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454621454621B0009F3SC8A1S277BAXWXDKAFredy Mendez0051320883200Favorite Green tea After Mighty Leaf Green Tea TropicalGreen Tea Tropical from Migty Leaf is good but its a bit too expensive for me since i drink at least 6 cups of green tea everyday...
Yogi Super Antioxidant is really good, addictive and really cheap when u subscribe in amazon!!
454622454622B0009F3SC8A2S78HC3GA9W8MScott0051319155200Great for ColdsWhen the cold and flu season come around I always rely on this green tea to keep me healthy and not get sick. sometimes I still get sick but I'm always the last one to get sick in my family. I think this green tea is one of the reasons as it has a lot of stuff in it that helps build up your immune system. I always mix a big spoonfull of honey in this and some goji berries. Very good!
454623454623B0009F3SC8AT4EYH77TQLWEN. Cooper0051308355200love that teaI bought this because I really like that tea. Still do! Glad I found it at a better price on Amazon.
454624454624B0009F3SC8A45XDEVHP0TAOT. ross0051305244800Green Tea Super AntioxidantThis review is for the Green Tea Super Antioxidant. I can see many of the flavors are being reviewed under one product here.

I enjoy tea but have always had a hard time making it part of a healthy routine. This tea has made me enjoy it so much that I now have my daily tea without fail.

It has flowery notes like that from an Orange blossom for me this flavor is addicting along with the lemongrass. I just love how
the other herbs they add to the blend make it so much more flavorful than you average green tea. This method of blending
has been proven by science to be the most effective against both treating and preventing cancer as well. If you look up Cancer under TEDtalks website or youtube channel you can find video lectures on this subject. In short blending tea varieties as well as herbal blends have more of a health effect than a single tea variety or single plant variety.

I have since branched into a few other flavors of Yogi teas... This one is my go to favorite but I enjoy the others too especially for variety.

My mother is now loving this green tea as well I got her a 1 year supply of the green tea and Vanilla spice for Mothers Day. She loves
them both.
454625454625B0009F3SC8A353IAF5Y1XE53J. RIGOR "shop mama"0051300492800great tasting teaI have a sweet tooth and this tea has a tinge of sweetness in it which i love. I like the aroma of the tea. As always amazon has lightning speed service and i got my order quickly.
454626454626B0009F3SC8A2HRKQ55KIZVO3ridinghood0051298592000best tasting green teaI usually drink tea-leaves tea and I think tea bags are just not as good. But yogi green tea is a big surprise! It tastes so good. I like that it has a subtle pleasant refreshness and sweetness. Love it.
454627454627B0009F3SC8A322IU17CO8Z3NMaine Coaster0051297123200A great teaYogi Green Tea Super Antioxidant, Herbal Tea is a great tea. I have been drinking it for 10 years. Let it steep longer and you can taste a little sweetness.
454628454628B0009F3SC8AUS3V4RKIWQ6BRay0041296086400not a fan of licorice, yogi tea has an amazon no return policyI'm not a fan of licorice and it turns out this tea has it. After trying one, the ingredient was undeniably there. May not be a lot, but enough that I can actually taste it. Should have checked the actual ingredients section because it's on there. The product summary or product description didn't have it included however. Moral of the story is: check the ingredients section before you buy any of these Yogi special green tea blend teas. If you don't like it, you're going to get stuck with a whole lot of boxes that you can't return. Here is the message I found on the page where you would normally do returns:

"This item is not eligible for return. Please see our Returns Policy for more information. If you require further assistance, please use the Contact Us button on the Help pages. "

It's not that bad of a tea though, and that's why I'm giving it 4 stars (even though it's more like a 3.5).
454629454629B0009F3SC8A2REBFZC853Q6DK. Myers0051295222400The best tea ever!I am a very picky tea drinker, and of all the Green Tea's I have tasted, this is my all time favorite. The best part? I feel so much better when I drink it. Ahhh life is good.
454630454630B0009F3SC8AFB2Z4GPLOSEKB. Boehler0051294876800Everyone Has Different TastesAfter reading some of the recent bad reviews, I had to throw my opinion in here. And no, I'm not an employee of Yogi as one reviewer suggested, just a normal everyday tea drinker (4-7 cups per day).

Yogi Super Antioxidant has become my first cup of tea every morning, and I love the taste, it is very well-balanced. If someone is used to drinking milder regular store brands like Lipton, Bigelow, Tazo, Twinings, etc, I can't imagine there are too many teas made by Yogi, Stash, Organic India, Guayaki...that you would like. Everyone has different tastes, and not all teas will be appealing to everyone. Most of my family can't stand Yogi Teas, but drink Lipton every day.

It is possible some people got a bad box of tea, this has happened to me before. And trust me, you know when you get a bad box, you think someone put powdered alum in your tea bag!
454631454631B0009F3SC8A525LIHJN9AIUArmack0051289520000Yogi Green Super Anti-oxidant TeaYogi Green Tea Super Anti-oxidant, Herbal Tea Supplement is by far my favorite -- leaves a smooth feeling in my mouth, great taste and flavor.
454632454632B0009F3SC8AVKZ6PSXX72A7Jonathan Chang0051282867200I love it!I love Yogi Tea. This isn't my favorite but it does make me feel better and it's way better than soda and coffee.
454633454633B0009F3SC8A1POFVVXUZR3IQZ Hayes0051281312000A great pick-me-up and helps me feel rejuvenated!I love the Yogi brand range of tea and this is one of my favorites. This green tea has a strong lemongrass scent and flavor which makes it really refreshing and a great pick-me-up. I drink a cup daily and it makes me feel rejuvenated and energized. The tea contains grapeseed and amla extract which are natural antioxidants, so drinking this also has detoxifying benefits. The herbs contained in this tea are mostly organic, i.e. organic lemongrass, organic green tea leaf, organic licorice root, jasmine green tea leaf, organic alfalfa leaf, organic burdock root, organic dandelion root, and irish moss powder. There is a small amount of caffeine in this tea, about 21 mg which is still way less than the amount of caffeine found in regular coffee. I love it!
454634454634B0009F3SC8A1739RDYJNA6HTLimeyLe0031267574400a-okI am new to the whole green tea craze. I started drinking it about 2 months ago when I started a "skin" focused diet. I bought this tea since it has extra antioxidants in it but to be honest the taste is a bit odd to me. I believe the lemongrass overpowers the taste of the tea. Just an FYI in case you are not too keen on the taste of lemongrass. I prefer Numi green tea w. toasted rice simply because I think the true green tea taste shines through more. I also noticed that this tea does give me more of a caffeine kick than the numi tea. Not a bad tea just not what I expected.
454635454635B0009F3SC8A2HMBSPG5QQ19UPeyvand Ghofrani0051266364800Best green tea I have tastedOf all the varities of green tea I have had, this is the best. It has an excllent taste to it that is unlike any other--a nice flowery twist that reminds me of tea smells from my childhood. Really good stuff--I can't say enough nice things about it and apparently it's healthy for you too so there you are.
454636454636B0009F3SC8A3P1T03UHU5QZBY. Howard0051265587200calming teaThis tea is sensational and one of the best I've ever had. I love it's pleasant and fruity aroma. I was a little concerened about the caffein, but there seems to be little effect. I find it very calming. A superb tea.
454637454637B0009F3SC8A34U8FYZT4SZ5BGem Girl0041261526400Best Value on netbest price on the net for this yummy, healthy tea. Always drink it when I'm sick.
454638454638B0009F3SC8AU191NL00AT0QC. Kidd "I love my dogs!"0051257465600This tea makes me be a tea drinker!I wanted to eliminate coffee from my day because I was getting an upset stomach. I had ordered some free samples directly from Yogi tea and was amazed at how good the tea tasted with very little sweetener.
I signed up for auto shipment and am so glad that I did. This tea tastes incredibly good hot, not so hot, cooler. I add a bit of honey (since I am a sweet lover) but my husband doesn't even add that. It also smells incredibly good.
This change is the only recent change that I have made to my day and I can feel the benefits already. I feel peppier and just over-all better.
I plan on drinking this tea forever. I love it. It is by far the best tasting tea that I have ever had and would highly recommend it to anyone.
454639454639B0009F3SC8A1BYWA64IG84W6Alice Lillington "elkaygee"0041228176000Yogi Tea is for Me!This product was my first foray into green tea. I like Yogi Tea because the "green" in it is moderate, and does not cause me to think I'm drinking grass or moss! Yogi green tea is not decaffeinated, so drinking large quantities of it can give you the shakes, as I discovered after my 4th hot cup and 5th large glass over ice one day!! I was looking for a substitute for plain water. I cannot tell whether the super anti-oxidant formulation does anything for me, but I will take the experts' word for it and continue to drink it... in moderation!
454640454640B0009F3SC8A3A4GA5I1EEHE5Internet "Bargaineer"0041223078400Smooth, subtle lemony noteI enjoy this tea, it has a nice subtle lemony note from lemongrass. I usually find green teas to have a grassy hay or straw kind of taste. This tea is very smooth and pleasant, one of the better green tea's I've experienced.
454641454641B0009F3SC8A902X23WZY2QNS. Melvin0051222992000Yogi TeaSuper Anti-Oxidant Yogi Tea is my everyday choice of morning and afternoon beverage. Buying the tea in bulk packaging makes it much easier to afford and it ships right to the house. I love it!
454642454642B0009F3SC8A2NZ0KFGRJ7KXIS. Sultan0051220400000Great Stuff!This green tea is one of the few that has all the antioxidants and everything you need in it and still taste pretty good! I've tried a lot of teas and they never have a good taste and this one does
454643454643B0009F3SC8A2D72VZ2YNPSFGZombunny "PDXMODCHICK"0051218067200I just love this tea!I drink it every day. I steep it along with a peppermint tea and it is incredible! I drink a lot of green tea and Yogi is my favorite!
454644454644B0009F3SC8A3GX5B9WXQPUD8D. Shaw0051215475200One of my favorite Yogi teasI like this tea and keep coming back to it. It doesn't have a really strong taste, the added herbs really smooth out the flavor. The tea has a smooth and sweet flavor, and I think it is great to drink plain without sweetener.
454645454645B0009F3SC8A3Q22C4V7X5YMRalison frei0051207440000mmmmmm...and healthyi always like yogi teas. the super green tea is calming and invigorating at the same time. natural ingredients of blended herbs and spices co-mingle with the green tea, giving it a zestful, if subtle, taste. i drink a lot of tea and offer it to my clients, so buying by the case and having it delivered to me free is a convenience that cannot be beat!
454646454646B0009F3SC8A1I34N9LFOSCX7Smeggy0051200700800great taste & lots of good stuff in it :)i'm a big fan of this tea. it is delicious & i feel good when i drink it. YOGI teas are wonderful, i like YOGI's green tea rejuvination & green tea kombucha & kombucha decaf as well.
454647454647B0009F3SC8A3FREJP7S2RXI7D. Smith0051179705600MmmmmThis brand is far better than the things I have found in the stores, it is quite relaxing and has a wonderful scent and taste compared to most of the bland commonalities found in most stores.
454648454648B0009F3SC8A283NI2Z7J77E2T. J. Moyer "Ted"2421238198400Taste is not for meI would have to agree with the other 2 rating. There is a sweet smell and taste I cannot pinpoint and truly do not care for it. Maybe its the lemon grass not sure but cannot tolerate it AT ALL.
454649454649B0009F3SC8A2NKOGX9O72Y96Euge L0151317254400Not your typical green tea - from an avid green tea drinkerI was looking through Amazon's selection of green teas and came upon this treasure. When I first tasted it, I was somewhat upset that it did not really taste like green tea. The taste of lemon grass and herbs seemed to overpower any hint of green tea, which was pretty upsetting... at first. I proceeded to finish the cup while continuing to read whatever I was reading, and then it hit me. After I finished my first cup, I found myself wanting more. Yes, after several sips, yes I was able to start tasting the green tea, but more than that, I was left with this new found sensation in my mouth that I just could not explain. The best way I could explain it was, and this may sound silly, but it was as if little fairies were dancing around in my throat. You have to try it to know what I'm talking about. Are all Yogi teas like this? The tea is wonderfully soothing and energizing at the same time. Try it out! You will get used to the taste and begin to actually fall in love with it. Plus, this tea is full of free radical fighting antioxidants.

It's good and good for you!
454650454650B0009F3SC8ASRTMBQ4D4UTGReal Clemens "Click n' Clack"0151277078400Good for you...I have drank this brand of tea for years. Could be called expensive, still a very good value for tea bags

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