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454775454775B003194PBCA3MRU170ITZLVQRoxy "Roxy"0051343001600DeliciousMy dog goes crazy for these treats! Also, I noticed that the price fluxates, so if you are on a budget, you can check daily to see if the price goes up and down. When the price lowers, I usually order a few, as this dehydrated light-weight yummy treat does not get hard. My dog is very old, and only has a few teeth. Even when this product isn't fresh, my dog has no problem eating them. This is one of the few treats that she loves. I even keep them in the car so that she gets a treat when she's riding. That's how fresh they stay.
I haven't been able to find these in the store. Only similar items, but nothing comes close. Also, if your dog is picky, don't be discouraged if you try different flavors and your dog only likes one flavor. My dog kind of goes back and forth, but always comes back to the beef. The chicken flavor is very messy, but the beef flavor is easy to even break parts smaller without any crumbs dropping on your clothese.

Excellent products. Thanks Amazon!
454776454776B003194PBCAD7QGKU3SYKT8K. Ellingson0051336003200TastyVery tasty treats. A little expensive. We use them for dog training class. No extra added ingredients. Your hands don't get messy. Our dogs both love them.
454777454777B003194PBCA5ULNJYJDTIL3Susan Lynn0041335052800Good, but not as good as Chicken.I think this is a good product, but my cats do not like it as much as the chicken flavor. But otherwise, Liv-a-Littles are a hit.
454778454778B003194PBCA1GJSRFTDG5W0WMike_B0051332028800Cat TreatsWe have two barn cats that we can't touch. But each evening they visit our back porch to receive their cat treats.
454779454779B003194PBCA3LOGR6GCLVJG1Shirley Elliott0011320451200salmon treatsToo hard- my cats are not happy with them @ all- they are like shoe leather. They loved the chicken treats, but these are not comparable.
454780454780B003194PBCA3LQW422F3SJRFJohn F. Mooney "moonman"0051320019200liv-a-littles beefMy wife and I have given our dogs liv-a-littles treats for years. We were very pleased to be able to find them at as the treats are sometimes hard to find in retail stores.
454781454781B003194PBCA4U5B7TDG3TNYZepplen0051318896000Cat Love TheseI bought these as treats for my cat, and he absolutely loves them. In fact he likes them soo much I don't know where the container is as he has stolen it and hidden it somewhere.

I should also mention not to give too many of these to a cat at once, they seem to expand in the stomach, and after I gave him 5 in a short period, he threw up a HUGE amount of the stuff. But I have never had a problem with one or two treats at a time.

They also do not have much of an smell, I've had some dehydrated fish in the past that smelled horrible, that is not an issue with these.
454782454782B003194PBCA95EEIQVK409FSuperman0051312416000Kitties need their fix-- Like crack for catsHalo Liv-a-Littles Whole Beef Treats

We have purchased the beef, chicken and salmon for our kitty. She goes crazy over all of the flavors. I personally prefer the beef as they are easier to break/tear into smaller pieces. The chicken tended to crumble slightly and leave some powder when broken. The salmon is harder to break and tear which may mean too large of pieces for some cats.

These do need to be refrigerated after opening so our kitty does tend to want to beg and explore at the refridgerator when we open it.
454783454783B003194PBCA1IFZAAPV7Z89FClariwhee0051306022400Kitten KandyThey are highly addictive and may lead to bad behavior. If you enjoy your cat jumping on the counter every time you enter the kitchen, get these!
454784454784B003194PBCAEZIZ4HE3Q7FUK. Charles0051245715200Our cats will eat nothing but the wild salmonour friend bought us a small container of the wild salmon liv-a-little treats. Now they will eat nothing else in the morning for thier treat. tried other flavors to no avail. Expensive but we alos love Ellen Degeneres. Kevin and Alexis
454785454785B003194PBCA2S6IFY29FXL1RL. Jones "quilts-n-cats"0051236902400Great for rewarding your catWe have 4 cats and have looked for a long time for a healthy treat that they all like. We use this to reward the cats and it works great. They love it. We've also sprinkled the crumbs on their food, which they enjoy as well.
454786454786B003194PBCA21HCRHPOAYP2GJJ0051168473600Fantastic treat for my diabetic cat!My cats love them. And they were very helpful in transitioning their diets to all canned food when I found out my one cat was diabetic. He was a dry food addict and dry food/high carb diets are what cause feline diabetes - to bad I didn't know sooner. But these are great treats that don't raise his BS and my non-diabetic loves them too!
454787454787B003194PBCA3V9UYZR4ZCI7SMissmae1251305244800Healthy snack for catsmy cat loves em and they don't have any weird stuff in them...that's what I like about halo. only bad thing is they are pricey...
454788454788B003194PBCA16AVY835D0DK9Trista0121326499200Ordered Beef but received ChickenI ordered beef but got chicken flavor. Since I don't want to return it for an exchange, I gave it a try hoping that my kitty loves it. She, however, turned her nose up and look at me as if saying "what's wrong? where is the beef?"
454789454789B003194PBCA378IT708JRHLCaryn Lieberman0221242518400My cats did not like!My cats did not like these. Made one of my cats even throw up! We'll stick with the Chicken ones as both of my cats LOVE LOVE LOVE those!
454790454790B005WW0GB4A3M4G7QJY3C5I3KrispyToast "KrispyToast"0021349740800Tough And TastelessThis well packaged package of beef jerky tastes relative bland and is relatively tough and chewy, I rate it below average in all categories as it is a sub-par product even when compared to commonly marketed brands such as Jack Links. I definitely will not be buying this again, very disappointed.
454791454791B005WW0GB4A1TMAVN4CEM8U8Gunner0051286150400It is a pleasure to do business with this company.Choo Choo R Snacks, Inc.

Every time I order products from this company through Amazon:

- They arrive sooner than promised, and
- Are exactly what they described.
What more could you want?
It is a pleasure to do business with this company.

Gunner October, 2010
454792454792B005WW0GB4A37GL6C86F86QDN. Cekis0051154390400Tasty and satisfyingWe have purchased several different types of jerky from this company and we have been satisfied customers every time. The flavor variety is awesome and the flavor of each product itself is worth every penny you pay for it. This company stands behind its product as well as customer satisfaction. I haven't had the pleasure of dealing with a company like this in years. You won't be disappointed.
454793454793B002AQP5IEA39YIOV8WGH6NLBrett Singley252651245283200As good or better than from scratch.We were pretty excited to hear about these mixes coming out. I talked to my local Harmon's grocer and had him order it and call me when they came in. It was great. We ate them with some people on a normal diet as well as those of us that are gluten free. The Wheat-eaters all said that if it were served at a party, they wouldn't have suspected that anything was odd about it. They said it wasn't the best cake they had ever eaten but it was good. Translation, It's by far the best gluten free cake mix that we've tried and it is even as good or better than our cake we make from scratch.

I'm a 24 year old who's been diagnosed with Celiac disease since I was 4. We've tried a lot of recipes and most everything we make from scratch is better than the mixes we've found. This time, however, we've been defeated and we're thrilled about it.
454794454794B002AQP5IEA1UOELVQ5TSZ4CE. sheppard "e, a silly yak"182051246320000Great!Hi, we loved it! I've been cooking gluten free for 14 years and my husband says it is the best ever.

Here are the ingredients.
Sugar, Rice Flour, Potato starch, Cocoa processed with Alkali, Tapioca Starch, Leavening(backing soda, sodium acid pyrophosphate, monocalcium, phosphate), Salt, Guar Gum. May contain Soy ingredients.

Cake was very moist and would make a great base for other kinds of cakes. German chocolate, coconut, preline, etc.
454795454795B002AQP5IEA3IXZ5CY12ZZCLK. McDowell "Momof3kids"101151245024000BEST GLUTEN FREE CAKE I HAVE EATENI GIVE this 2 thumbs up.!!! I used mayo instead of butter and it was wonderful.
454796454796B002AQP5IEA3DCWG4LF9AW29L. Oliferuk6651255996800Well, there go all the thin celiacs.Ever since discovering that I had Celiac disease, I have become quite thin(which is nice) and quite resigned to my sad, cakeless fate. I have tried a number gluten free cake mixes and have been profoundly disappointed by all of them. Some fall to pieces when you slice them, some are gritty, some have an awful aftertaste from the unfamiliar flours used in making them.

I was browsing the shelves at my local Target store when I saw this mix. It was the last box in the back row of the top shelf, and it was on sale. In short, it was calling for me. The employee who had to help me get it down turned out to be gluten intolerant as well and had good things to say about it. She recommended I use only egg whites, as the cake was a bit heavy otherwise.

I baked up a batch last night and it made 17 normal sized cupcakes and might have made eighteen if I hadn't spent so much time tasting the batter. Mixing it up was a breeze and the Betty Crocker website has no-butter variations on its website if you're concerned about that sort of thing. If this keeps up, I probably will be in a while.

The cupcakes came out moist and not even a little bit grainy or dry. They came out looking and tasting exactly like glutinous cupcakes. My gluten-loving boyfriend ate two and said they were excellent. The next morning they were a little dryer and firmer, but still very good. Microwaving them for a few seconds restores them to their fresh-baked state.

I got my first box for just under 4 bucks, about the same as it is here only I had to drive to get it. For 4 bucks I got 17 cupcakes that taste better than the baked goods at the gluten free bakery in town. The bakery charges about as much for one pastry as I paid for this box, so I figure I got a good deal. I don't understand everyone who is complaining about how you don't get as much cake as a conventional Betty Crocker cake mix. Don't you all remember how much cake you get from a similarly priced Bob's Red Mill bag? Or GF pantry? Or how much a flourless chocolate cake costs at the natural foods store? A hell of a lot more.

As much as I want to support the smaller specialty companies and their small, ethical companies...I'm going to have to pass and go to Betty Crocker for my cake needs. Sorry folks.
454797454797B002AQP5IEA1PNYH9GTUO72BRachel Martin "Domestic Goddess"5551247702400Amazing and convenient!This mix was fantastic! I subbed in brewed coffee for the 1 cup of water, and made mini cupcakes with it. They were soooo good. I took them to work, and no one thought they were gluten free. The texture is just like gluteny cake, not grainy at all. They were super moist, I put them in plastic zip top bags and they were sticking to it a little. This mix is seriously good.
454798454798B002AQP5IEAA27FNAQ8HVYGSam & Marisol "Raising Autism Awareness, one ...4451252368000Love this Cake - Life Saver!I was a tad weary about trying a GF product from B.C. but was in a pinch and found it in my grocery store and hubby told me to get it after I checked out the ingredients.

The only thing I changed was instead of butter (because my son can not have milk products) I substituted it for an equal amount of applesauce + one TBSP of oil (I used almond oil). It came out wonderful, better than a regular "wheat-filled" cake!!!!

It was AWESOME!! Rich and very moist!

I recommend this cake and am ordering more. BTW, it is much cheaper here on amazon with the S&S, than in my grocery store ... $2.00 cheaper!!!!
454799454799B002AQP5IEA3CYUUXAI6BJN2GFMom4451246665600Oh Yeah!I just finished making some cupcakes and they are great!
No funky aftertaste at all! My GF kids said they taste just like "real" cupcakes. That's the highest compliment.
The stick of butter and 3 eggs make them pretty high in calories but the chance to make a good birthday cake for my kids is worth it.
454800454800B002AQP5IEAB1LUV36HR54DCandace Peak "Gadget Mistress"3341246838400Pretty goodI have been dealing with Celiac disease for about 16 years. The diet has come a long way since then. I was very excited to see a main stream company produce a GF line. I baked the chocolate cake yesterday. It was very good. It must be. I ate too many samples. :) It was not dry or crumbly. I have had some bad GF stuff over the years and this was not one of them. I can't wait to try the brownies or cookies. I will be buying these again.
454771454771B003194PBCAY2BMD9DMJZ2ULisa C1151292198400Kitty-addictiveMy cat adores these. I crumble some over his (Halo salmon) dry food and he is in cat heaven. He loves the chicken version, too. These can also be "reconstituted" by adding a little water, as an alternative to wet food. I love that the ingredient list contains a single item: Freeze-dried wild salmon. Simple and perfect.
454772454772B003194PBCA3PGP40EWJB0ZABJT1151254355200Brilliant for Dogs with Sensitive SkinHalo Salmon Treats are great for dogs with allergies (gluten free/no meat/allergies). I just wish these treats weren't so difficult to find.
454773454773B003194PBCA2FSDQY5AI6TNXMeowgal0051351209600My furbabies LOVE these!Shake the container and they come running. Even my boy cat, who isn't big on ANY food, loves these! A winner in our house! Two paws up!
454774454774B003194PBCA1GOPZFP1ZKNGWpat wright0051348012800Healthier alternatives.I normally get the chicken which both my dogs like. I gave some to the cat who gobbled it up and then beat the dogs off to get theirs. I decided to try the beef. Everyone loves it.

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