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454291454291B004NZ0JIQA2NAIE64WOLZC6Val "tvlgds"0051349395200Great product, great priceI have to admit, I'm a hopeless CDM addict and have been for about 35 yrs. When I lived in CA, I'd take an extra suitcase when I went home at Christmas to load up with CDM. When I moved to SA, I drove back for Christmas and loaded the back end of my vehicle. Since Katrina, "home" isn't there anymore. I can buy it at the local grocery store, but only in cans and it's ridiculously priced. I ordered from several different online stores for about 6 yrs, including Amazon, but it was all cans and/or more than I wanted to pay. I have been a subscriber since Amazon started carrying the vacuum packs. Besides being great tasting coffee, it's the only one that doesn't upset my stomach, and I can drink it at midnight and go right to sleep. (only did that once but I was long overdue for my caffeine fix and didn't care if it kept me awake, but it didn't) It IS an acquired taste, however, a lot of it just a matter of figuring out how to brew and "season" it. I never used milk or cream in my coffee until I started drinking CDM in 1977 and I make it like the standard cafe au lait! Yum. Nothing compares. It takes far less CDM to make a great pot of coffee than it does the other coffee and chicory products, and I've tried all of the major brands sold in New Orleans, even the more expensive ones. Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, CDM is THE best and Amazon's price is the best, particularly with subscription.
454292454292B004NZ0JIQA2UPZ0TRZZU04UChristopher T. Cheung "just4sc"0031349222400Meh...Got this when they had a promotion on it and although it's not really bad it's not that great either. I guess if you like that "burnt" bean taste (a little akin to Starbucks roasts) then you may actually enjoy this. It was just not my cup of "tea".
454293454293B004NZ0JIQA3GELAONBPI2H8Sandra N. Criner0051347235200A Taste of New OrleansThis is my favorite of all of the coffee and chicory products. It is strong, smooth tasting and not bitter. My friends, who are natives of New Orleans, introduced me to CDM coffee 20 years ago. It is difficult to find outside of Louisiana so I am thrilled to be able to purchase it through Amazon. For a real taste of New Orleans, you should try CDM coffee.
454294454294B004NZ0JIQA2RZBFCTZQAI19AZreb0051340841600Extra boostComing from the South I used to buy coffee with chicory from Jewel Tea way back when - remember that company? So happy to find it on Amazon and use it half and half with my regular coffee. Gives that little extra "oomph" and boost and love that. Have used the canned and now the brick - like them both.
454295454295B004NZ0JIQA1V9DJ0BHZFJ0CLydia S.M. "Cat Lover"0051339027200Best coffee we had for a very long timeWe have been looking for a GREAT coffee with chicory to replace what we used to buy locally in a grocery store. Not only we found it but, IT'S BETTER AND CHEAPER. We tried both regular and decaf, later one for "afternoon delights". Would HIGHLY recommend both. No need to pay high premium for a taste of real French Quarters coffee. This is it!
454296454296B004NZ0JIQA1V7VPK5Q1BL6TH. Elston "Omi"0051336780800Coffee with a KickThis is the best start to your morning; a very rich, deep flavor and a strong taste that lasts! The addition of the chickory was initially used for cost savings but it adds to this coffee and makes it in a class of its own!!
454297454297B004NZ0JIQA3KP4Q2I5O8B3DC. Gebhardt0051328745600Never tried coffee with chicoryI like coffee and buy a lot of different brands. This is my first experience with chicory in coffee. I really like it, it's fine as it is but I blend it in with a medium roast coffee and it's great. Lots of flavor, dark color, but not so bitter as what you get in a french roast.

Anyhow great price, Amazon comes thru again. I'll buy more when this is done.
454298454298B004NZ0JIQAKZDKW3P1PADULeslie0051327881600CDM coffee and chicoryThis is the only coffee I drink - and has been for more than 20 years. I lived overseas for 4 years - and shipped it over. Most people I've introduced it to are converts, or at least loved it. It has been hard to get until now; I am so happy to have found it at
454299454299B004NZ0JIQAVHEER0UU947XVincent F. Yankovitz0051325462400CDM CoffeeArrived on time no damage tastes great happy about it cost a lot less than around here wrapped in an extra plastic bag to keep it fresh
454300454300B004NZ0JIQA3KMLGAPUX13N1Karen Ferro0051325203200CDM coffeeWe love this coffee and have a hard time finding it where we live. Usually, we either buy it in large quantities when we go back home to South Louisiana. Having it shipped every month is great for us and the price was reasonable. This package is terrific also because we don't have to pay shipping. kf
454301454301B004NZ0JIQA2V89KE32FRZN9British Mystery Buff "JD"1211337126400Disappointing bitter flavorI love coffee with chicory and have tried most available blends. The price of CDM coffee and chicory blend in a four-pack with Amazon's Subscribe and Save plan was very attractive and the reason I decided to give it a try. However, as I learned to my regret, it's a bad idea to economize on an untried coffee brand.

The taste of CDM coffee is not only disappointing, it's unpleasant. Instead of the robust flavor I associate with other coffee and chicory blends, the word that describes it best is "bitter." I now have four bags of a coffee blend I dislike too much to drink. Since coffee and chicory is an acquired taste, and I don't know anyone else who drinks it, I doubt I can even give the stuff away! But I can't bring myself to drink the four bags I bought, so, instead of saving money, I wasted it. I've learned my lesson about trying to economize by buying an untried brand of coffee and chicory: Don't!

In addition to the unacceptable flavor, I was surprised that the plastic pack containing four bags of CDM coffee had three of the vacuum-sealed bags and one of the loose bags. This did nothing to instill confidence in the brand before I even opened one of the bags and brewed a pot of the coffee.

I would not recommend this brand of coffee and chicory to anyone who normally drinks a C&C blend and is discriminating about coffee flavor. If you don't care what your coffee tastes like...the bitter taste that characterizes CDM C&C may not matter to you.
454302454302B001CW18F6A1XHD0XVW1KD3LMelanie L. Manera "Mamacat"1151304467200Fools them every timeI have a cat who takes BP meds and prednisone. All I have to do is put the pills in the pocket hole, pinch the ends together, and she thinks she's getting a treat! I have another cat who is not so easily fooled. She is on thyroid medication so I put the pill in the pocket, pinch it closed, mix it with a can of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers, and she doesn't even realize she's getting her medication.
454303454303B001CW18F6A2FDQXT62JW7GIN'sphere1131298937600Probably great, but my cat wasn't havin' it....The good news: My little cat loved these pill pockets.

The bad news: He wasn't the sick cat.

No, THAT cat, the big one, wouldn't so much as touch these things, even as a snack (and he'll usually eat anything).

But there IS a happy ending: I got the Buster Pet Piller With Soft Tip Syringe here on Amazon and it's incredibly easy. The pill goes in super fast and so far back that he can't spit it out; and he hardly minds. Sure beats trying to stick my fingers down his throat......
454304454304B001CW18F6A3ODV5VQ5DI716Crowe0980051343260800Medicine time made so easy!My cat was recently diagnosed an epileptic, and will be on phenobarbital pills for probably the rest of her life. My cat loves to eat, especially table food, so I thought getting her to take her meds would be easy, crush the pill up, mix it in milk or sour cream or any of her favorite foods, and viola! But I quickly found out it was not so easy! I would be up at 6am chasing her around the house trying to get her to eat it, or force-feeding it to her, which me and the cat both hate to do! I discovered these pill pockets while doing research online and decided to order it. Let me tell you, medicine time is a piece of cake now! I dont even have to crush the pill up. You just stick the pill in the predesigned pocket, pinch the top together and my cat eagerly chomps it down! She loves both the chicken and salmon flavor, medicine time takes less than a minute to accomplish, and both me and the cat are happy! She has been enjoying these "treats" for a few weeks now, twice she ended up biting into the pill, yet the flavor of the treat was so appealing to her that she didn't pay any attention to the pill and kept chomping it down! We love these things, they really were the answer to our prayers, especially for my boyfriend who had been responsible for medicine time in the evenings while I am at work. My cat has always been more hesitant to take her meds when he is giving them to her, but since trying these pill pockets it has been absolutely no problem. We are all very thrilled with this product--mom, dad, and kitty!
454305454305B001CW18F6A2LNVCS56JA13Ixsoupy0021335139200Cats dislikeCat would not eat them, mixed them in with
more different treats she ate around them
and the pill !
454306454306B001CW18F6A3UIC10TV6YF8SMarilyn I. Caplette0051300233600Makes Life EasyPill pockets are the greatest invention. If your pill isn't too big or you use only half a pill like I do for my kitty you can cut them in half and they last a long time. Amazon has everything! Great service as always.
454307454307B001EQ4JV0A2DRTETGYM2I22O. Gorbovskiy2251249603200Great tea!I am a green tea fan. I drink about 5 cups of it a day and this is why the quality of the tea matters for me. I have to say this is a very good tea and it comes in a can that keeps it fresh. I can't say how long it will stay fresh since in my house tea does not last :-) However, I would advise this tea to a friend. Smooth jasmine taste gives it a special note.
454308454308B008R0CTFYAG74E952U4T1TMs Harris0021347062400DisappointedPackaging seemed good, however, both ice packs had melted and cookies were defrosted. They were warm and several seemed to have almost 'melted'! The taste was 'ok', but because they were so soft it was not a true macaron experience!
454309454309B001KPUQVWA1FTKAPOUD92O1Carmen Mottola1151319932800Yummy!This is super yummy cheese that digests easily. It's great for people on
a raw diet who want to supplement some occasional dairy. My kids like it
and the flavor is pleasant.
454310454310B001KPUQVWA2JSV3HX2UARC4Lisa Aguglia4831250294400not overjoyedthe shipping time was fine, but the small amount of cheese was not worth the price...would not buy from them again only because of that
454311454311B0013L3N5EAGN1VHZB184LUP. Knopf2211296777600Yikes, Flavor doesn't last and sticks to your teethHi,
My wife and I both tried this product and it's one of the few products we ever returned.
The flavor did not last and the gum stuck to our teeth.
We tried the Spry gum also available on Amazon instead and both liked it. We were looking for a natural gum that we like and Glee Gum was not it.
454312454312B0013L3N5EA1HIQRR0VE3ULQTucksterZ "TucksterZ"1151317513600GREAT TASTING GUMWas quickly shipped, and well packaged from seller. Gum does lose flavor kinda quickly, but it stays chewable for a while. No artificial sweeteners, which is hard to find these days.
454313454313B0013L3N5EA10DPTCY3QSF4ET. M.1151315526400Great Gum!Love this gum. It tastes great and is the only gum that I can find that doesn't contain artificial sweeteners.
454314454314B0013L3N5EA913X3CZ55YAAJack Of Alltrades "Just another soul"1151294531200See that little Glee man jumping for joy?That would be me (and you) when chewing Glee Gum. Why? Because we love bubblegum and don't want to add a petrochemical stew to our bloodstream. The answer? Yup. Glee.

Hint: If you combine Glee peppermint and spearmint you get Doublemint you remember from when Wrigleys used natural mint oils instead of petroleum derivatives.
454315454315B000QV1NWCAMP7TQRWAIE84Adrian Cooper "Letsgo2thestars"8851203120000YUMMY. This is the best macaroni and cheese in a box ever.4 sho.

Like seriously, it's really good. Quite cheesy, and with the mix not just the packet of already prepared liquid-solid cheddar cheese. I tend to like the mix packets much better. Because you add milk (just enough) and butter (as much as you want) and then put the cheese in, and blend it all to make a masterpiece in 10 minutes or less (usually less!).

It's very quick, easy to make and although it's not healthy, it's convenient.

If you're healthy, I would totally recommend this once a week. If you're not, I recommend it once every two weeks.^^

The best part about the powder packets is that you blend the whole thing so you have control over how it comes out! and when I have control, the macaroni and cheese will be slammin' tonight!


454316454316B000QV1NWCA1MN7C5D8Z1J8FScotty4421320019200mmmmmmmmmmmm Mac n CheeseI mean it's just mac n cheese, no frills needed. just the classic mac n cheese.. awesome. It was fresh, unexpired, and I didn't have to leave the house lol. :)


Update: It used to be $11.49 which was a fair deal considering you're buying quantity. There was no need to raise the price, you guys were making money already. Such a big jump in price just brought the stars down to 2 until you guys stop being greedy (price vs quality = lower stars). It's called low budget food for a reason. It's $1 per box in the stores by themselves and it's like 50 cents if you buy in bulk. My mac n' cheese addiction is not worth $2 per box.
454317454317B001DJ6JB6A34BBFBOZWNQKNJo1151325548800Best Protien Suppliment Out There!I've worked for an organic food company and this is absolutely the best protien suppliment I have ever tried. When I couldn't get it at the local store I was so thrilled to find it on! I add it to my morning fruit smoothies to keep me going through the day and to make sure I have the minerals I need. The E3 blue algae and Maca root make all the difference! TRY IT!
454318454318B000FTP1IMAG94FWAZ58ID2T. M. Hoffman6651268611200Great For Kalua PigI use this salt for this Kalua Pig In A Slow Cooker recipe I found, and man is it delicious. 4 pound pork butt, 1 tablespoon of this salt, and 2 tablespoons liquid smoke. Put it in a crockpot/slow cooker for 20 hours, and you have one of the simplest and most delicious dishes ever. I used regular sea salt my first time cooking it, but then ordered this to try it the "real" way, and it was even better.
454319454319B000FTP1IMA2DQF17E46WPE4P. C. Elliot4451235260800Hawaiian Red Sea Salt (alaea)This salt's grain is pretty large for table use, but has a really nice flavor and attractive color. I have recommended this to my friends who need to watch their salt intake because you can "see" just how much salt you are using.
454320454320B000FTP1IMAXW107H23VI8Donna L. Hagen4451179273600Good stuff!I really like this sea salt -- has a different flavor, and it's very colorful to use on veggies.

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