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454561454561B0013EF3OAA32T2H8150OJLUAlan Holyoak1151317254400Long lasting flavor and good forethought in packaging!I normally chew peppermint gum, but Stride 2.0 Spearmint gum is a pleasure. It has a bold but not overpowering flavor. That flavor also lasts quite a while. I do wish the pieces were a little bigger though, I often chew two at once because they are a bit small.

One thing I didn't expect when I tried to pull the first piece out of the box is that it was stuck. Stuck!? I had to give it a pretty good little tug to get it out. I soon realized that each piece was glued to the box - not really all that tough to get out, but stuck there none-the-less. So I started thinking a little too much about why sticks of gum would be glued in place requiring the customer to really have to pull to get it it out, and it hit me! What if I drop the box? If the pieces of gum weren't attached to the box they would scatter all over the place. The same goes if the box were to open in a pocket, bag, or purse. This little bit of foresight and thinking really earned my admiration!


5 stars (5+ if the pieces were just a little bigger!
454562454562B0013EF3OAA1PI8VBCXXSGC7Lynn1151251590400Great Flavor...I became a fan of Stride gum the first time I tried their Winterblue flavor. Their Spearmint flavor has the flavor of the great spearmint gums of the past. I'm talking a long time ago, when chewing gum was made with sugar. I've tried many brands of spearmint gum over the past 10 yrs or so, and never found one that had the spearmint flavor I was looking for, the flavor I remembered from the past. That is until I tried Stride's Spearmint chewing gum. It has the flavor I was looking for & the flavor lasts and lasts. I'm not trying any more brands...Stride Spearmint is the only one I will buy.
454563454563B001X7R4MGA11S3ZQ7XI3LNRmarshac0051347062400Best Hot-Pot BaseWith a few caveats, this is hands-down the best sichuan hot pot base on the market- it's flavorful, not outrageously hot, and has just enough sichuan peppercorn tongue-numbing goodness to make a perfect broth. We routinely try out new hot pot bases from Uwajimaya in Seattle just to see if there is something even better out there on the market- despite buying some that are about four-times the cost (Little Sheep Brand, etc) this cheap stuff consistantly comes out on top. Don't risk your expensive ingredients to some other hot pot base.
454564454564B001X7R4MGA316O9Z6AB9LC0Miami Cdn0051337472000very goodThe bar was set high because we were first introduced to and have enjoyed hot pot in China. Next best thing has been a local restaurant we were lucky enough to find that serves this szchuan style.
To our delight, we learned we could purchase this soup base and it was a whole lot of fun to make our own homemade version - one package of this fiery seasoning was more than enough to make our efforts a success - it has a very authentic taste!
454565454565B001X7R4MGAX4WHPPNWEKJKR. Lee0151331596800tastes great, but not hot & spicy enoughthis soup base tastes great! smells very authentic.

unfortunately, it's not hot and spicy enough... even when I used two packs. (double the dosage)

solution: add more spicy chili oil to your hot pot.

price is a little high on, but there's no Asian grocery store near me, so I guess it's alright
454566454566B000LRKOIAA2P631ANA2FD48IKZ5551299283200rose hip jam by PodravkaI was looking very long time for my favorite rose hip jam
454567454567B000LRKOIAA1T4TNIEE6GILYcathycathy1151321574400Delicious!!!!My friend from Europe told me about this and said it was made from a fruit of the rose bush. I was surprised cuz I didn't know there was such a thing. I am hooked on this stuff now. I was able to find some at the European store so now I don't have to pay the shipping charge. If you want to try something you will get addicted to, try this stuff!!! You can eat it right from the jar. It's not really sweet at all.
454568454568B000LRKOIAA1I01UH2CCQ1K0exparrot0051349222400Wow! What a wonderful flavor and texture!I purchased this jam when I was making a multi-tier wedding-style cake for my parent's 60th wedding anniversary party. I used a thin layer between cake layers. The texture is smooth and it spreads easily (at room temperature, give it a good stir first, too). And the taste is outstanding: subtle and not too sweet, and was a terrific balance for the cream cheese icing. I had some leftover, and used it in the morning on toast. Fabulous!
454590454590B000LRILNKA120WKCUQXSN60George K. "world traveler"2311339372800WARNING, WARNING, WARNING ! NO LONGER MILD !I have been a huge fan of Maille Dijon Mustard for years -- it was the ONLY brand I'd buy, even though it was not cheap. Well, I replaced my last bottle with another, which appeared to be the same label, size, product, and said "Maille Dijon Originale" on the label. What I didn't notice was the word "Hot", in small letters, sideways, on the right hand edge of the label. It blew my sinuses out!!!

I am not a fan of hot mustard, and this product was inedible to me. I mostly use the mustard mixed 50/50 with good apricot jam (no HFCS) as a marinade for pork tenderloin, with part being reduced to half for a nice sauce for the meat. This product is now useless to make that recipe.

I have searched EVERY local market, and every one of them carries Maille, and every jar says "Hot" on the edge of the label. If you are looking for a mild Dijon mustard for a specific recipe, this product is to be avoided! Such a shame, such a shame . . .
454569454569B000FDP5WAAFH0I8FF9TE5PK. Bridges1151257379200Alessi Pasta Fazool is excellentWe love this soup. It has excellent taste. Much better than canned - good enough to serve to guests. Our grocery store stopped carrying it and we were happy to find it at Amazon.
454570454570B000FDP5WAA3QJO7TWG78PQ4T. Hamilton1151257379200I love this soupThis is a excellent soup. Good winter time soup. You can add your own choice of meat. I prefer sausage. The store I normally shop and purchase this soup from had been out for several weeks. Thanks to Amazon I was able to find it here, and a little cheaper also. Fast delivery. Thanks
454571454571B000FDP5WAA2YSFKX18XTHEDBillie Vanderburg "Smart Shopper"1151244419200Excellent Taste and So Quick and Easy to PrepareI don't hesitate a minute serving this instant type soup to guests. It is delicious and when I share my recipe for this with them -- "Open package, add water and simmer a few minutes" -- they are amazed that this is a packaged product. It tastes homemade and long simmered and delicious. I was completely pleased with this product.
454572454572B000FDP5WAAN5CFBPDQWH3VDba Living Artists "janbrew"0051326672000Fabuloso FlavorsI eat this soup about once a week... It reminds me of my grandmothers soup... I add fresh sauteed vegetables - and the soup is ready quickly...
454573454573B000FDP5WAA3HMSEBFGOJGD2MercuryMe "keep it real"0041298505600Best of the Alessi soupsI like this soup better than the other Alessi packet soups. You can add potatoes and meat and it is quite tasty.
454574454574B000FDP5WAA3O5JX0P4WF1N3Katie Cobb0041296864000great for an appetizer or mealI love this soup. It's great, especially for how easy it is to make. It's not quite grandma's, but I really enjoy it as a lunch on a cold day, or as a quick first course at a dinner. A great thing to keep in the pantry for low energy meals or cold days.
454575454575B000FDP5WAABEFFUQLVRSFXPrincess Penelope0051285632000Yummy!I was looking for an easy, high fiber meal for my husband and I when I found this soup mix. It takes just 12 minutes to cook (once the water boils) and is so amazing tasty! I add a handful of ham chunks at the end and a tablespoon of olive oil - it makes two large, dinner-size bowls of soup for us. Smells amazing - we eat every bite!
454576454576B000FDP5WAA2DITQR6D3Y4PZR. Kuenstler0051285372800The best dried soup mix available!This soup is delicious just prepared as directed. But with the addition of a few extra vegetables, or macaroni, or beans, or even of cut up hot dogs, you can make it taste home made.
454577454577B000FDP5WAAIYBXPG6D5PW1R. J. Lane "Mountain hiker"0051272499200Rich and speedyI first bought these for backpacking on Cascade and Olympic mountain trails, but found I use them as often in the home! This is a rich, flavorful soup that's as easy to make as boiling water. I tend to buy them in bulk because I give as many to friends as I use for myself. I've used other Alessi products with equal satisfaction.
454578454578B000FDP5WAA1XA6AOQE5JKMONicholas Pisacrita0041266969600bean soupproduct was easy to make and tastsed great!the reason for only 4 stars instead of 5,was it only makes 2 bowls of soup!other soups tried made a lot more and just as good taste.
454579454579B008MJ778OAJ9C77I9KOGGUtcalton0051348099200Best Wine for PicnicingThis is an ingenious idea for taking wine to picnics, tailgating, etc. And the wine is pretty good too! Everywhere I have taken it, everyone wants to get some too (I should get a cut for advertising it :) )
454580454580B003S86KVYA39D1GKMKPRKPYJeanine R. Nault6741296777600Great giftI bought this tea set as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend's mom. She said she had had the tea at a hotel for a conference she had gone to and really enjoyed it. The packaging makes a great gift and I'm sure the tea tastes great!
454581454581B003S86KVYA1H46AKCR4W6IJPapa Jack "Discerning Customer"1151326153600A Crowd Pleaser INDEED!WOW! Choices,Choices, Choices! This is a great selection of teas from all over the place. My wife and I have not found one we didn't like. The tea bags are the way to go and are definitely the best we have found. Bring this out for a nice get together and BAM! Instant tea party. GREAT selection, presentation, and quality. Expect to be greatly satisfied. Thanks Tea forte!
454582454582B003S86KVYA1EET2A3PH9N45J. Gruber "J dogz"0051350604800deliciousI love the triangle shape, the way the stem can bed to hold onto your mug, & all the delicious flavors. Will defiantly buy again!
454583454583B003S86KVYAS40UY8IPGSWOFrank Jasie0051344124800teaA really,really good tea ! Company is wondeful and a pleasure to work with.Great products and fast shippping.They also have nice teapots. Cheers!
454584454584B003S86KVYA3LRGER32646YXfancy girl0051339459200worth the money for qualityMy guest love the tea as do I, great for lady gatherings and There is such a huge selection that its entertaining just going through the options.
454585454585B000LRILNKA30GGJ5SE9ASHVEdFla8811336176000The real French Maille mustardThe Maille mustard available in the USA is produced in Canada and not the same recipe as the original French type. I recently visited the Maille Boutique at place de la Madeleine in Paris to find out why their French products are now not avilable in the USA. I was told that several years ago the US Government imposed a 200 percent import tax on any mustard produced in France. I assume some lobby of US mustard producers induced Congress to impose this duty.
So the Maille name was formed as a Canadian company, not associated with Maille of France, so that the mustard can be imported into the USA from Canada without this import duty since it was now being produced in Canada without the original Maille famous recipes. The taste of the Canadian produced Maille is not as good as the Maille mustards from France. So thank you to Congress for your interference in commerce from the great mustards from France. I did bring some various Maille mustards back with me from France but packed up in my checked luggage as customs will not allow you to bring them in carry on luggage.
454586454586B000LRILNKA171M5DH43XNX3Happy Cat Owner "Rachel N"7751210809600great mustard, but only product of France, not CanadaThe best mustard, but beware of the one from Canada. It's not as good. Try to get the one that says Product of France, but it's hard to find. This one says it, but shipping is way to expensive for mustard.
454587454587B000LRILNKA2RJ86TWE0DEQVJ. Curley4451208044800The best French mustard available in AmericaI love this mustard. It makes a fantastic vinagarette wisked with some balsamic vinegar and olive oil, or you can mix it it with an equal part of honey for a delicious glaze for grilled chicken or fish. This is FAR superior to Grey Poupon. I highly recomend this mustard, it's delicious!
454588454588B000LRILNKA3PS0D5LLEI4G0Paul in New York "Paul"2221324339200Poor packagingI have always loved, and bought Maille mustards. However, I recently bought two jars of Dijon Originale, and Dijon Old Style on two different occasions within the last six months. Both were made in Canada. The Dijon Originale jar was not closed properly, and the Old Style was liquified when I opened the jar. I has to throw the Old Style out. Be aware.
454589454589B000LRILNKA1IQICK8CWL7MAWilly1121347148800the French version is betterThe French version is the "real thing". I just bought Maille Dijon from Fairway in Woodland PK NJ--it a'int the same thing. I also tried a friend's Maille Dijon and it is inferior. Another friend brought me a Maille from Paris last Spring and there is NO COMPARISON!!!!

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