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454501454501B003TLMM3KA2UA20Y2ZT88WID. No2211332374400Caused diarrhea in both of my dogs after 1 piece of treat each.As a dog lover, I'm compelled to write a objective review regarding this product.
I fed my dogs one stick each of this product which caused both of my dogs to have symptoms of diarrhea.
I immediately stopped feeding them this product and symptoms subsided.
Also, one other concern that I think it's worth mentioning is the fact that the "Made in China" printed on the package was concealed with another UPC code.
Weary from bad and harmful products from China, I looked all over the packaging only to see it hidden beneath the new label without info on the country of origin.

Perhaps this is an isolated incident and I hope it is, but I hope better QC is implemented, even if it raises the cost of the product which any dog lover would prefer over having a sick dog!
454502454502B003TLMM3KA3SXRHSN0OM7YGboomer sooner2251306713600my dogs love these treats!!these are very similar to the rawhides i buy from target which was the only retailer to have them until amazon. target sells them in a 45 count package for about ten dollars. i think the value is about the same after taking into account tax, gas, time, etc., and my dogs can't tell the difference. my dogs looooove them and it keeps them occupied for several minutes. i'll continue to buy them from both retailers so i'll never be out of stock!!
454503454503B003TLMM3KA3C18V0Z7PGBKJLucy "VegasVixen"1151318377600My Chihuahuas would mug a Pitbull for these!The "joys" of THREE chihuahuas is, two like a certain kind of treat, but the third would not. Now all the chaos is under control, as all three LOVE these! Be prepared to keep extra on hand, because if you run out - you will feel the wrath (like I have} of three ticked-off Chihuahuas standing on your chest all night long demanding a bed-time treat of these. Another plus is, their teeth are spotlessly clean from the aggressive chewing of these treats (no spit out and ignored treats here!),
454504454504B003TLMM3KABZLXKFZSOZCFPPW0051350864000My dog loves these treats!My dog loves these treats! They have been her absolute favorite treat for about three years now - she does not get tired of them like she does with some other snacks. And this brand has a generous amount of chicken wrapped on the rawhide stick, which she loves even more. Like a chicken lollipop!
454505454505B003TLMM3KA3GJF6KWCAO7CCherry_Cordial0051350604800Best Rawhide EverI've tried other rawhide products with chicken wrapped around it, but my dogs have never enjoyed any as much as they enjoy these. I don't know if the company sprinkles crack in the chicken/rawhide, but my dogs can't get enough of them. After trying this product, I will never go back to the various rawhide products I used before.
454506454506B003TLMM3KA2R6TU2V3TPDOWsm0041349049600my 3 dogs love,love,love itmy 3 dogs love,love,love it. I have 2 large, and one small dogs, and they can't get enough of it. I only gave a 4 star, because, my one large dog devours it within 3 minutes,then barks at the other dogs for not sharing. I end up having to sneak another to him (I have to sneak or the other dogs, despite them already having one, wants another), just to shut him up. I definitely would recommend it to dog owners.
454507454507B003TLMM3KA2BX29VHKWPMKYcindy0051348272000dog treatsall my dogs love these, and go through them quickly. hard to find treats that all my dogs like together at once. it also can keep them busy if necessary!
454508454508B003TLMM3KA1N0LH99Q1F56BDavid Torres0051332979200dog treatskingdom pets dog treats chicken rawhide wraps must be great all my dogs love them.The price is great and fast delivery
454509454509B003TLMM3KA1U1FSRL364W30Carly H.0051331510400My dog's favorite treat!Bought something similar at a big box store around the holidays, my dog enjoyed them. Ordered these, and he LOVES them. Roots around in my purse, in the bag, any way he can to get more. There's a lot of jerky wrapped around the rawhide and it looks like much better quality than the ones I bought at the big box store. My dog is a 65 lb Aussie who is an old rescue and has few teeth, and it takes him about 5 minutes to get through these. Not long lasting for heavy chewers, but perfect for my old man!
454510454510B001EO65ZKA2M9UC4FEC1WVALisa A. Smith101051254268800Great!I absolutely love this tea! This has replaced my morning green tea with all the great benefits. This company was promptedin shipment and the tea arrived "fresh" wrapped as all teas should be

I most certainly will purchase again.
454511454511B001EO65ZKA2SFGZ6VQQQ7CAJones "washington"9951296345600Love it!Two five star reviews so far and here comes the third. This tea has the little silk-type bags I love. The flavor was wonderful. I drank three cups last night. It had a calming effect, wasn't too strong, just fabulous.
454512454512B001EO65ZKA10MBPTTQA249ASparkle5551318896000SUPER delicious! Beautiful tea for a dinner party!I LOVE hibiscus tea and was a loyal customer to another brand that I frequently purchased on Amazon. They changed the formula so I had to go on the hunt for another brand.

I couldn't find a replacement tea with good reviews until I found this one. It is expensive to me though - About $1 per tea bag. I bought it anyway because I had my heart set on hibiscus tea for a summer dinner party I was throwing. I'm so glad I did! It is REALLY delicious!

This tea looks so beautiful in a clear glass pitcher with fresh oranges, sliced in wheels, floating in it. I also serve it over ice in water goblets with an orange or lemon wheel as it's garnish. It kind of looks like wine or a mixed drink, so it is a nice non-alcoholic option to have on hand.

I've heard a lot of friends say they don't know how to make hibiscus tea taste like the tropical libation they've had in other places. Below is my recipe for Hibiscus tea by the pitcher in case it is helpful for others.

Hibiscus Tea by the Pitcher

48 ounces water
8 - 10 hibiscus tea bags (I use 10)
2 whole cinnamon sticks
1/8 cup sugar (or 6-8 packs of stevia)
1 small orange, sliced in wheels (or 2 clementines)
1 lemon, cut into wheels


Bring water to light boil, turn off heat add the hibiscus flower tea bags and cinnamon sticks. Cover and steep for 20 minutes.

Strain tea into desired container, add sugar and orange slices.

Serve tea in a nice glass over ice.

Garnish each glass with a lemon wheel.

This tea recipe can easily be doubled for a larger serving. When using hibiscus flowers in tea making, longer is not better. Heating the hibiscus for an extended time can release unfavorable qualities and bitterness. The key is to add MORE hibiscus to strengthen the flavor.
454513454513B001EO65ZKA12Q4C0OADVPZQH. M. Brenner5551299024000Nice TeaI read that hibiscus tea helped lower blood pressure, that was the original reason for the purchase. It may I don't know but it tastes very good better than some other brand I tried afterward. Regardless that's why I would buy it again, for the taste.
454514454514B001EO65ZKA2CNT2BIRG6R6HKLA-CBD "KLA-CBD"5651277337600Best Organic Hibiscus TeaThis is the only place I could find organic hibiscus tea. The tea is sooo good. Home delivery is timely.
454515454515B001EO65ZKA3G8BVUS8F1V78rbpalmer@ix.netcom.com2251315353600Best Hibiscus teaI have tried several Hibiscus teas--loose and bagged. Ambassador Hibiscus tea is far and away the very best. While others I tried were tart--almost sour-- this brand of hibiscus tea is smooth and highly drinkable. The bags themselves are beautiful-- staple free and silky. I decided to try hibiscus tea for its purported health benefits, primarily related to lowering blood pressure, but found other brands so difficult to drink, I almost gave up on the whole idea of drinking this kind of tea. Ambassador brand hibiscus tea is a complete pleasure to drink. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good cuppa tea.
454516454516B001EO65ZKA2MQILM9YVE6E0Cordelia Ryan "Cordy"2251304985600Yummy TeaFirst began drinking this when I had a cold, and it was like I couldn't get enough of it. Very sharp taste--not exactly tart, but just this side of it. Satisfying is the word that comes to mind. I don't add sweetener or anything--think it is perfect just the way it is. I can get three cups of tea out of one tea bag, although the last cup isn't quite as dark colored. This tea delivers on a lot of levels, because it not only tastes great, but is also a beautiful, deep-vibrant red. I've read Hibiscus is very good for a person, but even if it wasn't, I would still drink it for the taste. The fact it is organic just about makes it perfect in my eyes.
454517454517B0040Q9O5WA2T5WU1SC8VS63Venturans2241310860800Very popular with the "consumer"These approximately 3/4" cubes are quite popular with our Lab -- who is not too picky, I admit, but is on a grain-free diet. Definitely one of his favorite treats. The only downside is that they leave a powder on your fingers. And are rather expensive!
454518454518B0040Q9O5WA148QM86AZW8AJkathy L.0051349913600best treat ever.We have three small dogs and it's their favorite treat. It's so nice to have a treat that they love, that's actually healthy and good for them.
454519454519B0040Q9O5WA3VIJ65HJ1TVVDMy Experience IMO "Juz My Opinion"0051349740800Loves these!My 4lb Pom loves these treats. They are easy to chew & they are a very healthy snack. We have continued to buy more & keep them in stock.
454520454520B0040Q9O5WA3JWR2O1MZ7VNEElizabeth Renee Blue0051345161600My dogs and cats have loved these treatsI feel good giving them because they are healthy and my pets have loved them. Presently I have 3 cats and 1 puppy who share these treats. My previous dog loved them too. I always have a bag in the house.
454521454521B0040Q9O5WA29KEBGOFM7WP3heinz0051339286400Very Good TreatsOur vet said that these treats are very good for our dogs. She said the flaxseed is especially good for them.
454522454522B001NZTLH4A2ZRASWLVP8LXSSabi1151296604800Real licoriceGood, natural licorice is hard to find, almost never in stores. Amazon made it easy and affordable. Good product and good service.
454523454523B001NZTLH4A2GZ6PR18VL04XMisskett19740031341273600I love licoriceEven though I adore licorice, the citrus is very bitter. I suppose that it will last longer that way. Not bad but not something I would highly recommend. A middle of the road review...
454524454524B002LMR8WIA25SAHFBY6AYAPBROOKLYNITE0051327104000Works Wonders!This tea is great and I find that it works best when I take it in the evenng before bed. I do not drink the tea on a regular basis maybe once every 3-4 months as a cleanse.
454525454525B00028M6MAA180WNUI1CJ5OGJames D. Lopez3351159833600Best for Colds and FlusThis is great stuff have been using it for 5 years works much better then Echincea and Goldeseal.
454526454526B00028M6MAA3RHA9QQKUC3JSC. McNiff1151279670400AndrographisArrived on time in good shape: good price. Part of my "cold cure" that works very well.
454527454527B00028M6MAAMPOLGK9DOR68G. Hoover "naturesemp"1241306108800Seems to HelpProduct seems to be helping slowly. Since most natural products take at least 30 days for the effects to take place it is a long process. Have re-ordered.
454528454528B00028M6MAA117B3QAGUDV1ORoman M0151300838400Appears to work so farI recently found out about this supplement and started taking it a few weeks ago whenever I would feel like I might be coming down with something. I used to take echinacea (and some echinacea supplements work pretty well for me, especially the echinacea tea) but I read that Andrographis is supposed to be a lot more effective. So far it appears to work but I need to take it for a longer period of time to know for sure. I will update this review if anything changes.
454529454529B002HQTB2IA3CBRLRMR2EI34J. Charney "educated consumer"0011310083200worst I've had of this kind of snackMaybe it's the whole wheat, not sure, but I've had peanut butter pretzels that taste way better than these. They were extremely hard, almost stale like and then there was a really tiny wad of peanut butter inside an otherwise empty pretzel hole. The pretzel shell was thin compared to other brands I've had with like a mostly empty hole in the middle and it cost like 10 times more though. Of course I just assumed how bad could a simple snack like this be and ordered a box of 12 and I don't eat them so not sure what to do with them, if like I could bring a few anytime I go to the city and offer them out to the homeless asking me for money instead of money or just with money? I mean if they truly are hungry they should take it right? It might not be the best tasting, but I guess the term beggars can't be choosers would be very apro pos. I just thought I should try it rather than throw food out. I thought it'd be great if healthier due to the whole wheat, but if it tastes that bad then give me the regular ones again bec I know you can still get no salt or low sodium in regular wheat pretzels.
454530454530B005QQ1LK6A2R794UDR1JKZ5TJMalone3331326326400White Lily Self-Rising CormealI'm from GA, but have been living in the high desert of AZ for the last 19 years. I simply love White Lily Self-Rising Cornmeal. I've used it as long as I've been able to cook. I cannot find it where I live, and after many requests to the two supermarkets near me, and no White Lily still, I just gave up. I ordered it off Amazon, but the price for the meal and the shipping cost are just way too high. Got to find another place to order it that's more reasonable.

This is the best cornmeal on the market as far as I'm concerned. If you haven't tried it yet folks, please do. You'll never use another brand. White Lily Cornmeal Self Rising Mix 5 lbs

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