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454321454321B000FTP1IMA28ZMM01UZ44LRBrad W "Stripe"1151286668800Red sea saltUsed it in a recipe for pulled-pork. Had never heard of it before and couldn't find it locally. Ordered it and Himalayan sea salt from Fairies Finest. I'd procrastinated and was afraid it wouldn't arrive in time, so I called and they promised to get it in the mail right away. Showed up in 3 days.
The salt has undertones of clay, which gives it a deeper flavor and was used as a rub it the recipe. The liquid smoke overpowered it, but the flavor was there. I think it best used as a rub or finishing salt.
There is also black Hawaiian salt... somehow mixed in with lava! Have to try that next...
P.S. The salt was well packaged in a jar.
454322454322B000FTP1IMA23VP6C780FS4XCookie0051342828800The Real DealThis made the best kahlua pork for my son's luau party - tasted great. I will say, this is a lot of salt - be prepared to store it for a while. I have also used it in a salt grinder for smaller grain salt. Tastes different than Kosher or other salts. Nice product.
454323454323B00018CWKWA2BHH2OY2RTP7YJanice Roof5551325376000Good baseI like to use this as a gravy or soup base. It lends itself to be very creamy and it packs in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.
454324454324B001VYM6OMA2YHRVDQ4C5XTBAnthony Maglio8951256860800Delicious ChocolatesIf you're a fan of coffee and/or coffee beans, this is the perfect chocolate-covered candy. The price is the cheapest I found online, and that includes the official Jitterbeans website. If you like caffeine, coffee, and chocolate, you can't go wrong!
454325454325B001VYM6OMAFM65NU0UXIGPAshton P. Johnson "Zepaw"4451301443200perfect taste and energyThese taste like high quality m&ms with a strong hint of coffee. The coffee taste is not at all overpowering which I love because I am not the biggest coffee fan. They are a great pick up. I just munch a couple if i am feeling sluggish at work and i feel great in no time. Not too much energy or a crash later like energy shots and drinks.

Delicious and a real boost when needed.
454326454326B001VYM6OMA39SWVIAZ1AQCWT. Hickman "southern temps"3451278547200Early to riseI don't do Monster drinks etc. because they don't really say what they are, and when they do most of them are carbos and calories or worse. Jitterbeans say what they are, caffeine and chocolate.
I started doing triathlons last year and when I get up at 4:30 in the morning to drive to a race I know that 1 cup of coffee isn't going to get me where I need to be by 7:30 when it starts. Now I could drink 3 cups of coffee, but then I'd be looking for a restroom 1/2 way through the bike event.
So on the way to the race I chew a few jitterbeans for the extra get up and go.....and the fact that chocolate doesn't taste too bad :-) !
454327454327B001VYM6OMA17NJBNOEZ9P1Vkd0051330992000amazingThis product was more than expected it not only tasted great but gave me soo much energy ! I am almost out and HAVE to get more if this item
454328454328B0001M0Z5MA3LWGDI3CYQML0Amazon Shopper20051248307200Excellent tasteI do not drink much caffeine, so I need my spearmint leaves to be pure and not cut with other teas. This brand delivers. My first order was for 3 1# packages and I have just completed an order for 4 more. For those of you that want a good refreshing spearmint tea, I encourage you to give this brand a try.
454329454329B0000VJ55UAT45ZM656H8SIGordon J. Louttit292951174867200Simple Feline Diabetes TestThis is a terriffic way to confirm a tentative diagnosis of diabetes in a cat without the trauma of taking your cat to the vet or trying to hold a strip to them while urinating. You sprinkle some sugar-detecting "confetti" in the litter box and check it each day for color change. In our Simba, we confirmed high blood sugar and immediately took her off her existing kibble diet (kibbles are generally high in carbohydrates as well as grain products such as flour and gluten that cats and dogs can't metabolize). She now eats only high-protein grain-free canned food and is symptom free. I highly recommend this product. Purina "Glucotest" Feline Urinary Glucose Detection System (one test packet)
454330454330B0000VJ55UAJBN8I3B64UDDK. Hamilton242451240358400Great way to monitor kitty's glucoseOur cat was recently diagnosed with diabetes. He hates going to the vet, and from what I have read glucose readings spike when the cat is under stress, so we wanted to be able to test at home. Our cat is already unhappy with insulin shots, so we did not want to have to poke him and draw blood to test his insulin.

We just received the Glucotest pack and I have to say this is the easiest way to monitor glucose. I know it's working, because my cat without diabetes uses the box and the test strips do not register a high glucose level. A couple of things are a pain, but that is not the fault of the product.

1) You have to watch them and monitor when they go in and out of the box, especially with two cats. We have two boxes, but since we can't gaurantee that the cat always goes to the same box we have to be diligent so that we don't see the non-diabetic cat's sample and assume it is our diabetic cat's.

2) We use scoopable litter, so we have to dig around in the clump (I use a nail file & tweezers....eek) to pull out the test strip. It's worth it to help my kitty, but certainly kind of yucky.

Otherwise, so far so good. The first time we used this we realized that our kitty's blood sugar was still very high, which surprised us since we had been upping his insulin based on his water intake & other behavioral factors (at the advice of our vet). Now we will be able to gather better info and pass that on to our vet, and adjust his meds acordingly.
454331454331B0000VJ55UA29GV08YOE58HEVal131351162684800Purina "Glucotest"The Purina Glucotest packet I purchased was easy to use and according to my vet, the results are reliable. It was delivered in a timely manner.
454332454332B0000VJ55UA2LMBT87T81EF6loraloo151641230336000Necessary if your cat is diabeticThe Glucotest product is an absolute necessity if your cat is diabetic. Unlike humans, cats can go into spontaneous remission at any time. The possibility of insulin overdose is much higher unless you use the Glucotest product. We check our cat morning and evening and have been able to successfully monitor his levels thanks to the Glucotest product.
454333454333B0000VJ55UA2W03QEAXJ10TMRoni R. Todd9951207872000Glucotest for management of feline diabetesPurina Glucotest is a wonderful product to use, in conjunction with veterinary monitoring, to manage feline diabetes. My cat has been diabetic for 2 months, & is now getting better, because I have this product to use. It came quickly & worked very well for us. I have ordered at least 10 packets, and all of them worked well. Thank you Purina!!
454334454334B0000VJ55UA36YXW7ZH7IOI9J. Weaver9951204502400Glucotest chips (mini glucose monitors for litter box)Great product at a reasonable price. Arrived very quickly too, with a 3 year shelf life. Fantastic! :)
454335454335B0000VJ55UAW5JVN13XPOQ1A. DuPlantier7751294790400Purina Glucotest is a godsend!I could not believe my prayers were answered when I discovered this product! My cat was suffering from transient diabetes (caused by steroids). He was heading for remission as the glucose levels began to drop but as the levels dropped, we had to keep adjusting his insulin to prevent hypoglycemia. I had been monitoring his urine glucose using Keto-Diastix for humans. This involved following him around until he was ready to urinate and then holding the stick in the stream to get a reading. (My cat and I have a very trusting relationship.)

We had a holiday trip planned and I was a basket case worrying about how my pet sitter was going to find the time and patience to accomplish this during her busy holiday schedule. My Vet (the guy with the wings) mentioned he had heard of something that you sprinkle in the litter box and it gives you a reading. He wasn't sure about it and had never seen the product. An online search brought it up immediately in Amazon and I promptly purchased a package. Sure enough, this package contained little pieces of confetti which you sprinkle into the litter box. It lasts for five days and the color of the confetti tells you the level of glucose in the urine. Genious!!! We went on our vacation without fear, the sitter monitored the litter and all went splendidly! By the time we got home, our kitty had gone completely into remission and was feeling fine. The litter was clear and we were all very happy.
This product is a godsend for anyone who can't be there 24/7 to monitor their cat and can't do blood tests. Let's hear it for Vets with wings, Purina and Amazon!
454336454336B0000VJ55UA2QWINO7M97YOLJudith Bird4431276387200mediocre performanceI use Feline Pine, so the sprinkles dont stand out very much. Some had darker colors than others. The price was outrageous per test. I found a regular urine strip more dependable.
454337454337B0000VJ55UA1YZGMIT8IT3TVAlberto Gonzalez "Imprimo"3341240444800Good initial test product if you suspect your cat is diabeticIf the result is borderline or higher take your cat to the Veterinary ASAP! to confirm the findings.
A simple change in his/her diet could be all is needed.
454338454338B0000VJ55UA2JKBGXATBWVAXThomas R. Thurlkill3351234656000Convenient glucose testing for cats.This product makes it very easy to check the urinary glucose levels in my diabetic cat. Try chasing a cat around to get a fresh urine sample.
454339454339B0000VJ55UA3JM50PVHGZFR6consumer3431284249600the good, the badwe order this for our diabetic cat. she has done well for three years with insulin shots twice a day. But we wanted to save the trip to the vets for bloodwork updates and insulin adjustments. We thought we would stress her out less and save a few dollars. Looking at paperwork that came with package we decided to call company and get a report of what is in the little pieces of paper that you place in the litter box. They sent out the requested paperwork. Upon reading it we decided it may not be worth the risk to the cat...if the cat while cleaning herself injected the tiny papers that have chemicals on it. Our vets is close to our house and we will have your monitored that way. On the other hand, we think it's a great product IF you can monitor your cat when it exits the cat box and make sure there are no test papers on it's fur, that may work. When we used the test we did not get a color change, not sure if the cat was in normal range or the test was flawed. We'd have to use a few times to really know for sure.
454340454340B0000VJ55UAITRN55C58HIDLoveSully&0041348012800Saved my kitten from more blood tests
454341454341B0000VJ55UA138ZT8WOZUQF6cdeodar0051347148800saved my cat and meThe glucotest really works. I wanted an alternative to sticking my diabetic cat's ears to test his glucose levels. He was getting inconsistent readings at the vet because he was too stressed out there. (I took him off all grain, fed him canned meat catfood, then switched to the raw (frozen) meat diet). To successfully use the purina glucotest confetti, make sure you mix it thoroughly into your cat's litter so it is all submerged. Any pieces floating on top I found did not give an accurate reading.The pieces that were submerged showed consistent readings and were verified by a recent blood test done at the vets when he was calm and not stressed. I checked the pieces by scooping up the clump of pee from litterbox and placing it on a piece of newspaper. That gave me room to pick out submerged confetti pieces with a pair of tweezers. That sounds wierd, but I am so pleased to be able to help my cat get healthy. He is stable now and getting better.
454342454342B0000VJ55UA1KQZF81CJPFLFAnn0051345507200A very good way to know if your kitty is in distressDirections are easy and so are the reading of the results. This is much simpler than ketosis stix because you don't have to be present when the cat uses the litter box and absorption is actually to the result-reader's benefit.
454343454343B0000VJ55UA2WVRYEMLG0GRKDonna Fenza0051328400000Purina glucose test strips area blessingOMG...I don't know what I would do without these strips....It's cheaper than going to the vets a few times a week, which I was doing. It's less stressful than pricking the ear vein with a people meter which is NOT calabrated the same for a cat. I monitor the test strips 24 hours a day as I take my cat to work with me...and I get up every 3 hours to check his levels.
I am not changing what works...This is a miracle product. Donna Fenza- Sea Isle City, NJ
454344454344B0000VJ55UA2EGQ2MPEBNNUQD. Thelen "oneyedeb"0031325980800Diabetic or Not??This is the first time I ever used this product but cant make up my mind if its helped determine if my cat is diabetic or not. I followed the directions but the results seemed inconclusive. Will be taking my cat to the vet. Id say take the money you wouldve spent on this and use it toward a vet and tests.
454345454345B0000VJ55UA11IZ6MFC30AAUChristy0051290643200Reliable & easy to useMy cat turned diabetic in March after being put on steroids for a lung infection. I have been using this Glucotest product from Purina in her kitty litter to monitor the amount of sugar in her urine since that time. The squares started out in the very darkest brown category (high sugar output). After months of monitoring her urine with these squares every time she went, and keeping her vet informed and adjusting the amount of insulin she gets in the a.m. and p.m., it is exciting to see the squares are not changing color anymore and she is going into remission! So, I want to encourage buyers to use this product in conjunction with your vet's professional orders for your cat. I bought this on Amazon, which was a lot cheaper than at the vet's office. It was shipped very quickly and I received it in just two days! Thanks Purina for a valuable product!
454346454346B0000VJ55UA1IR9QGJQ4W0B2Linda Jones Boonstra "Linda"0041280016000Good to check your cats glucose in the litter boxI bought this because my Vet said my Cat is
pre-diabetic. He's on a low carb cat food
diet, but I wanted to check his glucose
without using an ear prick & monitor. The
paper pieces show the amount of glucose in
his urine, so I was able to determine that
he's still "pre-diabetic" and not in need
of insulin injections just yet. It's a
good product to determine the level of
glucose in your cat, and the higher the
level, the more you will need to visit your
Vet to check for glucose levels and possibly
to begin insulin injections.
454347454347B0000VJ55UA3RZA435XNGZ8AFrank Jodlowski0051269734400GlycotestTook a while to get the hang of it, but seems to work well and lets me know how Aslan is doing. The vet was familiar with the test and is glad I am using it so I know if and when what we are doing is not working as it shouold be.
454348454348B000VB335CA1PZKJA34A3XY6Krisite Robison "Sikora's Kitchen"4451327363200Great Product!!My puppy has contact dermatitis...a bacterial infection that she has on her belly and back legs. She was miserable and the antibiotics are going to take a few days to kick in. My Groomer sprayed her with this, and although it looked really red after she did it, my puppy stopped itching right away. She completely ignores the rash and it is now drying up very nicely. I would recommend to anyone who has a dog with a skin issue or a hot spot!
454349454349B000VB335CAR817Q1YSG5Z6Chelsea Rose "IrishPenny"1151349827200Helped my little dog!I bought this for my little Westie. Every Fall she has allergys-- itching , pulling out her fur. This product did seem to help. I would brush her belly and spritz her. She would calm down. I also like that the ingredients are all natural, nothing I wouldn't mind putting on myself.
454350454350B001IZ9XQ8A2XD45PCBJP11NBarny0051335484800WonkaI received my package before the expected date. The product was fresher than in the stores and was very delicious

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