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455161455161B001IZM92IA3MJKB6GE93393opositive0041347148800tastes better when coldas others have mentioned, the texture is a bit mushy/moist at room temperature. after letting it sit in the fridge (which i do before opening), i find the taste and texture more appealing. i mostly snack on products such as this rather than cookies, etc.
455162455162B001IZM92IA2XJ7KUAV1W1ZBrustyrider19820011338076800Bad sausageWe thought this was the sausage cabellas sold during the holidays, but there was nothing merry about my purchase. It made my wife and oldest son sick to there stomachs and throw up. We had to throw out the rest.
455163455163B001IZM92IA1LQ01XCMF2ZD0P. Foster0051337904000Delicious summer sausage!This is the best summer sausage I've had. The fact that it's gluten-free is a huge plus otherwise I wouldn't be able to eat it. Just a small piece is good for a snack but it really stands out when cut up into little pieces and sauteed with some onions and boiled cauliflower. That way you get a very tasty, high protein, low carb meal which will sustain you for a long time. We ordered this for our camping trip but ate all of the 3 sausages already good, now I need to place another order.
455164455164B001IZM92IA3PKYBDO5NPNZHVA Reviewer0041332633600Good choiceThis is a reasonable price for mail order meat. The taste is pretty mild (maybe a little too mild)and the texture is consistent with summer sausage which is a cooked product, not a dry cured product like salami.
455165455165B001IZM92IA1CFHZTK4JRLBUNathan E. Reynolds0051327017600Better than Hickory FarmsI ordered my Beef Summer Sausage from Old Wisconsin because my previously favorite Hickory Farms website only sold their stuff in packages and charged $9.99 for shipping making my order of two small sausages come to $30! I had previously ordered the pickled eggs from Old Wisconsin and I knew their products were of the highest quality; so I tried their sausage and now I like it even better than Hickory Farms version. The most important thing to note was that it has the same flavor and taste as what I was used to at Hickory Farms but it tasted fresher and better. I'm not into new flavors and changing the basics of this sausage and I was actually surprised that I liked it better. I've tried many other brands and just threw them away after the first bite. To top is off, they sent me three 1 lb packages for $20 and on Amazon the shipping was free. So I ended up with one extra beef sausage for $10 less and it tastes even better (although the same in many ways).
455166455166B001IZM92IASMZR17QAI82WAnne Stepien0051327017600MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNice texture, wonderful taste! My other half isn't a garlic lover and he wasn't offended by the amount of garlic in the product. Much cheaper and a better product than those big companies. Highly reommed this; I like it so much I have it on scheduled delivery.
455167455167B001IZM92IA12D1F0XB6E4POBEN0051323907200Delicious ! Good Value !I wholly recommend it. I can eat one for a few days, with some crackers, Its really good stuff. Its spiced just right and the best value for the price.
455168455168B001IZM92IAY8KM3J9EDOZZMark Young "Marky"0041321574400Get the non-plastic wrap version if possible - dries nice & hard like German salamiDelicious salami/summer sausage, BUT this packaging version requires refrigeration after exposing to air/opening. They sell same sausage in delicatessens, giftshops and probably direct, with a NON-plastic wrap and STRING so you can HANG it and let it HARDEN as long as you like. I let it get very hard and crunchy, like the great sausages I buy when in Germany. Great price here as 3-pack though.
455169455169B001IZM92IA32IB0BTJCIAN8Bpoolj0051317600000Wisconsin Summer SausageThis summer sausage is awesome, fantastic flavor with perfect cutting consistency to go along with their cheese! What a value for three large sausages, plus fast shipping, would make a great gift for some lucky guy!
455170455170B001IZM92IA1ADZQOL0PLBEWScadhog0051311897600Great productOld Wisconsin Beef Stick is a terrific product at a very reasonable price. I used to buy Hickory Farms brand, but this is every bit as good and costs a great deal less. I recently signed up for the subscription offer, which lowers the cost substantially.
455171455171B001IZM92IAJJKGF5O50C59D. Denny0051306022400Taste GoooodI purchased three of these for my brother who loves these things. I chose this one after no longer being able to locate a similar traditional Hickory Farms beef stick. My brother said this was a great substitute.
455172455172B001IZM92IA3LY0SUFUPJITYKathy D. Womack0051305244800Yummy and a great price!I have done the recurring shipment on this product, and what a steal! For my carb free diet, this item is a STAPLE in my DAILY food intake. Items comes well packed, on time, and the quality, flavor, and value are outstanding. THANK YOU for the recurring monthly shipment option. Fabulous product!
455173455173B001IZM92IA2C8O554YMY2ZLBixby "Bixby"1211326153600Very Fatty With Bone ChipsThe flavoring in this was just not very good but tolerable. I ordered the 3 pack from Amazon so we had three to get through. We were really put off that it seemed like each slice we had was half fat. We ended up cooking it off before we ate it. There just is no excuse for it to be so full of grease. Also we were very turned off in the fact that we would occasionally hit a bone chip and one got stuck between two of my teeth and I thought there was a dental trip in my future but I was able to work it out.
We gave up on it and I would say they are careless in what they grind in the sausage. I really wanted to like this sausage but just couldn't get around all the issues with it. We will be going back to our old brand which is a little more expensive but I guess with sausage you get what you pay for.
455174455174B001IZM92IAJ0KRJ4P63F49Karen C. Otis "Karen KC Otis"1251264809600really good summer sausageAfter the holidays it is very hare do get summer sausage. Got this and has been enjoyed by all...saving the last one to watch the Saints win the super bowl.
455175455175B001IZM92IAT88H5B72HJIHAJ0221300320000Tastes More Like KielbasaI'm so disappointed. I purchased this thinking it was going to taste like the summer sausage I had while living in the midwest...but this tastes more like kielbasa than summer sausage..won't be repurchasing.
455176455176B002T684PQA2RCSA410ZVXPIHelen1114 "Helen1114"0051325203200Absolutely terrificI first discovered Wagh Bakri tea in a local store but have been unable to purchase it locally since then. I was delighted to find it on Amazon (but not surprised because I find so many things I want here). The tea is wonderful, and the service of getting it delivered to my door is great. I will purchase it again.

It is truly the best tea I have ever had and I have shared it with many friends.
455177455177B002T684PQA24Z5OJ56H5YC8Colin Dunn "MazPharma"0051279324800Wagh Bakri teaThe finest tea I have ever tasted; subtle, not too strong, great for the morning; beats all common brands. Well worth the money.Try also the Wagh Bakri tea loose (great value), and Tea India.
455178455178B002T684PQA22139F8LSE65AJerome Freedman0051264636800Wonderful TeaThis is one of the best and most robust brews available to true tea lovers.
455179455179B0044CNF5WA1NRCKN9IHQYB8Katy L.3351339977600DO NOT EATIf you start eating these chips/crackers, you will end up eating the entire box, which isn't the best thing to end up doing when you're dieting. And yet I keep buying more...
455180455180B0044CNF5WA2JSJGCVIFV4KKKaren Smith3351322265600ChipsFor those who are trying to lose weight but like chips, then this is the snack for you. My husband loves them...can't keep them in the house very long! Would love them in other flavors.
455181455181B0044CNF5WA2VOUFMRYD2C3PB. Grage "bgrage"2251316822400Special K - CrispsI can't decide if these crisps are better than plain old potato chips...but I do know they're much better nutritionally ! I've got them on a subscribe and save order just can't eat a couple of them... Wish they'd come out with some more flavor choices ! These are really great !
455182455182B0044CNF5WA3O1I3KB7L1R9SVickie L. Kneisler "Vickie"2241313625600Low calories and Sour Cream and Onion.Special K you have done it again!!! Sour Cream and Onion is my favorite chips and now I can enjoy it still. Keep it up!!! Thanks AMAZON!!!!!
455183455183B0044CNF5WA3BBC8E7QT7N9IP. Harding2241311120000almost like popchipsThese are similar to popchips. Bought a box at Walmart for 8cents a box less than subscribe and save here but if Walmart doesn't have them where you live then it is a bargain. I do prefer the popchips although they are about 10cents more per ounce. They have a more intense flavor. I also like the selection of flavors available for popchips. Still if you don't want to buy a large quantity then Kelloggs would be a good compromise and also sometimes the popchips I want from Amazon are not available so there is an alternative. Nutrition values are about the same....calories,fat etc.
455184455184B0044CNF5WA17KUCXAV34USPGobi552251309478400Absolutely delicious for so few caloriesThe product is delicious. Crunchy, tasty and low calorie...however...the subscribe and save has gone up approximately $3 so I will no longer purchase them through Amazon. I can get them in shops for less than Amazon charges. I look to Amazon for fair prices but lately some of their prices are more than I can get locally.
455185455185B0044CNF5WA16W3HAXO2L7E7Asrai2251299196800So what is the catch?Maybe they're just not forthcoming about how many calories are really hidden in these scrumptious, succulent deliciously satisfying chips? Only time will tell if the 27 chips for 110 calories are delicious on the lips and light on the hips or otherwise.. so far I have incorporated them in my sensible diet.. I adore the taste.. I don't have to forgo a snack .. need more flavors though.. sour cream and onion in fantastic.. yet to try the salt and pepper.. hope amazon lowers the price, offers free shipping and gives more options...

seller sent it with lightening fast speed.. kudos to the seller..
455186455186B0044CNF5WAI6QXVYV2XD21Brittany1141330646400Great for weight watchers!Granted these are not the best tasting compared to lays sour cream and onion but for the amount of calories, they are pretty darn good. I am doing weight watchers points plus and for 27 of these chips it's only 3 points (I put them in baggies by 9 so I can add only 1 point to my lunch) They are not as greasy as potatoe chips, they are very light and crisp. When I crave chips I want something salty and crunchy that tastes good and these definitely pass the test. I gave them four stars because they are not as good as lays but you can't expect something healthy to be as delicious as the fattening version. Hope this helps :)
455187455187B0044CNF5WA8A5O6T2L17H2Helen L. Jeschow1151327190400DeliciousThese chips are delicious, and so low in calories! Thank you, Special K!! I sit in an office and snack a lot, so it is important for me to have low-calorie snacks to share with my friends.
455188455188B0044CNF5WA3O156B4DOCU82Billie Lynne1151319500800The GreatestI ate these in place of potato chips, they were not only lower in calories they were quite satisfying, in my opinion even better then chips. They really are the Greatest Snack ever!!!
455190455190B0044CNF5WA17M1HL6U2GS7MStorylover1141301356800Tasty, crispy, nice alternative while dietingThese are about the best substitute for regular fried potato chips I have found. They are tasty, crispy, potato-y and work great in hummus or crumbled into tomato soup. I wish they came in a bag instead of a box, but that is a small complaint. Good product if you are trying to be sensible in what you eat.

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