Amazon Fine Food Reviews

454351454351B001IZ9XQ8A7O7X7N02KD4GAR "AR"0051314403200Wonka Laffy Taffy RopeGreat price. Love the mystery flavor better than the individual flavors. Great size and easy to eat out of the wrapper. Kids love these. Fast shipping
454352454352B001IZ9XQ8ASFBHURXFH46Jneedmorebabe "lkd"0051291593600Great Value That Kids Love!!!Regardless of the 3 for 99 cents preprice on this item, this is a great value. These same size taffy ropes are 1.00 each at all gas stations and convenience stores. These are a lot less sticky than the flat, samller taffy pieces by Laffy Taffy and my kids loved them! Great for VBS prizes, stocking stuffers and birthday party favors!
454353454353B000UXQGMIAGBDDMU47VOZ7BenZ0051324598400roasted sesame oilThis is entirely a five star deal. The shipper was prompt, the oil deluicious. If you've never used toasted/roasted sesame oil, give it a try.
454354454354B000UXQGMIA3MAN6DBUPCX9DJaxx1241230508800Appears burnt...I have used sesame oil before , the darker tasty kind but i dont recall it being this strong and apparently burnt. I mixed this product with olive oil and soybean oil equal parts of each and it is still very strong.. If i am wrong and it just needs further dilution then i will be back here to up my rating..I have not tried it with meats only stir fried veggies/rice at this point,, salads will be next. I am always open to suggestions about using sesame oil and a gallon sure will allow for that..
454355454355B000I6PX9OAZIS8K2M1HYPJPammyLorel1151293840000Tasty Raspberry & Chocolate Flavored CoffeeMy husband loves chocolate flavored coffees but only drinks decaf. I shop around a lot to try to find coffees that fit both criteria for him. This is a tasty coffee with a strong raspberry flavor. The price is right in line with other coffees of this type. Just make sure you like berries and chocolate!
454356454356B000I6PX9OA16GLLH55ILX2SChristina Martin "Carmel Sundae"0051348790400Didn't Disappoint.This chocolate raspberry decaf has turned me into an afternoon coffee drinker. If you want a good combination of quality coffee and modest but rich flavoring, I recommend it.
454357454357B000I6PX9OA3H1NO7KHQNP99Mommy3 "jlrip137"0011326412800DisappointedI really wanted to like this coffee! It smells wonderful,I thought it would taste wonderful too. However, I was very disappointed. I tried making it stronger, weaker, and everything in between. No matter what I did it still tasted horrible. I would not recommend this coffee. :(
454358454358B00375LBOYA1YD8FWHVR77G1Elizabeth Arbelaez2251299110400Nice colorThe pink color is very nice and bright. I made some candy hearts and they came beautifull. I also used it for cake pops but it have to be mixed with a little amount of paramount crystals to be liquid enough for coating the cake pops. It's liquids much better than Wilton's.Paramount Crystals
454359454359B00375LBOYABW688RH6XGVWLisa "Cooking fool"1151277683200Can't tell this chocolate is sugar-freeI bought this chocolate so I could dip fruit in it for my husband (who's diabetic). This is the best sugar-free dark chocolate for melting that I've found. I plan to stock up on it!
454360454360B00375LBOYA1HTTIS68HY3NXteddi0051324944000happyI used part of this chocolate to dip dried fruit, and I used the rest of it to make sugar free chocolate chip cookies. Both turned out very good! It melted nicely for dipping, and I just broke up the disks for the cookies. These were both nice Christmas treats for my diabetic mother.
454361454361B00375LBOYAE2EV84042GJFMJK559871211291852800OverpricedYou can buy the same bag of chocolate at any Michaels store for $2.99. I got a ton of bags on sale for $1.99 there! Don't waste your money or your time waiting for this bag
454362454362B001AV90PEAGWAA2G57TQ1Ubamabob0051243036800Tastes as Good as it SmellsEver wish you're coffee tasted as good as it smells? This one does. One of the best coffees I have ever tried. Everyone loved it, couldn't believe it was decaf. I used my Bunn burr grinder to grind the beans.
454363454363B001AV90PEA14FTXK5EWGBR1Dennis Galion0041235606400Delicious, good body.We love this coffee in our super-automatic espresso maker. It's just as good as coffees we'd paid three times as much for.
454364454364B006ZL8T6UA8P8KPVXCWV9RBryan J. Kautzman "BK"0041334793600Wasn't quite what I expected, but still deliciousI tried a cinnamon hazel nut coffee from a different vendor recently. While I didn't like the bitterness of the hazelnut, I did absolutely love what the cinnamon did to the flavor of the coffee. I was so anxiously awaiting this version to compare, as I have found Donut Shop Classics to be some of the best pods I have tried.

There really wasn't that much cinnamon flavor in this cup of coffee. However, there was almost a buttery aftertaste that just felt like the after effects of a bite of coffee cake in the morning.
454365454365B000P00HXAA39ANVSTOM4L6HElizabeth5551314144000Great Taco Seasoning in Bulk!I love this taco seasoning!

Growing up, my mom always bought taco seasoning in this bulk container because we had taco's so frequently.

I didn't realize why she used the bulk container for seasoning until I had to start buying my own groceries - and I realized that taco seasoning was over a dollar a package!

I like this container because you can customize how much seasoning and spice to add to the taco meat. I also cook my taco meat with onion and I drain the fat before adding spices. I add enough water to cover the meat before adding spices so the meat is all equally flavored. I just cook on medium head until the water evaporates.

Very yummy flavoring - I recommend to everyone!!
454366454366B000P00HXAAJIICGFQXCAA6Rhonda2231312156800Good price, Flavor not exactly rightIt is approximately 8 cups of seasoning. With 1/4 cup recommended per 1 lb meat, that's about 16 meals. In my grocery store, taco seasoning pouches would have to be .25 each to beat this. The best price I've seen in years is .33 and that's due to grocery wars going on in my town right now. The flavor is nice, but something about it doesn't match other taco seasoning pouches. I feel like I need to add a little something each time. It is strong so I may be able to get by with 3 Tbsp instead of a full 1/4 cup and that would make it an even better deal.
454367454367B000P00HXAAL9EVE0C3AJCRJ. P. Heaton2251289433600The best Taco seasoning I've ever foundI used to buy this at Sam's. Due to budget cutbacks I no longer have a membership there. This is one of the few bulk items worth buying. Good price. Great product. Amazon is always dependable on shipping. Can't go wrong.
454368454368B000P00HXAA371B3Z09W4GT5Stardreamers2251287532800Great taco seasoningThis is a very large bottle of taco seasoning sold for a low price. It also has an excellent flavor, which is not tainted by msg. It's not overpowering either. I'll buy more for sure when I need it.
454369454369B000P00HXAA2Y37ZY1IWWVWGFlipside2251276732800GREAT PRODUCTI wanted to buy a large container of taco seasoning that I could use in my recipes, and here it was. So much easier than buying numerous little packs from a grocery store. Good flavor, too. When I run out of it, I'll buy the same product again.
454370454370B000P00HXAA3W2DMYH3KQ110S. Batdorf1151315353600Very GoodI've always used (and disliked) the old el paso taco seasoning, and while it is about half the price of this item, it's less than half as delicious. I'll spend the extra money for Tones from now on.
454371454371B000P00HXAAERC4V86P13HHpeewee0031336089600YUMGood brand of spices, tho i did find it later at a big box store for cheaper. Definitely better than buying a million packets and you can make it more to taste
454372454372B0019K981WA13H71301WENPWPatricia Fentriss "PF"111311249344000Sugar bomb!!! Same amount of sugar as a 12 oz. Coke!!!Check out the sugar content before you buy! 27 grams/box - the same amount that's in a 12 oz. can of Coke! This is ridiculously high for something that you think is going to be healthy!
454373454373B0019K981WADS4S2JI2P0DITracy Wythe4441230940800Somewhere Over the HorizonThis drink is very refreshing. Everybody has different taste buds, so naturally some people will really like it while others will find it to be not as appetizing. I would recommend buying this product in bulk at a local grocery store or department store as you will be able to save more money that way. Two straws up for me for the product itself. I gave it four stars rather than 5 because of the price.
454374454374B0019K981WA2CRSKT3KD1KUMPhilosopher Mom121621250035200Organic but Horizon has been cited for factory farmingOrganic milk is a good choice for green lunchboxes. However, if you're concerned with sustainability and the humane treatment of animals, please be aware that Horizon has been cited for factory farming practices. Horizon farms 4,000 cows (very large) and has refused to cooperate with the Cornucopia Institute's review of organic dairies; the company is considered "ethically deficient."


Personally I've started buying Organic Valley's milk boxes instead of Horizon. Organic Valley is rate 4/Excellent in the CI review. Here's their organic vanilla milk - they also offer strawberry, chocolate, and plain.

Organic Valley Organic 1% Lowfat Vanilla Single Serve Milk, 8-Ounce Aseptic Cartons (Pack of 24)
454375454375B0019K981WA2EL8IW661ISNJJ. Herr1131230508800Awfully sweet for milk...Well, it's milk, and it's in a box that doesn't need refrigeration, which is VERY handy. But, it's also very sweet. I bought this, hoping that I, as an adult, would like it too. But it's just too sweet milkshake-tasting for me.

But my kids like it!
454376454376B0019K981WA2YJ9M0D025Y8QNancy0051330041600Delicious and nutritious!My girls love Horizon organic milks. We can spend a fortune on them at Starbucks, so it's great to be able to buy a case to have at home.
454377454377B0019K981WATJN4KEHJBOC8KatyKatIL "KatyKat"0051305936000Very tasty milk in a great packagingJust had my first Horizon vanilla milk. It had been chilled in the fridge, so cold enough.

First off, I love the packaging. I love the design, I love the straw that doesn't
fall down into the packaging because of good design.

The taste was very good and fresh. My first impression was that it was like a melted
vanilla milk shake. It did not taste artificial or overpowering. It wasn't quite thick/creamy
enough to make me think of homemade ice cream, but still a great taste.

I like the hormone-free aspect of this product as well.

I would not hesitate to buy it again!
454378454378B0019K981WA2CU3J5TSL9M5MM. Johnson0051300147200Great on the go milkWe got hooked on these after having them at Noodles and Panera. Thrilled to find them on Amazon. This tastes just like a melted vanilla ice cream cone. Yum :)
454379454379B0019K981WA3OVB36H7QEHRVinginouity0051299110400Good quality at a nice priceMy son loves all the horizon milk products and I would buy them for him on occasion, mostly because the price held me back from doing so more often. This was really a wonderful deal, because now he can enjoy them much more often. It is great that you can skip deliveries when you are away or have extra ones, when it goes really fast. I hope they will at one point let us alternate flavors too, so it doesn't get boring.
454380454380B0019K981WA3B9R2TVO7Y8VHDmon0031298851200Expensive, buy at grocery storeYou can get much bigger packs at grocery stores for the same amount of money as this 12 pack. Skip.

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