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454861454861B002AQP5IEA3ONS1525R2OTQErin K. Hoover0051269043200Betty Crocker Gluten Free Devil's Food Cake MixThis cake mix was very good. No one even knew it was gluten free. I was very excited to be able to have cake with my family for my Son and daughter's birthdays.
454862454862B002AQP5IEA3OVNTNN68VSXXSandra J. Chrzanowski0051268265600Cake MixI have to follow a Gluten Free diet and this product is VERY difficult to find in stores.
Stores that do carry it are ALWAYS out!
This cake taste just like non-Gluten Free items.
I just hope Betty Crocker makes more items.
454863454863B002AQP5IEAR5YCBPFBPMHEceliac mom0051267574400YUMMYwhat do i need to say, it's Betty Crocker!! easy to fix, bakes great (even in high altitude where we live), tastes great!
454864454864B002AQP5IEAOD9WK3W00EDULolo0051264896000Moist even days after baking! Can be modified and still turn out yummy.This mix is delicious! It is not grainy or dry like so many Gluten-free recipes turn out to be. I used two boxes of this mix to make 24 cupcakes (it actually yielded 28 big cupcakes!). I did modify it a bit by adding cold coffee in place of one of the cups of water and by adding about 3 oz. of goat yogurt. I also used 4 duck eggs (I'm allergic to chicken eggs) instead of 6 chicken eggs. I used Earth Balance as my butter.

I was so impressed by how moist and ungrainy these cupcakes are and that they remained that way. As, in my experience, even if Gluten-free items taste good when freshly out of the oven they often get dried out sooo quickly. I'm so happy that these stay delicious and don't dry out. YUM!

I used this recipe with Toffee Vanilla Frosting Mix by Namaste which turned out great with some water, 2-3oz. goat yogurt to make it creamier, and shortening. Namaste Foods, Gluten Free Toffee Vanilla Frosting Mix, 16.5-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)
454865454865B002AQP5IEA37L02WUJKP8QKD. Hendren "Grammy02456710"0051262390400As good as regular.This cake is as good as a regular cake. I love to have something to turn to when everyone else is eating yummy stuff!
454866454866B002AQP5IEA9OMNIBRN3YVWDina Klugman0051262304000Best gluten free chocolate cakeMy daugher was diagnosed with Celiac 5 years ago, and since then I've tried every mix under the sun (gained a few lbs trying, too...). This was by far the best I've tasted. It's rich, chocolatey, moist and tastes completely gluten full. I actually think it's even better than most regular commercial chocolate cake mixes. Enjoy!
454867454867B002AQP5IEA5AX7DXCFSYVMAlicia D "Ali"0051261785600Moist, Tasty, & Just Like The Real ThingI first had this mix as a cupcake at my baby shower. My sister knew I needed something gluten free and could not locate a bakery that could make a she decided to make some fun cupcakes for me to eat in addition to the fancy cake she purchased.

THEY WERE SOOOO AWESOME! Thank God I am pregnant and nobody questioned my eating 3 cupcakes! They were SUPER moist and light. The flavor had JUST the right amount of chocolate.

I know I should try making a cake with this mix but I must admit the cupcakes were soooo good that we made a batch for just the 2 of us the other day! And AGAIN they are GREAT!
454868454868B002AQP5IEANOI65WMQBCWDgrace0051260489600tastes like homemadeI'm not gluten free but my 17 year old son is. My mom made this cake as a dessert for him on Thanksgiving. She added a few chocolate chips to it. It was delicious and tasted like homemade. It didn't taste gluten free and it didn't even taste like a cake mix. It was moist and delicious with and without frosting. I highly recommend this product. Too bad it's a little on the pricey side but so are all other gluten free products.
454869454869B002AQP5IEA1UERGX5AM5ZV8Chi-Town-John0051260316800Better than any supermarket price! Save $$I knew Betty Crocker would be able to make a good cake, even a gluten free variety! I have made cake and cupcakes for family and friends and no one seems to be able to tell that it is gluten free. And it is a good deal...Super markets charge 4.99 or more for this product.
454870454870B002AQP5IEA32CS5MUKEAYA0Debra L. Bryant "DeeLeeBee"0041258070400GF Devil's FoodI was presently surprised with my purchase. I had baked this cake and a GL carrot cake for a birthday celebration and this one was a hit!
Thank you
454871454871B002AQP5IEAZ9KOGPFJT8S0Kylie P.0051256342400Good stuffs right thereThis was by far the best gluten free devils food cake mix I have tried yet!!!!!! :)
454872454872B002AQP5IEAGLMJ5YU5MW18Barb "gluten free grandma"0051252108800great productMost of the mixes I have tried since becoming gluten free about 2 motnhs ago do not taste normal but this mix has a wonderful taste and texture. I won't miss the regular cake mixes. I can't wait to try the other types of mixes from Betty Crocker.
454873454873B002AQP5IEA20TFN6QXVLAN4Valeena Caballero "bakinginsteadoftherapy"0051250208000OMG, OMG!This is THE best! I have only baked the Devil's Food, and bought the others in the product line: Yellow Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Brownies, at my local grocery store. The prices are better (of course) on Amazon. Note: I had some coffee left over from breakfast and added that to make up the 1 cup of water. Coffee brings out the flavor of the chocolate as well as a 1/4 cup of ff sour cream (I'll add sour cream or plain yogurt to most cake recipes). I frosted with store brand chocolate frosting only on the top of the cake (saving a few calories-yeah, right! LOL) Yum!
454874454874B002AQP5IEAH1BX4LJD3L4YMy opinion0051249948800Best EVER !!!This cake is delicious. It is so moist and the texture is perfect. It also stayed fresh for a couple of days and tasted just as good days later. My youngest daughter (6yo) can't eat wheat. She loved this cake and is begging me to make it again. My older daughter who can eat wheat but doesn't really like any kind of chocolate cake ate it and thought it was one of the best cakes she's ever had. She won't eat a wheat chocolate cake but she loves this. It's that good! I'm thrilled because everyone loved it. You could easily serve this at a kids birthday party and no one would ever know it was GF.
454875454875B002AQP5IEANTHC1ON60LKATB "tinka"0051249344000love itthis is the only one i can use (corn allergy) and i love it! i use canola oil instead of butter and espresso instead of water and it is delicious. it's nice to be able to make cupcakes out of the box again. :D.
454876454876B002AQP5IEA2LNJP9QKH9JEQjjthecaliforniaboy71111285200000UGH. They added soy flourWell, scratch this one off the list! For some stupid, unfathomable reason ol' Betty Crocker decided to add SOY flour. Haven't they heard of the eight major allergen list, and that some of us react to SOY and gluten?

Dumb, dumb, dumb. Back to Namaste for me.
454877454877B002AQP5IEA39CAOFZKUPNW7Jeeper880131308528000GF Chocolate Cake....Pricey & Low YieldMy wife and I picked one of these up at the local grocery store. I've become accustomed to paying more for GF products, more so when they are organic, but she wanted to try it, and we hadn't had cake in a while. The actual packaging of the cake mix is larger than a normal chocolate cake mix, but don't be deceived, you won't get more than 1 8" cake round out of this mix. That was the biggest disappointment to the both of us. More than twice as much as a normal cake mix, and only half the yield of a normal cake mix. That is my sole reason for giving this such a low rating. In fairness, if I had looked at the picture closely, or maybe read deeper into the details on the back, I may have figured this out, but I didn't.

Aside from the let down of the low yield, the overall taste of the cake was okay. It seemed a bit dry to us, but having only baked one of these, it could have been something we didn't do quite right.

We won't be picking up any of the other BC GF mixes. We're off to look in to making them from scratch. I'm sure, with the right recipe and GF flour mix, it shouldn't be too much more work than making it right out of a box (not to mention, we can go with better ingredients, making it somewhat more healthy).
454878454878B002AQP5IEAJXNTVVD1M568Jennifer Clark0111288742400Got sick from this product, not GFMy daughter & I are GF and we both got very sick from eating only these. We didnt eat anything else at night and in morning we were very sick, like we ate alot of gluten. I dont get it, it says GF and Certified, etc. They tasted good, but I felt so bad I couldnt do anything the next day and my poor 3yr old told me her belly hurt. I wont ever eat them again.
454879454879B001HTJ1LWA3EBHHCZO6V2A4Amaranth "music fan"1151266278400Pasta and WineMuir Glen's Cabernet Marinara is one of the best pasta sauces around. While pasta sauces tend to be sweet, this one is savory with its Cabernet undertone. One wonders if this marinara could be even more Italianate with Sangiovese, Barbera, or a Super Tuscan blend. It's a rich sauce,and would be a great contrast to a cucumber salad with a vinegar sauce. This Cabernet marinara also pairs well with Parmesan. This sauce serves as a template--one could add chicken, tuna,sausage. It's very versatile. This Washingtonian sauce gives a taste of the Wine Country!
454880454880B00028LFUYAXHPQUBVSI5W1marsh sr.3351333152000last longget on the slab bacon band wagon i'm telling you poeple out there it' a great slab bacon with that country smoked flavor of home on the farm, and most of all i was shock at how thick it is,and it lasted for a very good while i'll give it a 100% rating and plan to buy within the next few weeks.
454882454882B00028LFUYA1R4YBNZFBKII0Nancy D. Hill "Sarasota Girl"5841173312000Applewood smoked baconThis was excellent -the only thing I would suggest is that it is pre-sliced.

Great flavor.
454883454883B004G26EU8A25GR9RAM8AO2LAveragejoe0141349913600Good price but small pieces.These are similar to what you find in the grocery store. They will do but read my other review on Porcini mushrooms. I just purchased whole sliced Porchini Mushrooms on Amazon and those are spectacular. Wow!!!! These are fine and the price is great but not like the other Porchino's I purchased on Amazon...
454884454884B001ULOUCCA2GK1MP7KXUTDZLB2251267833600best rice ever.This is the best rice I have ever prepared, tasted, bought, etc. My local market stopped carrying it, so I've resorted to buying online. Quick delivery.
454885454885B001ULOUCCA3HJWM07XEMWGRJasun1151275868800Best wild rice you can buyI've tried them all... This stuff is pricey,, but when you open the bag, it smells like fresh green tea... Cooks up fluffy with good snap.. great flavor..
I agree with the last guy,, best rice I have ever had,
454886454886B001ULOUCCA2QKIE4R9LLCD1steve "Steve in Santa Barbara"0311302998400Ours was stale and badWe have cooked great wild rice for decades and know what we are doing. The color of the rice LOOKS right...but the odor even in the bag is VERY stale-musty...kind of like a corked bottle of wine. Used our tried and true cooking method....yuck, could hardly eat it. We thought at first it was just the one bag, so tried another....was the same.
Our water is filtered, so we know it's not that, and we use a La Cruset pot.
We did buy it here a bit off season in March, but cooked it immediately. I wish someone would have reviewed the truth earlier so we weren't stuck now with 2 bad packages.
We then found the old brand we used to use in a store near us(a bit more expensive) and it turned out delightful as usual. buyer beware, I hate to have to write these kind of reviews...the company LOOKS professional....but! It's probably difficult to return PART of a partially used order.
454887454887B00019TVC8A3RZAYNIKP2BB8Wilderp3351282780800Vernors a 5-star drinkWonderful product at a wonderful price (48 cans for $24). But wait! Add $43 in shipping and this seller is gouging potential customers. I love Vernors, but not for ~$1.50 a can. You are better off buying a plane ticket to Michigan.
454888454888B00019TVC8A3QUOE8PKC2K7GDaronic2251325980800World's Best Ginger AleLike the other reviewers, I love Vernors Ginger Ale. I think Dr. Pepper is missing an opportunity not promoting and distributing it more widely. It has such a more distinctive, flavorable taste than any other ginger ale I've ever had. I was born in Michigan and live out East now. Whenever I do happen to be able to get Vernors and share it w/ friends it is always very well-liked. It's just frustrating not to be able to buy it more easily.
454889454889B00019TVC8A1S6WMUK94WHGKNancy B Merrell1151331596800comfort"Made by elves, aged in oaken barrels x 7 yrs", can be drunk hot or cold or as a "creme" with a bit of milk in it. Favorite childhood/adult soda available now in many stores favored by Detroit ex-pats, unfortunately not in Cooperstown, NY. Delighted to have it delivered to my door and not to have to ask friends and relatives to BYOB! A strong ginger soda, good for upset tummies and kids of all ages, 2-90! A devoted customer.
454890454890B00019TVC8A300Q792OCS527William G. Smith "smittysattva"2321286496000Why bother?If you see Vernors Ginger Ale in the store at it's usual price, ie. > $3.00 snap it up as it is much better than Canada Dry or comparably priced Ginger Ale/Beer. I don't understand the point of vendors selling a product here and then charging between 50%-125% of the product price in delivery costs. Who is ever going to purchase anything with S/H fees that high?

I have recently become a fan of good Ginger Ale/Beer and would love to find a consistent reliable source for Vernors(for every day drinking) to some of the really good brands; Cock N Bull, Reeds, or the last brand I tried, which I believe was named Santa Cruz,for when you want something really good.

I have tried making it at home and it works well aside from the thus far insoluble issue of fermentation after 5-7 days (even refrigerated). If you can find this with free shipping, fill your storeroom, but aside from that, I don't know. The few brands Amazon carries with free shipping, I have issues with. Fever Tree; not great and 7 oz.bottles; Hansen's; too much vanilla taste, really overpowering. If you truly like ginger in different incarnations, the Ginger People make an excellent 5 oz. bottle of ginger juice; a drop of which will invigorate mass produced ginger ale. Their shipping is also outrageous but here is a tip with which I reluctantly part. carries it by the case 12 bottles @ $4/btl. and has very cheap S/H-free over $75 and they have a broad line of nutritional supplements that you can easily add to cart to get total above $75 and get free shipping.

If anyone knows of a quality ginger ale/beer distributor that offers free shipping, I'd love to know. In the meantime, even Canada Dry has responded and is now actually putting ginger in their ginger ale. I couldn't believe that it was all artificially flavored until about 9 months ago.

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