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454411454411B001YJ4UYIA3TF4UNSA9UDQSType_faster_goal2451339718400Vinegar And FeetYet another of my long winded reviews. Beware Ye of little attention and patience.

Vinegar has many uses.

A surprising and pleasurable use of the simplest white wine vinegar is to use it to soak your feet.
Feet which have had an unacceptable odor will become completely neutral in smell.
Vinegar is mildly antimicrobial and acidic. It kills the smelly bugs living on your feet and (probably, I'm not a doctor) will also help your body combat a minor cut or wound on the feet.
Toenail jam which normally is like cement cleans out easily.
The nails on my big toes can normally only be trimmed with a pair of Klein Mechanics' 8" side cutting pliers are cut with the usual nail tools.

Here's some of my details:

You will need:
A comfortable place to sit tight for at least a half hour.
1 gallon of any old white vinegar. This may be the hardest task of this project. Surprisingly, even here in Manhattan where all people seem to do is try to get rich trading Derivatives and eat Food, it can be tough to find cheap, large plastic 1 gallon jugs of vinegar. Smaller supermarket chains usually don't stock the big jugs but I've had good luck getting them to bring them in. Getting them on Da Net is possible but the shipping kills you. "Pint's a pound, the world round". Five dollars a gallon, delivered into my apartment, is the best I have been able to do.
A tub of some sort which will comfortably allow you to put both feet into. Rubbermaid makes inexpensive new ones which can be bought from Amazon. Minimum 10 - 12 gallons. Don't use some old junk tub as there will be a fair amount of water which can cause damage.
A smaller decanter for filling and emptying the tub.
A few old towels.
A small plastic drop cloth for good wood floors and/or carpeting.
Some way to determine the water temperature. A candy thermometer works fine.
One clean, dry towel.

This whole thing is good to do if you have a minimum of an hour where you are parked and going nowhere. I read or do computer work.
Plan ahead.
Be very safety conscious. If there is any possibility of electricity mixing with water, then do what I do. Raise every electrical wire, splitter, computer etc which is nearby off the floor. Use short pieces of cheap 2 by 4 lumber. The higher off the floor the better. Don't be stupid. Do not ignore my advice. The medical coroner will be amused at your clean, dead feet if you don't. Do not allow this to happen. Don't be stupid. I don't think I can bang on enough about this danger.
My white oak flooring was nice when I installed it about 25 years ago but now its got a bunch of stains and I just don't care. If you have nice flooring, put down a little plastic in the area where you will sit. If you are a complete accident prone putz then get a larger tub to hold the smaller one (the one your feet will fit in). Tubs are cheap insurance, especially if you have other tenants living under you.
Make sure both tubs can hold the full amount of fluid which is a minimum of 5 gallons.
Keep everything you may need handy so that you don't have to go traipsing around with wet feet.
Put down some old towels under and around the your tub. There will be some splash when you're done and when you are emptying the tub. The tub will be at least 40 pounds of soiled water. I use a smaller decanter with yet another tub with a handle to empty the whole shebang.
Pour your gallon of vinegar into the tub. Room temperature is fine. I believe a minimum ratio of 1 to 4 (1 gallon vinegar and 4 gallons of water) is fine. I acquired an old mop bucket which holds a fair amount more water. Warm water up past my ankles, very nice. The amount of water is not too important as long as you use 1 gallon of vinegar.
Next, you have to determine the highest temperature yo' feets can take. I have a fancy pants Fluke 65 infrared thermometer and 110 degrees (F) is about the limit of what my feet can take. Interesting, my hands tolerate much higher limits.
You can do a little experimentation with a simple, cheap candy thermometer to find a high limit.
Remember, the temperature of your tub water starts to cool down immediately. I have found it to drop 5 to 10 degrees after a half an hour which is fine.
Use the highest temperature you can take.
My faucets spews out water at about 150 to 160 degrees (F) so it's easy for me to fill the tub. You may have to heat up some water to get past 110 degrees (F). I recommend no more than 3 gallons (24 pounds) of very hot water for a single person to handle.
Unless I'm really bored and/or drinking, a minimum half an hour soak is perfect.
Maintenance on stubborn toenails is easy at this point.
After a soak, the whole house smells mildly of vinegar. This may or not bother you. Not much different from making a salad dressing.
Amazingly, if you dry your feet with a fresh, clean towel, the vinegar smell disappears by time you empty your tub.
If you have an ultra sensitive beezer, by all means rinse your feet in the shower.
You now have clean and sanitary tootsies, very suitable for further attention of all sorts.

BTW, the first time I did all of this, an entire afternoon had disappeared. Now I can do it all in about an hour, once a week or so. It's not a bad idea to sprinkle some fancy, disinfecting foot powder into your stinky shoes every now and then.
I know I have droned on with cautions. They're for your safety and my conscience.

Enjoy and prosper.
454412454412B001YJ4UYIA2CBNSMJQH22ELLinda Moore1451314576000PriceReally pricey. I think a 45-gallon barrel is that much at the warehouse. I first cancelled, they did not respond so I went ahead and accepted. Certainly not economical.
454413454413B005P0K08WA31C1WQIHNSFQ5Just a Corner of My Mind "Me"4411346198400$14.99 per liter?Watch out for these types of prices. NEVER assume you're getting more than one UNLESS the product description CLEARLY says so. Look - Product Details Item Weight: 2.5 pounds That's about the weight of ONE Liter.

This is a scam. You can get better prices elsewhere EVEN at THIS Vendor's own store.
Vita Coco 100% Pure Coconut Water, 34-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)

ALWAYS search for a better price.

I can never figure out why there are scammish prices like this on amazon.
454414454414B004X9J7X0A33PUZQTENYTCJmikeo26000041348099200Not In BucketThe olives are excellent, though they don't come in a bucket. They are shipped in multiple bags. Also, don't be alarmed if they come in a box formerly used for cleaning supplies.
454415454415B001E1CQUGA3TXQ0XABY7Z1Fanne f2251317427200Delicious and healty!I love this tea! It's healthy - a good blood cleanser, and has a mild, pleasant flavor. I often make herbal iced tea in warm weather and always include a couple of bags of this tea in the mix. Buying it through Amazon is less expensive than at my local health food store.
454416454416B000LRIG1MA108RE198BZZ7PCan't Have Enough Pillows0051341964800So much yummy in one little cookie!Caprice cookies are a must for any cookie lover. Especially if you like to dunk them in your coffee or milk.
They are very tasty!
454417454417B0017ID952ALI8GQ024TDN8Blair Darby "Blair Darby"33113339296001 for the price of threeBeware of Raw Reform extremely over charging for this item. You can purchase 1 package in the health food store for about $4.50. There are sellers who offer 3 packages for $10.95. Raw Reform is taking advantage of this to folks who aren't paying attention and offering the same product for a sneaky 1 for the price of 3 deal.
454418454418B000PJG6HCA1Q23M0QXNGLFQmari1111319414400Don't buy!!I ordered these for my daughter thinking they were Tongue Splashers and they were not! I don't mind that they changed the name but this is not like the original! I tried one after my daughter couldn't even bite into them, they were so hard. She finally took a hammer and broke one and said they tasted the same but they were hard to chew. I called and they were ok about sending them back but insisted they were the same product which I know they're not. Don't advertise if it's not the same. Maybe I got an old batch but they assured me they were fresh. Don't buy if you don't want jaw problems!
454419454419B000FMXR7GA3GL43VRUS7HP5N. Nagle2341168041600Japan Italy and FloridaThese great breadcrumbs were hard to find in the Tampa area, so the order was a house warming gift for my sister, a great Italian cook. The best thing was that I hand delivered them and was fed well. I am sure we will order again - any excuse to leave NY and go to FL
454420454420B000FMXR7GAPZKV3VTUVXG7Bayou Lady0051287187200delicious coatingI used these in place of the whole wheat crumbs I've used in the past for my oven fried chicken and it makes a wonderful difference. I highly recommend it.
454421454421B000FMXR7GAYL72VI7KT116Valerie Hinsenkamp "valsgal"0041268006400One of the bestest bread crumbs aroundI have been using Ian's bread crumbs, Italian style, for years and love the product. When I saw them on Amazon and for half of what I have been paying I jumped at the chance to purchase.
I will stay with Ian's as long as they produce it and shop, neat stuff.
454422454422B005VIDCZQA2B0EWHVGGXJGCPapaB0051319587200Outstanding productI'm thrilled that this item is going to be available soon. It's one of the best pork sausages that I've eaten.
454423454423B001FB6B5QA32YGPHM3UC8RYAvid Reader2251325980800Authentic Flavor Made EasyFor years I made my own Kung Pao sauce and after the vegetable and meat prep, making the sauce too pushed me over the edge and into take out far more often than I care to admit. That said, once I found this sauce, calls for take out all but disappeared! Then my local grocery stopped carrying it and I was devastated - once again Amazon came to my rescue. I now get all my Lee Kum Kee sauces from Amazon.

As with any store bought item, you generally have to modify it to suit your tastes (at least I do). I have found that to get an authentic Chinese flavor stir fry I always have to start with garlic and ginger in the wok and just a touch of sesame oil. For the Kung Pao, I also add peanuts and the traditional red chili peppers and chili oil to get the desired heat. If you're interested, I brown the peanuts, peppers and chili oil in about a tsp of peanut oil then set aside to add back in at the last minute.

I don't know what the previous reviewer is used to, but this is NOT a particularly hot sauce and is full of the flavor one seeks in a Kung Pao sauce. Since discovering this sauce Kung Pao Chicken has become one of the most requested meals from my family and we have it at least once every couple weeks!
454424454424B001FB6B5QA18IV1T1OA1KZFS. LaCharite "Sonni"0221272326400HOT! HOT! HOT!I've tasted Kung Pao sauce before at various Chinese food restaurants and Kung Pao
sauce has a spicy hot taste with a tangy flavor to it.
I tried to duplicate the flavor, but it is somewhat time-consuming.

So, for those times, when I didn't feel like making my own sauce, I decided
to buy it from the bottle.

Upon opening up the bottle of sauce, I noticed it was a bit thick and somewhat
difficult to smooth it evenly into the vegetables. Then, upon trying the

Ouch! It was pure heat radiating from my mouth and I quickly grabbed a glass
of water. If I wanted just hot pepper sauce, I would have bought it.
This sauce tasted only of hot peppers.

To use this sauce, I had to add honey and vinegar to make it right.
If I am going to do that, I just as well make my own.

If you like just HOT HOT HOT peppers, this is the sauce for you.
454425454425B001RV70FOA2FOXRMJA0T9M7kupres0051285113600ChocolateAnother great example of this fine chocolate makers produce. Good service and fast delivery too.
454426454426B005MWLOHEAMR7T2WFHHZJDT. Bates0031349308800OkayThis is just what it sounds like, almonds coated with powdered cinnamon. If it had sugar or some sugar substitute, I think it would have been much better. The way it is is rather..blah. :/ I prefer toffee flavored or sweet and salty.
454427454427B001FA1E7MAHM26V5JB2FRDThomasine L. Gronkowski "tlml"5551280707200YummyVery nicely packaged. So delicious. It's hard to stop at one piece so I usually have two. Will place another order today.
454428454428B001FA1E7MA1385FE19O0301L. Nicholas "AmazonQueen"4451276992000YUMthese chocolates are perfect splurges - the perfect pick-me-up when you are having a bad day. I keep them in my desk drawer as a nice afternoon treat.
454429454429B001FA1E7MA1IUL785XKEADMary Newell3351304035200Great SelectionI was tired of getting bags of assorted chocolate candy that always had a variety no one would eat. I love that amazon was selling this product and it came in "bulk". I won't run out of the office candy again! I went ahead and bought all of the favorite brands so I can keep everyone happy.
454430454430B001FA1E7MA1BN8KL88ZOPOOJevon1151318550400I think I have diabetes nowI spent an entire day running through this site because my sweet tooth was attacking me. I looked hard but couldn't find any really descent chocolate that was decently priced, that is until I found this darling. So much chocolate...two days....all gone....delicious....blood pressure....worth it.
454431454431B001FA1E7MA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"1151285804800Great For College Students - Highly RecommendedThis Hershey's "Nugget Assortment" was a HUGE hit at my daughter's Dorm. Since we live almost eight hours away from the college she attends, I like to occasionally ship her surprise treats directly from Amazon (we use Prime, so second day shipping is "free") just to show we are thinking of her.

These are also great for sharing since there are four different types and are small enough that everyone can try a few different ones without feeling like they are going to put on the "Freshman 15lbs" sooner than they wanted.

Highly Recommended!

454432454432B001FA1E7MA3AOZ1J5KICSTZDevin0051331510400Main staple of the candy dish in my officeI have a candy dish in my office, and the Nuggets are always the first to be gobbled up. Different people have different favorites of the variety, but there's something here for everyone. No problems with product freshness on any of the orders I have placed, but I always get the 3-pack sold directly from Amazon.

With all the people who stop by, I have to put out a new bag every week or so. The only downside is that Amazon hasn't added their scheduled reorder option to this product (HINT HINT!).
454433454433B001FA1E7MA3NEAETOSXDBOMStephen M. Charme0051299801600Delicious chocolateThese are just the right size for when I want some chocolate without going overboard by eating an entire candy bar. The thickness and texture are just right, the chocolate is smooth and not too sweet, and the nut in the middle is easy to chew. This is a delicious way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Shop for price. I buy this on sale at my local supermarket or chain drugstore for less than the price on Amazon.
454434454434B001FA1E7MA2TFHMXBU9HG3PP. Myers0051271289600chocolate chocolate chocolate!!These are nice size bags of chocolate with a great assortment of flavors. They are so good and plentiful you may need to share them with friends and neighbors to reduce the temptation to over indulge. My grandkids love hitting grandmas treat jar and the 3 bag Amazon special is one way to keep the jar filled for drop in visits.
454435454435B001FA1E7MA19WFV820DD5FCAdam0131304121600I wouldn't purchase it againIt was OK, but nothing to rave about. I generally eat a lot of chocolate and candy, but the thought of eating more than one little bar of this stuff every couple of days is not at all appealing to me. It just doesn't taste good enough to justify buying it in this type of bulk. My advice would be to spend your money elsewhere.
454436454436B001FA1E7MA2P0254ZZ42ZOJRoni Kauffman0241306281600no free shipping?I love these and they used to be such great value from Amazon...what happened to the free shipping? I won't buy anymore until the shipping is free again!!
454437454437B001FA1E7MA3KBUI2F65DEI7A. Bhageria "Ankit"1411308614400The chocolates were old and staleThe quantity of chocolates is good, the taste is good and given it's Hershey's, I liked the package as a product. However, the lot I received was stale and chocolates looked quite old and hence didn't taste so good.
454438454438B003KYM9B6A7KQ2RNYDLUPNErika Smith "Olivia and Sophia's Mom"2251299456000Baby Likes It!We've had better luck with Plum Organics training meals over the Happy Baby meals. Our 1 year old girl absolutely loves the multigrain super greens and she shrieks with impatience until we give her the next bite. No heating necessary. I feel so good that she's getting extra greens and fiber, to balance out the other baby and adult food she snacks on. It's also really easy to take to go, we just bring along an extra baby spoon or disposable plastic spoon. It may just be personal preference... I wouldn't take a bite myself just because I really hate eating greens myself, but you gotta do good by your baby, right?
454439454439B003KYM9B6A1JTKI5WQFODFBAlison "Smitten"1151297987200Love Plum!My little guy loves all of the Plum meals. I have tried Happy Belly as well but the flavours didn't go over well.

I add purred chicken to this alot and he finishes the whole pack easily! (he is 9 months old)
454440454440B003KYM9B6AR3GP80AKCRNI. Chang "CityCountryMouse"1141292803200If you want them to eat their spinach...Because my son really likes the beef stew training meal, I thought he would like this too. But, alas, he doesn't seem to like the greens as much even though this is what I really want him to eat. I try to mix it in with other yummy stuff and that only works sometimes. But, this is a nice hearty alternative to other baby pureed vegetables because it has grains also.

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