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454891454891B00019TVC8A6GMEO3VRY51Smicrojoe0051294272000Made in Michigan since 1866I like "Vernor's", and drink it all the time. It is old fashioned drink from Michigan, since 1866, and the labeling was known for its lovely green and gold colors and the gnome character. If you look at the can it is actually called ginger soda instead of ale and is different than typical ginger ale in taste. Vernors has a strong vanilla presence, is smoother and more moist, and sweeter than a ginger ale. It is closer to a cream soda than ginger ale, very good. A ginger ale is more dry, higher in carbonation, and has a spicier bite to it. Vernors has 39 grams sugar per can, versus 33 grams per can for Schweppes Ginger Ale. Neither has caffeine.

The recipe has changed a bit over the years mostly in the choice of sweeteners. They use the same high fructose corn syrup that the cost cutting mega soda companies use, rather than the cane sugar they used to use. The down side to that is that the corn syrup syrup drowns out some of the flavors. Many microbrews are using cane sugar again, although it costs more, to get a better taste. Vernor's is still aged in oak barrels for 3 , no doubt accounting for the smoothness. All in all a great soda for anytime. The soda is also known, like other ginger drinks, for its use as a home remedy for an upset stomach.
Vernor's is a regional soda, and there are many areas of the country you can't find it in. That is why it sells here. They may be selling it in glass bottles again soon, at least there is a page that says so the day I am writing this comment. Search at Amazon for ASIN: B001JK2SEG to see what I mean. Vernors has quite a history, and there are two books at Amazon about the soda. The first is Vernor's Ginger Ale (Images of America: Michigan) ISBN-10: 0738551856. The second book is "The Vernor's Story: From Gnomes to Now" ISBN-10: 0472066978 a book about the company's marketing green and gold packaging with the famous gnome, and Vernor's fans.
454892454892B00019TVC8A11PZ6HSK13L66Katherine J. Keller "Deaconess Katie Keller"0051282521600Ginger Ale of my youthBorn and raised in Michigan, I grew up with Vernors. Mom would give it to me and my siblings when we had the flu or upset stomachs. I used it for party punches and ice cream floats.

Vernors is a Michigan original, having flavors of vanilla, ginger and oak to give the "Original Ginger Soda" a taste that is "Deliciously Different"

Living in Wyoming now, I don't get to have Vernors that often, only getting enough when I'm home for a visit. I alwasy bring enough back with me that I can have enough for myself and use it at school for special activities. It's become my little way of keeping part of home with me.
454893454893B00032EGHIA1XBSM55RTS2ITCeline Johnson "C. Johnson"8851136073600Vanilla Coke is On HiatusI just read a press release from Coca-Cola that Vanilla Coke is being put on hiatus. This is the best soda out there. If you love Vanilla Coke, write/email Coca-Cola to bring it back.
454912454912B001E5DZZMAGW1D36OS9LYZDM1151333670400The best nonfat sauce EVER.I can't get enough of this stuff, it's hot but mildly so and goes on just about anything. This is basically the asian version of ketchup, but 10x better. The only problem-I can't understand why it's so expensive when CostMo sells 28 oz bottles for about $2.50 each.
454894454894B00032EGHIA1VCLTAGM5RLNDRonnie Clay "R.C."7951132358400better then regularI like Vanilla coke. I say they are mixing ice-cream with coke drinks. Well it works on me. I hope coca-cola decides to keep making them so people like me can buy them in stores. How can people not like this drink give it a chance.
454913454913B001E5DZZMA33I1G47MHT8V2Arash1121327363200Not the quality of the original productI consider myself a fan of this sauce and usually buy it from store in person. Recently I decided to order it from Amazon, though even when ordering in pack of 3 it is still more expensive than normal retail. (unless you want to buy pack of 12 which I sincerely dont recomment). The quality of this item is different from the one you buy at the store and see in restaurants. It seems like the concentration of the liquid is less and when you want to shake it, it is like you are shaking a bottle of pepsi!!! Therefore it's quite natural that it is not as spicy as it is supposed to be. I think guys at Amazon should pay more attention when they are providing goods from third party. bottome line: WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME.
454914454914B001E5DZZMA14BOV6ZSWATXJosh0051350000000Love this sauce!This stuff is great, i put it on almost everything. I like the 3-pack of the large bottles because I don't have to buy it as much.

I've noticed that the price tends to fluctuate a lot, between $12 and $18. It's still a good deal, but kind of frustrating when I check back a week after my last purchase and it's $2 less.
454895454895B000HNHER2A1UPF9MUW1HAQXA. S. Tennant1151191283200Absolute favorite!This is my absolute favorite candy bar. It is similar to sponge candy (seafoam to Michiganders), with a honeycomb like center that just melts in your mouth. The outside is covered in chocolate. It's somewhat hard to find and a bit expensive, though Amazon's price is a little better than the last time I purchased it in a store.
454915454915B001E5DZZMA2QGP7E8LSC7TGMark Baum0051345680000The chileheads' perfectly-balanced "ketchup".Jared Castle mentioned in his review: "Andrew Knowlton, restaurant editor at Bon Appétit magazine, predicts Sriracha will be one of the biggest food trends of 2010!" I must state that Mr. Knowlton doesn't know what he's talking about and that this chilehead banging out this review was aware of and used Sriracha since 1995 (at least). And it isn't like it's a big breakthrough: Guy Fieri of Food Network fame has been to plenty of "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" where Sriracha is used not just as a condiment but as a prime ingredient.

What is not to love about this sauce? It is nice and thick, has a coarse chili and garlic texture and packs a perfect Asian taste of chili heat and pungent garlic. It is a perfectly balanced sauce which isn't too hot or too weak. It presents a nice punch yet isn't overpowering.

It's such a great sauce that shady people have tried to imitate Sriracha and failed horrendously. There's one counterfeit that had a yellow lid on his while the bottle tried to mimic the genuine article. The flavor of that counterfeit was sickeningly sweet and had little chile and garlic flavor. Horrible! For those looking for the Real Sriracha the following is copied directly from Huy Fong's website circa 2004:


The counterfeit products are identical to our products in all regards, including the logo and wording on the label, except for the following distinguishable characteristics.

1. That taste is not identical to our product.

2. Below the green cap of our bottles, there is a protruding plastic ring, which is the same diameter of the green cap. The counterfeit product's ring is much smaller.

3. Our product's batch code consists of two lines printed with a laser etcher, which produces a clear, colorless imprint. The first line states the product/batch code (must start with an H) and the second line states the expiration date. The counterfeit does not have a product/batch code but has an expiration date that may be either be printed in black ink or or hot-stamped resulting in a colorless, blurry imprint.

4. Finally, our bottle has 'Huy Fong USA' embossed on the bottom of our bottle. The counterfeit does not.


Accept neither substitutes nor imitators: Huy Fong's Sriracha sauce is the real deal. And, ounce by ounce, is quite inexpensive. Event Sprawl*Mart carries it, though I'd rather go down to the Strip District in Pittsburgh and pick up a bunch of 28oz bottles cheap.

It's not just awesome sauce: It's sublime sauce! This is something that should be mandatory in any refrigerator's condiment rack.
454896454896B000HNHER2A2VUD4SPJO4V33Theo0041291593600Honeycomb Coated with Milk ChocolateViolet Crumbles are a classic Australian candy bar: they've been around forever and are very popular over here. They consist of a fairly hard, but brittle bar of honeycomb coated in milk chocolate. And yes, they are delicious!

They're also a lot like the (internationally) better known "Crunchie" bar. The main differences are that:

1. Violet Crumbles have a slightly thicker outer layer of milk chocolate.

2. The honeycomb in a Violet Crumble is slightly harder and more solid, so it tends to shatter rather than crumble when you bite down on it.

3. The honeycomb in a Violet Crumble has a stronger honey flavor, with significantly more "bite" to it, so to speak.

Note that Violet Crumbles can also be purchased in packs of six.

454897454897B000HNHER2A3053GB9LQFITMP. Jordan "A Reader and a Trucker"0041195862400Candy Goodies, El Paso, Texas ROTC BLDG, Andress High SchoolThis was an item I recalled from my childhood (early 70's) and I wasn't sure of the name of the candy. BUT the item I ordered (and received) was the very item I had in El Paso, Texas in 1971! Brought back great memories and I really appreciate the ability to still obtain the item! Fast shipping, great service, but priced a bit high (with purchase and shipping)... I suppose that is something we can't avoid though!
454898454898B000UWKMDIA3NA4EJ8BUEI6TAnn2341318377600Tamarind ConcentrateThis is a great product. It arrived in a timely manner and was fresh and exactly what I needed for my recipe
454899454899B003AC40DIA16O2LLO76VZDKDavid Leaser1251288051200Great serviceGot the product on time and as expected. I have place multiple orders and have never had a problem.
454900454900B0031DTZRWA10PD71ALS7L09EmilyJane18183321275177600Expensive and not what I expected!Before I get into the meat and potatoes of my review, I'd like to point out that the front of the packet reads, "Sweet & Salty." THERE IS NO SALT IN THIS PRODUCT. The ingredients listed are: Popping corn, coconut oil, sugar, beta carotene.

Now, if you make this in your Whirley Pop according to the directions on the back of the packet, the sugar caramelizes. Not only does the sugar caramelize, but the crank is VERY hard to turn once the sugar starts melting; this makes it very easy, indeed, to break the delicate, plastic crank on your lid. What you ultimately end-up with is sticky, brown popcorn, and a BIG mess to clean out of your pot and off of the lid (and cleaning that lid isn't exactly what I'd call "easy"). My daughter, the Princess of Kettle Corn wrinkled her nose when she saw what it looked like, but being the trooper that she is, she ventured a taste...and (drum-roll, please) she declared, "Nope. That DOES NOT taste like kettle corn!"

So, after tossing the whole first batch and soaking the pot for an hour to get some kernels "unglued," I tried again. I opened the side of the packet that contains the popcorn and sugar FIRST (being careful not to open the oil side) and emptied the contents into a wire mesh strainer over a bowl. I shook the strainer so that ALL of the sugar was separated from the popcorn kernels. I reserved the sugar and mixed a little popcorn salt with it. THEN, I opened the oil side and put that into the Whirley Popper along with the (now sugar-free) popcorn kernels. I popped the popcorn as I usually would. When it was finished, and still VERY hot, I took a large bowl with a tight-fitting lid and filled the bottom with hot popcorn; I sprinkled the sugar/salt mixture over this. Then I added more popcorn; then more sugar/salt, repeating the process until the bowl was filled to within two inches of the top. Then I put the lid on the bowl, and tossed and turned and shook until I was fairly certain that the popcorn was adequately covered with the sugar/salt mixture. My daughter tasted it and liked it much better.

My family LOVES our Whirley Popper and Wabash Valley Farms popcorn, but this product (in my opinion) is a dud, and an expensive one at that. If you want my advice, use the Real Theater Popcorn packet and sprinkle some extra-fine sugar on it in the bowl (not the popper) while it's still hot -- you won't have to clean burned sugar out of the pot (and gunk off of the lid), you'll save money and you'll have fresh, non-microwaved kettle corn.
454916454916B001E5DZZMASH0ZSSJHBSYET. Herbert "tah33233"0051342051200Excellent Hot Sauce*****This is the best hot sauce that I have ever had. My son and grandson also think this is awesome.
454901454901B000L3M5WCA1FDES6ISEPFE49 3/42251215648000Good CookiesThese are really good cookies especially if you like a lot of chocolate chips in your chocolate chip cookies! They aren't too sweet either. I don't like cookies that are all unmelted sugar crystals and fat. These have great flavor and lots of chocolate! The cookies are packaged in little cellophane wrapped packs containing two cookies, just right for a quick treat or school lunch. Best of all they're made with real ingredients, not a chemical soup. The box is even pronted with soy ink. I will be eating lots more of these!
454902454902B000L3M5WCA30GGTIACHLYWGIsabel Pina0021326240000Misleading labelling of productI had previously purchased these cookies at Homegoods for $3.99 a box. Therefore, when I decided to buy these cookies, the title of the item stated "Pack of 6", I thought I was getting 6 boxes for $24, not $24 per box!!! I would never pay that much for a tiny box of cookies no matter how good they are. This was very misleading, esp. since I paid alot less for these cookies elsewhere. I kept them because it was too much trouble to return.
454917454917B001E5DZZMA1OP4JR4L50YRQMorgan H. Van Ness "SnwSkier36"1251265328000Tasty!If you like Sriracha, this is definitely the cost effective way to order it! With free shipping from Amazon prime, each of these 28 oz bottles actually costs a little less than the 17 oz bottles from the store!
454903454903B000L3M5WCA3KNPPS7CJ253Christian Ostergaard0051320710400YumFinally I've found a cookie that I love and feel good after I eat them as well! They are satisfying and have a nice subtleness to them. Feel the love!
454904454904B000L3M5WCAB9S5D5R2MRMJLois Sanborn0141294876800Not really a true chocolate chip cookie...Are these cookies tasty? Definitely YES. They are very very good, which is why I gave them 4 stars. The only reason I deduct 1 star was because they are more like shortbread with mini chocolate chips rather than a traditional chocolate chip cookie. Beware though... These cookies are addictive. They aren't too sweet, which was a pleasant surprise.
454918454918B001E5DZZMA1TJT6GXDGNN8QOpinunated2451278374400A Potent Hot Sauce, similar to Tabasco, but Much Better. Buy the 28oz which costs only a few cents moreThis is an excellent hot sauce - quite potent on a drop per drop basis. Beyond its considerable heat there is a subtle sweetness to it and also a vague hint of garlic. Compared to traditional hot sauces (such as Tabasco) this sauce has better flavoring and lacks the harsh vinegar after-taste of Tabasco and so many other hot sauces.

Ingredients (as copied from the label) Chili, sugar, salt, garlic ... etc

This sauce is quite potent on a drop per drop basic. Notice that "chilies" are the first (major) ingredient in the sauce. That is a fairly rare. More often it is water.

This sauce is available in two different sizes - 17oz and 28oz. Quite often these two different sizes are priced only a few cents apart. Keep that in mind!

This sauce is widely distributed and can often be found in any supermarket --- just look in the Asian food isle.

The overall favoring of this sauce is clearly superior. There is a wonderful balance of heat against a vague hint of sugar with subtle garlic notes. I'd recommend this sauce to anyone, a true staple worthy of being in any kitchen and one of my top 5 choices. It is that good!

I wanted to say in my review that this sauce had a hint of tomato yet there are no tomatoes listed on the ingredients. I suspect what I thought was tomato is simply the sun ripened chilies and the added sugar listed on the ingredients. But to be clear - heat - lingering heat - is the primary taste

For the $5.99 I paid locally for a 28 Oz bottle --- this sauce is a great buy.

As another reviewer mentioned - given the potency of this stuff - you probably only want to have a single bottle on hand. Larger quantities will deteriorate over time. I'd recommend you purchase this sauce locally or one at a time at Amazon and not in the 2/3/6 packs. I doubt that many households will go through a bottle a year. Hard core hot sauce users might go through a 28oz bottle in a few months. As I said: this is potent stuff.

Update (July 2010) - a formal taste test

I put 4 ounces of tomato juice into two glasses and progressively added 1/8 teaspoon of Tabasco or Huy Fong Sriracha into one of the two glasses until they both became too "hot" to taste

Results: With Tabasco - with each added dose the juice became not only hotter but harsher. With the Huy Fong - it became hotter yet retained a very fresh but sweeter note
454919454919B001E5DZZMA3HE289DG2QQWBAdam Argo2451256083200DeliciousIt's hard to imagine a decent meal I prepare these days without Sriracha. I put it on everything: eggs, sandwiches, Chinese, pizza, burgers, etc. As someone who's attempting to eat healthier, sometimes the healthy food is a bit bland. Add a bit of 'Rach, and what was bland instantly becomes flavorful and delicious. I love Sriracha and can't imagine eating food without it. And with Amazon's great price and free shipping with Prime, I will never buy it in a grocery store again.
454905454905B002HA6S16A2WRSPH2EABH4RAli1141331942400Most Authentic Marshmallow TasteThese are the most authentic tasting marshmallows that are halaal out of those available to date in the American market. Makes delicious Rice Krispies squares and fun to eat right out the bag. Highly recommend. Hope Amazon delivers for free in future as demand increases.
454906454906B002HA6S16A2SDI48I98LSOKpatchouli0051342396800The BEST!!I agree that these are the BEST marshmallows out there period. Halal or not. Amazon should have these available to PRIME members OR free shipping. Me and my kids are waiting on our next shipment for our next roast. I ordered 12! Highly recommend these!
UPDATE: JUST OPENED MY BOX!! All marshmallows are MELTED!!!!! ALL 12!!!
454920454920B001E5DZZMA17EMLKQQTE59Fratz0151284940800Delicious with just the right amount of spiceThis sauce is a great addition to nearly every savory dish. The seller shipped it quickly and included just what I ordered, too. Buy it. Eat it. Enjoy it.
454907454907B000WS090GA3699F5IARONN1Candice H. Greene0051325894400Great addition to almost any mealI love this organic celery salt. Goes great in many meals from beans and soups to stuffing. I like adding this rather than just plain sea salt because it adds so much more flavor. Yummy.
454908454908B000PKFZA0A2H5S99A4L5TBPBrooke in bones about it!Deeeelicious!! I am very picky about fish, and this did not disappoint. Probably as good as the halibut I pulled out of Alaskan waters myself some years back. The best part - I've had 2 pieces so far and not one bone in sight. The price isn't any more competitive than anywhere else, but the quality was very high. It makes me want to buy more products from Omaha Steaks, if only I could afford them.

I was worried about the shipping because I received a notice on a Thursday that it had shipped, and when they didn't arrive Friday... or Monday... or Tuesday... I wondered how they could possibly remain frozen. But they were frozen solid! Omaha Steaks could do a better job of describing the shipping process on Amazon. The fish steaks were packed in a cooler with dry ice. It worked out perfectly!
454909454909B000PKFZA0A1WE8KTC20NY65Denise1141316563200DeliciousGot these and cooked them up on the grill - they were very good. I don't think they are any better than the frozen ones found at the grocery store though. I will have to compare prices to see which is the better deal. Either way, I'm glad I got these. It's one of the few fish that we like - very mild and the texture is good. It holds together well on the grill. We use it with Char Crust Roasted Garlic Peppercorn Rub - 4 oz and love it!
454910454910B001E5DZZMA3PJZ8TU8FDQ1KJared Castle6851259020800Sriracha -- a condiment you can't put down!UPDATE: Andrew Knowlton, restaurant editor at Bon Appétit magazine, predicts sriracha will be one of the biggest food trends of 2010!

Knowlton was a guest on the CBS Early Show on Dec. 30, 2009 and shared, "If you walk into any chef's kitchen or home, you will find sriarcha. Sriracha is a hot sauce with flavor -- it livens up every dish you put it on."

Once only found on Thai or Vietnamese restaurant tables, a bottle of Sriracha (sree-RAH-cha) Hot Chili Sauce is now a telltale sign of a great eatery, whether it be a sidewalk hot dog stand, a family hambuger joint or my favorite Asian restaurant.

New York Journal News reporter Kara Newman provided some background about the condiment nicknamed "Thai ketchup." Here's an excerpt:

[[The two most commonly-found brands are Huy Fong, which sports a white rooster on the label, and Shark. (Supposedly, the shark is in homage to the shark-infested waters off the coast of Sriracha). Shark brand is made in Thailand and is used widely there as well as imported to U.S. stores and restaurants. Huy Fong is made in California by a Vietnamese immigrant, David Tran, and is the U.S. favorite.]]

Sriracha is made of sun ripened chilies that are ground into a smooth paste with garlic. The sauce is nearly as thick as ketchup, which makes the squeeze bottle a handy way to deliver a spicy kick to your favorite foods. Speaking of ketchup, a little sriracha can add a nice kick to ketchup or your favorite dipping sauce without overpowering the other ingredients.

Sriracha is also an excellent value. Amazon offers three 28-ounce bottles for less than $14, or about 16 cents an ounce. That's a lot of flavor for your dollar.

In summary, I grew up with pepper, salt and Tabasco pepper sauce on the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Did sriracha replace my bottle of Tabasco? Yes. Sriracha is hotter but with a light, sweet finish that sets it apart from the vinegar tang of other pepper sauces.

Rating: Five stars.

Newman's story featured recipes were adapted from Greg Gilbert, Jackson & Wheeler.

Sriracha Remoulade

1 cup mayonnaise
1/4 cup sriracha
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar

Whisk together until smooth. Serve as a dipping sauce with fried calamari rings.

Fried Calamari

1/2 cup calamari
1 cup milk
1 cup flour
1/2 cup semolina
Vegetable oil for frying
Salt and pepper

Soak calamari rings in milk for about 20 minutes; drain.

In a bowl, combine the flour and semolina. Dredge the calamari in the flour mixture, and shake off the excess. Heat the oil to 350 degrees, and fry the calamari until golden brown. Season with salt and pepper and serve with Sriracha Remoulade.

Sriracha Spicy Buffalo Wings

6 chicken wings
Oil for frying
3 tablespoons Frank's Red Hot Sauce
1 tablespoons sriracha
1 tablespoons butter, softened
Baby mache or other lettuce to garnish

Fry the chicken wings until crispy. In a bowl, combine the red-hot sauce, sriracha, and butter. Toss the wings in the sauce and serve. Garnish with baby mache or other lettuce
454911454911B001E5DZZMA3NIJP0MX60FW3Kent1131340150400Huy Fong hot sauceIf you have had Huy fong hot sauce, you know how it taste... if you havn't and love hot sauce you should tast it...

I took away one star because out of the 6 bottles i bought one was broken... so they loose a star for not great packaging.


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