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454381454381B0019K981WAAX6FRNBEU9PKSusan Clinton "gammer"0051289865600Great for lunchboxesThis milk is great to put in lunchboxes. My 4 and 9 year olds love them.
They are easy to use and taste great.
Easy solution to sending a lunch drink to school!
454382454382B0019K981WAKL6RZP8PCCCTAbby O'Brien "Abby"0051284768000My Daughter loves this milkMy daughter fell in love with this milk at Starbucks. So we were very excited to see that they could be ordered in bulk on Amazon. Now I send a milk with her every day in her lunch box. I took the blue ice that is the long sheet with the small blue ice squares. It can be cut in to different shapes. I cut it on to a size to fit around the milk and rubber band it. Now she has cold, tasty and healthy milk at school.
454383454383B0019K981WAJJ6I3SPBC7URCharlotte Chapman0051274832000We love vanilla milk.This milk can be kept unrefrigerated and is easy to take anywhere. Our kids love it and it is a better nutritional choice than juice.
454384454384B0019K981WA2SA5UXCQ9PDVKMarie0051269216000HorizonHorizon is a company our family loves and trust. We wouldn't go without on a trip or on our way to school.
454385454385B001E0Y9XOA3NJV589IC5B54P. Strack2251249257600Great for a Chewy Chocolate FixVery good for a treat, really didn't curb my appetite but great for a chewy treat.
454386454386B0041BSZGAA1J52MX2YDWSU0these pretzels r making me thirsty111151311724800These are delicious!Tried these for the first time the other day and had to get a box of them. They come in three flavors, rosemary and olive oil, sea salt, and lightly salted. Sure the major ingredient is potato (like a potato chip) but they taste so much better! And healthier! It looks like it has potato, tomato and spinach in it as the veggies. Really delicious chips and each bag is 1 ounce which is a very good size! I think I'm addicted. Try them at your own risk.
454387454387B0041BSZGAA1ZH9LWMX5UCFJK. Stuckey "kateling"7751326326400love them!I first tried these at a food service show and was instantly hooked. They are light and crispy, more like a pork rind than a chip. The lightly salted is my favorite, they are so airy. I get them cheaper through work, a benefit of working in food service! I keep a couple of bags in my glovebox so if I am out running errands and get hungry I don't hit a drive-thru.
454388454388B0041BSZGAA11O80MBZGIS9VLee Hall "foodie"7751323302400A Snack that helpsI find this snack to really help on my portion controlled diet. Veggie Snacks plus a protein help me control my blood glucose levels.
454400454400B007JXVR76AUAWPV7UYOZESRichmix8811248307200It's cheap, and it's bad for your cat.I was raised in a house that always had at least one cat being fed Meow Mix. Owning my own cat now, I've done some research on available food choices. Meow Mix is one of the cheapest--and one of the worst.

Not quite like humans, cats will eat until they are nutritionally satisfied *or* full. The problem with cheap brand cat foods is that they use synthetic products, carbohydrate-based fillers, and processed meat by-products. Cats are obligate carnivores. The first two ingredients on Meow Mix's list (the ones used in most abundance in the product) are corn. As a result, cats are getting fewer needed nutrients per serving, causing them to eat until they get full and to eat more over the course of the day.

Healthy food results in a healthier cat. Weight control, shedding, disease development, and more are all influenced by a cat's food. The excessive use of carbohydrate-based fillers in cheap cat foods, as part of this reality, can lead to weight gain and a higher risk of diabetes. Many cat owners use Meow Mix without experiencing some of these problems--but very few will use it without noticing *any* of them.

Brands sold in quality pet stores start with Iambs as the "baseline," and even Iambs isn't what I'd call good for your cat. Many of my local shelters feed their cats Iambs as the least expensive acceptable cat food. Even better, companies such as Orijen and EVO make premium cat foods made with very little or no grain content, which are ingredients cats would not naturally eat. Whatever you decide, check the ingredients list. Make sure some kind of meat is listed as the primary ingredient with other meats as close to the top of the list as possible. Also make sure those are actual meats. Meats are better then meat meals, and meat meals are ok (and usually unavoidable). Meat by-products are what you want to watch out for.

The reality is that your cat is not biologically designed to eat a diet consisting mostly of corn or grain. Healthy cat food is more expensive, but your cat will eat less of it, helping to mitigate the cost a bit. I recommend premium cat foods for this reason. They're better for your cat in every conceivable way, and they won't break your bank. Even if you are on a budget, consider the cost medical concerns due to obesity or diabetes could incur. If you are currently using this food, maybe it's time to switch.
454401454401B007JXVR76AYBCQ12Z5ZPQGLoveThatRonWhite "avidreader"0051347321600A Reliable FavoriteThis brand seems to be well tolerated by all our feline visitors. It isn't Christmas, but their attitude is still, "We won't go until we get some, so bring it out here. . ." And so we do.
454402454402B007JXVR76A1BT8YFLFKVUF4Stargazer0011334534400Made cats sick, destroyed beige carpetHave 4 cats and gradually worked in this cat food over the course of a month. Result was 2 cats apparently have an iron constitution.

One cat puked every other day although he continued eating the food so he did like it. Discovered that the reason I couldnt get it out of the beige rug is because they add RED DYE! That must be to impress the consumer, doubt cats care about the color of the food.

My other cat got very sick. Was puking alot, stopped eating, went to the vet and they kept him overnight. His Xrays showed "something" in his stomach which they could not tell was an object or serious gas. Ended up being gas. Put him on Prescription Diet ID (VERY pricey). He's back to normal but it took almost 2 weeks (and $500 later). He's worth it though. I wont even put this crap out for the feral cats that come up at night to eat.
454403454403B007JXVR76AKZKG2Z7CNV27BreezyPaige0011332806400Absolutely Awful Cat FoodI bought this cat food because of the wonderful low price and I enjoy they catchy jingle from the commercials. My cats did eat this food, but after reading the ingredients I completely regret purchasing it and feel just awful for feeding it to my cats. The first three ingredients (which indicates the most prevalent ingredients) are chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, and ground yellow corn. How disgusting is that?! The main ingredient is a corn filler. One thing my vet told me a while back that I never forgot: "When you eat corn, what comes out of the other end? The same thing happens with cats and dogs." Basically, corn cannot be fully digested, it is just a filler and causes pets to actually eat more to feel full, poop out more (more for us to clean in the litter box), and retain less nutrients. The only meat in Meow Mix at all is a by-product, its not even a real meat! By-products are the stuff leftover once all the actual meat is harvested. We're talking beaks, chicken feet, eyeballs, even chicken poop! I would not recommend this product to anyone, for any reason, ever. It is an absolutely awful cat food. I suppose you get what you pay for. I recommend to stay far away from Meow Mix, as it is simply a very low quality food. Even though the price is quite inexpensive, your cat will actually eat more than if you paid for a better quality food, because they will never feel full. Cats need to eat meat, and there just isn't real meat in this food. When purchasing a cat (or dog) food, the most important thing to consider is the first 3 ingredients; just make sure those first three are decent ingredients that you would eat yourself. Now that I know what to look for, I usually buy my pets all natural, organic foods such as Blue Buffalo, Halo or Wellness. All of those brands contain real, whole meats that I myself would eat, with no added fillers or corn.
454389454389B0041BSZGAA196F62UUW70C1cathy roe4451319328000Love Veggie Straws!Our whole family loves these nutritous snacks, a goo dreplacement for potato chips. Even the kids love to eat them!
454404454404B007JXVR76A1ZXF1MOZZYAJC"boycat"0651058313600Meow Mix is the best cat food in the WORLD!I love meow mix, my cats love it to. We all eat it togther. My cat Mr. Kittles used to attack his brother, Francis, just so he could get some! This is a delious belend of chicken and liver. Buy it, please
454405454405B0002ML1HWA2348F8FNSDP6YCDWB0011347926400Wrong Food in Can, and they won't man up about it.I've bought Petguard for my cat for a good while. She needed a specific protein diet and this was the only thing we could find on the shelves locally. The food in the cans were always dry and old looking but she ate it and that is what counted. One of my last purchases of a case of this online, I opened a can and it was different. Instead of the gray-pink food, it was dark and smelled like fish but it had the rice particles in it. I thought maybe they changed their formula and like the law gives them.. 6 months to make changes to the label... eventually they would reveal the new formula for venison and rice. I used a dozen cans of this dark fishy smell *venison and rice* and then ordered another case. I opened up a can of the new case and it was back to the gray-pink food! The dates for this new case showed it was manufactured after the dark fishy smell venison and rice. That made me question what on earth my cat has been eating! I've tried to contact Petguard sooo many times and I get no replies. I will be recording opening a can of the *who knows what* venison and rice and putting it on youtube. Maybe then Petguard will see they made a big mistake and depending on allergies... the potential of killing pets with whatever they put in the venison and rice cans.

My review is 2 star for the old gray-pink crumbly food, a 1 star for the unknown stuff. I'd give a negative 5 star (if it was possible) to the foreign matter in this case of venison and rice cans. And I'd give a negative 10 star for the company for making itself so difficult to get a hold of (they took off their facebook page... why??? And they haven't responded on twitter for a year and a half. And they do not respond to either email addresses they have on their current website.)

I do not recommend Petguard, the food nor the company.
454390454390B0041BSZGAA2U8FLAYDZWLL6L. Williams3331334534400Bring Back Rosemary and Olive OilI am deeply saddened that my favorite flavor, Rosemary and Olive Oil was replaced by Ranch. The original 3 flavors were all acceptable snacks for my family. But wait, they removed the Rosemary and Olive Oil and replaced it with a MSG (AKA Yeast Extract) laden Ranch flavor. What a shame!

Yeast extract is hidden source of MSG in your food: Here's where its found

Learn more: yeast extract news and articles [...]
454406454406B0002ML1HWAAM6MU3LPCCHUTeresa G. Ralston0151227571200PetGuard Venison and Rice Dinner for CatsThis is a superior quality item, arrived in very good condition. However, my cats refused to eat it! It's far healthier than the food one can find in local department stores. My cats DO eat the more routine flavors in PetGuard brand--chicken, beef, seafood, etc.... but venison--absolutely not! I think they'd have done better with it, if they'd been more accustomed to the flavor. Perhaps if you have younger cats..... still a great product.
454391454391B0041BSZGAA105CCKIWRGI3XIan Hunt "wakkoss"3351311033600Healthier alternative to regular potato chips.These are better for you and lower calories than regular potato chips, and pretty tasty. There are three types of product included, and I like the chips and low salt version. The other ones...not so much. If you only eat half the bag, it's plenty, so you only get half the calories.
454392454392B0041BSZGAA12PTWD0SXFWLMSunny E Day2251327536000GREATThese are very tasty and the package size is perfect. I will probably put these on subscribe and save. They arrived quickly and in great shape. I could not find the individual pacakages anywhere else, and now Im glad I found them here. Quick and conveient
454407454407B002MYVWOKA2MQQAYFL0XHOVJane Lin "jane"1111296172800Salty Enough to give you HypertensionThese are not at all spicy, so little wasabi taste it should be named "MSG peas". If you hate the spicy taste of wasabi then this is the thing for you(but then why are you ordering 'wasabi peas' in the first place!?)They are so salty I stopped after a few and I usually finishes a whole can in one sitting. And they are hard so watch out for your teeth. Overall, disappointed.
454408454408B003PM816UANM1H7FRNJGBYjagdtiger840051318809600Great days ahead.The orchid came in great shape and I expect to see it putting out beautiful blooms as soon as it is mature enough to bloom. It came before its suggested arrival time period began and was securely packed. It should be quite beautiful when it blooms. I have 5 other phals of various colors and this should combine with them to give me a beautiful living bouquet. If you want a good plant to add to your collection or as a stand alone specimen I believe this is a plant worthy of your consideration.
454409454409B001YJ4UYIA1YFIGP3ZS5LP5Sondra @ Just Clucking Around6651238284800As Good As the Name BrandsI have used the Bakers & Chefs vinegar for many years. It is great for canning, salad dressings, flavored vinegars and anything else you want to use it for.
454393454393B0041BSZGAA15Z6Z51Q85AOASpazvan4551312502400Great snack though a rip off here @ AmazonAs my review states, this is a great snack. The price here leaves alot to be desired. At Costco you get this same item for a little less than $10.00
454410454410B001YJ4UYIAFWKH2J25U85OPerfectly Practical0041343001600Good valueI use vinegar to clean so I don't need high quality stuff. This value pack lasts a long time, or in my case, many days of green cleaning :) Great value.
454394454394B0041BSZGAA371Z04GWURCYCRich Dolata Jr.1151339891200Good item. Came in a box in a box.The ranch one was different but a little too much ranch like. Didn't like the first taste of the ranch but on the 2nd bag I did. Maybe more hungry or something. A diet coke and these chips go good. I think I am more a fan of the small chips and fries but the ranch is something different. All the bags seem mixed up so just pull one out and say what do I got today. All are good so it is not much of a worry. At first you just want to make sure you have tried them all then after that it is good to go.
454395454395B0041BSZGAA37A4SKD5Y0RM9Lorrie1151334361600YumGreat item but you can get this same box at costco for $9.99. Highly recommend these though! Better than greasy potaoe chips anyday
454396454396B0041BSZGAA16XIY5JVX1RQBJ. Holmes "threeputtingfool"1141326844800Tasty, but...A tasty, healthy alternative to potato chips, but the olive oil and rosemary flavored ones are VERY strong with rosemary. This is fine if you love rosemary, but it overpowers in my opinion. My daughter likes them though, so all is well.
454397454397B0041BSZGAA3OC1XBXM9XQKWB. Gilhooly0051329696000Awesome, Healthy SnackVeggies straws are a great alternative snack to potato chips. They are much healthier, and this box has three different varieties so they don't get boring. I bring a bag to work every day and eat them as a snack instead of getting some unhealthy food out of a vending machine for more money. I definitely recommend these veggie straws if you're on a diet, or just want to eat healthier!
454398454398B0041BSZGAA1MFVNJP43B2OFZee Channing0051329436800Love these!!!Received my order sooner than expected! The veggie straws are a FAVORITE in my household. Definitely will be ordering again.
454399454399B0000TL5GYA18N7I4EZR0RPLCorinne M. Gant6851168387200Melissa's Fruit SurveyThe fruit came fast, fresh and delicious. We enjoyed the different types of fruit.

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