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455221455221B002F82ABCAGR3J9D8Q8Q16Paul Suitor0051283644800Awesome sauceAwesome sauce for chilli's or soup - adds heat and does not kill flavor.

This hot sauce formula has changed over the years - it used to be A LOT hotter. It is still a great hot sauce with great flavor. Do not worry about it being too hot, it no longer is as powerful as it once was.
455222455222B002F82ABCA26NMTIHEUM65ZBook Lover0111324771200Awful tasting hot sauceI bought this hot sauce because it was salt free and I was trying to eliminate as much salt as possible from my diet. This was the worst tasting hot sauce I have ever had in my life. Now I know it is not going to taste like regular hot sauce but I didn't think that it would actually make the food taste worse.

I am sorry but I would not recommend this hot sauce at all.
455223455223B002TJE9A2ATO1TLS6PPY96Jayne0011350604800Wrong orderSo I ordered 8 jars of Pataks Tikka PASTE, the first batch I received were 4 jars of chicken Tikka Marinade, I decided not to return because it was simply too much trouble and the second batch might be correct, well the other 4 jars arrived yesterday, I pulled out the first jar, it was Tikka PASTE, I was thinking hooray they got it right, then the other 3 were Tikka Marinade. I purchased Tikka PASTE so I can make currys. I use Pataks curry paste all the time, I'm originally from the UK where Pataks is very popular to use to make currys. I have ordered curry paste before off Amazon, I will definitely not use these again. If you get Tikka marinade, it's for marinating chicken and putting it on the grill. A paste you can use to make a curry.
455224455224B000ANFS3QATJN4KEHJBOC8KatyKatIL "KatyKat"0021300752000Doesn't work for every cat!We have a horrible time getting allergy medication into our two cats (both have allergies, but we
live in the allergy capital of the USA, and we have them too). During the spring bloom and fall
harvest time, we need to give them allergy meds. I thought these might help.

They didn't.

Neither cat will touch them, even without a pill. I did try the pockets without medicine in them
first, so they would not be suspicious the next time. They both turned up their noses and walked away.
These are cats who will knock you down to get chicken!

So, can't recommend them for cats in general, but I am sure they'd work well for dogs.
455225455225B000ANFS3QA39R2VK61QKTQSMARY LANG0041290902400Pill PopperThese pill pockets are great for getting out big persian to take his twice-a-day pill! Trying to get a pill down a cat is a little tricky but he loves the pill pockets & takes it right out of my hand. Thank you for pill pockets!!
455226455226B000ANFS3QAMWHWXS901Q9OLynne E Sobel0051231200000Great ProductMy cat takes 1 1/2 pills in one pill pocket with no fuss. Definately worth the money.
455227455227B000ANFS3QA1AHVRD5YJ6CMQBig Jim "Go Yanks"0051195516800Pill Pockets - Great way to get medicine into your cat or dogSee my review of the salmon flavored version of these. These are really helpful if you have trouble getting your pet to take solid medicines. Although they're made for cats, my dog loves them (particularly the chicken flavor, but also the salmon flavor), and since she is so small (4.5 lb), the cat-sized pockets are a better fit for her than the dog-sized pockets.
455228455228B000ANFS3QA1IZDBIXE1O4M7Faith Y. Wavell0051188518400GODSENDI have a cat who refused to take any pill at anytime. He ran, bit, scratched and if you could get the pill into his mouth he would spit it out or throw it up. He was diagnosed with a heart condition and must take pills twice a day. I told the vet that this would be imposible for me to do that. My vet sugested Pill Pockets for cats. My cat is now excited when he gets his pills and actually requests them whenever I go in the cabinet where I keep his pills. If it weren't for Pill Pockets he would either be dead or very sick by now. Thank you.
455229455229B000ANFS3QA8IB493MTM3FNA. Singer "audiophile maven"0051178150400Pill pockets stress saverIf you ever dreaded shoving pills down your pet's throat. this is the easy solution. My cat loves the taste and gobbles it down pills and all. Before this, it was so stressful for me and my pet. Now it is stress free. I am so happy and so is my pet.
455230455230B002AQWC30A3B9K985FFML8YMaryann Dawson0031322179200Cans not filled to top!I can clearly see less tuna in the same size cans as before. This is something of a trend these days. I have been buying this brand of tuna at a box store & now from Amazon & the container I used to transfer the tuna into would never have fit 4 3 cans don't fill the container, & I need to use 4 cans. Pretty bad how companies now offer less product in the same size can & for the same price as before. The tuna is still fine though.
455231455231B002AQWC30A3JKI7AWYSTILORobert Ward2511314489600Much worse than expectedI had no idea a product could be so bad. I bought 24 cans when they were on sale for $29. The label says "chunk." If I ran canned tuna in my food processor for a minute, I could not get the pieces any smaller. I call them pieces, but it really is a tuna puree. The taste resembles tuna, but honestly after a dozen cans or of varying uses, the thought of eating this stuff was so revolting that I put the unopened cans in the garbage.
455232455232B0014ET2FKA1ZSF5CJ0A4CIOFancy Trimmins0011338508800Every can has large dents, mostly along the rim to be opened. Horrid.The case of 24 was delivered today completely intact. Cardboard base, 24 cans lined up perfectly like little soldiers with plastic wrap encasing the entire thing. And that was placed inside a larger shipping carton with a pile of those sealed air packets so it wouldn't jostle around during transit. I opened the shrink-wrapped plastic to put the cans in my pantry and every single one of them has a large dent. Not a small ding as if they got clunked together. Large dents - at least one per can; some more than one. Some are in the body of the can but most are along the top rim which is going to make opening these things a pain in the neck. There isn't a can opener born that likes dented rims. Skip this one.
455233455233B004FC5FHWACT677CS8NDEERenee0051345852800Excellent!After receiving a bad batch of cookies because USPS delivered them 10 days later than the scheduled delivery, Soozie's Doozies responded immediately with a fresh batch free of charge and arrived promptly yesterday. They are delicious, to say the least. Excellent value, customer servies, and cookies. Thanks!!
455234455234B003DNL9W4A4902TQB4NGRJtierny1131332460800Nice flavor - Absurd $A 4-pack... for 29 dollars. Gimme a break. If you just make more of the product, you could stop pricing it like it should be stockpiled at Fort Knox. Who can figure out this company?
455235455235B003DNL9W4AM2F7TR14AJY4J. Price ""1151321920000Delicious, Inexpensive Hydration with Minimal CaloriesCrystal Light is a great way to cut calories from your diet, while saving a remarkable amount of money.

- Overall, males consume an average of 178 kcal from sugar drinks on any given day, while females consume 103 kcal, as reported by the CDC study(Center for Disease Control). You can drink your fill of Crystal Light every day and consume less than one tenth of the calories you would drinking either juice or soda, making it probably the most effective way ever to cut calories. If you drank about 2 liters of Crystal Light every day, according to the nutrition information, you would consume 5 calories for every serving of 8 fl. oz. Since there are about 33.814 fl oz./liter, 2 liters would net you 42 calories (the way I mix it with extra flavor would probably be about 55 or 60 calories a day), which is still great when you consider that the average man just cut more than 100 calories a day from his diet. Sugar drinks represent at least 6% of the average Americans caloric intake. To put it in perspective, the average 2 liter bottle of soda is between 800 and 1000 calories (kcal). Cutting that alone will result in noticeable weight loss over the long-term.

- Volume wise, you will save an exorbitant amount of money switching to Crystal Light from either soda or juice. Just replacing soda at anywhere between $.49 and $1.00/liter (if you're buying in bulk, not including purchases from vending machines, restaurants, etc...) with Crystal Light at a max of $.30/liter (depends how you mix the beverage; i like a lot of flavor) will save the average person in the U.S. (consumed 219 liters of soft drinks/yr (2002)) from $41.61 and $218.70. That isn't even including the money that would be saved by also removing other sugar-based beverages from the diet, like juice or other fruit drinks. Don't even get me started on beer, wine, wine coolers, etc... and the cost difference.

- Ok, I'm not going to lie. Some of the flavors are delicious, some are NOT:
- Fruit Punch [*delicious] Crystal Light Fruit Punch Drink Mix (12-Quart), 2.04- Ounce Packages (Pack of 4)
- Cranberry Apple [*delicious] Crystal Light Natural Cranberry Apple Drink Mix (12-Quart) 2.3-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 4)
- Strawberry Kiwi [*extra delicious] Crystal Light Strawberry Kiwi Drink Mix (12-Quart), 2.3-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 4)
- Pink Lemonade [*alright but kinda watery] Crystal Light On The Go Pink Lemonade, 10-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)
- Orange Sunrise [*downright, horrifyingly disgusting] Crystal Light Sunrise Classic Orange Drink Mix (10-Quart), 2.5-Ounce Packages (Pack of 4)

- !!!Try Mixing the flavors together; I have had great success with my experiments!!! ;)

- The new method of delivery is as easy as it is awesome. It is great to be able to slowly pour the plastic tubes of powder, rather than the tubs, which exploded in a cloud of pink powder all over my face every time I tried to add them. They also easier to open, especially for those of use who don't have fingernails to peal those pesky, foil wrappings off.

- You definitely take a risk consuming non-sugar beverages that still taste sweet and delicious. No one really knows how these type of drinks will affect human physiology in the long term. Obviously the healthiest alternative to drinking sugar-engorged beverages like cola and strawberry daiquiris would be to just drink water, but we all know that NO ONE REALLY WANTS TO DO THAT. DUH!

- The red, colored drinks stain everything. They will stain the hell out of your hands bright red, and every passerby will ask you why it looks like you just fought the battle of Persepolis. Don't get it on your clothes. It is even hard to get the stain off counter-tops and tables. Don't be a KLUTZ!
455236455236B003DNL9W4ALSAOZ1V546VTA Research It Maven "Just the facts please"1151305504000AWESOME value at only $2.55 per container on Sub & Save!!Markets in our area have Crystal Light on "sale" from $2.99 to $3.49 PER container (12 quarts) so Amazon's price is VERY competitive - if you use Subscribe & Save. Plus, you never run out, and its sent right to your door! What could be better? Also, this flavor, Strawberry Kiwi, makes a light pink color drink that doesn't stain like the RED flavors can. Also, sometimes I add a couple tea bags & let them cold brew overnight, for a little more "punch" in the drink. I do all the yardwork/gardening around our house and its so refreshing to have a cold drink ready to pour when I come in from the heat, without worrying about gulping down EMPTY CALORIES (the enemy, right?) So sign up, and enjoy Crystal Light all Summer!
455237455237B003DNL9W4A3AVUMPJ45JAA9Lois0051341964800Crystal Light Stberry Kiwi sugar free drink At AmazonThis product is great tasting and easy to make.
It used to be on store shelves, but for some reason it is not, anymore.
My husband is a diabetic and enjoys this refreshing flavor. I like it also.
Try will like it!
455238455238B003DNL9W4A3HXGFNUKFV52UM. Freeland0051325116800Best of the Crystal Light drink mixesOut of all the flavors that I've tried that Crystal Light makes, this is the best in my opinion. The only other one that comes even close is the fruit punch and that's too similar to old fashioned Kool Aid for me to rank it highly. I wish the other flavors like lemonade were as good.
455239455239B003DNL9W4AI8L8IRP49XMBebeitz0051315267200Exactly what it should be.Good quality, right price, and the only place I could find the stuff since the groceries stores in NYC all ran out a week after Memorial Day. All in all, a good transaction.
455240455240B003DNL9W4A3U3BBTM5SQ9REJ. Norman0051311379200You can't find this anywhere.I am so glad to find these drink mix on amazon. It is impossible to find in the stores. I love this stuff.
455241455241B003DNL9W4A31FYJNALUX18Ykit0051308355200refreshingI am so happy to be able to get this product on line since I have not been able to find this flavor in any of my local stores for the 3 years I have lived here...south shore of Boston.
455242455242B003DNL9W4A2YKHWYHGYAGTER. Garcia0151295308800Great Product!All the Crystal light Flavors are delicious,I've tryied them all! I have my own soda machine and it makes a great soda!!Thumbs up to Crystal Light!!
455243455243B003KSWENAA1GFH8GPDEX518Sara Bee 13210031344556800Hoped for betterNormally when I buy loose tea it is to save money because you need less. Not the case here. It took quite a bit more tea than recommended on the tin to get tea with any taste. It took much more, by weight, to get tea the same strength as bags. The taste was fine, nothing to applaud, nothing to boo.

It looks like the labels will come off the tins so they can be re-used. Organic gardeners will get more compost material than usual for tea.
455244455244B001VNO62SAQFMJ62UCT69ZTimmy0051335139200Very good ProductThis is very good salary salt, that is what make restaurant hot dogs and hamburgers and even fries taste very tasty.I keep it in my frig. I bought many bottles to last me for a while. I also mix it with oregano, pepper and onion/garlic seasoning. It taste really really good with all that mixed together and is probably better for you than straight salt. I recommend this product.
455245455245B0001I9XO0A332CDN5Z89XCBShauna Holiman9951167955200AmbrosiaIf you haven't tried this style of balsamic vinegar, do so! The high price of admission is well worth it. A quarter teaspoon can make even a winter tomato almost palatable. Its addition to a stew or sauce makes that je ne sais quoi difference to the taste that makes everyday food special. It is my host/hostess gift of choice for my friends who cook. The silver label is almost as good as the gold and definitely worth the step up from the red.
455246455246B0001I9XO0A4YJ34UI38GAJP Colter "JP Colter"5551243987200An amazing basalmicThe Cavalli silver label is an amazing Balsamic unlike anything you will have ever bought in the grocery store. It's very rich and sweet with a mild acidic finish. You will not use this for salads but for cheeses or drizzled as a glaze for quality beef dishes. The good thing is that you need only use a few drops at a time so while expensive, this product will last for 4-6 months with occasional usage. It's worth it in my humble opinion. I've had a "thing" for balsamic vinegars for many years in the same way that many people do for fine wines. I've experimented with many of the best and this is one of them. Only the Gold label from Cavelli is better but it's considerably more expensive and though I love great Balsamic's I do have limits.
455247455247B0001I9XO0A2MDK4213H5ZBMMarco2251219104000Great things come in small bottles.It may seem like a very decadent extravagance to spend so much for such a small amount of vinegar, and I suppose it is, but it's really worth it if you have acquired a taste for great balsamic. We use it regularly on salads, etc, and it still lasts about 4 months.
455248455248B0001I9XO0A1DX2V3LJTMHNOzmeu4551195948800Great balsamic for the priceThis one will give an idea of what very god aged balsamic vinegar tastes like without having to take out a loan. A good QPR. And the little bottle lasts longer than one would think.
455249455249B001D3NXVQA3H6QJ1ONB6271maven "JC"2241331856000Love this flavor, but not the best dealI love the Orbit White Bubblemint gum. I go through a container in about a week, so I thought I'd save money by buying it in a four-pack like this. Wrong! I can get better deals on this when CVS or Rite Aid have their sales.
455250455250B001D3NXVQA2V5V2G0JSGIAKKaren McGovern2251318118400great product (only one downside)This is a great container. Makes it easy to get to your gum and it's perfect for the office, with one exception. I find that people often ask "May I have a piece of gum?" and then take a HANDFUL!! Because of this, I recommend getting a normal pack for "guests" so they won't be tempted to take more than one.

Or maybe I just have some greedy people in my office? But seriously, I have people taking 4-5 pieces at a time, so I was going through gum like crazy.

Overall though, a good container and a great gum inside it. Good bubblegum taste that lasts without the sugar many brands contain, so it's better for your teeth.

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