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455071455071B000XIZLUSA28S5A9KCPNJ1Joan Johnston "Book Lover"23111307232000GrossThese are the worst Jelly Belly Flops that I have ever tried to eat. I threw most of them away. I can't believe anyone would sell a product this bad.
455072455072B0064HK454A376W7HNU51EU0Paws in Florida0051336521600WONDERFUL!!!!I really enjoy the delicate flavor of this tea and it has a very pleasant scent. Makes morning wake up delightful and mid-afternoon break quite soothing especially on a stressful day. As it contains ginger, it does double-duty on my tummy (I have IBS). I highly recommend this.
455073455073B0064HK454A38KZLMFF4F1E1Kittenlover0021335225600Trader Joe's Organic Ginger Pear White Tea Review1. Didn't taste how I expected it to.
2. Didn't taste that good to me.
3. Had an aftertaste that I didn't care for.
4. Not horrible god awful, eeew I have to go throw-up bad, but certainly not delightful or enjoyable in a way that I'd go out of my way to ever have it again....

Trader Joe's Organic Ginger Pear White Tea 20 Tea Bags Delicious
Trader Joe's Organic Ginger Pear White Tea 20ct.
Organic Ginger Pear White Tea
455074455074B0019L8HXGA1VBRB8RLS2IA6Paca10051308096000White MasaThis Masa is fabulous, there is no question about it. Thank you.
Please be careful though with your packaging. One pack was broken, so 1/3 of the Masa was lost in the middle of the packaging!
455075455075B00078VALIA3TH59CZ5RNNGUS. Sonsteby5521303776000Not for all cats!!I thought this fish oil would be a great supplement for my cats after one of them began to overgroom and created bald patches on her stomach and legs. All four of my cats refused any type of food with this fish oil added. I tried for many days in many ways. Finally switched back from a newer dry food I thought would be better for them, back to their old dry food, which obviously had more oils in the ingredients. Bald cat is getting her fur back.
455076455076B00078VALIA3F7I34BF5MKPRChicago dog lover4451277856000Amazing stuffMy 11 year golden retriever was limping badly. After giving him these capsules, his limp has completely disappeared. Nothing before has worked as well as this.
455077455077B00078VALIAB5MTM2ORRSI2Heather Chandler3351294963200Works, and they'll eat itMy cats don't like most fish oil supplements, whether human or animal grade. My vet has recommended many that I've had to throw out because they weren't palatable. With this, I can add it to my cats' wet food and they don't seem to notice. Their coats are pretty shiny after using it for about 5 weeks. One cat has arthritis, and fish oil supplements help manage her discomfort, and this seems to work ok for pain management and mobility. I'm happy.
455078455078B00078VALIA23CZ5LXOYNTP4KKeller "keller"3351280966400great for dogsi give this to my lab two time a day. I drop it in his food and he eats it right up, his coat is beautiful and it also helps his joints.
455079455079B00078VALIAV7C52II7CBHLK. Trana1151333065600Does the jobWe purchased this to help with our cat's inflammatory bladder issues. She receives one capsule a day (break the tail off the capsule and pour the contents into a spoon, then syringe feed the contents into the cat's mouth, like you would with medicine). She hasn't had an episode since she's been on it.
455080455080B00078VALIA29S9LIPZ2PPQMTINA LEWIS1151316736000Love it!I paired this product with Nutramax Cosequin Double Strength Chewable Tablets because our Sheltie was holding up her hind left leg with no improvement. She's been using both of these products for 5 1/2 weeks now and is no longer holding up her hind left leg. I read amazing reviews about both products and their results. It was recommended to pair them for dogs with stiff joints or showing signs of arthritis, so that's what we did. We are very pleased with the results. Some reviewers posted they saw results in two weeks. We didn't see any results until about 4 weeks. And even then she would hold her leg up one minute but not the next. Now she is walking normal all the time. I highly recommend these products!
455081455081B00078VALIA1V7HWK7CTK4NEMike L0051335052800Great supplementI noticed that my dog was occasionally lifting it's hind leg when running around. I did some research and many websites advised to give glucosamine treats with fish oil to help heal the joints. Since I have done so, my dog is running around at full speed again and I have not seen her limping. She eats these from my hand as a treat a few times a day. They are also pretty cool looking--little blue fish. I would recommend this if your dog is starting to develop joint problems--I heard it's good for the coat too, but I did not purchase this product for that.
455082455082B00078VALIA16OMJ59K9IIV2???31351261353600Works greatI bought this for my dog, since his skin gets dry in the winter time.
455083455083B0083QBWLEA3DEBQR3DL2I4SLyssa0051349740800Good for the dogMy show/working dog loves this stuff. It is a great product, healthy, easy to prepare, store, and by the way he eats it.... it must taste good too.
455084455084B0083QBWLEA1GKPWMCJONTF2Brenda Lovett0051343952000Helped with illness and recovery!I rescued a 3 year old Doberman Lily a few months ago who was not in the best of health, and after getting a checkup at the Vet, I found out that she has heartworms. After all the shots she just received, she had to go through a lengthy treatment with more medications than I would ever want to give my dog, but I had no choice. I was determined to get her healthy again, and knew that good nutrition would be especially important during this time of illness and treatment. Lily received Olewo Carrots and Red Beets with her daily meals, and while the carrots improved her digestive health, I feel it was the Olewo Red Beets which played an important role in her recovery. The red beets are a great natural detoxifier and helped get rid of the toxins in her system from all the medications. It also helped strengthen her immune system. At the very beginning of her treatment she was sleeping most of the time, but after adding the red beets to her diet, she had more energy and was more active. Lily is doing well now and will continue to receive Olewo to make sure she remains in good health.
455085455085B0083QBWLEA39RA3CUGYNF1LBick Benedict0051341705600Olewo Red BeetsI have been supplementing my Show Line German Shepherds with Olewo Red Beets since they were young. Olewo Red Beets provide great health benefits for my high energy dogs. They stay fit and maintain a suitable weight. People rave about their rich red and black coat colors. I am happy to provide my dogs with a natural food supplement that is high in antioxidants."
455086455086B0083QBWLEA1DQY57ECFHANHAviva0051341100800Happy DogsThe whole Household eats Olewo Carrots and Red Beets from the 110 lb Dutch Shepherd, 60 lb German Shepherd, 6.8 lb Chihuahua to the 3.5 lb Chihuahua to the Foster dogs that come into the house. Their coats have amazing pigment and texture. The perm dogs handle new dogs coming into the house and the foster's adjust to food changes with with no digestive system problems that handle stress of training, traveling and anything else life throws at them.
455087455087B002Z04S06A3J93U4DHM7NJQStephen in NC1151262908800stephen in NCWOW ! Got a bad of the APPLE AND BANANA combo and my daughter gobbled it up ! She loved them ! I had given her some dried bananas from a bag of trail mix purchased from our local grocery store but your product is what I have been searching for. They are the right size for her to handle without making any mess. She is able to feed herself and not leave half of the snack crumpled on the floor. I love the resealable package. I will keep atleast one bag of these in my car for a MELTDOWN MOMENT. Hopefully, these will alter her mood and hunger into one of pleasantry and joy. Thanks for a great product. My daughter loves your duck on the package.
455088455088B002Z04S06A2IVRWAHUA350JJ. Williams0051274227200Great snackMy 8 1/2 month old twins love these snacks. They are easy for them to pickup and I'm glad they are getting fruit when they eat them for a snack. I've tried them and they are very tasty.
455089455089B002Z04S06A118KLGG44WF2NS. Hull0051274227200Yumm!!!!These are wonderfully awesome snacks. They are so perfect for on the go or just to put a few out for my son to snack on on his high chair tray. I love that they are organic and I feel like I am giving him a healthy fruit snack without extra mystery sugar and color additives. I actually really like them too (Yes, even I have put them to the taste test!)
455090455090B002Z04S06A103REZOW7TEI8Kristen E. Moore "Kmo"0051274227200Kristen in SCMy youngest is already a picky eater and these are her FAVORITE snacks!
Thanks so much for a great product! We love it!
I've tried them as well and they are very yummy!
I can't keep ENOUgh of them in the house!
455091455091B002Z04S06A23AB3S4FNCCB0smk0051274227200a snack the health conscious parent will approve of!I couldn't be more pleased with this all natural baby food product! With such a limited amount of truly healthy prepared snacks avail for our little ones, this is the perfect grab n go item that the little ones love.
Mom to 4 (almost) girls -
455092455092B002Z04S06A110EPSMWIKE1TAmy R. Murphy0051264291200Love these!We love these snacks! My 3yo and 9 mo both adore these, and I really love to eat them too. They're very tasty and a great snack to have on hand.
455093455093B004A5NZIUANMW2SGJ3NVD7Jamesdog0031297209600If you like tart candy you'll like this but don't eat too much lolVery tasty. However seems to have a lot of acid or something in the candy. Eating too much candy will always make you a little sick. But this stuff especially. Me and my lil brother both got stomache aches lol. He only had a few. I had alot. Could be just us but just thought I would put this out there.
455094455094B004A5NZIUA26L1C00RYEL4KC. L. Dervetski "astrocomfy"0051296864000YUM!This is the only candy I can find that tastes like Dem Bones, which isn't made anymore. I am glad I can find suppliers online, because other than that I've only seen it at Disney.
455095455095B000MICPUIA1INBQLNQNSHTK~Kimber~222511194739200BlahMy two year old normally loves mac n cheese, but she won't touch this stuff. After tasting it for myself, I can see why, bland, tastless and way too runny. I won't buy this again.
455096455096B000MICPUIAZ62H2NKUXB2WT. Jones "Bargain huntress"192211189123200I would NEVER buy this again!Normally my kids will eat any kind of macaroni and cheese but this is the worst any of us have tasted. It is just lacking in flavor and my kids won't eat it, so it was no bargain for me.
455097455097B000MICPUIA2XKLRXVHKPJ4ICarrieKay182221190592000Too runnyWhile the texture was fine with the macaroni the consistency was way too runny. The cheese sauce wasn't thick at all which made it messy for the kids to eat. They weren't very fond of the taste of the cheese sauce either. Tasted bland and not cheesy enough. I will not be getting this product again.
455098455098B000MICPUIA2II54B3VA45LNProfessional shopper111311199318400Disappointed!I am a huge mac n cheese fan, and can usually eat any brand, but this is the worst macaroni I have ever tasted. I agree with the other customers who said it was too runny. Even if the consistency was good it still has a bad taste. I don't like to waste food, so it was all I could do to eat the entire bowl. I will definitely not be purchasing this product again.
455099455099B000MICPUIA1QUSGUKAT6HT6W. gallagher "fools gold"3331207785600sharper is betterThe macaroni & cheeze are good but I would prefer a sharper type of cheeze for the mixture. Present mixture seems bland to me.
455100455100B000MICPUIA33GB8TIVMK5T1J. brown7911208131200TRy another brandMy son will not eat this product at all. I would suggest trying another brand.

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