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454921454921B001E5DZZMA36F10IVVYN46QDocta Peppa "Gadget Lover"0151282694400My Favorite Hot Sauce.This is my favorite hot sauce. You could put this on anything and instantly make it better. It is very hot and you only need to use a small amount. These bottles are huge and more than a single person could use in a very long time. The price was good and easy amazon shipping rocks. I kept one for me and gave the other two away.
454922454922B001E5DZZMA2WHHLDZCT6IECChronic Mashedtater0151280620800Powerful FlavorThis product contains a nice strong chile/garlic flavor. Anyone saying otherwise is desensitized. It is not sweet despite the sugar being listed as number 2 on ingredients. A quick look at the nutrition facts shows only 1g of carbs, VERY little sugar content. Pretty much a chile sauce with an equal part garlic flavor as garlic is fairly potent in small amounts. The heat is comparable to Tabasco sauce I suppose. This sauce is also fairly low in sodium (100mg/5g/4%) which is hard to find these days depending on what kind of food you like to eat.

I use this in place of ketchup(or BBQ sauce etc..) and along with other hot sauces to bump the heat up considerably. I also use it as a base with Worcestershire, soy sauce, hot sauces and seasonings to create a stout steak sauce baste for flat iron steaks or grilling. The flavor is sort of like this: half/half Heinz chili sauce-cocktail sauce, and garlic (at least this is how I'm afflicted, I haven't eaten those in awhile since I have Sriracha :) ).

This is my ketchup replacement which covers a wide variety of foods for most people including me. If you like garlic, mild heat, and chile flavor this is for you -- Don't even hesitate to run down to the local stop-n-shop and get a bottle to try then come back here and get the deal.
454923454923B001E5DZZMANBGT94DFW7WBVladimir H. Salazar "vsalazar"0251274659200I love this sauceI been enjoying this sauce for years. I love it and put it on everything
454924454924B001E5DZZMA13TSB2TV6WWAHA. Johnston1431276128000Okay but not the bestI've used this sauce off and on for years. Generally, though, I don't use it much compared to many of the other hot sauces in my fridge.

For a sriracha, you can't beat Shark brand. Hot and spicy, sweet and flavorful, it's excellent. Huy Fong will blast you with a sharp, sweet, flavorless heat that does nothing but give me a corresponding sharp tummyache. I don't know why, I eat hot food constantly, even foods seemingly hotter that Huy Fong's. Maybe it's all the sugar in it, but if I want to add pure heat there are better ways to go- fresh smashed chiles, jarred paste, even crushed red pepper (especially thai peppers) are excellent.

If this is your only choice, buy it, but hold out for Shark- still quite hot but with a much better flavor. (See the review by Jared Castle, it's a "real" Thai hot sauce.) Once you go Shark you'll never go back!

Huy Fong sriracha:

Heat: 4-5
Flavor: 2
Overall: 3
454925454925B001E5DZZMAI0NMYA3LKXW1Bartok Kinski "A casual stroll through the lu...0541268870400Hot Fong !I met Huy Fong Spiracha in Thailand where he works as a short order cook at the Thaksin Shinawatra restaurant. He introduced me to his Hot Chili Sauce. It's Hotter than Hot Hot Hot Hot but adds a nice taste to most rotten boiled eggs, cow brain, dead fish, or raw yak meat.

Gives plenty of fire to dead squid too! Yum!
454926454926B003ZI70X4AF92WGC79ZJ6RR. Miller "bald spot"1151311465600The best dark chocolate availableThis and the Costa Rica-origin dark, also from Cachet, are tied as the two best dark chocolates I've ever tasted. The Costa Rica is a purer dark-chocolate flavor; this has a little world of flavors, a bit of fruit and a bit of bite. Outstanding!
454927454927B001E5DZZCA1D4CRQCCTJTX9BJP7751205107200Great coffee for those who like to start the day with a jolt!A hearty, rich, dark coffee, not for those who like a light, smooth blend. Although my all time favorite Jeremiah's Pick coffee is the organic breakfast blend whole bean, this is also a great way to start the day. If you don't know Jeremiah's Pick products, they are reasonably priced, excellent coffees that have always arrived at my door very soon after I have placed an order. Check their site for occasional excellent special offers and unusual coffees.
454928454928B001E5DZZCA16I02SRQWNGN9grajuit "grajuit"0041315008000delicious coffeethe coffee was delish and was comparable to a leading brand name coffee. The price was fantastic yet the coffee had an expiration date that was well before it was delivered.
454929454929B001E5DZZCA1MM7CIGUO1W96Boris Ovetsky0031265500800Average coffee.I like Jeremiah's coffees overall, but this one is not great at all. They do not have my favorite Ethiopian anymore.
454930454930B0018CG17KA3QSSI1RZMP6P8S. Sutton0051331683200My Husky loves it!We used to give my Husky this food until the local pet store stopped carrying it. We switched to another brand she would eat it, but she wasn't happy. After finding it on Amazon, we switched back to Diamond Performance and my Husky is a happy girl again!
454931454931B00016ATZOA2LB40CO4ZV10XMelanie Jarrard "tea lover"1151118275200Amazing!I recently tried this tea, and the effects are absolutely amazing - probably more far reaching than I yet realize. Today I get to work and I'm so tired, I'm practically falling asleep at my desk. I drink a cup of tea and I feel energized and refreshed - not in a caffeine sort of way, but in a refreshing sort of way. The tea itself tastes and smells incredible. The ginger has a nice warming effect that surprises you the first time you try it. Add a little bit of honey and you're sure to be in heaven. I'm looking forward to trying the other varieties.
454932454932B002VC3H0AAN469KQQ9U1QUG. Gonzalez4451273881600Can't get enoughI first had these crackers in Hawaii and immediately fell in love with them. I don't think you can get this on the mainland and I'm sure glad I found them online. They are the best with a good bowl of soup or chili. They can't compare to saltines or Ritz. I can just eat them by themselves.
454933454933B002VC3H0AA1TA2YPI94ODS6yoda12251336435200Light and tastyIt is so hard to find these crackers anywhere! They are a nice departure from regular crackers. They are slightly more dense but pack a great crunch!
454934454934B002VC3H0AA2OOQ59V7YWYL1Gloria M.3421292025600good but not greatActually I did really like the crackers. They reminded me of when I was a kid. But as good as they were the price was way too high for what I got. Sad to say I won't be ordering them again.
454935454935B001G604YEA2XNZ2AC97FGG3Midwestern Mom7751265846400YUMMY!I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! I was so happy to find a 10-lb box of it. Yes, it came in a plastic bag with a twist tie, but they could have delivered it in a wheelbarrow and I would have been happy. My bag did weigh a full 10 pounds and there was no powder residue outside of it, so mine was apparently better sealed than the other reviewers' bags. My only caution, if you have a milk, peanut or tree nut allergy, then this product is not safe for you.
454936454936B001G604YEA2GX5EIWANC8GTCatherine "Sewcial"5551291593600Good ValueThis is a very good value. The price has increased over the past year, but that seems to be true with most things. It is a far lower price than retail and the flavor is so much richer than the standard chocolate powders in the common supermarkets.

In response to those who complained about the box containing a plastic bag with the plastic tie as the only closure, what do you expect from bulk purchases? How do you think restaurants receive their bulk goods? It is something to be expected and I have no fear of contamination since it comes directly from the factory. I am quite happy with my purchase. This is real chocolate that must be mixed into milk...not water, as it does not contain powdered milk or artificial oily milk substitutes. I don't buy those as I like my chocolate made with real milk. This powder does not dissolve quickly in cold milk, but I make a syrup of it (1 part water to 1-2 parts chocolate powder) and keep a small jar of it in the fridge for summer days when I crave some cold chocolate milk.

This is a good all purpose chocolate powder and can be used for baking when a sweetened chocolate powder is called for. When I want truly gourmet hot chocolate for special occasions, I dissolve pieces of dark solid chocolate in hot milk and whisk vigorously while heating the milk on the stove. For normal use, Ghirardelli's is great.

I did check the weight of my product and it was a full 10 pounds. I had not thought to check the weight on previous shipments.
454937454937B001G604YEA2SDQBYSWQW7JCScout Mom2251296777600The Best Brownies EVER!I received my 10-lb box of sweetened cocoa today and immediately weighed it, as other reviewers wrote of their boxes being light. Mine is a full ten pounds, in a heavy-weight plastic bag closed with a zip tie. My local grocery store, which carried this product for years, seems to have dropped it, and I've found no acceptable substitute. It makes simply the best hot cocoa from real milk and the brownies just cannot be beat. The recipe does not come with the bulk box, nor could I locate the recipe on the Ghirardelli web site, so save a one lb can if you still have one. The brownie recipe is on the back.

I am completely satisfied, and will order this product in this form again.
454938454938B001G604YEA3CWRWFFP6P8SQDouglas1141320451200A great valueI ordered this product because our family buys at least 1-2 cans of it in our local grocery or big box store every month. The prices were going up - way up. But my wife is hooked on this stuff. After doing some research, I decided to try buying Ghiradelli in bulk. The chocolate is exactly the same as what I've been purchasing in individual cans and it's a snap to just take out what we need and keep the rest boxed up. Plus, I've saved money on the purchase. Everyone in the family is happy.
454939454939B001G604YEA2SDIX6YGU366Qnotbrownenough1141298592000Nice to find my favorite cocoaI was so happy to find my favorite cocoa and prime too! It came quickly and was cheaper than I had bought before. I have since found it cheaper at a local Cash and Carry, but they don't come to your door!
454940454940B001G604YEA2FJ19XGWLS0ZGKnm3431263772800Robbed on weightI just received my box. Mine, too, was light. It weighed only 8.2 lbs and was closed with a zip tie, like one poster already reported.

Do the company people steal this chocolate? This was NOT a sealed bag, as there was a large amount of powder on the wrong side of the zip tie. I'll be writing to the Ghir people about this!

That said, I was brave and have made myself a cup of hot chocolate with it. Not bad. I'll keep it, but Ghirardelli is not a company I'll buy from again. If I get sick or die, I'll make sure my family knows who to sue.
454941454941B001G604YEA212ZE3TSTWHP4JR "JR"3431241827200disappointedI use a lot of ground chocolate and this seemed to be a great timesaver from grinding my own. However, not only was the bag open with just a zip tie around it at the opening, but it was 1.5 pounds shy of the 10 pounds purchased. Had to throw it out and get a refund. Terribly disappointed!
454942454942B001G604YEA3U78OW4OO2Q8Wpoltroon "poltroon"2351257724800I really do use this muchWe've been buying the Ghiradelli Sweet Ground Chocolate in the 1 lb cans for a long time. It makes a wonderful hot cocoa and is especially good in coffee. It dissolves into drinks easily and is just the right level of sweetness. Note that this is ground chocolate, not ground cocoa. Cocoa is unsweetened; chocolate contains sugar. Buying cocoa and then adding your sugar yourself is probably more cost-effective, but it is less convenient for beverages, especially since even Dutch process cocoa does not dissolve as well as this ground chocolate does.

However, I got tired of the 1 lb cans piling up, and so I decided to try finding a larger size online. This 10 lb package is a definite price saving over the 1 lb cans in the supermarket (at the price I paid; don't forget to add up the shipping!), and it means I won't have to buy so often, nor will I feel bad about discarding all those sturdy cans. It comes in a bag, tied with a reclosable zip tie, in a box - nothing fancy! I have a Camwear Polycarbonate Square Food Storage container, 6 Quart 6 liter square plastic container that turned out to be exactly the right size for this ten pounds of powdered chocolate. You probably won't want to go through the ten pounds with it staying in the plastic bag inside the cardboard box if you're using a tablespoon at a time. Alternately, if you have the cans or other jars around, refill them from the box and you'll do just fine.
454943454943B001G604YEA2QWYAUTFONPYKNC Mom0051345593600Perfect PurchaseThe 10 lb. box of Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate & Cocoa is a good value compared to buying individual cannisters in the store. I repackaged it in a couple of old cannisters and have the rest stored in a Tupperware container. The box is not nearly as big as it looked in the product photo! It is a very managable 10"x5"x8".
454944454944B001G604YEA3PZ64D7NQE1ZRdrcoonerman0051338854400lots of chocolateWhen the local grocery stores quit handling this product I decided to purchase this in bulk. Its ten pounds of the same stuff sold in stores in one pound cans. The package is a cardboard box and the chocolate comes in a plastic bag. If you love this stuff like my wife does and have a large container to store it in - this is the product for you, saves a few bucks too.
454945454945B001G604YEA26FEWOJVWYW2RMark D. Avery005133876800010lb Ghirardelli Cocoa Beverage MixThis is a lot of Cocoa mix.
I bought it for the value of buying in bulk.
I have tried the mix in a varity of hot liquids for the perfect flavor mix.
To date the best has been: Cocoa mix, hot water & condensed milk.
Nice flavor, and a creamy texture.
454946454946B001G604YEA1Z2AEVQLMD3I8Kuuleilai0051329350400Chocoholic's HeavenWe were EXTREMELY pleased to receive our first order of the 10 pound package of Ghiradelli Chocolate Sweet Ground Chocolate and Beverage Mix from Amazon, and have already ordered our second. We use Ghiradelli's every single day, in our coffee in the morning and on our frozen yogurt in the evening. We've loved it for years but to find the 10 pound package makes us love it even more--never have to worry about running out too soon. We decant it into 16 ounce containers and store the remainder in the refrigerator until needed. Hope Amazon continues to carry this produce because we'll definitely continue to purchase it.
454947454947B001G604YEAI2K24GZ28RSLDr Daddy0051323648000Best chocolate everI purchased the 10 pound box of Ghirardelli Chocolate Sweet Ground Mix. The box came within about 3 days. When I opened it, I too noticed that it was in a large plastic bag with a zip tie. I contacted the chocolate Company and they advised that is how they package large quantities, which are usually sold to food companies, coffee shops, and smoothie stores. I feel very confident that this is very safe, since I called the manufacturer directly and spoke to their consumer products relations person. I would buy this again!

I enjoy making chocolate smoothies as well as hot cocoa. Thanks Amazon for offering such quality products!
454948454948B001G604YEA3UUUG76OAVJ0VKatana Rogue0131307836800Not my favoriteI wanted an American high quality cocoa for my chocolate cakes. I'd been using Hershey's and thought I'd upgrade to this. What a mistake! While this might make a good hot chocolate, it is certainly not that great for baking. Not sure what I'm going to do with all that I have left. :(
454949454949B0052OOZUUA3KOZHDBV9JEWLJanet2251328054400best popcornI have just ordered 2 more bags of this popcorn, as the first one is gone and it was the best tasting popcorn and with next to no hulls in it after popping. I also gave some to my sister to try and she thinks it's better than any other popcorn either of us have tried in the past. I am going to try some of Bob's Red Mill other products, since the popcorn was so great.
454950454950B004ZIF6TIA1NEKZGA107RFYA. Guhl "Guhlia"0051344556800Pizza Goldfish CrackersThese taste almost exactly like the old pizza flavored goldfish crackers we all ate as small children. They are gluten free and super yummy! I order them by the case. :-)

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