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455041455041B000XIZLUSA20ZTEBTOKFRIQtrappyman0051326326400awesome treatsthis is a great product at a great price. same great flavor as original Jelly Bellys, just a little odd shaped. 3rd time ordering this product and will continue to order this as long as it is offered.
455042455042B000XIZLUSA2NDQZDETYBJ6Ncarollee990051325894400Jelly BellyThese were excellent, I couldn't have ask for anything better, and they were passed out for christmas so a lot of people got to enjoy them. Thanks for a great product.
455043455043B000XIZLUSATN552TF5V40ZLh0051325808000Great flavors interesting shapesI think I like these flops more than regular boring oval jelly bellies. Most of them are totally normal in shape, but some are twins and other shapes. I find that fun to eat. The flavors are the regular assortment of jelly belly flavors with no surprises. And of course these are cheaper, so there's no going wrong with this product.
455044455044B000XIZLUSA2VDYFLNYGF3C8Silvermane "dragon"0051325721600Got them before christmasI have say I enjoyed them I never say any bad flops...I guess you say they were addictive to eat. But one thing is there more of blackberry kind then regular ones I liked to see in bag like cinnamon I liked that kind. I don't have much care for tequila or green apple or very red apple. But I glad to say I didn't see liver or tripe or vomit or something like that. I have say pop corn ones should be tasted really before going out to flops some them didn't taste like jelly belly beans anymore they tasted combination of vomit and popcorn. I liked the butter popcorn type jelly bean but I kind wonder does it expire? Sincerely a jelly bean eater.
455045455045B000XIZLUSA2YJEHWFIDN9BSP. Moss0051325548800Gave as a GiftI gave these as a gift to a friend because I had run out of flavors (I give her jelly bellies 2X a year)...she loved them. She said she hasn't tasted a bad one/odd flavor and she's half way through the bag. VERY pleased!
455046455046B000XIZLUSAQUOJYZ7B5Q9XS. Spratt0041325548800Good but like rolling the diceThese are a good deal, although you may not get the flavors you like. Every batch has a different mix and mine had no juicy pear, which is my favorite.
455047455047B000XIZLUSA1BYQ7TRIOGXDMACE0051325548800Tons of Fun!!The Belly Flops were awesome! I put them in smaller bags and gave them away as fun stocking stuffers for the family. Everyone loved them, and it became a fun game to guess all of the flavors as there is no map to tell you.
455048455048B000XIZLUSA29663OV5ZSISDchrisv0051325548800Belly Flops are not a flop with usWe toured the jelly belly factory and store last spring and came home
with multiple bags of belly flops. They are great. Because they are the
mis-shaped rejects they are often bigger than regular jelly bellies and
they are fun. I sent for this bag for a Christmas Present and it went over
455066455066B000XIZLUSA2KAEQMOS9PPOJBryan Phillips4811332460800KNOW THIS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE.I love jelly belly, but admit there is regret in purchasing this product. It states right on the bag: doesn't meet all of our demanding standards for size, color, shape, AND FLAVOR. Flavor is the main reason for the purchase of jelly belly. So I was disappointed only because you seem to get a weird mix instead of variety, and YES, the tastes are a little off. :-(
455049455049B000XIZLUSA2XVNTZWLLHCM9Jay0051325462400Jelly Flops are the real thingI love Jelly Bellys but giving them as gifts is a little pricey when you are living on a fixed income. I saw the Jelly Flops and thought that might be a viable alternative and I bought five bags. My wife and I finished one bag in a couple of days and the other four became stocking stuffers which turned out to be a big hit. Just as good as the real thing with little surprises here and there at much less cost.
455050455050B000XIZLUSA24J6763ZVQ4IDxxlittlemissj0051325203200Hubby loved it!My husband loves Jelly Bellys and this was the perfect Christmas gift for him! I got an awesome deal and bought five packages for super cheap, so he'll be all set for the coming year. Belly Flops taste just the same and are kind of fun.
455067455067B000XIZLUSA1713U0ONT1R6FNickRiviera2511328659200Rip OffThese are delicious but not worth it at this price. Go to your local Big Lots. I picked up two 16 oz. bags the other day at THREE DOLLARS a piece. So, I guess that means I paid $6 for 2 lbs. Try that instead. Totally worth it at that price.
455051455051B000XIZLUSAAD9XVL7KCNQThifam0051325030400Fun and TastyOur family loves these. They taste just like the regular jelly bellys to me. We didn't get any sours or bertie botts beans in our bag. I feel like they are a great product and I'll definitely buy them again.
455052455052B000XIZLUSA3PGXFC7W2BZJFGWtrikerider0051324425600Yummy Belly FlopsWe love the Jelly belly "Belly Flops" as even though they may have irruglar shapes they taste just as good as the premium Jelly Belly's and are a great savings through
455053455053B000XIZLUSAJ6WLIFC3ZERKMM "Mom of 4"0041323302400Not good for peanut allergiesI ordered these at a great price after reading online that the Jelly Belly Co. no longer processed peanuts in their plant. The bag lists peanut flour right in the ingredients, so unfortunately these must have been made before they made the change in their factory? Bummer for our family. But they are extremely tasty and the price is right!
455068455068B000XIZLUSAI19J9P1TH9UDGift Card Recipient1411325548800BEWARE 99 cents store has thisIf 2 pound bag of jelly belly mess ups cost 9 bucks I cant even imagine how much a 2 pound bag of normal ones costs. But anyways you can get 1 pound or so bags at the 99 cents store I would check there first
455054455054B000XIZLUSA2WDTBQGJL8QZIMfperson120051322697600Great deal!I LOVE jelly belly jelly beans but not the price. I was a little nervous by some of the reviews I read online, but I took the plunge and bought several bags. I couldn't be happier! There is a huge variety in every bag and they are so much fun to look at and eat. It's awesome when you find one of your favorite flavors with 2 or 3 beans all stuck together!
455069455069B000XIZLUSALAKJI53GBCVQAmanda R.0441307404800Good, but...I bought 10 pounds of these and split them with someone else. Out of the 5 pounds I kept, I found it weird that certain flavors were missing entirely. I never once came across a cinnamon or a juicy pear flavored bean in any bag. It felt to me like the bags had been evenly divided up to have a certain number of each flavor in each bag (I found one mint Baskin Robbins bean in two of my bags, for example). I just expected the bags to seem a bit less calculated than that.
455070455070B000XIZLUSAOGJHUEH60YEYAndy9531321281312000DisappointedI bought a 2 lb. bag directly from the factory in Fairfield, CA not from Amazon so I don't know if there might be quality or freshness differences. The jelly beans were stale and hard. And the bag says "Product of Thailand" which was a surprise since it supposedly came from CA's factory. In the past the belly flops were odd doubles or strange shapes packaged in a plain bag which also gave them a quirky appeal but these looked normal and are packaged like any other retail candy. I much preferred the old flops.
455055455055B000XIZLUSA3QNQQKJTL76H0buru buru piggu0051322265600More fun to eat than regular Jelly BellysBelly Flops are Jelly Bellys that are irregularly shaped and did not pass inspection to be packaged and sold as the regular jelly beans. So, instead of letting them go to waste, they're sold as "Flops". Some of them are squarish, conjoined, or lumpy on one side. There's nothing wrong with them. They're just special because they're all different. Because they're all unique, I find them more fun to eat than the regular ones. They're a big hit at the office too.
455056455056B000XIZLUSA3IAA494KUB1ULKathy Finck0051317945600I Luv 'EMMy partner's daughter gave a package of them to us as a gift this summer. I had never heard of them. Once I started eating them, I couldn't stop. I didn't know where to purchase them so I tried and found them. This is my 3rd bag. I love them.
455057455057B000XIZLUSA3TKV1WC3DBO1OAlex Ag0051316131200YumThose Belly Flops are better than the "non-defective" ones. Different flavors, at times, and the bigger size (often that's the 'defect' that makes them 'flops') make it a great option to the regular JBs.
455058455058B000XIZLUSAEK402C2091V4Patsy0051310256000Love my Jelly BellyI am a fan of Jelly Belly and I love the the different flavors. It was sssoooo gggoooddd. And I will purchase some more in the future. Thanks
455059455059B000XIZLUSA1QZLICEIDSDX2V. Vo0051301961600Yummy Belly FlopsBought 15 bags (yep, you read it right, fifteen) while on sale. Taste just like normal Jelly Belly. Yummy! I ate almost a quarter of the bag last night. Needless to say, that was quite a sugar-rush. Hehehe.
455060455060B000XIZLUSA159MD4HSUQT54Anon1241306454400YumGreat novelty to get the flops. Very tasty indeed. Only downside is that the stuck together ones get stuck in my jelly belly dispensor. Still yum though.
455061455061B000XIZLUSA3M8R4HWLBHSVHDavid C1251305849600Jelly Belly's are the best, even the belly flopsSo far above other jelly beans you wouldn't even call them the same thing. The flavors are surprisingly similar to their name sakes. The only downside to Jelly Belly is the high price, which is why I bought the belly flops in 5 bags of 2 pounds each. If you are going to do it- do it big.
455062455062B000XIZLUSA19NPKGFGM04R4MissPrecious1251304467200Good Price Good FoodIt was an excellent price for 5 5lb bags of Flops. They are just like regular Jelly Bellys just slightly irregular, which I think makes them that much better. Getting 2 Strawberrys stuck together is amazingness in my mouth!
455063455063B000XIZLUSA36WVSC6UURE4NJeanette J. Newman1251298592000Jelly Belly FlopsI bought this for my son-in-law. He loves Jelly Belly's but said that the flops are just as good.
455064455064B000XIZLUSA2TEYPHFBPYUKMPamela E. Kelly "Pam Kelly"1251272240000YummyWe have never had belly flops before but really enjoyed them and the price was good
455065455065B000XIZLUSA1QEOYO7BSH880Nick LeBreaux0131344470400Thought they might be betterI am a Starburst jelly bean fan but tried these to see if they might be better. Not so, just my tastes but I still prefer Starburst origionals.

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