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454831454831B002AQP5IEA10T8O7OOO14N4Rochelle L. Farra2331276214400Couldn't tell it was gluten free, but too priceyThis is my first try at making and eating a gluten free cake. I had originally wanted Pamela's gluten free cake but couldn't find the chocolate version at my local grocery store. So, I tried Betty Crocker for my son's 2nd birthday party.

I thought the directions might be a bit complicated, but they were really simple. I wasn't ecstatic about using an entire stick of butter, and may substitute applesauce next time like others have suggested. I used Pamela's Vanilla Icing to top it and it was perfect. Everyone was pleasantly surprised at how it tasted like a regular cake. It also stayed moist for several days afterward.

I only give it 3 stars because it's not organic and expensive at over $4 a box. Like someone else mentioned, if you're going to pay that price, go with Pamela's gluten free organic version.
454832454832B002AQP5IEA2VBL3JMMB282UP. OBrien0051350777600Sooo GoodIt's so wonderful to have a cake mix that is gluten free and tastes as good or even better than regular cake mixes. Love it and I need to get some more.
454833454833B002AQP5IEAC5718383GN1LH. Divis0051348012800So happy!I wanted to make a chocolate "hoho" cake my sister had gone on & on about, and I wanted to take it to craft night where my Celiac friend would be. So I took a chance & made the recipe with this BC G-F Devil's Food mix. The cake was a hit! My Celiac friend said it was delicious. The rest of us can eat gluten & they all said it was really good. My husband almost didn't try it bc to be honest the batter looks sort of gritty & he was turned off by that. But he liked it enough that he ate 2 pieces of cake! So if you're considering trying it do it! Oh, & here's the hoho cake recipe. Try it! Go to the blog cookiesheetsandcakepans, 2011 / 07 / hoho-cake
PS I compared the ounces in the box to a regular mix at the store & they were so close, but as it turns out the g-f mix only makes half the amt of cake a regular mix does. Just so you know for the sake of a recipe. For the hoho cake I just adjusted the rest of the recipe & made 1/2 the amt.
454834454834B002AQP5IEA2PVAG3DO1VZI3Maggie0051339286400Wonderful!I needed to make a cake for a family of 5 coming to visit that has to be gluten free. This was wonderful. Great texture and flavor. I topped it to home made butter cream with real vanilla. It tasted like an Oreo cookie! Great stuff! They all raved and took extra slices for snacks later.
454835454835B002AQP5IEA3UB9LNE9X1LTBM0051334361600Best one I have tasted!I have tasted many GF mixes and this is the best to date. It tastes like a "real" cake. It even holds up to the other substitutions we have to do (egg replacer for eggs and pumpkin for butter) and still turns out "real". You do have to remember the key to working with any rice flour mix is to let the mix sit a few moments before going into the oven. The rice must absorb the liquid. This is not a fault of the company, just the nature of working with rice flour. I would prefer it if the price were more in line with regular mixes. There is nothing that special or that fancy in the mix to warrant such a high price.
454836454836B002AQP5IEA2M24DBHH9JSZCA. Fondale0011332720000Sticky and GrittyOne of my daughter's closest friends is on a GF diet, so for my daughter's birthday party I purchased this cake mix instead of giving her friend a separate treat. This was only my second time trying a gluten free mix, but I was dissatisfied with the results. We followed the directions exactly and made half (24) as mini-cupcakes and half (12) as regular cupcakes. The batter was evenly divided and all the cups were filled the same. Yet, the batter expanded and spilled out when it was cooking, then while they cooled they flattened out with a concave dip in the center. The next morning I tried to frost them, but they were so sticky that dark, cupcake sludge stuck to the frosting. We're not talking heavy frosting either, a light whip cream frosting. When they were served, no one ate more than a single bite and put them down. Usually the kids (4-8 years old) will eat anything sweet, but they all spit it out on their plates. The adults were polite enough to swallow. The final texture was a slippery sweet sludge on top, firm and springy on the bottom, and a grittiness that may be typical of rice flour, (I had noticed the same grittiness in the otherwise delicious bread mix from another company).
454837454837B002AQP5IEA1SXFBI9Q2LFVJlabeagle0051332028800DelishMy wife, who is gluten intolerant, was excited in finding out that Betty Crocker finally made gluten free products. A friend of ours made cupcake versions with chocolate frosting and they were yummy! The Betty Crocker brownies are excellent (even better if you add chocolate chips), but the cookies not so much.

For those that think that soy flour is gluten, it is not. When some people think of "soy," immediately thinks of gluten. It's because some soy sauce are derived from wheat, but there are some that are not and are gluten free. Soy flour, however, is made from soybeans which are gluten free. If you have gotten sick from eating this product it must be from something else.
454838454838B002AQP5IEA6TOGEJT5XSCIGrace Blue Jay0051331337600Just like a 'gluten' cake mix!Omigosh if I had done a blind taste test, between a 'gluten' cake mix and this one, I probably would not have been able to tell the difference. I had a party and made cupcakes with this mix and had my friends try them and they didn't even know that they were gluten free! The cake mix makes moist, chocolately, delicious, cupcakes! (I made cupcakes, not a cake) So good and I can't wait to make this mix again. Betty Crocker, you certainly have done a good job, replicating in the gluten free style, a cupcake.
454839454839B002AQP5IEA2OHPWVDNXBLAZMary D. Stabler0051330732800Best Yet!Been gluten free for 4 years now... missed cake... not anymore... the devils food is fabulous....with BC gluten free icing,as most are is great. My kids can not tell the difference.... Just don't get the yellow cake mix, it wasn't worth the money- very grainy...

worth every penny!
454840454840B002AQP5IEA1HIC8S3V8K64Mr. Barber0051326499200DeliciousAny time I make gluten free I can tell a difference between flour mixes. Not with this one. It was delicious and one I will order again.
454841454841B002AQP5IEA33U8304RD0F6BShay0051325376000stupendous!This is the most delicious tasting GF cake mix I have ever tried, and I have tried many. Taste like good old fashioned chocolate cake, it is very moist, rich and delicious.
454842454842B002AQP5IEA1051DBTLWP5A2Monkey Momma0051322956800I really hope that Betty Crocker doesn't discontinue their GF products. This is my son's favorite cake mixI have a 9 year old son with Celiac disease and I love that companies are coming out with gluten-free alternatives. I know that going gluten free has become a fad lately, so I do worry that some of the new alternatives will fade away eventually. I just hope that this cake mix sticks around for a long time!

This is seriously the best tasting gluten free chocolate cake mix. Heck, I even prefer it to the regular chocolate cake mix varieties. It is so moist and rich, without being sickeningly sweet. There isn't any odd texture that some other gluten free desert mixes have. It is also extremely simple to prepare. There aren't any complicated steps, waiting periods or odd ingredients that need to be added. I love being able to just bake ONE cake for birthdays without having to hear others make off remarks about it tasting weird. I don't think anyone would know that it was gluten free unless they were told.
454843454843B002AQP5IEA24QJLOOS2NBSBconmaze0051322784000Best cake mix everMy grandson is gluten free and we have tried every kind of mix on the market and this is by far the best. I am a chocolate freak and this cake is very rich and chocolaty, stays moist, no hint this is gluten free. Great buy here on Amazon. We order a case every month! Just a note: This mix makes only a 9x9 single-layer cake.
454844454844B002AQP5IEA2ENHBOZH7M45FJas Fish0051321488000Great for Everyone!Betty Crocker Gluten Free cakes are great for the entire family, with or without gluten allergies! The cakes are light and tasty.
454845454845B002AQP5IEA2ZUFXCJXWJO8CMary-T0051319155200Family can't tell the differenceI've been diagnosed wheat-intolerant for about eleven years now, and though I don't have to avoid all kinds of gluten, the two avoidance diets are easy to package together. I remember what "normal" food tastes like very well and am quick to refuse gluten-free products that don't match up to my standards. This mix is absolutely fantastic. I've only made cupcakes with it, but they come out soft and moist every time. There's no weird gluten-free taste at all with the results of this mix - kiss cardboardy desserts goodbye! I've even given these to other family members who aren't on special diets, and they really can't tell the difference. It's so amazing to actually have a product like this that matches my memories of sweets perfectly. Would gladly recommend to anyone going on a GF diet.
454846454846B002AQP5IEA3UR2SS681WEXUScribeBuddy "ScribeBuddy"0041318377600Nearly perfectThis cake is just a touch on the dry side. Other than that, a wonderful GF cake. I can see serving this at a child's birthday party and nobody really knowing the difference. The taste is very, very good.

Cooking is easy, obviously. Have to give props for that!
454847454847B002AQP5IEA311O2IA0ZR1LUSuzanne K.0051314748800Easy and you can substitute oil for butter (for cupcakes - I haven't tried it for the cake).I JUST used this mix for the first time and I was so excited that I had to review it immediately. We substituted canola oil for the butter and made cupcakes which came out perfectly! Be aware that this mix only makes 12 cupcakes (or a small one layer cake) - so it's not your typical Betty Crocker cake mix in quantity but it is very easy and costs much less than buying gluten free prepared cupcakes (or cakes etc) that we have found.

We all LOVED the cupcakes including my husband who is NOT entirely eating gluten free (yet). My sons who are 6 and 4 LOVED them (of course).
454848454848B002AQP5IEA26XMCAS33TQF7Duffy Hawes0051314576000The Real DealMy gluten-eating grandsons loved my cupcakes, but I thought they were a bit sweet. I'm the only one, though. My DH, my DIL, son, all loved them. They all asked if they were really gluten-free. The 2nd batch I made with an entire bag of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips. Perfection! It did make 3 more cupcakes, though, so have a 2nd pan ready. Both batches came out moist, delicious, in short, identical to 'regular' devil's food cupcakes. i haven't made a cake because we just prefer the no mess and easy storage of cupcakes. If you like cupcakes, you won't go wrong with this mix.
454849454849B002AQP5IEA8UZYV5U4HO8JProud Veteran's Wife0051312675200My family who does not eat gluten free, LOVED this cake!For my son's 11th birthday we had a huge party. I invited some friends over that had gluten free allergies so I decided to give this a try. I decided to buy the Betty Crocker Gluten Free Devil's Food cake. I initially thought I would make the cake and if it didn't taste like a normal cake, I would make a second for my son. After I baked the cake I tasted a small portion of it and it was delicious! I was worried because the mix does not smell very good. I also used a fudge chocolate frosting (I had to make sure it was milk free, due to my friend's allergies). Then I covered the cake in a very thin layer of marshmallow fondant (homemade). EVERYONE at the party even people who don't care for cake raved about this cake! The texture is great if you use fondant on your cakes, it has that thicker pound cake texture which is perfect for covering with fondant. I will be buying this again for sure and would recommend. I honestly like this better then cake recipe I was using before, for my fondant cakes. No one at the party knew it was gluten free until I told them. It was very good!
454850454850B002AQP5IEA1SR8UP4GL8SCEEmily Damin0051312243200Sooo happy they have this GFI was so excited when I saw they were making a Devil's Food Cake mix now. We made some molten chocolate cupcakes right away & now I've been making some awesome cakes that we can't get enough of.
454851454851B002AQP5IEA1ULV89W12F6LLElle M.0051307664000Use Ener-G egg replace for one egg for better textureI brought in four batches of cupcakes before one of my co-workers asked, "But how can you eat these? Don't you have celiac disease?" No one knew they were gluten-free.

Not only do these have great flavor, but the texture is right, too - always one of the great challenges with gluten-free baking.

I once started a batch of cupcakes before checking to see if I had enough egg. I substituted one egg for Ener-G Egg replacer, and the cupcakes turned out BETTER than usual. They were very moist and stayed that way about a day longer in their cupcake carrier than normal. I always use egg replace for one egg now.
454852454852B002AQP5IEA2LDOFIQ7F3VFQLaura Brewster0051306195200Absolutely FANTASTICI just want to say, thank you, Betty Crocker for making a difficult diagnosis a little bit easier. I have only been gluten free for 2 weeks. And they have been very hard. When I realized that I wouldnt be able to have any birthday cake on my sisters birthday, I was pretty down. But we found this. I made a batch tonight, they are DELICIOUS. I gave one to each of my family members (all Gluten-eating folks) and everybody loved them. Let me warn you. Licking the beaters tastes alot like licking a dirty chalk-board. But the end result is moist, fluffy and perfectly chocolatey. Topped with Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge icing, these were a real treat. I'm not even sure that I could tell the difference between this and the real thing if I tried.
454853454853B002AQP5IEAFXQA8V7NZRH0winstrel0041302480000Delicious, but priceyThis made a delicious, moist, gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate cake! I used this mix in a castle-shaped bundt pan as well as cupcakes for a birthday party. It came out of the castle pan easily and held the decorative shape well. Everyone at the party (mostly folks who don't usually eat gluten-free) enjoyed it.

I didn't realize at first that I would need two mixes, so I actually wound up baking the cake with the bottom half chocolate cake and top half yellow, which turned out to be perfect!

The only drawback is that it's quite expensive since you need two of these mixes to get the same amount of batter as a regular cake mix. One box will only make 12 cupcakes or one 8- or 9-inch pan.
454854454854B002AQP5IEA22A96SPF15U8RG. Higgins0051299542400Great Tasting CakeThis cake is really delicious. For all who follow a gluten free diet you will be pleasantly surprised. It is a little heavier cake than regular devils food. My daughter loved it-she compared it to the old Entenmanns chocolate loaf cake they used to sell and I agree with her. Give it a try.
454855454855B002AQP5IEA3UC2N2KOOZ9TYJ. J. Russell "Pagan Girl"0051299456000Fast, easy and Yummy!I'm so happy to see Betty Crocker making GF mixes! I've made this cake twice and it's turned out great (Even my husband, who is not Gluten Intolerant, loves it)! And thanks, BC, for your canned icing being GF as well! Now it's quick and easy to make a nice dessert that GF and tastes wonderful!
454856454856B002AQP5IEA3ICDLUQ3V2QY2Kevin L. Nenstiel "omnivore"0041287100800Good Taste and Texture, but a Smidge DryAfter eating several gluten-free baked goods that have texture like a cinder block and flavor like chewing dry rice, it's nice to have a cake that tastes like cake. This adapted mix, based on soy and potato flours, has the springy texture you associate with a proper cake, and a flavor like good fresh fudge. You could serve this at parties without having to blush at your wheat free alternative.

One caution: this cake tends to be dry. You need a good frosting to keep moisture in each bite, or you'll find partygoers rushing for glasses of water and milk. Since you have to be just as gluten-savvy shopping for frosting as for cake, your job isn't done when you buy this mix. However, the fact that you've found a palatable GF cake mix puts you ahead of the game.
454857454857B002AQP5IEA16J5HGMGX5LWMEnovative Solutions Inc Stephenson0051285718400Perrrrrrrfect!In one word: WOW!!

THANK YOU BETTY CROCKER!!! This cake mix finally makes it easy to create a dessert that is completely delicious and presentable to guests with full assurance there won't be a crumb remaining on the plate! Try it with BC RTS R&C FROST CREAM CHEESE (this icing says "gluten free" on the label if you find it at Wal-Mart, etc.). Or, add some chocolate chips to it, make it in a mini-bundt pan, and top with a little powdered sugar. Another idea -- bake it in a tort pan, make some quick chocolate mousse for the first layer of topping, and plop some fresh berries on top of that.

One caveat: the package really only makes one layer, but it's the perfect amount for a tort pan.
454858454858B002AQP5IEACC8RGRP29KJERaychel "Word."0041284768000Good but not greatPretty good for an affordable gluten free cake mix from a major brand but not totally amazing. The rice flour is very evident due to the dense texture of this cake. I made it and actually ended up throwing some out which NEVER happens with chocolate cake but only so much of the dense texture of the cake could be tolerated in our house apparently. It is missing the airy quality that good cake has. An acceptable alternative but nothing amazing.
454859454859B002AQP5IEA3NDUBKYPI47N2LawyerMom0051271548800Yay Betty Crocker!Is it bad that I'm so happy that Betty Crocker created a gluten free facility just in time for us to go gluten-free? We've been gluten-free and casein-free for just about 2 weeks now. I made this cake; along with some gluten free oat challah just last weekend. The oat challah/bread that I made from scratch left a huge mess on my floor and countertop. It must have had 6-8 different ingredients. And I find that's about par for the course for gluten-free recipes. You need to mix guar gum and xanthan gum and tapioca and rice flours. Yikes.

But Betty Crocker does what she does best. She creates a convenience food (just add butter, eggs, and water) mix and bake. I substituted margarine and the cake came out every bit as good as her normal cake mixes come out, albeit that it didn't seem to rise as high. It was moist and it passes mine and my 3 year-old dd's taste test. Thanks so much!
454860454860B002AQP5IEA3L4QBMA8JSRHCHonors my Husband0051269907200AwesomeThis is by far the best GFCF product out there! Thank you Betty Crocker for making this and for going the extra mile to make this in a dedicated gluten free facility. My son has multiple sensitivities and I made this with Earth Balance Soy Free margarine instead of butter and it was soooo good. Even the resistant eaters in my family ate this and thought it was great. Yummy!

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