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454825454825B002AQP5IEA3GWM1FHA3EQPMMarianne O. Schmidt1151254528000As Good As Made From ScratchIn general I have found most gluten free mixes to be expensive and not worth eating, so this cake was a delightful surprise. I am so pleased that Betty Crocker has a gluten free line, because I grew up with Betty, and it is nice to have an old friend on hand in my pantry. The taste and texture are really very good, and it is just as good as if I had made it from scratch. I didn't care for the yellow cake mix, so I was apprehensive about this one, but I needn't have worried. This makes a superior product, and the price is excellent. I love this so much that I have multiple boxes on my pantry shelf for those times when I want something good and I want it fast. This one does very nicely. I can't thank General Mills enough for this product line; it is easy, fast, good, and so much more affordable than many of the other brands. This tastes so much better than any of those other brands and I will always keep a case on hand. I still bake a lot of things from scratch, but this mix is for the times when I don't have the time or patience to throw one together, or for last minute occasions that arise, when you need a dessert, and you need it quickly. Definitely one of the best products there is. Betty is the other woman in my husband's life. He can eat anything he wants, and has no allergies, but he loves the Bettys to distraction. Try this one, you will too.
454826454826B002AQP5IEA1PAX13K3HPBD5S. Tully1151252713600Yaay!This mix is awesome! It's great that our whole family can now eat the same dessert and not have to have a separate GF option. And, it's not expensive like so many GF products. Thanks Betty Crocker!!
454827454827B002AQP5IEA2YLD81DDAYPVMP. Newcomb3411295827200Too Bad Betty Crocker, You Blew It!When BC first released the GF mixes this cake mix was Gluten Free and Soy Free. They listed possible CC from Soy so I tried it with reservations the first time, but it didn't bother me. I was thrilled! I loved the convenience of actually buying a GF cake mix in the store instead of off the internet in bulk. Those days are gone. They reformulated and dumped a load of soy flour into this cake mix. Why? Who knows, but in doing so they lost this customer and quite a few other Celiacs who also cannot tolerate soy. Way to win customers and make money.

On the up side Amazon is thrilled; they've got this GF cake mix customer back.
454828454828B002AQP5IEA2ROZF16W126KSabitbookish3441290038400How to make this mix betterThis mix was ok -- for gluten free. Which means is still was a bit dense and dry. But I experimented with it and got a better than real cake result. Instead of using the directions on the box, combine the mix with 1 package of instant chocolate pudding mix, 4 eggs, 1/2c vegetable oil, and 1 1/4 c cola. Beat for two minutes on medium, pour into greased 9x9 pan (or larger, my cake was very thick), and bake on 350 for 35-45 minutes. The cake is moist and spongy and you can mix and match the pudding mixes and colas.
454829454829B002AQP5IEA3JEC1WY2XMXM3Gluten Free GURU5721275004800Cheap ingredients, 15 oz versus Pamela's 21 oz mix, it does taste great BUT I'll stick with Pamela's GF Cake thank you.I was surprised to find this in the grocery store. I was unimpressed when I read the ingredients and looked at the price, $4.79. None of the ingredients were organic like Pamela's Chocolate Cake. So why charge this extremely high price if you're using junky, cheap ingredients?? A regular Betty Crocker cake mix is $1.90....what justifies this exorbitant price for a refined SUGAR filled GF version?

PAMELA'S Ingredients: Organic Natural Evaporated Cane Sugar, Brown Rice Flour, Organic Cocoa Powder (Processed With Alkali), White Rice Flour, Tapioca Starch, Chicory Root, Sweet Rice Flour, Grainless and Aluminum Free Baking Powder, Sea Salt, Natural Flavor (Contains Corn Derivative), Xanthan Gum.

On Amazon I can order the 6 pack of Pamela's for $4.48 per mix. EACH Pamela mix is 21oz.
Betty Crocker is only 15 oz!!

BEST BET -- buy Pamela's GF cake mix and get healthier ingredients plus more cake for your dollar!
Pamela's Chocolate Cake Mix still reigns supreme. I've been eating GF for over 15 yrs now.
454830454830B002AQP5IEA2VY6PIZHB12QKgarnet10152211246406400AWFUL! there's better out there....My family has celiac disease and we were thrilled when a major company came out with a gluten-free version of their cakes. However, Betty Crocker's GF chocolate cake was not very good. The best gluten-free chocolate cake we've ever tried is the Gluten-Free Pantry's Decadent Chocolate Cake Mix. No comparison. Betty Crocker's had an "off" taste and nobody would finish it. I can serve the Gluten-Free Pantry's cake to everyone and nobody suspects it's gluten-free. Very disappointed in Betty Crocker.
454801454801B002AQP5IEAJSY7O99FJ6G6Bamjoker3341246665600Great mainstream GF productBetty Crocker came through with a good gluten free mix that you can get alot more easily then other GF products. Tastes like a normal Betty Crocker cake to me, it turned out moist and not too dense.
454802454802B002AQP5IEA2EOD94UOXQJWTKatherine I. Darnell2251281916800Heavenly CakeThese cake mixes are to die for! Both my husband and son have severe allergies to gluten and these mixes are a life-saver. The texture is wonderful (no yucky mouth-feel) and the flavor is perfect. Both my guys are allergic to eggs, so I use one-half cup of applesauce instead of eggs and have had no problem with the cake baking properly.

I heartily recommend this cake mix to anyone who has gluten allergies - you won't be disappointed!
454803454803B002AQP5IEA1LPAJPQYR6M19Mike502251281744000Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!This product tastes the same as regular & has made it to the tops of my daughters GF list! great stuff!
454804454804B002AQP5IEAFLO47WWTZXBGMEH2251277683200To be honest...I honestly think this is the best box cake mix I have EVER had. I only went GF about three months ago, so I haven't just forgotten what "real" cake tastes like! I had to change the baking time to a few minutes under the lower end of the range given and the cake was perfect. I topped it with cream cheese frosting and it was SO delicious - moist and really chocolatey. No weird texture. I also didn't have any issues with it not lasting as long as other cakes, I had leftovers for almost a week and it only started to taste a bit stale on the last day or two. It smells a little weird when mixing and baking, but don't worry, it tastes amazing.

I have never reviewed anything on amazon before but had to get on for this. After trying so many disappointing GF products - wow! Betty Crocker really did it right. It's not crumbly, dry, grainy, and doesn't have any weird off flavors from the different flours. Its price is very reasonable (especially if you buy it on amazon, the price for six on here is roughly the price of four boxes at my local store), and Betty Crocker almost always has coupons available for cake mixes if you do buy it in-store.

This is most definitely going to become my go-to GF dessert. I can't recommend it enough to anyone avoiding gluten. It is so rare for me to eat a baked good now that is even worth the calories because most of them taste so bad. I have heard from some people the other GF mixes by Betty Crocker are not as good, but I have the yellow cake mix in my pantry right now and will try it out now that we've finished this cake!
454805454805B002AQP5IEA21BJGUH3XB0E6Jaciones2251266451200All you could want in a cake mixI was skeptical at first that something so convenient as to be sold at our regular grocery stores would be good, even though I have been happy with Betty Crocker mixes in the past. But this made really delicious cake! Very chocolatey and moist, and your cake will stay fresh tasting for several days. Much longer than traditional wheat flour cake. This is definitely one product where you won't feel like you need to make a GF cake and a regular one, because everyone will enjoy it and won't taste the difference. It is very soft and not at all grainy. The best part is you don't have to be the one who is settling for an inferior substitute if you can't eat gluten, while everyone around you is eating something better. Do note that each box only makes a single layer cake, as shown in the picture, unlike the traditional cake mixes that make a two layer cake. And it is a bargain here, I have seen it elsewhere for $5 or more a box.
454806454806B002AQP5IEA1L4U4JQS6E40Vmaximom2292241256774400Good mix but wrong priceThis mix is alot more expensive than it is in the grocery store! I paid $3.17 for this at the grocery store but on Amazon, it's $3.97 each. Even with the 15% "Subscribe and Save" discount, this is still almost $2.00 more for the 6-pack, then at the grocery. Not what I expect from Amazon, especially when buying in bulk. :(

For the quality, its pretty good, and better than most GF mixes, but I wish they'd be more careful with the soy-contamination since we are Gluten-, casein-(dairy) and soy free, as well as HFCS-free.
454807454807B002AQP5IEA3MFFUU973C47MSunnyvale Reader81111285027200now contains soy flour!If you're dealing with food allergies as well as celiac disease, be warned: the reformulated Devil's Food Cake Mix now contains soy flour. This is possibly the nastiest thing Betty Crocker Corporation could have done. "Hey! Let's take a product made for the specialty celiac market, and make it unsafe for up to 40% of celiacs, those who react to soy protein!"

Bad move, BC.

Prior to this recipe change, I would have given it 4 stars, as it is easy and convenient, but not great.
454808454808B002AQP5IEA3RGN75LHYAG8UM. Lu1151338076800Great Instant Treat. Requires practice.I can eat wheat, it just makes me feel tired and icky so I avoid it when I can. When I saw this, I had to try it. Great instant mix! Usually gluten free baking is so tedious. You have to buy all sorts of "flours" and the guar and xantham gums...Forget it!
This box only required three ingredients: butter (weird to be adding butter into a cake mix), eggs, water. NICE!
But my cake came out dry. I'm sure that it's because I don't bake often so I'm constantly out of practice. I was dismayed that my cake did not come out moist like the gluten cake mixes. So, I used a slightly larger pan than what was called for on the box. And I offset that by reducing the baking time from 43-48minutes down to 40 minutes. In hindsight, I should have started checking the "done-ness" earlier with a toothpick so that I wouldn't over bake it. Oh well, I made it for myself as an afternoon snack. No one else has to eat it! It is a bit grittier if you compare it to regular gluten cake. It's not gritty if you compare it to other gluten free fare. I'm going to buy a few more boxes and try again with different times and pans.
If you've been searching for a chocolate cake that will hit the spot, this definitely will. Do yourself a favor and get a couple of boxes...for experimentation. Lovely price...great taste...easy. You won't be sorry.
454809454809B002AQP5IEA1ZDORH4CH79K2Kate Ross1151306281600Great!I used these to make a gluten-free version of Thin Mints (Girl Scout Cookies) and they came out tasting just like the real thing!
454810454810B002AQP5IEA2BU2E73JJ3XLHM. Ranney "txgirlinbigd"1151305676800This cake made a gluten free 8 year old VERY happy!My 8 year-old son was diagnosed with Celiacs last week and this past week has been a flurry of buying, trying and tossing various gluten free products. My son really loved this Devil's Food cake and it couldn't have been easier to prepare. The only downfall is that 1 box only makes 1 round cake pan, 1 8 X 8 pan or 12 small cupcakes. If you want a two layer round cake (like you get out of 1 regular cake box) you have to prepare two boxes ($3.99 ea at Target so $8 for a two layer round cake). I've also read reviews that say Pamela's Products Chocolate Cake Mix has healthier ingredients but, as any Mom knows, sometimes "healthier" means bland and tasteless when it comes to a child's taste. I'll have to try Pamela's Chocolate Cake Mix next and write a review from an 8 year-old's perspective BUT for now I'll be making this cake again and again and making a gluten free little guy very happy:)
454811454811B002AQP5IEA2VDXKVOP5HCMXdeef "zee dogs"1151299801600Wonderful!I am so pleased with this product. Made cupcakes, and they came out perfectly. No one could tell they were gluten free. Such a great product. I'll order again, for sure.
454813454813B002AQP5IEA3IUPU4RL4XR3WColorado1151291766400Fabulous and easyI'm no cook so don't make gluten free bakery items, normally. Sure I tried a few over the years. Generally they aren't very good and the good ones I find are super expensive and require a special trip to a health food store. What I can buy commercially already made up is generally pretty poor. Actually it is mostly down right awful and super pricey.

So when I saw these Betty Crocker Gluten free bake mixes I decided to give them a try. WOW! This chocolate cake tastes great and was super easy to make. It's probably not as good as super premium homemade chocolate cake from scratch but it is cheap, the ingredient list looks pretty good and it is very easy to make. Exactly what I would look for in a cake mix in a box.

I don't like the Betty Crocker Gluten Free frostings because of the hydrogenated fats so made some chocolate frosting from scratch (it was pretty easy also and tasted great). The second one I topped with strawberries and that desert (chocolate cake, chocolate frosting and strawberries) blew me away it was so good! Thanks Betty Crocker!

Here's the frosting recipe if anyone is interested.
454814454814B002AQP5IEAFAZ7U3RHA50UGracie11151288915200As good as the real thingOne of the few gluten-free products I make for me that my husband is willing to eat too. Betty Crocker has done a great job re-creating their regular devil's food cake. I recently brought them to a party and got rave reviews. They only make 12 cupcakes a box (which I prefer), Betty Crocker canned icing is also gluten free.
454816454816B002AQP5IEA2NCQBZ51UCV1SMolly's & Kate's Momma1151281657600Yum - Excellent Cake - I'd make this even if I didn't need to be gluten free!All I can say is WOW!

This cake is great. I actually like this cake better than the gluten boxed cakes because of the great chocolate flavor and the denser texture. I made cupcakes with mix. I got about 15 cupcakes total - which I like better than the regular cake mixes b/c I end up with way too many cupcakes.

I frosted them with homemade cream cheese frosting and they were wonderful. My friends at work (4 of them) couldn't tell they were gluten free.

This is a wonderful cake mix!
454817454817B002AQP5IEAXBMNO02ATI6IMarilyn "newreader"1151279324800excellentOk so this is not a fantastic product but when you compare it to other GF cake mixes it is really good. I do add a box of instant pudding, and extra egg and some extra liquid, but the taste is clean and even though the cake is heavy, it's really quite good.
454818454818B002AQP5IEA3UB8E6M4L898JVanessa Hughes1151278633600So good because it's EASYLove this. My celiac son loves it to. I bake them as cupcakes and freeze them for when my son has a B-day party to go to. I like it so much because it is easy and tastes just like its wheat counterpart. Try it and you'll love it.
454819454819B002AQP5IEA2YVRCZVZ1UF13GM1151276300800Just as good as regularI make cupcakes with this frequently. They are fabulous, you couldn't tell they are gluten free. There is no funny aftertaste as with many other brands. Love them!
454820454820B002AQP5IEA26X7W5UM5QFT4Grits1151271894400Almost heaven, especially for gluten-freeI had hoped to like this product. I loved it! Having been gluten-free for more than 25 years, I've been thoroughly underwhelmed by the different gluten-free cake recipes being passed around at our local gluten-free support group. But this is as close to an "original" (i.e. gluten-containing) cake mix as anything I'd ever tried. Betty Crocker has really done their homework on this product!
454821454821B002AQP5IEAHB886J4P46JWlilygirl1151262131200Very tasty cake mixI ate a cake made from this mix on Christmas, and it tasted great! We all know that gluten-free can be hit or miss, but this was definitely a hit. The cake had a good texture, not dry at all. I even like it a little better than regular cake mix.
454822454822B002AQP5IEA3DJSZSU6IC83KB. A. Mougey1151261180800GF HappinessI like the cake better than the brownies. Have taken them to several parties and no one has ever said they taste bad or different. They are fluffy and delicious. I don't care for the GF BC brownies. Will order cake mix again.
454823454823B002AQP5IEAX3WDMDP01P3Msans gluten1151255910400Giant German Chocolate Cake a Success!We used all 6 boxes in our shipment to make a very large German Chocolate Cake for my Dad's 80th birthday party. We both have Celiac disease. Another gluten-free friend at the party couldn't believe her ears when she learned she could have some too. Dad was delighted to be able to eat his all-time favorite cake again. Everyone loved it. It was moist and delicious. Great cake mix! A huge hit! Recipes for German Chocolate Cake frosting are on the web--so you can do it too.

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