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455011455011B000XIZLUSACHZZITVUKWWVMS111241303862400Don't be decieved by appearances- these are delicious!I've been a huge Jelly Belly fan all my life, but as jelly beans go, they're too expensive for regular indulgence. Belly Flops can be quite ugly, but they retain the intense and interesting flavors of their more attractive brethren. The only differences are cosmetic, generally in shape and size, and the lower price point.

My only caveat is that the flavor distribution is irregular; you will almost certainly not get the full range of flavors, and several flavors (presumably those with particular problems on the production line) will predominate. The last batch I bought had quite a few of the Sours flavors, while the one before that had no Sours at all. Fortunately, there are only a few flavors that I dislike, but if you're pickier, this product might be too much of a gamble.
455012455012B000XIZLUSA2HN8MZJU7QE58Ray LeCara Jr.5521325462400UCKA! BELLY FLOPS IS RIGHT!I have a sweet tooth for jelly beans every now and then. And since Jelly Belly jelly beans are among my favorite brands and the price was right, I jumped at the chance to purchase Jelly Belly Belly Flops. After a couple of handfuls, however, I kind of wished I hadn't. The printed statements on the bag are correct, but they're more than a "little less perfect": for example, you get quite a few that have no jelly center and consist entirely of candy coating instead. Then there are some flavors that, for some reason, taste like they should have come out of a bag of Harry Potter inspired flavors. In short, this was not an enjoyable experience and it even turned me off jelly beans for a bit.
455013455013B000XIZLUSA2KMM0OYVPTI7LReginald Smith "River toobing Reggie"3351329868800Freshest Beans EverJelly Beans have always been my most beloved candy, even as a child in the 1960's. In the mid 1980's, thanks to Ronald Reagan, I discovered Jelly Belly Jelly Beans and have never turned back. Actually I have tried several competing brands and they all have merits of their own, but Jelly Belly is my favorite. Anyway, I was surprised several years ago that a Retail chain which uses a red bulls-eye as it's symbol installed a self serve Jelly Belly candy section in it's "super" stores. You could get almost all the flavors individually or they had the 49 flavor mix. Everything was priced out at $7.49/lb. I would go in and get about 2 lbs. of the mix and then add a partial scoop of some of my favorite flavors. Let me note that the self serve candy section at the red bulls-eye store here in Mobile Alabama was removed about two months ago.

One day I noticed a Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, 49 Flavors, 2-Pound Stand-Up Pouch and it was priced at $10.99. That was less than the self serve price. Two pounds of the self serve would run $15, the bag was $11 so i just started buying the two pound bag. All this to say that I can still get the two pound bag of 49 flavors for $11 at the red bulls-eye superstore, Amazon wants $22 for it. Guess where I get mine.

Now I find the Belly Flops and they are $9 for two pounds, being a Amazon Prime member I get free second day shipping and pay no tax. While they are available I am getting the belly flops. I love them, my co-workers love them and they especially love the funky shapes. Another reviewer says that they have the Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavour Jelly Beans 2 Boxes flavors mixed in also but I have not found any, and I hope I never do. I am on my third bag of Belly Flops. The one thing that I do notice is that since these are fulfilled by the Jelly Belly Company the beans are extremely fresh. I wholeheartedly recommend these and when you can no longer get the Belly Flops go to the red bulls-eye store for the two pound bag. The Belly flop bag itself says that they are not always available.
455014455014B000XIZLUSA353U0L2HAMSHVCricket "Living life and loving it!"2251329264000Jelly Belly Fan for 30 yearsThey might be funny looking and I may not get to pick my flavors, but for a person like me who can eat a ton of Jelly Bellys this is the way to buy them. I usually wait for a sale and quite often they will have them Buy 3 Get 2 Free. The most recent purchase was in November and we are down to 2 bags now. Hopefully around April the sale will be offered again so we can stock up. My favorite way to store them is in my OXO Good Grips POP Rectangle 1-1/2-Quart Storage Container. Fits a bag at a time and keeps them fresh. If you aren't picky about the flavors or funny looking beans, this is the best deal around unless you live near the factory.
455015455015B000XIZLUSA1TBHVZG3N1CSMK. Conklin2231323475200Yes from CA but Flavor is SugarPrice = GREAT! Shipping = Excellent! The 2 lb bag I received this week came from the Fairfield, CA plant. As a lover of jelly bellies I always meant to drive over to the company store when visiting California, but never made it. I was delighted to find these available through Amazon. I only treat myself to these tasty jelly beans once a year or so because I find it difficult to stop eating them. One leads to another. The reason I have liked them has been intensity of flavor - and I like a big variety of flavors, probably favoring sour flavors more than sweet. My Belly Flops bag has a big variety of colors and shapes and misshapes, but each bean I have tried so far reminded me of run-of-the-mill inexpensive jelly beans long on corn syrup and sugar with little flavor. I am going to jump to the conclusion that steps in the processing of the candy are excluded due to being pulled off the "conveyor belt" - if that is done by machine or person....prior to additional flavor enhancement steps that deliver the intense jelly belly flavor the confection is known and loved for. You will get your genuine belly flops with this order, so do not worry over that one review about coming from Thailand - Everyone else here has looked and seen the product is genuine and made in USA. No worries there! I'm just throwing this three-star review in the mix to let you know some flavor steps were skipped so the flops are Long on Sugar, not so much on flavor intensity. Still a good value.
455016455016B000XIZLUSAUX26LWCZSLR8hokiegirl091131350345600Great until price increase!I have received this product multiple time over the past few years. The last purchase was in Aug 2012 for 8.99. I was disappointed to come back in October to find the price at 16.99! There good, but not almost double the price good.
455017455017B000XIZLUSA1IG5BTJDSPQH7James in Los Angeles1151341187200Jelly Flops Earn An "A" in my Tastebud BookAlthough these "Flops" failed Jelly Belly standards, they still taste great and get a passing grade from me. Our family enjoyed them considerably. It was fun to pick out different Jelly Bellys and guess their flavors by looking at their colors before tasting. The quality was still great with these flops.
455018455018B000XIZLUSALAN629D6EKQZMr helpful "JJG"1151307145600Just love Jelly Belly FlopsI always find that the jelly belly flops I received from jelly belly are fresh and tasty. I love all the different flavors that are in the mix. I have donated some of the bags to my lodge for giveaways. When you find these type of prices for flops that are even lower than outlet factory stores I always order as many as I can store.
455019455019B000XIZLUSA2S9FBV3ZMHJODdhiLL3451301356800Belly FlopsJust got them - they arrived faster than expected and are very fresh and taste great. Mine came from the factory in Fairfield, CA - not from Thailand like the other reviewer said.
455020455020B000XIZLUSA22VGCRDNEXB2LShark91311329264000BE WARNED OF THE FLAVORS THEY MAKEI knew there were some funny flavors, but this bag is a mix of any or all of them, including VOMIT, BOOGER and ROTTEN EGG. I have now consumed at least 10 vomit flavored jelly beans, and that is just wrong. The worst part is how accurately they taste like vomit, and how it quickly transforms to a very realistic bile taste. Oh Yum!! You can't identify them from others so it makes for a good practical joke but a truly horrifying bag of candy. I am scared to eat them anymore
455021455021B000XIZLUSA1KEKS6YOUE0MGJ. Mullins "bsaeagle"0041347667200Even jelly bellys mistakes are goodCheaper way to get real Jelly bellys. We had em gone in no time. Slightly off though. Almost like they didn't send them through the final process or something. Sort of mushy or grainy at times
455022455022B000XIZLUSA3NNMGVNXZLJNQNana from New Mexico0021346889600much too small for the priceI will always love jelly belly. But the size and price of this particular bag was very disappointing. I will not order this product again.
455023455023B000XIZLUSA3O6UJ5EZ6FZ5WMa Bean0051346889600So good!!!!These are so good. They even fit in our jelly bean dispenser even though some are rather large. I just wish that they were still Amazon Prime available...or at least free super saver shipping eligible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
455024455024B000XIZLUSA2M4PRG5T3N62XMteen08690051345852800Great value for an amazing product :)I love belly flops and my 5 year old does too. We play a game every Friday night during movie night on guessing the flavor. I have been able to buy these at a store where everything is only $1 and their logo is a tree. But there I only get a 4.7oz bag for $1. There is good and bad yes it's a great price for an otherwise expensive treat but you never know what you are going to get I honest to god didn't get a bad flavor in 5 bags and while writing this review I had the nastiest bean I've ever tasted. I guess that's what you get tho and it doesn't detore me from buying in the future. Love them!
455025455025B000XIZLUSAGRRRVBD36R61Connie E Simmons0021345593600My bag was a flop.I love Jelly Belly jelly beans and would have rated the Belly Flops higher except that the jelly beans in the bag I received all stick together. Since this is the first bag of Belly Flops I bought, I'm not sure if I got a real flop of a bag or if this is normal.
455026455026B000XIZLUSA2PIG1YPR7XTVMMichael J. Greener0041344384000Good Munchies ...These are fun. It's weird that some of the colors don't have the flavor you expect, but it's still good. Keeps me from zeroing in one something I like, like lime flavor, and then picking them out and scarfing them all at once.

There are oddball shapes in there,too ... like 2 or 3 beans glued together.

So, if you're like me with little or no life, grab a bag of these and take a chance on what flavor jelly bean is coming up next ....
455027455027B000XIZLUSA3CWZZX9V6LPSMyakoda0051340582400Yummy treats.I purchased these when a deal was offered if I bought 5? bags. I still they stay fresh in the package, so I didn't mind having a lot. They taste great. I would buy them again.
455028455028B000XIZLUSA3QEFNG2Y3ETW9Parrot Heads0051338768000awesome!i have eaten nothing but tasty jelly beans from this bag of yummy jelly belly's. i'm having to pace myself because i want to eat the entire bag in one sitting. i have only great things to say about this product. will purchase again and again. i'm hooked and so happy i found them on Amazon. awesome value for the money!
455029455029B000XIZLUSAFUBIHEP3H76OChau B. Nguyen0041337299200Cheap Price!It is cheap but some pieces are stuck together. I removed the beans from the bag and put them into a plastic container.
455030455030B000XIZLUSA3TXIVN8T7X2JFJ. Mahaffey0051335744000Love These!I buy Jelly Bellys for the taste, not the looks so saving a couple bucks a pound is a no brainer for me. I've purchased these several times and always gotten a good assortment in each package. Highly recommended.
455031455031B000XIZLUSA183KKLH53PNMIJ. L. Jamison "FemmeFutee"0051334534400Fun beansThese are still great Jelly Bellies, despite their irregular shape, and sometimes unfamiliar flavor, but that's part of the fun for someone that likes just about any flavor.
455032455032B000XIZLUSAONCQPRX7Y1ZYRon0051334016000Jelly Belly on the CHEAP!As many reviewers have noted each bag is really something of a mixed bag - literally! So sometimes you'll get a few different beans that taste a little weird (we can thank the Bertie Botz that get mixed in). But for the most part, you get a great variety of beans which to me taste great. I haven't had any bags that were entirely one thing or another, although one of my bags did have a few more chocolate beans than usual, but again nothing too weird, so I may have lucked out, but from my experience, you get a good variety regardless. Now I tend to be someone who likes to get a handful and occasionally enjoy one at a time, so if you are the one at a time person, you may have some problems with this bag. On the other hand, I'm not a very picky person and I really have no complaints. For the price you get an excellent value on beans that would normally cost a lot more. Overall, I'm glad I get these, and I know whenever they have sales on these I try to pick them up, because they can be difficult to get. So if you're a fan of Jelly Belly, you've come to the right place, but if you're a little bit particular on beans, I'd suggest you shy away, or just know you may get some flavors that are not going to make you happy.
455033455033B000XIZLUSA3JHW2P92TWZIODan0051333756800Jelly Bellies at a reasonable price.I have a small candy machine which I keep filled with jelly beans. I used to order the 10lb Bulk Jelly Bellies These are even more cost effective, and definitely beat the price of any of the small jelly belly gift boxes. A majority of the beans are the exact same jelly bellies you get normally except they don't have the logo printed on them. The next most common issue is that two or more beans got fused together. Out of 20 bags of these I've only had a handful where the flavors were off to the point I could notice.

I would definitely recommend these for someone who loves jelly bellies.
455034455034B000XIZLUSA2LASORRVJQI66C. Peters "Working 12-5"0051332979200NOT AS HANDSOME, BUT FILLED WITH JUST AS MUCH FLAVOR!These Belly Flop Jelly Belly Jelly Beans are in odd shapes, some are stuck together and they are not as perfectly formed as the regular ones are, but they taste exactly the same and once they are in your mouth, you never know just what they looked like, and they are half the price. My husband says "ORDER MORE"!!
455035455035B000XIZLUSA3KCC99BIIJBLRWS998 "-Will"0051330646400Bellys full of JellysMy girlfriend and I absolutely love these! We actually prefer the variety and unpredictable nature of the Flops to the regular old 'gourmet' thing. Sure some are actually 2-4 beans welded together (actually my favorite ones!), sure some are abnormally sour or overly sweet, and yes the flavors can range anywhere... but that's part of the fun! I tried to find them cheaper but since the jellybelly's website sells them for the same price, I think any cheaper is mostly a luck thing. I've never seen these in any stores where I live. So yeah I imagine I'm overpaying a bit, but I still enjoy my jellybeans; and until I find them cheaper I'll just have to deal.
455036455036B000XIZLUSAUPBJPS08HJBJPinstripestogo0051329955200Best money you can spend on jelly beansJelly bellies are awesome! These are jelly bellies, therefore, these are awesome!

There were a few in the bag that had questionable flavor and some of the ones that were stuck together have quite a bit more coating (personally my favorite ones!) but over all this is really a great buy because Jelly bellies are usually pretty expensive.

The bags that I got had many different flavors in them although there were probably only about 40 flavors all together. This doesn't cover the full smorgasbord of Jelly belly bean flavors but it did hit many of the more regular ones with the occasional sour bean thrown in. Who knows though what flavors you might get in the bag, I think it makes it all the more fun!
455037455037B000XIZLUSAM2Q9XWQV7VXZHeather J. Tikkanen0051328572800needs review?Do I even have to review this product, I don't think it lasted long enough to know if I didn't like it, I (we) love jelly bellies so um this gets a 5 star for sure, love when these go on sale!
455038455038B000XIZLUSA1BPFYTUNNUSJWnans0051327104000great productI bought 7 bags of this product for my daughters party. She is so excited - she loves Jelly Bellys and the deal I got made it affordable !
455039455039B000XIZLUSA1DJ9FOEOA0WF1citizen fact checker0051326931200These are great!I wonder who came up with the wonderful idea of calling these great candies Belly Flops. Very clever. In my family we call them the accidental jelly bean. There's nothing wrong with the taste of these wonderful candies, and we often serve them as a little side snack to relatives who are currently celebrating their status as new members of the over-the-hill gang. A little misshapen, a little weird, a little wrinkled -- both the family members and the beans -- but both exquisitely popular in the family.
455040455040B000XIZLUSA2XTGNCVSEH18Afinefatfly0051326672000Just buy a bag...or 5!They had a special on these, so I bought 5 bags to get the free shipping. They taste great, so what if they have some funny shapes? Like some other reviewers said, yes, sometimes you get a flavor dud, or a Harry Potter icky tasting bean...but that's part of the fun. Just spit it out if you don't like that flavor. Or, pay double the price, and get the regular Jelly Belly beans. Me, I'll stick with Belly Flops!

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