. I'm hoping they start selling some goji berry powder as well.
454224454224B001BKVX18A11NBO5FOFXCIIsirius2451264636800correction on previous reviewI incorrectly review kismet kreations as non-responsive to customer. i found their website and emailed them. they responded quickly.
amazon never sent the 3 emails to the seller. or something else happened.
i am 100% satisfied with product and service....
454225454225B001BKVX18A2YFWS93T61NS1buttercup0251321401600taste great & good for youhas a sweet& sour taste- not too strong. i mix it with unsweetened greek yogurt & lakanto & chi & sometimes hemp. what a nutrition packed dessert that taste great & is packed with vitamins. a great way to get natural vitamin c. although it wasn't this brand i don't think it matters. as long as it's pure.
454226454226B001SB1B9EA36ET1IQK8PYZNFracina Turner "mommy of 3"2251300233600Mmmm...Delicious and oh so rich, I can't even finish a entire bar in one sitting. Individual squares filled with white chocolate cream, it's like biting into soft butter. I happen to like butter. Well worth the price. ^_^
454227454227B003XW57SCA2390JNJZRGIZYS. Lozano2251290556800My new favorite teaI've had Earl Grey tea before and enjoyed it, so I decided to try this brand and LOVED it. The flavor is really full and the aroma when it brews is wonderful. It's my new favorite.
454228454228B003XW57SCA33KWJ9W35VDE3Ed F0051336608000great teaTwinings Tea has always been a great tea but now that I can get it in a k-cup the convenience is even better. The only problem I have now is that it is so convenient that I drink much more tea. the supplier via Amazon was very prompt and the product cost is good as well. I will purchase this again thru Amazon.
454229454229B003XW57SCAIJMZI2BHSWIICassandr L. Miller0011333670400Ultra weak teaPlease don't order this tea. I love Earl Grey tea but this brand tastes awful. I tried every size cup starting with the largest which tasted very weak. When I got to the smallest, it tasted soapy. I wish I had just ordered my regular brand because I wasted my money on this.
454230454230B003XW57SCAUA6ITHHK8F8VJustin Murgia0031303430400Not bad, wife thought it should have been strongerI don't drink tea but my wife does. She wanted to try this and it was ok. Preparing tea the traditional way was much stronger and her prefered choice. This did work in a pinch.

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